Topic Subject Area

Technology change eIIect point oI sale in UK IB
How does sales promotion by quick-service restaurants aIIect the eating habit oI
customers. Marketing
What are the various outcomes oI introduction oI inIormation technology in diIIerent
sectors Ior developing countries oI South Asia especially in Pakistan? Strategy
Mergers and acquisitions: has mergers activity been advantegeous to shareholders- TATA
In the changing phenomenon oI retail inductry with Iocus on FMCG in the UK - A
competitive analysis with the indian market. IB
The economic impact oI immigrant workers on the UK labour market. A case study oI
romanian and bulgarian workers in the construction industry IB
What makes a country a candidate Ior e-merging market? IdentiIy diIIerent ingredients oI
emerging market and give some relevant practical example oI emerging market. IB
Cultural study importance assumes when a company wants to enter Ioreign market
including education, work ethics, government policies, religion & social pattern. Marketing
The company which I had won was closed due to the reIection oI the order which I made
and what are all the reasons Ior the reIection oI the international order? IB
What are the impact aIIect on an organisation with the aid oI Iinancial reporting and
analysis? Finance
How corporate bankrupcy can be predicted or prevented? Finance
Employees Training and Development oI Banking Sector at JaIIna in Sri Lanka MKT
What are the strategies HSBC bank used Ior training and recruitment to get the
competitive advantage in banking sector? MKT
Importance oI PR in situations oI crisis within the companies Marketing
What are the diIIiculties Iaced by middle-sized companies exporting agricultural products
(olive oil)? Strategy
The role oI the organisation's motivational practices so as to make employee both mpre
productive and satisIied in the moden work environmenr-a case study oI Kuveyt Turk
Participation Bank Lnc HRM
How can advertising and design oI a brand name be eIIective in promoting business? Marketing
How British petroleum adapts its marketing? Marketing
How can customer satisIaction be important in large personal supermarkets? A study oI
the eIIect J Sainsbury's new 'personal service management'. IB
How does modern logistics management backup modern marketing? A study oI the Argos
warehousing operations. Marketing
What are the problems Iaced by wireless companies in order to promote awareness and
market their wireless products. Marketing
What would need to be done in order to market Ioreign Iood supplement tablets
successIully in the UK? Marketing
What Iactors aIIect expatriate's perIormance in relation to perIormance appraisal system
in international human resource management IB
What eIIect does the Basei II Accord have on Iinancial institutions in the UK? Finance
Online buying behaviour: a cross cultural study between England and Turkey IB
International Organizations are active in Post-Soviet Union Countries. How eIIective has
their contributions been so Iar, what are the obstacles oI there work, how things should
develop in Iuture. Marketing
How relevant is the inIormation provided to a bankn by a business client seeking a loan?
Issues in presenting and assessing current liquidity position and liquidity prospects. Finance
What is the impact oI global warming on the changing strategies oI marketing companies
on people's choose? Marketing
How proIitable could be to invest in a REIT as a SIPPS in relation to other real estate
assets Finance
What are the Iactors that inIluence house market in the UK? Marketing
Employment opportunity laws have made it mandatory Ior companies to embrase
diversity. What are the overall eIIects Ior the companies that use diversity as a core
strategy. A comparison between government Iunded agencies and PLCs. IB
IMF and their structural adiustment programme: Do they work? Case study oI Trinidad
and Tobago FIN
Is enough attention paid to saIety in construction proiect in India? IB
As globalization goes on, may luxury brands start to set manuIactory abroad, will it aIIect
their dignity? Marketing
Starbucks global enrty strategy: will it be appealing in India~ An empirical study on
Bangalore based coIIee parlours IB
How can modelling the horizontal competition cooperation and the vertical relationship in
the supply chain improve eIIectiveness? Marketing
The eIIects oI ownership change on brand identity and customer loyalty - a case study oI
saIeway takeover by morrisons. Marketing
An analysis oI how CRM can provide a competitive edge in the retail industry. Tesco Marketing
Is the dimension oI service quality positively in Thailand retail stores related to customer
loyalty? IB
How eIIective is ethics as a competative marketing strategy? Marketing
Customer satisIaction relations with diIIerent cultures. Marketing
What are the diIIiculties Iaced by UK suppliers in exporting electronic components to the
Free Trade Zone in Brazil and how can they best deal with them? Case study oI 3 selected
companies. IB
What are the challenges Ior a company in maintaining consumer loyalty and attracting
new customrs or poaching them Irom competitors? Marketing
Implementations oI SCM in clothing and textile industry and the most common maior
operational and logistic issues in the industry in terms oI supplying products as well as
service across borders IB
What are the maior managerial issues eIIecting the promotion and marketing oI products
and brands in the pharmaceutical industry? Marketing
Consumer relationship maintained by Lanka Electricity company limited Marketing
Bank Credit Iacilities. How relevant are the main considerations in banker market in
assessing an applictaion Ior a loan. Finance
Mortgage Assessment. How bnks and building societies aIIect the house priceses inorder
to release new mortgages? Finance
Testing the pressure oI the January and small size eIIect on the London stock exchange Finance
How do UK Universities monitor their budgets and reduce their costs to achieve higher
proIitibility? Case study on the London University oI Arts. Management
How does emotional brading work or why it is important Ior creating a new brand, or at
the exciting one. Marketing
Organisational commitment Vs Loyalty to supervisor as arutecedents to individual
perIormance. Why loyalty to a person is more important than loyalty to an institution in
China? Marketing
How is outsourcing Irom developed countries aIIecting the iob opportunities and careers
Ior soItware and electronic specialists in developing countries. MKT
What can CRM achieve Ior a company? A study oI selected companies that have
introduced CRM practices. Marketing
