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Memory foam mattre

Most of the memory foam
We simulated the equivalent
Memory foam mattresses mattresses we tested are well of a 20-stone person rolling
are increasingly popular built and offer good body for around ten years to test
because they are good at support. But our Best Buys durability. Most coped well
relieving pressure on stand out because they have with this standard test. For
painful joints. But they’re the best overall combination instance, the height and
more expensive than of body and lumbar support, firmness of both Healthbeds
ordinary mattresses, with and didn’t sag or lose much barely altered. But the Sealy
prices from £240 to more firmness in our harsh test for (17) sagged and developed
than £800 for a single. durability, which involved two deep cuts where the end
They’re made with layers passing a roller over each one of the roller passed. The
of high-tech material, 60,000 times to simulate memory foam layers on the
called visco-elastic, around ten years of use. Tempur (12) were torn open
originally developed for on both samples we tested.
NASA. This temperature- FOAM ONLY We told Tempur our
sensitive foam is attached The Healthbeds (1) is the findings and it expressed its
on top of springs or thick best choice if you don’t like the confidence in its mattresses:
polyurethane foam. As it’s idea of being swallowed by the ‘We have sold many
put on only one side of the surface of your mattress. It’s hundreds of thousands and
mattress, most mattresses the softest of the foam-only have received no complaints
can’t be turned over. Best Buys. You’ll sink into it against tearing of our
Instead you rotate them to less than the others, without material’.
ensure they wear evenly. losing the pressure-relieving
The sprung type tends benefits of the foam. The cover
to be thicker and heavier is removable so it can be 20cm version. It costs from
than the foam type, so is cleaned, but there are no £520 for a single. Ring
harder to turn. It also has washing instructions on it. 01235 811866 for where
fixed covers, which cannot Healthbeds tells us that it is to buy in your area.
be washed. But both types dry clean only. Prices start The Kaymed (4) is also a
offer similar support and from £499 for a single. Call medium-firm mattress and is
pressure relief. 01709 559977 for stockists. the heaviest of the foam-only
The Body Impressions (2) Best Buys, which makes it
SINKING IN offers the best body and harder to rotate. There are no
It takes time to get used lumbar support and is the best washing instructions for the
to a memory foam choice if you want a medium- cover but Kaymed says you
mattress because the foam firm mattress that will stay should wash it at 40°C or
softens in response to that way. But you’ll sink into it lower, with a short spin. Prices
body heat, moulding to more than the Healthbeds. begin at £529 for a single. Call
your shape as you sink The cover is removable and 01706 875 075 for stockists.
into it. It means more of can be washed at 40°C and
your body is in contact drip-dried. It costs from £499 SPRING AND FOAM
with the mattress. for a single. Call 0870 The Healthbeds (13) is a
People who find it 4019808 for stockists. pocket-sprung memory foam
painful to lie down in bed The Sleepshaper (3) is mattress that is the thickest
should find memory foam another good mattress and the and heaviest of the Best Buys –
comfortable because the only Best Buy with washing making it harder to turn,
body’s weight is spread instructions on its cover. The despite the four handles.

more evenly on the cover is machine washable, It feels soft and provides
mattress. But the high which makes it particularly the best body and lumbar

surface contact can leave suitable for people who have support of the
you feeling engulfed by dust-mite allergies and want sprung mattresses.
the mattress; you may also to clean the cover regularly. Prices start from
find it harder to turn The mattress is medium firm £449 for a single.
during the night. and is available in a variety of Call 01709 559977
thicknesses; we tested the for local stockists.

62 J A N U A RY 2 0 0 6 W H I C H ?
Memory foam softens in
response to body heat, so your
warmer. Many people find
this helpful in winter,
body gradually sinks into it. especially because you can’t
Even this Healthbeds, which use an electric underblanket
lets you sink into it the least, with memory foam. But you
will have greater contact with may feel too hot in summer.
your body than an ordinary Memory foam is affected by
mattress. This reduces air room temperature so you
circulation around your body might find it cold and hard
and makes the mattress feel when you first go to bed.
1 Healthbeds

2 Body Impressions
All memory foam mattresses have a
distinctive chemical smell when you first
unpack them, but this Body Impressions
and The Old English Bed Company (5)
mattresses were particularly smelly.
Leave your mattress to air for a week
before using it and the fumes
will disperse. 3 Sleepshaper

