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About this report:
This report provides details on Qurbani 2018, meat distribution among 579 households and 3036
beneficiaries in 05 villages of Taluka Dahli District Tharparkar. Innocent Orphan provided funds
and jointly implemented by Karwan Development Foundation (KDF) Islamabad and Rural
Development Association -RDA procured and distributed the Qurbani 2018, meat among
identified beneficiaries who belonged to vulnerable households in Tharparkar, Sindh Pakistan.
The Needs Assessment:
In the month of June, 2018 while implementing a WASH project in different Villages supported
by KARWAN Development Foundation implemented by Rural Development Association -RDA
team. While conducting the baseline, the field teams identified that majority of household didn’t
have meat on monthly basis. The household who do not have livelihoods resources other than
rain fed agriculture and livestock, which has suffered drastically due to consecutive dry years.
The people are hardly meeting their low quality kitchen needs and they do not have money to
spend on quality food.
The situation was communicated with Karwan development Foundation -KDF team. RDA and KDF
consider Qurbani 2018 with the generous support from Innocent Orphan Denmark.

Distribution of meat Qurbani 2018:
Rural Development Association -RDA with the technical support from Karwan development
Foundation -KDF team distributed meat among 579 household and 3036 beneficiaries in 05
villages of Taluka Dahli District Tharparkar. Rural Development Association volunteers’ team on
the first day of Eid-ul-Udha distributed meat in 03 villages and on second day of Eid-ul-Udha
distributed in 02 remaining villages of Tharparkar.

Qurbani 2018, meat distribution details:

Qurbani 2018 in Tharparkar Funded by: Innocent Orphan
Type of Union Total # of HH # of
S # Qurbani Location Council Tehsil District Packet Beneficiaries Beneficiaries
1 Cow Village Salhani Kalario Dahli Tharparkar 125 125 638
2 Cow Village Dhori Kalario Dahli Tharparkar 138 138 704
3 Cow Village Sahilo Rajar Dahli Dahli Tharparkar 156 156 795
4 Cow Village Jete-jo-tar Dahli Dahli Tharparkar 98 98 538
5 Goat Village Merrasuri Dahli Dahli Tharparkar 30 30 178
6 Goat Village Merrasuri Dahli Dahli Tharparkar 32 32 183
Total 579 579 3036

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Qurbani 2018, meat distribution at Tharparkar,

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Pictorial gallery “Qurbani 2018” at Tharparkar.

A view of meat DISTRIBUTION “Qurbani 2018” at village Sahilo Rajar & Jete-jo-Tar Tharparkar

Meat is ready for distribution at village Salhani & Jete-jo-Tar Dahli Tharparkar

Meat packet preparation during “Qurbani 2018” in village Merrasuri & Salhani Dahli Tharparkar

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