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SEE 2073 (2017)
clgjfo{ ul0ft
lbOPsf lgb]{zgsf cfwf/df cfkm\g} z}nLdf l;h{gfTds pQ/ lbg'xf];\ .
;doM # 306f k"0ff{ª\s – !))
;a} k|Zgx¿sf] pQ/ lbg'xf];\ .
Answer all the questions.
;d"x ‘s’ (Group 'A') [9x(2+2)=36]

!= -s_ dfg lgsfNg'xf];\ (Evaluate):
4  3 x  3 x 1
13  3 x

-v_ ;/n ug'{xf];\ (Simplify ): y 3 z 1  z y 1

@= -s_ xn ug'x{ f];\ (Solve) : x  25  x  5 ne
-v_ df]xgsf] pd]/ ;f]xgsf] pd]/sf] ltg u'0ff 5 . olb ltgLx?sf] pd]/sf] u'0fgkmn 192
jif{ 5 eg] ltgLx?sf] pd]/ kQf nufpg'xf];\ .

Mohan's age is thrice the age of Sohan. If the product of their ages is
192 years, find their ages.

#= -s_ Pp6f lg/Gt/ >]0fLdf af/Daf/tfx?sf] of]ukmn f)= 3a2+2a / fm=15a2+10a
5g\ . dWos (x ) kQf nufpg'xf];\ .

In a continuous series, the sum of the frequencies f)= 3a2+2a and
fm=15a2+10a. Find the mean (x ) .

-v_ lbOPsf] ;+lrt af/Daf/tfsf] jqmaf6 t];f| ]

(Number of Students)
ljBfyL{x?sf] ;ª\Vof

rt'yf{+z >]0fL kQf nufpg'xf];\ .
From the given cumulative

frequency curve, find the third
quartile class.

k|fKtfª\s (Marks)

RE-109'SP' (2)
$= -s_ 2 b]lv 30 ;Ddsf ;ª\Vofx? n]lvPsf] ;ª\Vof kQLx?af6 gx]/L Pp6f kQL y'Tbf 3g
;ª\Vof jf ¿9 ;ª\Vof ePsf] kQL kg]{ ;DefJotf slt x'G5 < kQf nufpg'xf];\ .
What is the probability of getting a card having cube number or a
prime number when a card is drawn randomly from a number cards
numbered from 2 to 30? Find it.
-v_ 5 cf]6f ;]tf / 4 cf]6f /ftf pq} / p:t} anx? ePsf] emf]nfaf6 gx]/L j|mdzM b'Oc{ f]6f
anx? lgsfNbf -k'gM g/fvL_ x'g] ;a} ;Defljt kl/0ffdx?sf ;DefJotfx?nfO{
j[If lrq agfO{ b]vfpg'xf];\ .

Draw a tree diagram to show the probabilities of all the possible
outcomes while drawing two balls randomly in succession (without

replacement) from a bag containing 5 white and 4 red balls of same
shape and size.

%= -s_ lbOPsf] lrqdf QR = 8 ;]=dL, PR = 6 ;]=dL= /
PRQ = 60O eP PQR sf] If]qkmn lgsfNg'xf];\ .
In the given figure, QR = 8 cm, PR = 6 cm, and
PRQ = 60O. Find the area of PQR.

-v_ lbOPsf] lk|Hddf ABC = 90O, AB = 8 ;]=dL= / AC = 10

;]=dL= 5g\ . olb lk|Hdsf] cfotg 480 3g ;]=dL= 5 eg] ;f]
lk|Hdsf] prfO{ kQf nufpg'xf];\ .

In the given prism, ABC = 90O, AB = 8 cm and
AC = 10 cm. If the volume of the prism is 480 cubic

cm, find the height of the prism.
^= -s_ Pp6f cw{uf]nfsf] k'/f ;txsf] If]qkmn 4158 ju{ ;]=dL= 5 eg] o;sf] cfwf/sf]
kl/lw lgsfNg'xf];\ .

The total surface area of a hemisphere is 4158 sq. cm. Find the
circumference of its base.

