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Sub strand: HISTORY Y5/6; CIVICS Y7 Length: 4 weeks

Year level: 5/6; 7 Concept focus
Year level theme – Federation in Australia
 Should ATSI Peoples be afforded greater recognition  Rules in our lives
in the Australian Constitution?  Life around the time of federation
 The nuts and bolts of constitutional change
 Let’s talk change – a parliamentary style debate

Knowledge and Understanding Content Inquiry and Skills Content Descriptions

Descriptions covered (at least one) covered (at least two)
 Impact of a significant event on an Australian colony  Questioning skills
ACHASSK108  Sequencing information
 Key events that led to Australia’s federation and  Analysing sources
constitution ACHASSK134  Communicating ideas and debating
 How Australia’s democratic government is shaped by
the Australian constitution ACHCK048

Knowledge and Understanding Achievement Inquiry and Skills Achievement Standards

Standards aspects assessed aspects assessed
 Explain the significance of an event  Develop appropriate questions to frame an
 Describe continuity and change for ATSI Peoples past investigation
and present  Examine sources to identify different perspectives
 Describe cause and effect on society  Reflect on learning to propose action

Brief description of the units purpose Key Inquiry questions to guide unit thinking
 To increase student knowledge and understanding  What is a constitution?
about key issues related to federation and  What are some of its key features?
contextualise them in relation to issues confronted by  What was life like at the time?
ATSI Peoples today  How do you change the constitution?

Opportunities to incorporate Cross Curriculum Opportunities to incorporate General

priorities Capabilities
 Ethical understanding – questioning the ethics of
 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and behaviour of early white settlers and present day
cultures - life at the time of federation and rights and society in relation to ATSI Peoples
recognition today  Personal/social capabilities – appreciation of
 Sustainability of our system of government as a social insights and perspectives of others
system – should the Australian Constitution be  Literacy - students using persuasive argument in
updated to reflect ‘modern Australia’? role play debate and group work
 Numeracy – apply numeracy skills in relation to
spatial representation in ‘Lolly game’ and
referendum count

Learning activities/experiences Assessment tasks

 Lolly game Formative
 Mock referendum  Group-work - questions in relation to selected
 Mock 2nd reading debate images
 Interpretation of images  Group-work (or individual) - generating persuasive
 Visit to Parliament argument for the debate

 The debate role-play – peer or teacher
ICT resources available Learning resources available
 Australian constitution on-line  AGSA Painting images
 Referendum leaflet  Pat Stretton article
 PEO website  Australian curriculum v8.3
 Recognise website

Lesson outline for the 4 week unit Based on 3 lessons of 50 minute duration per
Week 1 Week 2

Lesson 1 - Rules in our lives, rule-books and the constitution Lesson 1 - When did federation occur? What was life
as a rule-book (Hwk: Investigate with parents or older carers like for ATSI Peoples around the time of federation?
rules in their lives)
Lesson 2 - Explore AGSA images and then
Lesson 2 - The what and why of the Australian constitution collaboratively attempt questions.
unpacked including its main features explained
Lesson 3 – How is life different now? Should the
Lesson 3 - Making sense of the ‘Division of powers’ via the constitution be changed? How might it change to better
‘Lolly game’ (Hwk: Brainstorm a list of what you think life might reflect and recognise ATSI Peoples? (Hwk: read pat
have been like for ATSI Peoples at the time of federation) Stretton article from Federation and the constitution

Week 3 Week 4

Lesson 1 - Changing the Australian Constitution; how and Lesson 1/2 - Change for ATSI Peoples and what it
why? might look like in the context of a changed constitution

Lesson 2 - Processes involved Lesson 3 - Parliamentary-style debate

Lesson 3 - Role-play referendum

Potential HASS sub strand connections Potential other learning area connections
 Civics and citizenship  English
 Geography – place and space

Topic background resources (for teacher use Pedagogical resources to support the
only) to support teaching + learning for the unit teaching of the unit
 Federation and the constitution resource –  How to book a visit to parliament
teacher guide  How to conduct a parliamentary-style debate
 The Australian Constitution – pocket book  How to conduct a mock referendum
 Topic materials in relation to proposed  Persuasive argument (DECD Numeracy/Literacy