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C1 - SUMMER 2015

Sometimes you go blank.
Sit at a table.
Usually --> Present.
I called to an enterprise.
It didn’t sound well good. (good with nouns and well with verbs)
Ask money from people.
It was a casual meeting --> We were expected to wear casual clothes.
I’m constipated, meaning I need a laxative --> I don’t have a cold...
I check the news to be informed about actual affairs current affairs.
Deduce vs. deduct: -She deduced he was the murderer.

 Deduct: subtract, take away.

Desert vs. dessert: -Desert = desierto

 Dessert = postre

I am enjoying enjoy the cinema.

I looked for the keys every place everywhere.

Please explain me your theory to me. (the same with explain, recommend...)

Familiar meaning something you already know, not a relative!

Attempt vs. intend: -Attempt: try

 Intend: plan, have an intention

The company pays its employees.

That product is very much as like the one we developed.

You do make mistakes.

People, media, police are and family is.

Recipe vs. prescription: - Recipe: cooking.

 Prescription: doctor.

Safe vs. secure: - Safe: free of danger.
 Secure: that has security.

Salary vs. wage: -Salary: fixed amount, monthly.
 Wage: changing amount.

Sensible vs. sensitive: - Sensible: reasonable, good head...

 Sensitive: emotions.

People vs. persons: - People: large group, more than one person. --> Many people think...

 Persons: individuals. --> A flat for 4 persons.

When you are in the street or in a bar.

On the train, in the bus.

They don’t work in a good way properly.

I followed your advices advice.

It cost took me a lot of time.

The same thing happened to me.

My main news are is...

Focus on...

I went out left the class.

Students from another other countries.

Everybody knowS.

She started to ask asking her mother questions.

They have many a lot of information on the internet.

Say tell the truth.

Male/female friends, if it's not a romance.

She's waving at everybody.

Same as, similar to.

It has makes sense.

You don't care about nothing anything.

They have a tie Empatar
We are tied
To go off on a tangent Getting off point, getting off track
Pay in installments Pagar a plazos
My mind is wound up Really energetic, won't calm down
Rocking my brain Darle vueltas a algo
Absent minded
Fell from grace Your life is a disaster because of some bad
things you did
Get on well with (somebody) Llevarse bien
Agree up to a certain point
To through parties Dar fiestas
A piece of cake Very easy
Lend a hand Help
Bite off more than you can chew
Cost an arm and a leg Cost a lot
Over the moon Very happy
Hit the nail on the head Dar en el clavo
Tie the knot Get married
Over the hill Too old
A hot potato A complex topic that divide opinion
Paint the town red Go out and party
Pull someone's leg Bromear
Below the belt Unkind of cruel
Go Dutch Split a restaurant bill
The last straw The final, unacceptable problem or mistake
Against the grain Different to what is normal or natural
Kick the bucket Die
A chip on someone's shoulder An ability to take offence easily
Go cold turkey Rehab from drugs or alcohol
Out of sight, out of mind If I'm not here, he's going to forget about me
The proof is in the pudding You have to prove it before you judge it
To beat around the bush Irse por las ramas

Civil service exam Oposiciones
Fur Pelo/piel de animal
Puddle Charco
Bare (landscape) Naked, uncovered, empty, desolate...
Grazed Eaten (grass)
Beaver Castor
Gorge Canyon, desfiladero
Otter Nutria
Draft Corriente (de aire)
Disaffected Rebellious, against government

1. Introduction: Hello, my name is Iratxe and the topic I’ve been given is...
2. Starting with the first paragraph...
3. Moving ON to the second paragraph...
4. That’s all I’ve got to say about...
 Focus on the topic.
 Talk about yourself.
 Don’t do it abstract, imagine you’re talking to a friend.
 Clear beginning and ending.