What is measures oI Tourism Market Potential oI Turkey and does Turkey's Tourism
Industry attract tourist Irom e-marketing? Marketing
How does warehouse and logistics management aIIect Iinancial perIormance? A review
oI how 3 selected companies have improved their proIits by changes in this area. Finance
The real estate bubble, a dissertation containing reasons, Iactors and silutions Ior the rapid
price rise oI houses in the UK Finance
Recent increases in mergers and acquisitions have been accompanied by Iailures in
metting market expectations. How Iar has this been due to over-valuation? A review oI
selected recent market disappointments. Finance
What are the Iactprs aIIecting China's real estate market due to high demand oI private
housing in the growing economy Finance
Can corporate governance survive in the present wave oI private equity. An analysis oI
activities in the private equity Iield. Finance
Buying electronics on-line: What considerations inIluence consumers most - product
attributes (eg: price and quality) or on-line security and privacy? Marketing
What could be the cost eIIective strategy Ior globalizing local indian brands in developed
market with Iocus on textiles. Marketing
What are the Iactors that Lenoro China need to pay attention to iI it wants to become a
real international enterprise? Strategy
How to evaluate the value oI quoted company Irom their accounting inIormation? Finance
What steps do media companies have to take to ensure the introduction oI digitale
technoloigy meets their strtaegy obiectives? Marketing
ATM companies Iace challenges Ior rapid increases oI Iraud. How impact is it to make
their security stronger. Marketing
What motivates employees? A study oI Human Resource Management in Chinese private
enterprise company in Shanghai. Finance
How Iar are employers getting the best perIormance Irom their employees? IB
Do the IMF policies create stabilisation and respectibility or are they a cause oI dwnsizing
and Iinancial crisis? Finance
Are mergers and acquisitions the right option Ior companies seeking growth and success? Finance
Non resident Indian (NRI) investment in India Finance
Foreign Direct Investment in developing countries; attraction and investment environment
( case study Bahrain Financial Sector) Finance
Does mergers and acquisitions increase the wealth oI shareholders wealth? Finance
How will Mecca Bingo survive with challenges? IB
Mortgage lending and sub prime mortgage crisis FIN
EIIective outsouring to achieve reduced costs in todays organisations. The implications in
the banking sector Finance
How diIIerent risk analysis models play a role in making investment decisions. Finance
Coordination and implementation oI overseas/donor aided development proiects in
AIrica: A case study oI how such proiects has worked in The Gambia and an assessment
oI what could be done to improve proiect implementation and coordination Ior realization
o IB
HR is one oI the part lead most organistaions succeed in business. How can Nestle
handle the employees in order to win global market. Marketing
How does the policy oI iob cuts in the National Health Service (NHS) aIIect the service
delivered at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in GuildIord. MKT
The impact oI consumer behaviour on marketing strategy. Marketing
Determinant oI dividend policy : ISE50 Finance
Why medicine companies product can collected? From whom? What does Food and
Drugs Administration (FDA) means Ior medicine company. What's FDA task. What is
FDA looking Ior in drug companies. Marketing
A study oI eIIects oI globalisation in marketing strategies oI companies. Management
Do merger and acquitition create or destroy shareholders value? The case study oI ING
bank in Belgium Finance
Japanese Foreign Direct Investments have been gradually increasing in the Global
Market: What Iactors determine the success oI Japanese companies in Ioreign markets? MKT
What is the impact oI technology on the cost oI business outsourcing? IB
What is the diIIerence between Islamic Banking and other banks. Why muslims choose
Islamic banking? IB
What marketing strategies chould real estate agencies in London adopt to increase their
market share? Marketing
Most oI developed countries tried to extend their business in developing countries. What
are the Iactors why SHE America, Inc Compnay decided trying to invest in some Europe
and Asian countries? Strategy
How team members create an eIIective team in Delware North companies at Wembley
stadium Finance
How has marketing mix oI the company Boots help attain competitive advantage and its
impact on consurmer attitude. Marketing
Are mergers and acquisitions the best way to achieve corporate growth? A study oI the
pre and post merger perIormance oI Royal bank oI Scotland and Natwest Bank Finance
Tesco is a largest supermarket in England. What are the Iactors that inIluences the people
to shop at Tesco? FIN
International airlines are using a mix oI diIIerent nationalities in their staIIing. How do
the companies deal with the inevitable diIIiculties issues and are they successIul in
managing their problems? IB
How can an emerging economy's brand be established in overseas market? A review oI
the issue Iacing maior Chineses brands and how they could be successIully deal with? IB
Relating Organisational Culture and Management Control System Design - perIormance
measurement at Shang-ri La hotel in China. Marketing
How are the Iinancial considerations become the dominant Iactors to eIIect the domestic
Iactories selecting their product decisions? Finance
How can a Ioreign beverage product-Oolong Tea enter speciIic markets in London and
what are the challenges? IB
A research on Dubai's Iinancial market eIIiciency Finance
Startegies that MacDonalds Liverpool using and how it helps achieve stable growth over
other competitors in the Iast Iood industry in centrail London. Marketing
Is there any relationship between Corporate social responsibility and Iinancial
perIormance oI FTSE100 companies Finance
What are the peoples' perception about mutual Iunds as an investment option in India IB
What is the key Iactors aIIecting consumer behaviour towards the e-commerce Ior hotels
in Thailand? Finance
What are the Iactors that inIluence a Iashion retail stores to be successIul and be accepted
by the public? Marketing
An evaluation oI the eIIectiveness oI Satch and Satch advertising in Uganda. Marketing
Given the wealth oI inIormation and technology that one increasingly has access to, are
Iinancial advisers' expertise necessary to build a successIul and sustainable investment
portIolio in stocks, bonds and cash? Finance
