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This paper focuses on the effectiveness of tourism practicum program

of the University of La Salette in the guise of a descriptive research founded on

a theory that training program is one of the most effective way of learning in a

service-oriented field of specialization through hands-on learning making the

teaching and learning process more effective.This study is a significant

endeavor in the College of Business Administration Department for will give

additional and relevant information on how to continuously improve the

practicum program of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. The

results of the study would also be of aide to the Tourism Management

Coordinator since it will give additional information about the roles of a Tourism

Management coordinator and how to handle the tourism management

students during their practicum program. The students and the future

researchers would gain insights as to how to improve the tourism practicums in

the University. The researchers chose experiential theory or theory of

experience as their theoretical framework since the paper delved on the

learning of the practicumers as part of their experience. The questionnaire and

interviews conducted during the pilot testing of the study yielded that the

practicum program of the University is very effective in the progress and

development of the 4th year tourism students.