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Flood is a major problem in the Philippines
Background Study

Fifty-five years ago, on May 13, 1958, an Australian man by the name of
Ben Carlin completed a 10-year journey to literally drive around the world.
Using a modified Ford GPA dubbed Half-Safe, he traveled 11,050 miles
(17,780 km) by sea and 38,987 miles (62,744 km) by land, starting and
ending in Montreal, Canada. His decade-long escapade was (and remains)
the only documented circumnavigation of the earth by amphibious vehicle.
That is the first recorded use of amphibious vehicles.
But nowadays, the amphibious vehicles are used for tourism and as
assault war vehicles. It is very important to maximize the use of this
amphibious vehicles in various problems such as floods and transportation
from land to water. Problems like these are very common especially in our
country, Philippines where flood is a major problem that needs to be