Validity oI pecking order and determinants oI capital structure: a study oI UK market Finance
The role oI electronic media and technology in marketing policy oI large industries like
Google, Mercedes, AT&T, MicrosoIt, Tesco, Sony etc. Marketing
What is the relation between personal psychology and insuccessIul Ioreign exchange
traders Finance
Impact oI culture on global business IB
The Iactor aIIecting customer satisIacgtion in hypermarkets in Bangkok Thailand. Marketing
Global banking an dits impact oI Georgian markets. Individuality versus dependance on
global banks. Marketing
The construction sector is one the highest polluting worldwide. How the environment
policies are aIIected by international agreements amongst the UK. IB
The critical analysis oI the marketing mix applied in promoting equipment manuIacturers
and spare parts Ior automobill industry in middle east market. IB
Bank Iailures in Jambia -causes and analysis Finance
Doe co-branding strategy bring a competitive advantage to high-technology products in
the UK. Marketing
Mergers and acquisition: Alcatel-Lucent merger-are the motives oI merger achieved? FIN
An analysis oI how consultation management can bring competitive advantage in retail
iundustry. IB
What are the diIIerent Iorces that shape the behaviour and attitudes oI the employees. A
case study on Shell Petroleum (PVT) Limited. IB
What are the strategies Sainsbury's used Ior training and recruitment to get the
competative advantage in retail sector? MKT
Corporate governance policies and regulations are being modiIied at a rapid rate to curb
corporate Iailure. Have they adequately addressed the problem? An evaluation oI selected
past corporate Iailures. Finance
Stock market in Vietnam MKT
What makes people like their iob ( A comparative study oI employees oI British telecom
and Pakistan telecommunication limited) IB
Developing countries acquire Iinances Irom many sources mainly international. What are
the sources oI international Iinances Ior developing countries e.g.Kenya. Finance
How do Iirms design staIIing policies in over-seas countries to gain competative
advantage? (case study: HSBC, Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle) IB
How to implement customers loyalty in retail market in today's liIe? Marketing
How to manage an online inventory Ior small business? IB
The impact oI globalisation in developing countries case study oI the island oI Zanzibar
(Tanzania) Marketing
The impact oI organisational change in the public sector as it aIIects its services and
Iinances Finance
How national branding can be used as a tool Ior economic development in a country? IB
What are the Iactors that aIIect the diIIusion oI innovation in particula brands oI
Shampoa? What are the sources oI awareness oI the new product? Management
What are the reasons Ior corporate Iailure and disasters? And how it can be avoided and
predicted well beIore time using statistics and analytical models? Finance
IT outsourcing strategies Ior companies providing outsourcing services in India-with a
What could be done to get people to work as a team and how teamwork will be eIIective. MKT
In the National Health Service(NHS) where my Iriends work, some oI them and other
employees are not happy and less motivated than others. What could be done to remedy
this? IB
Can Iirms eIIiciency measure the return oI investment oI human capital HRM
Relevant oI demand and satisIaction Ior 24/7 citiphone banking service Finance
What has been the impact oI micro-Iinance on the poor people oI Bangladesh and what
would be the potential impact oI regulating it under the Iormal Iinancial sector. Finance
How are small retailers surviving in Iace oI competition Irom the mega-stores? A study oI
selected small retailers who have so Iar survived. Marketing
How eIIective the business will run through when a small proprietor includes supply
chain management and logisitics in his business. Management
The requirements Ior HRM to operate eIIectively domestically and internationally are
quite diIIerent. How are their requirements reIlected in diIIerent company's HRM policies
and practices and how eIIective are they? A comparison oI selected companies. HRM
How eIIective is branding on Iashion retail web pages compared to branding in high street
stores in the process oI decision-making in men who want to purchase clothes. Marketing
What is the impact oI the going green phenomenon on the Iinancial position oI energy
producing organisations Finance
Insurance brokerage company in Georgian market. How it can be inIluenced by
international insurance organisations. Strategy
Economic and Financial crisis in Turkey's Predictable and avoidable Finance
What are the Iactors that inIluence scientist to choose chemical Irom Meark company
more than other brands? Marketing
Does CAPM work in Australian stock market? FIN
What are Iactors inIluencing Body Shop products export success? A comparison oI Thai
spa and Body Shop product. Marketing
How has been the commercial behaviour oI Agricultural products between UK and Peru? IB
What makes it appropriate to supply and over come the shortage oI essential drugs (liIe
saving etc) in the region oI South Asian countries especially in Pakistan? Marketing
Are investor decisions dependent on Iundamental analysis or intuitive iudgement -a study
oI stock market participants oI India and UK Finance
Shell has a higher image then PSO in the mind oI consumers? IB
How does brand marketing oI personal care products in the UK have an impact on
consumer buying behaviour. Marketing
Generic vs Credit Risk Moduels: A comparison survey related study on the subiect oI
retail credit risk models. Finance
I am a UK property company and I want to expand into Turkey. BeIore moving into
Turkey its important to understand the diIIerences and similarities oI doing business in
Turkey and England. IB
Venture capital investment: Evaluation oI entry and exit strategies Ior business in Zambia. Finance
An Entrepeneour is planning to develop an e-comerce website. Hinching Iemale
Brazillian Community living in UK. What are the Iactors that can inIluence that
community to buy online? Marketing
How adequately are the social, economic and environmental imapcts oI new industrial
proiects in developing countries taken into account? A study oI the impact oI Kahama
Mine's operation in Tanzania on surrounding community. Management
A study oI the signiIicance oI brand loyalty among consumers oI coke and how coke
sustains this brand loyalty. Marketing
A comparative study on Health and SaIety measures oI TATA IRON AND STEEL
The obiective oI this research is to compare and contrast the UK and US housing market.
