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Informal letter

Beginning the letter Advising
Great/Lovely to hear from you (after Whatever you do, make sure you ...
so long). It's (not) worth/There's no/little point
Thanks (a lot) for the letter. +gerund
Sorry to hear about your .. . I'd/I wouldn't .. . if I were you.
Sorry I haven't written/been in touch You'd be much better off+ gerund
for so long.
Ending the letter
Write back soon and let me know how
You'd get so much out of it. it goes.
It'd be a wonderful/marvellous Looking forward to hearing from you.
opportunity for you to ... Can't wait to see you again.
Just think of (all the people you'd (Give my) love/regards to .. .
Just imagine how it would (improve Signing off
your CV), not to mention (the money Friends: All the best/Best wishes/Bye
you could earn). for now
Close friends or relatives:
Lots of love/All my love/Love
Formal letter
Reason for writing
I am writing with regard/reference to ...
I am writing to express (my concern about/
disappointment with/disapproval
of/apologies for) .. .
I would like to draw your attention to/point
out .. .

Introducing points
(I feel) I must also (dis)agree with .. .
I should also like to point out that .. .
Your (article) states that ... However, .. .

Request for action
I would appreciate it/be grateful if you
would .. .
I look forward to receiving/seeing ...
I trust/very much hope you will ...
Expressing an opinion Saying what other people think
It is probably true to say that ... There are those who argue that ...
There can be no doubt that .. . It has been suggested that ...
It is simply not the case that .. . It is often claimed that ...
Opponents/Supporters/ of (hunting) argue
that .. .
Commonly held views
It is widely believed that ...
No one would dispute the fact that ... Referring to sources
Few people would contest/dispute (the All the evidence suggests that ...
fact) that ... A recent survey proved that ...
It is generally agreed that ... Judging by the comments made by ...
Interviews with (students) have revealed that
Suitability Stating the purpose of the proposal
The (town/centre/stadium) is well
equipped to deal with/perfectly suited  The principal aims/objectives of this
for (such events). proposal are to...
It is conveniently located/ideally  This proposal is intended to...
situated/well connected to (the  In this proposal I
capital) . describe/evaluate/present/assess...
There is little doubt that it would be a
resounding success/of great benefit to Background information
the (town/company).
 Comments made at the end of the
Amenities questionnaires suggest...
There is no shortage/a wide selection
 Following a survey among families of young
of (hotels/cinemas) to choose from.
The (town/conference centre/school)
 Concerned members of the local community
boasts an impressive range of
were invited to attend...
 A number of concerns with regard to the
Few (cities/schools) can offer such a
large choice of ... most recent street party were expressed
by locals...
Travel and transport
Making recommendations and suggestions
It is within easy reach/walking
distance/driving distance of the
(centre/hotel).  A working group should be set up by...
It is just a short walk/drive/bus ride/  There should be an enquiry into...
train ride from the (coast/station).  I recommend that a larger survey should be
The (town) has easy access to (the conducted before a final decision is reached...
motorway network).
Final recommendations

 The results of the survey/questionnaire
suggest that the introduction of heavier
fines would seem to be the best
 If these recommendations are implemented,
the situation is bound to improve.
 Unless these suggestions are
implemented, it is unlikely that there will be
any improvement in the short term.
 Should these recommendations be
carried out, the event is bound to be a
resounding success.

Report Describing how you got the information

Introducing the report  I conducted a survey of / I conducted
The aim/purpose of this report is to interviews with local council officers ...
examine/evaluate/describe/outline ...  ... responded to an online questionnaire.
It will also include/consider/suggest/  I visited three of the most popular ...
recommend ...  ... were invited to attend a focus group...
The report is based on a survey
conducted among (college students). Reporting your results

Predicting the future  Most of those responding to the survey stated
The outlook for young people/jobs/ that/expressed the opinion that ...
the country is (far from) bright/  According to ...
optimistic/depressing.  A large/considerable/significant/ proportion of
The future looks bleak/remains respondents/informants/those surveyed
uncertain/is promising. said that ...
This seems unlikely in the near/  Nearly three quarters of the ...
foreseeable future.
Presenting a list

Making recommendations
 The arguments against ... are the following:
I would (strongly) recommend that
 The following were the main reasons given for
(the school/company) should .. .
supporting ...: firstly, ..., secondly, ...
In the light of the results of the
survey, I would (strongly) advise  Points our informants mentioned in favour

against ... of/against ... were:
I feel it would be to our advantage if .. .  There are several ways in which ... might be
... :

The aim of this report is to present the Making recommendations
findings of a survey into local shopping
habits and to make recommendations for  Taking all the factors mentioned into
improvements in facilities and account/In the light of the results of the
services. survey/questionnaire, ... would appear to be
the most viable solution/option/approach.
Stating the purpose of the report  I would therefore recommend ....
 Clearly, more could be done to .... I would
 The principal aim/objective/purpose of this make the following recommendations:
report is to provide a description of... / to
provide/to present results of /to assess the
importance of ...
 In this report I will provide a description of ... /
I will provide/present results of .../ I will assess
the importance of...
 This report describes/provides an assessment
of... / describes/provides/presents results of...