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Cohort meeting 14/2/18

 Reading goal for each child - specific for each student
 Must be visible
 Share behaviour goals with parents (or other goals) to help with further support

 Seven steps writing password from Nicole (currently requested) or borrow Demi’s

 Brainstorming – masking tape positive and negative ends and sticky notes ordering strongest
at end

 Good/poor PEEL paragraphs – visual to refer to and go through with kids MUST be displayed

 Maths test – 2 hour test (break up into smaller sessions NOT one 2 hour block)
Can read questions to the kids and scribe answers if need be
PowerPoint – Read questions as they see the visual**

 Sarah ACTION: To add word problems to OneDrive.

 Geography assessment – Part A only
May put coloured photo on ICB as kids only have black and white to help with the
identification of features.