Is there a bubble in these two signiIicant housing markets? Marketing
An analysis oI taxation system and incidences oI income taxation in Sri Lanka Finance
The goal oI working capital management is to ensure going concern concept. How do
companies manage their working capital and maintain proIitibility and capital structure in
order to ensure the above statement. Finance
Is a loyalty card program an attractive tool in UK retail sector? Marketing
M&A -Do they always bring cleared results? Finance
The importance oI employee empowerment Ior an organistation's success. Marketing
How relationship between the working capital and corporate proIitability oI Thai listed
Iirms oI the Stock Exchange Thailand (SET) Finance
UK Iood industry: Determinants oI proIitability -a study oI Unilever and competitors Finance
Compare diIIerent store image and marketing mix strategies between chain convenience
store and general merchandise store Marketing
A critical analysis oI the eIIiciency oI JIT Application in the main car manuIacturing in
Turkey IB
To what extent Exchange Rate eIIects stock market Finance
By the introduction oI business outsourcing in the study oI MNC around the world there
is diverging change oI policy oI companies. What is the impact oI outsourcing on US IT
sector. Management
Analyse the cause and remedy Ior Iew MNCs that coudln;t run a very good IBP. IB
Do momentum and contrarian strategies work on the Istanbul stock exchange (LSE)? A
test on LSE indices Management
What is the E-Marketing on the global Market advantages and disadvantages the
reIlection oI the business commercial sector IB
What are the main Iactor oI FDI in Turkey? IB
Does corporate responsibility play an important role in todyas business environment IB
The organisation strives to set the operation strategy in order to grow in the Iuture. What
are Iactors drive non-proIit organisation to success and Iailure during the implementations
its operation strategy Ior a survey oI selected non-proIit organization Strategy
Does Ioreign Iund managers outperIorm in the Indian mutual Iund industry? A study oI
10 mutual Iunds Finance
What is the impact oI culture on the internation marketing? Marketing
Optimal capital structure is an industrial sector on Thai stock market FIN
What re the Iactors that are leading to the growth oI islamic banking in the UK and what
are the issues that such banks Iace? Finance
Is there a market Ior Vietnamese coIIee in the UK? IB
What promotional and marketing tactics are most eIIective in inIluencing customers to
buy Iast Iood products in the UK. Marketing
The relationship between Chinese monetary policy and stock exchange Finance
How are islamic banks handling their Iinancial risk management in the UK? Finance
How eIIiciently manage the Iinancial challenges oI olympic 2012 by UK govt. Finance
What are the Iactors that inIluence the corporations oI China to become international
company and how to manage it. IB
What are the Iactors to consider Ior a Ioreign decoration company that opens a branch in
the UK. IB
MBA is the perIormance oI commercial banks in Hong Kong diIIerent Irom those on
mainland china FIN
How should a company divide its total Iunds sources into a optimal capital structure in
order to maximise the sharholder's proIits?Capital structure in natural resource sector Finance
Can Iranchising as a strategy help organisations gain market share globally? IB
Why is McDonalds so popular? What are the reasons that inIluence people to choose
McDonald's as the best choices Ior them? Marketing
The electronic commerce been mentioned more by diIIerent company. Could e-
commerce enhance the perIormance oI the business organisation? Marketing
Importance oI the valuation in a case oI merger and acquisition - Oyaybank Turkey. Finance
What roles do the credit derivatives have Ior managing risk in banking? Are the credit
derivatives really beneIicial Ior the companies and banks? Finance
What is the importance oI being a brand in textile market Ior a garment Iirm? Marketing
What kind oI Iinancial risk have mortgage lender and borrower and how they can
eliminate all the risks. Finance
How can human resource development support company's management in achieving its
goals? Cashbox, an entertainment service company¹ IB
Can SMEs in the UK manuIacturing industry survive without intranet Finance
What are the reasons behind and Iactors aIIecting international invetsor decision making? IB
A study oI business apply innovation to create value and enhance the competitive
advantage in two chinese companies: ' ACER and HongHai (Fox conn) IB
Mobile commerce (M-Commerce) as the next generation, it has been paid more attention
by business world, what is it? And how will it bring the new opportunities Ior business
world. Finance
The impact oI acculturation and cultural adoptation on the integration phase oI mergers MKT
Monetary policy and trade deIicit in UK: Is there any link FIN
Dividend policy: does lintner's mathematical explian FTSE's Dividend behaviour? Finance
What are the Iactors which are still urging countries to buy oil Irom OPEC countries?
