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I. Choose the correct words:
My favourite/best (1) thriller from the novelist/journalist (2) Hammond Innes is called/named (3) The
Angry Mountain. This is the book that really got me interested in reading when I was young and I will always
remember/remind (4) it for that. It’s a great example of adventure non/fiction/fiction (5).
The story is so well-written you feel as though you are in the same room as the characters/personalities
(6) and the relationships/relatives (7) between them are brilliantly developed. It is now out of print but you may be
able to borrow/lend (8) it from a library/bookshop (9) if you request/ask (10) it.
Hammond Innes puts together a tightly-written story which is a thoroughly entertaining/entertained (11)
read. It’s a book you will not be able to put down until you have finished the last chapter/verse (12).

II. Fill in the blanks with asked, told or said:
1. “I am very busy,”…………the architect.
2. “Where is the museum?”, the tourist……me.
3. “Nobody knows this hiding-place,” Nick…………his friend.
4. “We are going to the cinema now,” Peter…………
5. “When will the train arrive?” the stranger………her.