This book is written by Robin Sharma, the author of the international bestseller “The Monk Who Sold His

Ferrari”. The book has 101 short chapters, each of them dealing with a particular topic, which can help one to meet his/her highest potential and live an extraordinary life. Each and every chapter is an inspirational guide to a better living and better thinking. Robin Sharma has tried to address all aspects of human life, and what one needs to do elevate oneself towards the higher platform. The author’s principles have been portrayed in a very simplistic manner, but it is good enough to dig deep into your conscience and raise the spirit to a new high. I used to read this book every morning, and believe me I had a refreshing feeling through out the day – such is the impact of Robin Sharma’s writing. Everybody knows about his writing prowess after the immense success of his earlier book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. With this book he has proved himself right again that he is one the best success coaches in the world. Hats off to Robin Sharma in writing this beautiful book, and presenting it in a manner that every common man relate it to their daily life. The book has 101 chapters – I’m No Guru, Harvey Keitel and Windows of Opportunity, Nothing Fails Like Success, Be a Rock Star at Work, Your Days Define Your Life, Drink Coffee with Gandhi, Get Some Skin in the Game, Be into Breezes, Make Time to Think, Leadership Begins on the Extra Mile, Mick Jagger and Reference Points, Business Is Relationships, Life Lessons from SongeBob SquarePants, How to Be a Happier Human, Work Hard Get Lucky, Know Your Genius, Listen Twice as Much as You Speak, Your Customers Buy with Their Hearts, Learn to Say No, Burn Your Boats, Grow Leaders Fast, Your Four-Minute Mile, Push the Envelope, On Obituaries and the Meaning of Life, Leadership Isn’t a Popularity Contest, What Do You Evangelize, Under the Kimono: My Best Practices, Culture Is King, Your Schedule Doesn’t Lie, Shine as a Parent, Be a Merchant of Wow, getting What You Want while Loving What You Have, Think like a CEO, Act like and Athlete, Be Wildly Enthusiastic, Success Isn’t Sexy, On Cuddle Parties and the Sad State of the World, The Value of Good, Grace under Pressure, To Be More Productive Relax and Have More Fun, The Two Magic Words, The Value of Dying Daily, Client-Focused vs. Out to Lunch, Lead Without Title, Do Your Part, Do You Play, Avoid the “Four F’s Syndrome, Problems Reveal Genius, Love Your Irritations, Speak like a Superstar, Learning or Decaying, Simple Tactics for Superb Relationships, Rock Stars as Poets, The Innovator’s Mantra, Pleasure vs. Happiness, The $600 Sandwich, Good Business is Good for Business, Build Success Structures, The Person Who Experiences Most Wins, Band Like Diddy, Get Big into Blessings, Be Wise Early Rise, Who Made Success a Dirty

Spend Time with Your Kids. Get Fit to Lead. and doing things which others don’t do. Learn More to Earn More. Robin Sharma emphasizes the importance of reading books. The Earth Is Small. This thought instilled the thoughts of victory as the only option in the minds of all the soldiers. The Beauty of Time. Here Robin Sharma tells us that we all should push ourselves to the extreme. Some of the highlights of the book: • In the chapter “Burn Your Boat”. He tells us a story about a king who went to conquer another country after crossing the sea. • In the chapter “Drink Coffee With Gandhi”. Six Reasons to Set Goals. Be Like Garth. Don’t Give Up. How to Live Forever. and do it with complete responsibility. What’s Missing from Your Coolness. On Evian Water and You as a Big-Time Dreamer. • Robin Sharma has written an awesome chapter in the form of “Think Like a CEO”. The chapter asks people to operate like a CEO – to own whatever they do. the author talks about how ordinary people can become extraordinary leaders by taking an extra mile. Commit to First Class. Lay Claim to Greatness. Remember the Boomerang Effect. Do a “101 Things to Do Before I Die” List. Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi can make a big difference to our life. Bon Jovi and the Power of Focus. What Happened to “Please”. Become and Inspirational Human Being. No Ask No Get. Guess Who Inspires Me. get Great at Life. The Heart of Your House. Get Big on Self-Care. Get Goofy at Work. He asked his soldiers to burn all their boats. He tells in the book that reading books of great leaders like Jack Welch. • In the chapter “Leadership Begins with an Extra Mile”. Revere Great Design. Apply the U2 Standard. He also tells that all great leaders were initially laughed at. See Through the Eyes of Understanding. The Seven Forms of Wealth. Sell Your Desk. . Follow the Million Dollar Baby Rule. then only we can utilize our potential to the fullest. Guests Are Good. but now they are revered.Word. • My favorite chapter is “Push The Envelope”. so that they cannot think about going back. Bill Gates. Make a Dent in the Universe. He tells us that reading books of great people allows some of their brilliance to rub off on us. The author asks everybody to show up like an Entrepreneur. Extreme Leadership and Kid’s Clothing. Not All Leaders Are the Same. Do a Clean Sweep. The Steve Jobs Question. Robin Sharma talks about putting oneself in a situation where failure is not an option. Make People Feel Good. On Mountains and Mastering Change.