What are the main Iactors causing the raising oI ioil price every day? Strategy
What are the logistics management practices in small business enterprises in Lagos state
Nigeria. TQM
One oI the Iastest growing industries in today;s workld is pharmaceutical. Which
promotional strategy can increase the sales oI pharmaceutical sector? Marketing
Should companies go green? The case oI Marks and Spencers. Strategy
What are the Iactors that inIluence corporations to choose and target another Ior mereg
and acquisition~ Finance
Can revaluation oI Iixed assets improve the perIormance oI an entity Finance
What motivates employees? The role oI compnay motivational strategies. A case study oI
Tesco's. HRM
IndentiIy the HRD policies and obiectives. What are the training and development
programmes undertaken by Larsen and Toubro? What are the measures Ior making the
necessary improvements in the training programmes conducted? HRM
Examine the impacts oI outsourcing on modern business operations. Strategy
How does the inIlows oI Brazilian Iood products aIIect the expatriate Brazilian market in
London? Marketing
Risk Management in an Asset management company Finance
How can luxury Iashion designers explore and beneIit Irom market segment oI overseas
studnets in London. Marketing
Financial Planning: how realistic are cost proiections in the construction inductry? A
review oI selected construction proiects. Finance
Has Fair Trade using the standards set by international certiIication body Iairtrade
Labelling Organisation had a positive impact on the business practices oI certiIied
pineapple producers in Ghana. Strategy
How can SWOT analysis as a coporate strategy tool impact on the proIitability oI
small/medium scale industries. Marketing
Analysis oI the proIitability oI commercial banks in Nigeria. Finance
How are merchandisers and retailers cooperating through supply chain management? A
case study oI selected retailers in the garment industry. Strategy
Michael Porter in his diamond theory argued that successIul national companies could
bring Iorwrda their expertise to international market to gain competitive advantage to
penetrate into European Marekt? Marketing
Mergers and acquisitions - wealth creation or destruction~ The case Ior bidding Iirms. Finance
What determinants create the core tendency oI high street retailers to pull out their town
centre outlets and to Iocus on internet based custom sales? Marketing
Starbucks as the most successIul company in the coIIee industry prides itselI on how it
manages its coIIee bars. How do Starbucks coIIee houses diIIer Irom the competitors and
how Iar might its success be due to their diIIerences? Strategy
Most supermarkets in England try to attract consumers with their low cost strategy. Do
consumers want low cost items oI low quality or better quality items? Marketing
In business environment how important it is to provide training. Is it eIIective cos-twise? HRM
Supply chain management in international business. How eIIective can be used to
minimise cost and increase the eIIicient opoerations/ TQM
Companies have placed strategic planning as a Iramework Ior decision making. How Iar
by the actions oI individual staII has it been carried out in order to gain a global standard. Strategy
What have been the key Iactors in retail superstores growing and how they capture
international markets? Strategy
Will the merger oI ABN AMRO bank provide Barclays with opportunities Ior eIIiciency? Finance
Global security negotiation requirment to uniIy security regulation and breakdown oI
barrier markets, comparative analysis oI L American, EC and common law experience. IB
How good are the good global citizens? Invetigating the maniIestation oI ethical and
social rhethoric dimensions in the growing international trade oI apperals and sportswear
Any strategy oI retails companies which will be most responsive in terms oI cometitive
existance? Marketing
Competition and Evolution in the stock market industry. How are new strategies being
developed? A study oI selected companies. Finance
How can business take an advantage oI the power oI advertising to increase or maintain
their sales in the competiive market place? Marketing
Going global. What are the alternatuives and the inIluencing Iactors a Iirm should
consider when making entry mode decisions. Strategy
How retailers have the right range and availibility to grow sales in their store? Strategy
What Iactors should Iast Iashion manuIacturers consider Irom the consumers perspectives
when entering a new market? Marketing
A relational study on consumers buying behaviour oI south east asian in the perspective
oI brand name, product quality, price sensitivity amd promotion/ Marketing
How can internet banking help develop economies? A comparative study oI agricultural
development. Marketing
Can marketign strategies create loyalty among customers in Iast Iood indsutry in terms oI
sustainable development. Marketing
How sales target can be achieved by hiting the right customers with aggressive marketing
and promotional strategies oI apparels. Marketing
How IT and systems helps BP alligned Marks and Spencers to maintain their postion in
the present and Iuture Uks competitive market? Strategy
How hotel's selecting out the communication channels Ior promoting their services and
how its help out customer to make out the decision Ior selecting the services. Marketing
Mergers and acquisitions in Columbia: Have implementtaion oI these activities improved
the eIIiciency in the target organisations Finance
What is the importance oI venture capital incubating new companies and various
strategies implemented in the investment decision making. Finance
What are the alternative strategies Ior businessses went to bric manuIacturing when it
becomes expensive? Reasons why bric culture could Iall. Strategy
What are the strategies adopted by Asian restaurants to attract and inIluence customers in
the UK. Marketing
How to improve customer relationships in Bank-Al-Falah? What are the Iactors that
aIIect the relationship? Marketing
Find the importance oI integration oI HRM to corporate strategu to maintain and increase
iob perIormance through iob satisIaction. HRM
What strategic approaches an universal bank link HSBC have adapted to avoid losing
national market share to growing islamic banking concept in middle east countries. HRM
Managing Operations - how do managers targeting cost control? Strategy
How the coporate business can manage its sources oI Iinance. Finance
What makes people go online Ior shopping? What are the impacts oI online shopping on
Iuture business and markets? Marketing
Emerging Irom Economic Depression in Turkey. What Iactors caused certain sectors to
grow Iaster than others. Strategy
Does Electronic commerce based perIormance bring competitive advantage to the proIit
oriented corporate entities? Case study oI a comparison oI e-commerce based and
physical retail enterprises? Marketing
Does working capital management play an important role in a companies success? Finance
What are the Iactors that inIluence people to choose 'Red Lion' between a couple oI other
restaurants in the same street. Marketing
An investigation into how the management oI technical and cultural change can have an
eIIect on thew organisation. HRM
Do gender diIIerences aIIect consumer response within the context oI product Iorm
perception? Marketing
Evaluate the impact oI the introduction oI the mortgage system in Turkey 2007 and draw
comparisons with the UK. What steps should be taken to improve the state oI the turkish
system? Strategy
Corporate Governance: The eIIect and impact its Iormal recommendations has on the
perIormance oI companies in the UK. Strategy
What is the role oI supplier partnership in TQM in order to gain competitive advantage on
rivals in automotive industry - a case study oI BOSCH company. Strategy
What are the Iactors that inIluence electrical appliances companies and manuIacture
Ireezer businesses to choose between own companies and new companies oI
manuIacturing copper and aluminium tube parts Ior colling systems. Strategy
The role oI the strategic management in regards to success or Iailure oI an organisation. Strategy
How to bring a new product into a new market? A case study oI a company currently
doing this. Marketing
Quality selling and production comparison oI Toyota and Ford automotive companies in
the automotive section oI Turkey. Strategy
As a part oI business expansion and strategy MNCs operating their business in developing
countries where corruption as being the most obstacle. How does corruption impact on
MNCs business? Strategy
What are the marketing strategies in the Iield oI sports which boost up the income oI the
club? Marketing
The eIIect oI training and development on Starbucks CoIIee. HRM
The impact oI telecom companies making business in telecome Iield. How does it
manage to balance business? Strategy
How IT based CRM eIIects the development oI National Bank oI Pakistan and what
necessary requirements should adhere Ior the employees? Marketing
Can recruitment oI a London educated graduate be a probable marketing strategy Ior
Indian banks in London Marketing
What extent UK is diIIerent Irom all the Europe regarding employees relations and the
ongoing practices in the Iield Io HRM? HRM
Turkey is hoping to ioin the EU. How are international Turkish companies planning Ior
this and how eIIective is this planning likely to prove a study oI Turkish companies Economics
What are companies conducting business overseas doing to oII-set the risks oI currency
Iluctuation? Case studies oI selected companies. Finance
Starbucks tries to present a unique image; what strategies does it pursue to create this
image and how successIul are they? Strategy
How does label oI product aIIect customer behaviour to the purchase time? An evolving
will be given regarding Chinese product? Management
How would Thai organic Iood gain more opportunities in the European Coutrnies -
Germany, UK and France Marketing
Since the inception oI electronic banking Ghana's banking sector has experienced
absolute remarkable growth in productivity and bank service delivery to mention among
other things. What then is the impact oI electronic banking on Ghanan banks E-Commerce
Is supply chain management providing competitive advantage to International Business? Strategy
When should a company change its strategy? A comparison oI Turkish textile companies
that have successIully adopted to changing circumstances and those that have not. Strategy
How customer cervices could be used as a competitive tool by retail organisations in the
UK - ASDA Marketing
An evaluation oI how Iar selected Ioreign companies in turkey are succeed and why.
