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Shalom Crest Wizard Academy

Salvani Street, City Heights, General Santos City
SY 2017 – 2018

Rubric for Performing Food Preparation

Name: Date:
Grade and Section: Teacher: Ms Faith Sharreah Sereno__

Highly Skilled Skilled Moderately Skilled Unskilled No Attempt
Dimension Score
5 4 3 2 1
Use of tools, Appropriate selection, Appropriate selection, Appropriate selection, Never selects, prepares No attempt to use tool/s
equipment and preparation and use of preparation and use of preparation and use of and use appropriate and equipment
materials materials, tool/s and materials, tool/s and materials, tools and materials, tool/s and
equipment all the time equipment most of the equipment some of the equipment
time time
Application of Systematic application of Systematic application of Systematic application of Never follows No attempt to apply
Procedure procedures all the time procedures most of the procedures most of the systematic application procedures to
without supervision time with minimum time with constant of procedures and project/activity
supervision supervision highly development on
Safety/Work Habits Highly self-motivated Self-motivated and Self- motivated and Needs to be motivated No motivation and
and observes all safety observes most safety observes sometimes and does not observe totally disregards
precautions at all times precautions all the time some safety precaution safety precautions precaution

Team Work Members in the team Group members were Not all members working or Members did not No team work
worked cooperatively working well together being quiet in the work cooperate with each
area. other.
Palatability/ Taste The dish was excellent. Good – well cooked. The Fair- it was ok but could Poor – Plain, didn't try No attempt to make the
The dish was full of dish was almost close to have been better. The dish to explore their food tasty
flavor. The ingredients a restaurant quality. tasted good but nothing possibilities.
were well balanced and special.
exhibit good texture.