4 Kaymed

13 Healthbeds

W H I C H ? J A N U A RY 2 0 0 6 63

Buying and care

Try a memory other person, mattress, make
foam mattress disturbs you. sure that, if you
before you buy it. Relax in one put it on a slatted
Wear the most position, then base, the slats are USING THE TABLE before and after the durability test.
pyjama-like move into no more than We’ve tested popular mattresses Pressure How well the memory
clothing you can another. Was it 6cm wide or more from the most widely available foam layer minimises the pressure
in public, take off easy or did you than 4cm apart. suppliers. exerted on the areas that bear
your shoes and struggle to move? This ensures weight when you lie down.
lie on the bed for If the latter, you sufficient Specification Contact Indicates how much of
15 to 20 minutes. might find the ventilation, but Prices These are a guide to what the body is in contact with the
Take your mattress will prevents the you can expect to pay for a single mattress. Too much contact makes
partner with you. restrict your mattress sagging and king size, respectively. it harder for moisture to escape
Lie on the bed movement too through the slats. Depth Thickness of the mattress and for the temperature to stay
together and much, especially If you’re and memory foam, respectively. comfortable, and can make
move around to in cold weather, allergic to dust Sizes The sizes available. S is moving about harder. Durability
see if the noise when the foam mites, buy a single (3’), D is double (4’ 6”), K is Indicates the damage caused by
from any springs, will be harder. mattress with a king (5’) and SK is superking (6’). having the equivalent of 20 stone
or movement Once you’ve washable cover Cover Clean the removable cover run over it 60,000 times. The
made by the bought your and avoid making (if present) by machine washing memory foam was damaged in
your bed in the (mw) or dry-cleaning (dc). mattresses with scores of d.
morning. Ease of use How easy it is to turn
Drawing the Performance the mattress and use the handles
covers up over Body/Lumbar How well the and how easy it is to clean the
a warm bed mattress supports the whole body removable cover according to the
provides exactly and lower back, respectively, instructions if present.
the right warm,
damp, dark KEY SCORE
The Healthbeds (1) environment w q s u d Ignores price and is based on:
doesn’t engulf you for dust mites Performance 55%
Best Worst
when you lie down Durability 35%
to breed. Best Buy Convenience 10%

Memory foam Specification Performance Score

mattresses Prices Depth Sizes Handles Cover Body Lumbar Pressure Contact Durability Ease (%)
(£) (cm) of use
1 Healthbeds Memory Flex 499, 799 23,7 S,D,K,SK dc q w w s w q 82
2 Body Impressions Night Therapy 499, 699 20,8 S,D,K,SK mw w w w d w q 79
3 Sleepshaper Memory Regular Feel 520, 790 20,9 S,D,K,SK mw q w s d w w 78
4 Kaymed Classic Original 529, 799 20,10 S,D,K,SK mw q w q u w q 77
5 The Old English Bed Co Comfort Form 430, 750 21,7 S,D,K,SK dc s w q u w s 74
6 Breasley Foam Flexcell 1000 499, 699 20,10 S,D,K,SK dc q q q s w q 73
7 Staples Contour 425, 649 22,7 S,D,K,SK n/a q w s u w s 72
8 Komfi Fusion 475, 850 20,10 S,D,K mw q w s d q w 70
9 Airsprung Memory Master Shadow 348, 528 19,7.5 S,D,K n/a q s s u w s 65
10 Eurolux Bodyshape Royale 449, 899 24,10 S,D,K,SK y n/a q s q d q u 63
11 Concept Première 390, 630 24, 7.5 S,D,K,SK dc s w w d s s 62
12 Tempur Combi Mattress 20cm 865, 1,499 20,9 S,D,K,SK mw w w q u d w 50
13 Healthbeds Memory Med 1400 449, 799 25.5,5.0 S,D,K,SK y n/a q w s d w u 74
14 Myer’s Conforma 229, 429 23,7 S,D,K y n/a s w w u w u 71
15 Slumberland Posturecare V1200 395, 640 24,6 S,D,K,SK y n/a s q q u w u 68
16 Kaymed Visco Pocket 1600 359, 529 26.5,6.5 S,D,K,SK y n/a q s q s w u 67
17 Sealy Images 250, 399 28,6 S,D,K,SK y n/a s w w u d u 50

64 J A N U A RY 2 0 0 6 W H I C H ?

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