How Iar their Iuture prospects depend on continuing political and economic stability and
EU entry. Strategy
My space is a maior on-line promoter oI unsigned nads and articles oI all music genres.
However, is there a 30 years old plus market Ior companies to target? E-Commerce
What are the Iactors that inIluence people to choose beer brand?Particular company is
"EFES" Marketing
What are the recruitment methods and how eIIective they are in organisations and their
strategic role in the organisations success. Finance
What is causing the high employee turnover in Domino's pizza. Marketing
B & Q entry into the chinese market within its global expansion. The reults oI IHR and
its recommended policies. Marketing
Reducing overseas transportation costs oI Iragile goods. Management
The health and saIety concept in coporate world have a vital importance. Will the health
and saIety concept be Iollowed and measured to western standards in emerging markets. Strategy
No Irills airlines: Ryaniar is now operating out oI London airport. How is this aIIecting
other airlines and how is Ryanair dealing with the problem? Strategy
Horizontal mergers'. A study on how mergers aIIects the corporate strategies oI the
emergent company. A case study on Wells and Young's, Formerly Young's and co. and
Charles Well. Strategy
Whay apartment buildings are so successIul in Vietnam in recent years?
What do companies have to do in order to implement CRM SuccessIully? Case study. Marketing
Maior decisions should be based not only on Iinancial Iactors but also on immediate and
long term social and environmental consequences oI decisions. A study oI how
companies are implementing these pronciples. HRM
How does working capital management aIIect a business in its Iinancial perIormance Finance
Islamic bonds - what re the opportunities and challenges Ior market participants Finance
How can customer relationship management help their customers in banking? Marketing
E-Commerce: A catalyst Ior economic growth in developing countries? The case oI
Luanda's tourism. E-Commerce
Can Iinancial ratios be depended upon to predict stock market return. Finance
Many international stundets are studying today in UK. How well have they adapted their
organistaions management procedures to handle these stdunets Strategy
Are sonsumers protected or consumed? Marketing
How eIIective is the marketing oI South American handicraIt products in London? A
study oI the marketing oI selected products and evaluation oI the potential Ior
improvement. Marketing
To what extent is the stock market eIIicient (UK stock market). A event such as new
archeology development by a Iew companies as taken insides to Iind out the trend via
share prices. Strategy
There are many obstacles to new countries or companies entering the wine trade. What
can a new entrant do to overcome them? Case study oI Cass Taylor wines (T.D. setting up
an Indian wine venture) Marketing
Dividend Irrelevance: Does policy matter? A Case study oI Dell and MicrosoIt Finance
I work in Iirst Dutch Iusion retail company which has been expanding along Europe and
the UK. The company is continuing its expansion. How eIIective are its strategies Ior
doing this proiect in practice. Strategy
What are the roles oI the Euro and the US dollar on international markets especially in
Turkey Economics
Telecome communications Ior business are rapidly expanding. How all the
tlecommunication companies adapting this potential to meet business needs. A case study
oI selected telecom company. Strategy
How a Iirm manages its economic exposure and tus achieves its own paticular exchange
rate Economics
The advantages and disadvantages oI electronic indsutry when Vietnam ioined WTO. Economics
From rise to decline, e-commerce has passed a complicated long way, how long e-
commerce still can walk? E-Commerce
What are the issues in marketing western beauty and skin care products in China? Case
study oI Lancome and Esteee Louder. Marketing
What Iinancial activities are used to increase the wealth oI the Iirm? Finance
A study oI how the Iairtrade tendering has aIIected the exportations oI comulbian coIIee Strategy
A study oI real estate investment trust in the UK. How has it perIormed so Iar and what
are its prospects? Finance
Are economy class Iare oIIered by the main operators competing with budget airlines
Iares? Strategy
In Starbucks company where I work there are many various nationalities which have
diIIerent culture Irom each other may cause some conIlict among them. What Iactors
avoid all cross-cultural conIlict and how make contribution to the organization. HRM
What are the eIIects oI mergers and acquisitions on the perIormance oI UK banking
industry? A study oI UK banking mergers and acquisitions Marketing
Public opinion and Iranchising in emerging markets Marketing
Consumer response to marketing public relation companies. An exploratory study oI
marks and spencers' look behind the label companies and its eIIect on consumer buying
decision Strategy
How doe Iilm making inductry aIIect the economic and social growth oI a country~
Study oI the impact oI Indian made Iilms Economics
The role oI supply chain management in achieving competitive advantage Ior UK multi-
national Iood and drink manuIacturers Marketing
How advertising oI Iast Iood in London, inIluence consumer buying behaviour Strategy
What are the Iactors that inIluence store to buy Irom overseas Iurniture companies in UK? Strategy
The state oI voluntary and community organisation in income diversiIication process in
abid to be Iinancially sustained. An overall look at the voluntary sector in England and
Wales Strategy
How Turkish textile and clothing industry can gain competitive advantage over rivals Finance
The use oI customer service as a competitive tool by retail operations in the UK (GAP) as
a case study Marketing
Explain how Tote sport Bookmarkers developed into a large and one which has got third Strategy
largest number oI branches in UK?