or. The book demonstrates real life examples that we can all identify with at one time or another. in another book that will appeal to his legion of fans. as well as introduce him to a whole new audience. it’s about doing what’s right. • The real risk lies in riskless living. you can read the chapter that interests you the most when you want. Be outrageously energetic and madly alive. every great leader was initially laughed at. • • • • • • As you live your days. Focus plus daily improvement plus time equals genius. being." This is one of those rare books that instills the belief that achieving greatness is well within anyone's power.Here are some of the quotes from his book: • You don’t need to have the biggest title to do the best job. He tells of greatness that can only be affected by hard work carried out over a period of time with changes in both practice and attitude. Now they are Being a leader is not about being liked. • The only with no problems are dead. The Greatness Guide is also easy to read. Like his other books. all one has to do is make the choice. Sharma has written a deeply personal guide that shares his own life journey. Over a million copies of Sharma's books have been sold. He shares his belief that the only person that one can truly change is oneself. is known the world over as the man behind the monk phenomenon. inspirational and full of ideas on how everyone can become a great leader – in business and in life. with the effect rippling outward to others. To quote from the book. Remember. revered. • It’s never too late to become the person you have always dreamed of 2 one The Greatness Guide Robin Sharma The author. • • • Think Like a CEO. Human beings move when their emotions are moved. Sharma does not offer a sense of false hope or any magical quick fix formulas. inspiring people from all walks of life to reach for – and realise – their highest potential. Now. "one idea discovered in one book can change the way you see the world. so you craft your life. so most of us don’t even try. Robin Sharma. No one wants to fail. It’s all your choice. . This very day can be the first day of your new life. The book is written in such a manner that you can read a chapter at a time. combined with ten high-impact lessons for success. the No 1 bestselling series of inspirational books spun around the engaging fable of a jet-setting lawyer who gives it all up to search for his best life.

But enjoy the climb as well." Robin Sharma "As you live your hours. yet it is good to have memory refreshed by reading them again from someone else's perspective." Robin Sharma "Aging only happens to people who lose their lust for getting better and disconnect from their natural base of curiosity. As you live your days. despite the hard work and level of commitment required." Robin Sharma . All in all.The true inspiration lies not only in his techniques and philosophies." Robin Sharma "The wisest among us ." Robin Sharma "Do a little each day to get you to your goals and over time you'll get there. The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma: "Being great at what you do isn't just something you do for the organization you work for-it's a gift you give yourself. engrossing book that would help anyone seeking a move towards more career success. I encourage you to look for what's best within them." Robin Sharma "Keep challenging yourself to think better." Robin Sharma "Yes." Robin Sharma "Every challenge is nothing more than a chance to make things better.the genuine leaders . honest view of oneself and one's situation. Motivation Motivational quotes from the book. Many of the principles are familiar. yet it is a total departure. This allows the reader to tailor their own personal plan using what works for them. investing both the time and energy. do better. this is a useful. starting over with a new chapter in life. What you concentrate on is what you see more of in your life. The book is oddly reminiscent of other self-help books one has already in the face of adversity. The first few chapters stresses the importance of a positive outlook balanced by a realistic. or wanting to get more out of life." Robin Sharma "What you focus on grows. but also in the fact that he actually makes you want to implement all of them." Robin Sharma "Today. self-contained stand-alone lessons in their own right. so you create your years." Robin Sharma "Great achievement often happens when our backs are up against the wall." Robin Sharma "Blaming others is excusing yourself. The chapters are brief. reach for the mountaintop. and be better." Robin Sharma "The best organizations I've worked with sweat the small stuff. so you craft your life." Robin Sharma "The most successful people on the planet have failed more than ordinary ones. rather than looking for the worst in people.