-v_ lbOPsf] ;f]nLsf] cfwf/sf] If]qkmn 154 ju{ ;]=dL= /
AB = 10 ;]=dL= eP pSt ;f]nLsf] jj|m ;txsf] If]qkmn kQf
nufpg'xf];\ .
If the base area of the given cone is 154 sq. cm
and AB = 10 cm, find its curved surface area.
(3) RE-109'SP'
&= -s_ Pp6f k;n]n] 40 cf]6f lstfax? ?= 1870 df laj|mL ub{5 . olb p;nfO{ 15% gf]S;fg
eP5 eg] Pp6f lstfasf] j|mo d"No kQf nufpg'xf];\ .
A shopkeeper sells 40 books for Rs.1870. If he makes a loss of 15%,
find the cost price of a book.
-v_ ?=6000 kg]{ Pp6f df]afOnsf] d"Nodf 2 jif{;Ddsf] k|ltjif{ 30% sf] b/n] d"No x|f;s§f
x'G5 eg] x|f;s§f /sd slt xf]nf < kQf nufpg'xf];\ .
A mobile costing Rs.6000 is depreciated in 2 years at the rate of 30%
per annum. What is the amount of depreciation? Find it.

*= -s_ lbOPsf] lrqdf AB||PQ / AD||BE 5g\ . olb
ABC sf] If]qkmn 18 ju{ ;]=dL=eg] ADC /

BCE sf] ;+o'Qm If]qkmn lgsfNg'xf];\ .
In the given figure, AB||PQ and AD||BE.

If the area of ABC is 18, find the
combined area of the ADC and BCE.
-v_ lbOPsf] lrqdf O j[Qsf] s]Gb|laGb' / QS Pp6f Jof; xf] . olb
PSQ =60O eP PRS sf] gfk kQf nufpg'xf];\ .

In the given figure, O is the centre of circle and
QS is a diameter. If PSQ=60O, find the size of

(= -s_ lbOPsf] lrqdf O j[Qsf] s]Gb|laGb' / WXYZ Pp6f

rj| m Lo rt' e ' { h xf] . olb  ZAY=45 O,
ZYA = 60O eP clws sf]0f WOY sf] gfk

kQf nufpg'xf];\ .
In the given figure, O is the centre of the
circle and WXYZ is a cyclic quadrilateral. If

 ZAY=45 O and  ZYA=60 O, find the
measure of obtuse WOY.

-v_ lbOPsf] lrqdf RT j[Qsf] :kz{/v
] f / R :kz{ laGb' xf] . olb
QRT=70 / PRT=30 eP RPQ sf] gfk kQf

nufpg'xf];\ .
In the given figure, RT is a tangent of a circle and
R is the point of contact. If
QRT = 70O and PRT=30O, find the measure
of RPQ.
RE-109'SP' (4)
;d"x ‘v’ (Group 'B') (16x4=64)
!)= 58 hgf dflg;sf] ;d"xdf 17 hgfn] km'6an dfq v]N5g\ / 28 hgfn] elnan dfq
v]N5g\ . olb 8 hgfn] b'j} v]ndWo] s'g} klg v]n v]Nb}gg\ eg]
In a group of 58 people, 17 play football only and 28 play volleyball only. If
8 play neither of the two games, then
-i_ dflysf] tYonfO{ e]g lrqdf k|:t't ug'{xf];\ .
Represent above information in a Venn-diagram.
-ii_ km'6an v]Ng] dflg;x? / elnan v]Ng] dflg;x?sf] cg'kft lgsfNg'xf];\ .

Find the ratio of the people who play football to the people who play

!!= d=;= lgsfNg'xf];\ (Find the H.C.F of) :
x3 + y3 , x4 + x2y2 + y4, x3 - x2y+xy2

!@= ;/n ug'x{ f];\ (Simplify):
2 2 2 2 2 2

y p
y 
q p  pq  q
 q
 y y 
r q  qr  r
 r
 y y 
p r  pr  p

4m 3 2m 1 1
!#= ;/n ug'x{ f];\ (Simplify) :

4 4
 2 2
 
m n m n mn nm

!$= b'O{ cª\ssf] ;ª\Vofdf bzd :yfgsf] cª\s / PsfO :yfgsf] cª\ssf] cg'kft 3:1 5 . olb
;ª\Vofsf] cª\sx?sf] of]ukmnsf] ltg u'0ffdf 3 hf]8b\ f ljk/Lt ;ª\Vof aGb5 eg] ;f] ;ª\Vof

kQf nufpg'xf];\ .
In a number of two digits, the ratio of digit in tenth place and the digit in
unit place is 3:1. If 3 is added to the three times of the sum of the digits,

then the opposite number is formed. Find the number.
!%= olb lbOPsf] tYofª\ssf] klxnf] rt'yf{+z (Q1) 6 eP a sf] dfg kQf nufpg'xf];\ .