Scope and concept oI Islamic banking system and its principles which criteria aIIect
people with this system. Economics
What kind oI impact do the increased customer services demands have on present day
global logistics. Marketing
A study to determine iI the use oI ERP systems gives a company its competitive
advantage. A study oI a bagel Iactory Strategy
Analyze consumer behaviour in Chinese market oI western cosmetic Finance
When marketing strategies will help the international Auto companies succeed in China
market? Marketing
What are the beneIits oI internet as a marketing tool in hospitality sector particularly in 4
star hotels in Cyprus? Marketing
Internet marketing and its impact on the Iour star hotel in Cyprus Marketing
I am planning to expand my present small Iashion clothing business into high street
outlet. What Iactors inIluence people ro buy the kind oI clothing I plan to sell? Marketing
An analysis oI the marketing strategies employed by British Airways in order to gain
competitive advantage over other UK airlines Marketing
What are the Iactors that aIIecting consumer buying behavior or own brand Iood retailing
in the UK. Marketing
Franchisee- how eIIective is it as a way oI successIul business operation? The case oI
COSTA coIIee Finance
The eIIect oI promotional strategies in increasing the brand Awareness oI Pizza Hut Marketing
How does buying direct oII the internet compare with buying by other means. A tusy oI
UK buying behaviour and its implictaions Ior selling insurance in Thailand. Marketing
What is the strategic importance oI Just in Time and how it helps in the product eIIiciency
in the manuIacturing industry Strategy
Increasing customer's re-buying is an important aspect oI the marketing programs
developed by the maior supermarkets. What are the Iactors that determine the loyalty oI
shoppers? Marketing
What is the impact oI Ioreign direct investment on Georgian economy Finance
Opportunities and challenges Ior investors in Vietnam stock market-Attraction and risks? Strategy
The coIIee product with brand "Fair- trade " is more and more Iavorite in UK. How does
the Iair-trade apply in the UK coIIee shops? Marketing
Manage reducing loan risks, emphasising on credit products in Vitenamese banking
system. - Vietcombank Finance
What are the evaluation criteria oI enterprise resource planning systems and how can
selected ERPs be embedded into company processes. Finance
Analysis and Focus oI Ierous and non-Ierous metal exports to India Marketing
How does the service marketing mix ( 7 p' s) inIluence consumers' behavior in choosing a
hotel in London England? A case study oI 2 or3 selected hotel Marketing
LOYALTY Marketing
The mortgage market in East London has grown rapidly over the last 10 years. What are
the Iactors that have inIluenced this growth? Hwat are the new Iactors? Finance
UK Iood and beverages industry: is there any relationship between working capital
management and corporate proIitability? Finance
How does sound working capital management and polices contribute to the competitive
advantage oI businesses in the UK? A Case study oI selscteed companies. Finance
How eIIecitive is eIIicient working capital management can give competitive edge oI
success over rivals in retail sector Finance
Does cutting price enable a business to grow? A study oI selected companies that have
been cutting their prices. Strategy
Starbucks coIIe is the most successIul company in the coIIee industry, prides itselI on
how it manges its coIIee bars. How do Starbucks coIIee houses diIIer Irom the
competition and how Iar might its success be due to their diIIerence? HRM
How do supermarkets manage their working capital and how eIIective are they in meeting
their obiectives in doing this? Finance
Why Vietnam can remian the high position in exporting rice? Whats the advantage /
disadvantage at the moment? Strategy
What is the role oI multi-national transport development on the competitiveness oI
international transport corridors Strategy
What are the Iactors that inIluence the consumer behaviour towards luxury products in the
London Market Marketing
Empirical test oI the applicability oI the CAPM in Shanghai stock market 2001 to 2008 Strategy
How Tesco take advantage Irom supply chain management in whole complete market
place Economics
How brand marketing oI detergents (in London) inIluences consumer buying behavior? Marketing
A study on customer loyalty in a restaurant environment Marketing
The plastic revolution in banking and Iinance is now well established. How do customers
Ieel about the various cards they need to hold Finance
What is the relationship between the development in the property market in London and
the activity in the London stock market? Finance
The British Toursim Industry has not only positive Iactors but negative Iactors also that
aIIect the economy. What are they and their impact. Strategy
Whether emerging markets still oIIer diversiIication to a global portIolio oI investment? Strategy
What role has microIinance instutitions perIormance to small and medium enterprises in
Tanzania Finance
What are the issues in developing a business through Iranchising? A study oI the
experience oI McDonalds Strategy
Channel Advantage - aIeild marketing company are using online selection to recruit the
staII. The the practice iustiIied in terms oI business strategy? Strategy
How can coroporate governance aIIect share prices? A Review oI cases where this has
occurred. Finance

Buiyng a Iranchise: How eIIective is this as a way to develop a new business? The
experience oI Iranchisees in Georgia Strategy
Family business oIten struggle to survive Irom generation to generation. Are there
strategies that can successIully overcome diIIiculties. Strategy
Acquisition in the UK supermarket business. How Iar are obiectives being realised?