About the author . “Speak Like a Superstar”. motivational book written by Robin sharma. About the Book The Greatness Guide is a self help. You can read the book from any page because each chapter or page is itself a piece of motivation. rock stars and royalty as well as by many FORTUNE 500 companies. inspiring. It is a motivational." Robin Sharma about the book The Greatness Guide is a strikingly powerful and enormously practical handbook that will inspire you to get to world-class in both your personal and professional life. you will receive uncommon advice that will uplift. leading entrepreneurs. Discover: The personal practices of spectacularly successful people Potent ideas to get your organization to greatness Specific strategies to turn setbacks into opportunities Revolutionary tactics for peak performance How to attract true wealth along with real happiness Breakthrough ideas to generate excellent health and an “energy explosion” Tools for work-life balance and ways to experience a lot more fun Within the pages of The Greatness Guide. The Greatness Guide contains a proven formula that will help you meet your highest potential and live an extraordinary life. The beauty of this book is that it is written in a simple and plain english with practical and motivational ideas from daily life. thought provking book which deals with the practical life situation and solutions. “Lead Without Title” and “The Person Who Experiences Most Wins. Written by Robin Sharma.” This is a book that will breathe new life into your days and help you play your best game as a human being. one of the planet's top success coaches and a man whose ideas have been embraced by celebrity CEOs. “Problems Reveal Genius”."Greatness comes by beginning something that doesn't end with you. “Commit to First-Class”. energize and move you to action including “Drink Coffee with Gandhi”.

it will eventually get boring and repetitive. Who Will cry when you die 4. Robin Sharma frames his wisdom in a friendly. Telling yourself that you – as an army of one – cannot have an impact is giving away your power. It’s never too late to become the person you have always dreamed of being. A chapter or two at a time for the first sitting is best." The only people with no problems are dead. At the end the billionaire gets buried next to the street sweeper. thoughtful and inspirational at the same time. This is an awesome book for those who are interested in increasing their human potential. As you live your hours. As you live your days. The person who tries to do everything accomplishes nothing. The Greatness Guide" is playful. ( One can think of framing them on the bedroom walls. Family Wisdom form the Monk who sold his Ferrari Although i have not read the book(The Monk who sold his Ferrari) but feel like reading it when i get some time. There are a few pages about each topic. accessible way that will appeal to readers at every level of . The book tries to cover all areas of life. ) Good health is a crown on the head of a well person that only a sick person can see. This book contains not just one idea but hundreds of ideas that can change the way you see your world! Within the pages of The Greatness Guide. This book provides a snapshot into various "situations of Greatness". So most of us don’t even try. energize and move you to action. so you craft your life. It is the type of book that you will want to read from cover to cover.Robin Sharma is the CEO of Sharma Leadership International. the ideas are very simple and sophisticated. He is also the author of one of the best sellers. The writing is clear. I personally thoroughly enjoyed Robin Sharma’s easing conversational writing style and humble approach to these sometimes touchy topics.So let’s have some fun. To live on in the minds & hearts of the generations who will follow you is to cheat death. An easy read and easy to put down because of the natural breaks from chapter to chapter. Leadership Wisdom from the monk who sold his Ferrari 3. yet powerful. The Monk who sold his Ferrari. By weaving powerful real life storytelling and numerous timely great quotes to convey wisdom of the ages. We all end up as dust ." No one wants to fail. A keen observer of life and business. The most successful people on the planet have failed more than ordinary ones. The suggestions are practical and bound to improve ones efficiency and work habits Robin Sharma does a fantastic job of communicating 101 bold yet simple truths that can explode your happiness and success in life as well as in business world. I highly recommend that you don’t let the power of each of the 101 gems-of-advice slip past you. a training and coaching sevices firm that helps organizations develop employees who can be asset to the organisation. I think that it’s best not to read it all in one sitting. The Greatness Guide is sprinkled with nuggets of wisdom. It is one of those books that you can keep going back to and find that something new and wonderful springs out at you every time you read it. with tips that make a difference. I would like to share few motivational quotes from the book. so you create your years. Blaming others is excusing yourself. you will receive uncommon advice that will uplift. The book flows smoothly and the common sense messages are simple. The author through his own experiences and his spiritual knowledge wishes to guide the readers on the journey of life. "The Greatness Guide" is playful. MegaLiving 2. Some of other titles by him are: 1. Though this book is a quick and easy read. It is the type of book that you will want to read from cover to cover. A practical book. thoughtful and inspirational at the same time.

A practical book. The book demonstrates real life examples that we can all identify with at one time or another I have owned a number of copies of this wonderful book only to have different individuals borrow them and never return them. The writing is clear... Robin Sharma shares stories that make his points easy to understand. the ideas both simple and sophisticated.their careers. The Greatness Guide is a strikingly powerful and enormously practical handbook that will inspire you to get to world-class in both your personal and professional life. . with tips that make a difference.

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