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Name : JAY-AR S.

Date : SEPTEMBER 8, 2018

CLASS ACTIVITY Select three photos (some are in group) and write
reflection essays on each of the photos. The three photos
you selected can be connected and so do your thoughts.
Many agricultural practices found to be beneficial to the farmers, unknowingly,
its impended effect remains unnoticeable until our world atmospheres’ adverse effect
slowly devastates humanity.
The adamant Kaingin, as shown in the picture, is one of the biggest problems in
line with sustainable forest management program. This impedes the government and
concerned national agencies particularly the Department of Environment and Natural
Resources (DENR) goals in sustaining and rehabilitating natural forest. Furthermore,
perpetrator’s reasons behind this illegal forest activity (kaingin) is the unstable source
of income. In some other views, in despite of the provision of livelihood activity
through National Greening program, kaingin is still uncontrollable for other farmers
were already accustomed and the local administration “kumpadre system” continuously
trapping to indemnify perpetrators. Thus, it tolerates community to go over
transgression to invest vote from them.
To combat kaingin is to have a clearer insight on forest-land use significance
through reiteration of Community-Based Management Program (CBFMP) and
character reformation of the implementers to strictly abide with the law, specifically,
the Municipal Local Government as the Chief on peace and order, down to BLGU
along with the assigned Bantay Gubat of PLGU and National agency. The Philippine
administration must also consider the effective rural development plan as Korea Saemul
Undong successful transformation remain a good inspiration and motivation all over the
world. It will give priority program on community to address financial incapacitation
and promote right education, hence, foreseeing the many-more comprehension of the
government laws implication on forest-land resources.
There must be a strong imposition of monitoring as part of the forest protection
activity on certain protected area as well as undeveloped and redeveloped forest site. In
order to safeguard the DENR aims in Forest Management towards excellent
implementation of its mission, vision and mandate, the RA No. 6239 otherwise known
as “Forestry Professional Law” and RA 10690 must be practiced. The legislature also
has to provide distinct law towards ancestral domain to impose moderate forest
management in spite of the morality, culture and belief that bound them to continue
such illegal forest activity. We shall observe and conclude that the indicator of
continuous kaingin is at the ineffective management of Barangay unit, wherein, basic
but fundamental operation spearheads by them.
However, we might have all programs, project, activity and law to combat
kaingin, but if we, ourselves individual interest against arbitrary defies the so called
“survival living”, I think, there will be no other way but to start discipline within
The inclusion of building roads as part of the forest rehabilitation projects is
quite necessary in order to mobilize and fast-track services needed. At the same time, it
accelerates the implementation of government program since it is much easier to locate
and deliver goods and services towards communities. In any aspects, building roads as
part of industrialization particularly bridging farm-to-market road is really an essential
build-build-build program of our present administration.
Now, should government allow more roads to be built in forestland? I think it is
insignificant. Theoretically, the more that we build roads in forestland, the more trees
needed to be sacrificed. Perhaps, it somehow gives an access towards modernization
and urbanization but once a certain forest been publicized, it opens a vast utilization of
natural resources especially residual forest. The aims to strengthen reforestation as part
of the rehabilitation might turned into unjustifiable concept of “what thrive more? – a
man who needs nature, or a nature who naturally existed?”.
Road construction may influence more private sector to intercede with their own
discernment on potential forestland profits. Yet, there’s no need to expedite such
development because it requires an intensive plan and intact community involvement to
push through forest rehabilitation program.
The Expanded National Greening Program (ENGP) is consistent with the
updated Philippine Forestry Master Plan (2016-2028) which goal is to enable and rehab
unproductive forest to fill environmental issues, maximize responsible human
consumption, and sustain a much man-nature harmony. In view with the present status
of the greening program (EO No. 193), and as I still encountering shortfall and progress
vis-à-vis during my work at the DENR, I presumed a much greener Philippines if upon
completion of the program, a thorough assessment proportion with the action scheme
will take place.
Many NGP CY 2011-2013 beneficiaries misinterpreted the objective of the
program, hence, they choses to cut trees which they have planted during the 1 st – last
maintenance in order to plant another trees that, for them, are more beneficial since
they have no other payments to receive from the government. Some beneficiaries with
sporadic areas didn’t want to continuously engage with the same project due to delayed
processing of payments hereto. While the other after signing the MOA and LOA had
their hardest time complying for there are more opportunity (in terms of financial)
given by the PLGU and MLGU downtown. On the other hand, many foresters and
implementers do not devote themselves on performing their work because of individual
purposes. Those are some sort of constraints observed during my work at the CENRO
Saying a candid opinion about current situation of the ENGP implementation,
many aspects found to be failing due to several misleading between People’s
Organization and NGP instrument, subjective vision of some implementers and
irrational thoughts of beneficiaries about government projects and program.
Nevertheless, the sudden changes of climate (erratic weather) is exceptional since the
expansion of the project includes the objective to mitigate the occurrence of climate
change. Thus, the main factor resulting to the impediment of ENGP targets is at the
management and community itself.
Anent all enumerated observation, our government must allocate a more
effective and efficient solution, taking consideration of all issues concerning disclosed
factors affecting implementation of the ENGP. Wherefore, a much greener Country is
possible for as long as an honest and dedicative service between community and
implementers, whilst changes on political concept congruent to the objective of the
ENGP, will be executed.

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