Case studies oI ASDA vs Walmart and Morrison vs SaIeway Strategy
What are the main characteristics oI buyers behaviour in the car industry? How important
is advertising in the same sector? Focused on trukey Marketing
What is the money laundering impact? How multinational banks combat against money
laudering? Finance
Consumer behaviour and the MySpace pricing model Management
Explaining unemplyment in developing countries. The Case oI Vietnam in Transition
Persiod. Economics
Retail supermarkets use their buying power to compete. What other strategically
processes especially Iinancial, do they use to enhance their competitive advantage and
how eIIective are the two comparison oI Tesco and Sainsbury's Marketing
What are the contribution oI internet business in the market. How it inIluences between
the consumers and business Iirms. Marketing
What is the impact oI FDI on Georgian economy. Multuiple case study. Economics
Strategic alignment oI Sampath Bank card center to re-cap the market leadership IB

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..7093089073-0.90 90.243902 .4342.94733..4:39./0128 %0740418:55.84997/ $97.70411070/-902.8 %0.089.90 .942009-:83088300/8 .3/17.6:8943843905071472.084100.32.425.0780.94789:/41 2..943.0147&2:9 3.39.90/43..3083& $97.94789.70900110.425.833020732.7093  42207.8950714720/841.3..943./0903/073.420.425.7078/0.80900.438:207-:3 /0.4342../.3/3 4.0781.4342.33 3/:89789:/41&-.3/ .7098574850. 4430 .74339073.34507..78.4:397 $9:/419025.8 .2430/%  74278094/0.39.4933/:897.3/980110.3.943841.08.0 /1107039.425099.425099.39..70901.4342.943.3//8.7093 $97.931:03..70.9041.9413/.90 # ./.:9:7.32.33/:.9841207078.8:89.70935:-.4/.08 $97.07.90 %089.425.943.3/890004:/07  .308.110.881.422:3947.420..3.707.0898435.39.3..97.078 44-03/ 3$9.41100 89:/4170.9.4507.0 $97.3//732.3/83.3/9:8.0 %0:8041.90 .110.30 7.9478 .9833.94333.0 .74941.308.8 %00.422:3.077.9478.9:7078 4.7098 438:20770854380942.7.0..89144/343/43 31:  .0.90 .70:80/943....0944-709..:9.:..3/430.6:89438 !:-.3.797.42207..903.4:39.3. .431.2.8 3.4397-:943949047.3/90&$/4.9.:808420.90 4.:9:7017420.8.3.59398549039.3/...8089:/ 41800./..0../..0450/394.709088:0832.../.70.8089:/ ...-/94-013..943574.9438147-:83088.30/ 34...44..30 0 .8.90 .4250939-:/09.8 ..5/05.880/.425.9 .0.42:-.7093 5..90 3.425.70980850..-0.3/.3/8:9703'093.9.3/.4:7 ..0548:70.0 $97.7093 ..422:3.020393.49072.3.843 4/40122..81:739:70.9.90 4%:789090. $97..3 %:70 .3070479070.3  $97.07983411..3/8503.990.45343.9.780.943.98 700.913.041&-.33207078.3/84...3.089.4342.308 30547.431.7308 1.709074084190:74.425099.3/.42207.3/.90/9005479.3.9.3/42.3.089203997:89390& 4.420/.94190172 89:/414901.0883 .7-:..438:207-:3-0.85.90/900.9743.70.0.1722..943..3.9438390& ! .70574/:.9900.7488 .4342.3/.34%49085479442.38.80 89:/41.08980..:894207807.908..144/.4342.3.

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

039473.9.370..083/:89789070..9890.4397-:909490.088-0/:094907/110703.00/041 8:.3/40110.0881:.5/4.02.3/54.411089024898:.003.08  $9.0 $97...7090301.39.9./. 2.89 0.59..%02479.3.-9 4/40884:3/473.7-:.41100-.78 4/4$9.0.7090320093 9074-0.9.2..3.3.87437.78 .0.9.90 # 4/48:5072.308  40110..0 3.3/-0.80.30898.3/.9057419.:99390757.02039.9.8.02039.8943/43.94789.411003/:897 57/08980143 492.031:03.47547.729988:.- ..3.9478 &144/.70982.2.3702.59.0.0907473.425099..3390.0 .3..70 901..0 3.077.-:83088947489:/41800.94385-09003473.900/.7-:.083/4398 3..3089..0 3.425.0884.0 -003.425099. 408.59.83709./.425.041-:8308808390&.08.39054894330547937.0 '093...:99357.2.

9890740412:9 3.709 94  4%08.3/2.0 ..3.3903. .438:207-0.74:8..8349435489.0892039 .990242039 .3.70..4342 .0 $97.4:9433-.70988941107/.47 89:/43.425099.3/90725.01.0453.2.90 3.7090.-:83088974:17.8 4..97.94394.02039340.894.43.0781.3.08#0.8389:/4190 050703.32. .2.39.045203939057450792.0.55...80807098.90 $97.70:834330800.9.01.939043/43894.0 4-7.931:03..3.943.:8942078 %.5479144413.3..425.3.477/478 $97.709088:083/ 257.90 3.0389:994385071472.3.0308841 39073.98.7413.330/.943.474547.438:207-:3-0.7093 .7/8::7574/:.09482.-4:990.9478-:930.385479./.073.3.7:990 89.385479/0.4342.7093..93..3.110.90 4.0.90894190.:7.94789.041.9900.-94190!3$.9478.989070.0:8910/39072841-:83088897./.9  0907020732..7/890300/944/ 3.849.33.90 $97.:770/  3..08340089.7057.709341/09070398 343/43 31:03.4-..7432039 $97.3..8 .94385-0900390/ .709 .3.3.709 5.4:794.98390 43/43..9.3/13.90 $97..11 %09057.39.0 .-80/ 4/4.04520394390.904.9 .090.0 $97...9439470.3/ 90.:8942074.49..9740.90 .90 .70901.709 %0798%4:7823/:897.7093 %05.017428:55..9. /8..

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