If the first quartile of the given data is 6, find the value of a.
(Mark Obtaited) 0-4 8-12 12-16 4-8 16-20 20-24
ljBfyfL{ ;ª\Vof
(No. of Students) 3 2 5 6 a 3
(5) RE-109'SP'
!^= 16 kmL6 cUnf] ?vsf] 5fofsf] nDafO 16 3 kmL6 ePsf] ;dodf 20 3 kmL6 cUnf] ?vsf]
5fofsf] nDafO kQf nufpg'xf];\ .
When the length of shadow of a tree 16 ft high is 16 3 ft., Find the length
of the shadow of a tree of height 20 3 ft.

!&= lbOPsf] ;+o'Qm 7f]; j:t'sf] k"/f ;txsf]
If]qkmn lgsfNg'xf];\ .

Calculate the total surface area
of the given combined solid.

!*= lbOPsf] lrq Pp6f juf{sf/ cfwf/ ePsf] lk/fld8 xf] .
lk/fld8sf] cfwf/ e'hf 16 ;]=dL= / 58\s] prfO 10 ;]=dL=

5 . ;f] lk/fld8sf] cfotg lgsfNg'xf];\ .
Given figure is a square based pyramid. The
length of the side of the base is 16 cm and the
slant height of pyramid is 10 cm. Find the volume
of the pyramid.

!(= P / R n] s'g} sfd j|mdzM 30 lbg / 20 lbgdf ug{ ;S5g\ . b'j} ldn]/ sfd u/]sf] s]xL

lbgkl5 R n] sfd 5f]8\of] . olb af“sL sfd P n] 15 lbgdf k'/f u¥of] eg] R n] slt lbg;Dd
;“u} sfd u/]/ 5f]8]sf] lyof] < kQf nufpg'xf];\ .

P and R can do a piece of work in 30 and 20 days respectively. After they
worked together for some days R left the work. If P completed the

remaining work in 15 days, how long had R worked together? Find it.
@)= Pp6f ;fdfgsf] clª\st d"No ?= 2000 df 15% 5'6 lbPkl5 Eof6 /sd (VAT) hf]8\bf
;f] ;fdfgsf] d"No ?=1921 x'G5 eg] VAT sf] b/ kQf nufpg'xf];\ .

The marked price of an article is Rs.2000. The price of the article
becomes Rs.1921 after 15% discount and adding VAT amount. Find

the rate of VAT.
@!= s'g} /sdsf] 2 jif{df x'g] ;fwf/0f Aofh ldl>t AofheGbf ?= 90 n] sd x'g cfp“5 . olb
jflif{s Aofhb/ 15% sfod ul/Psf] lyof] eg] d"nwg kQf nufpg'xf];\ .
The simple interest of a certain sum of money in 2 years is Rs. 90 less
than its compound interest. If the rate of interest is 15% per annum,
find the sum of money. j|mdzM
RE-109'SP' (6)
@@= olb s]Gb|laGb' C ePsf] j[Qdf DEFG Pp6f rj|mLo rt'e'{h eP k|dfl0ft ug'{xf];\ M
EDG+EFG = 180O
If DEFG is a cyclic quadrilateral in the circle having centre C, then prove
EDG+EFG = 180O

@#= lbOPsf] lrqdf PQ||ON, PO||MN / OM||NQ 5g\ eg]

k|dfl0ft ug'x{ f];\ M
MPO sf] If]qkmn = MQN sf] If]qkmn

In the given figure, PQ||ON, PO||MN and
OM||NQ. Prove that :

Area of MPO = Area of MQN ne
@$= j[Q PQR sf] Pp6} rfk QR df cfwfl/t s]Gb|Lo sf]0f QOR kl/lw sf]0f QPR sf] bf]Aa/
x'G5 egL k|of]uåf/f k/LIf0f ug'{xf];\ . -sDtLdf 3 ;]=dL= cw{Jof; ePsf b'O{cf]6f j[Qx?

cfjZos 5g\ ._
Verify experimentally that the angle QOR at the centre of a circle PQR is

twice the angle QPR at the circumference standing on the same arc QR.
(Two circles of radii not less than 3 cm are necessary)

@%= PQ = 6 ;]=dL=, QR = 5.4 ;]=dL=, RS = 5.2 ;]=dL=, SP = 6.1 ;]=dL= / PR =5.8 ;]=dL=
gfk ePsf] rt'e{h' PQRS sf] /rgf ug'{xf];\ / pSt rt'e{h' ;“u a/fa/ If]qkmn x'g] Pp6f

lqe'hsf] /rgf ug'{xf];\ .
Construct a quadrilateral PQRS in which PQ = 6 cm, QR = 5.4 cm,

RS = 5.2 cm, SP = 6.1 cm and PR = 5.8 cm. Construct a triangle of
equal area with quadrilateral PQRS.