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Year 3 Calibration Meeting 14.09.


- History: no 2nd task
- Handwriting will be summatively assessed in term 4
Extra homework for students struggling with handwriting
- English:
Removal of Q1c for rhythmic pattern, d being split into 2 questions
Mood, language features/devices to create mood, vocabulary, evaluative language
Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Rhyming, Rhythm (beats per line), similes and metaphors
Verbs, adverb, adjectives, noun groups, vocabulary
Imagery, describing images in your mind and how it makes you feel
Make students very aware of handwriting in draft and final version, but mainly final version
- A = language devices explanation and reactions, creates imagery using vocab and influences
mood, presents in an engaging way using gesture and eye contact
B = describes imagery created through descriptive language, adapts language features and
patterns to engage readers, engages audience in presentation with interaction skills
C= identifies language features and vocab choices for effect, uses language to express
feelings, experiences, accurate spelling, handwriting, creates text for familiar audience and
- C2C teaching lesson sequence in OneNote
- Practice presenting poems throughout – with a peer, to class (4-5 a week), practice analysis
and adaptation, create own poem throughout.
- Can integrate into reading rotations and grammar and punctuation rotations *extra spelling
and handwriting practice for certain students as well
- No pre-assessment but flow on from Kumiko/The Lorax – what do students need to work
on? Feed forward template.
- Sarah ACTION: Feed forward template to Judy and Kate for Term 4
- Goal setting and bump it up wall layout/categories, students needing bump it up
- 2 bump it up walls potentially
1. Grammar and punctuation for writing, explanations
2. Poetry
- To improve work, Receptive (analysis and explanation of poem) will be key to improvement
Many students already have a strength with presentations.
Productive creation of poem - A level is also weakness

- Maths
Q5 put picture on board and explain 500ml not 600ml for first section.