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October 3,2018

Allan Blutstein. Esq.

NTK Network
1500 Wilson Blvd.. 5th Fl.
Arlington, VA 22209
ablutstei ndntknetwork coin .

Re: BLU0627-18

Dear Mr. Blutstein:

lam writing in response to your Freedom of Information Act request dated September 20. 2018,
which was received on September 21, 2018.

You requested. “all emails received by John Cheney-Lippold, an associate professor in the
American culture and digital studies, regarding his refusal to write a student reference because he
supports BDS. The time period of the requested records is September 17, 2018, through the date
the university commences its search.”

Due to the amount of time estimated to search for, examine, copy, and review to separate exempt
from nonexernpt records within the scope of your request, production of responsive nonexernpt
records will result in unreasonably high costs for the University.

It is estimated that the cost to respond to your request is $890, as detailed in the attached FOIA fee
estimate itemization form. Pursuant to Section 4(8) of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.
the public body may require a good-faith deposit from the person requesting information before
providing the public records to the requester if the entire fee estimate or charge authorized under
this section exceeds 55000. based on a good-faith calculation of the total fee... [Tjhe deposit shall
not exceed 1/2 of the total estimated fee.”

If you would like us to proceed with the search for. examination, duplication, review, and deletion
and separation of exempt from nonexempt material, please send a check for S445 made payable to
the University of Michigan, to Margaret Gonzales, 2050 Fleming Administration Bldg., 503
Thompson, Ann Arbor. Michigan 48109-1340. Note that we are able to collect as a deposit only
¼ of the estimated fee as requested above. If you send a deposit for a greater amount it will be
returned to von with a request for a replacement check in the amount of $445.

We estimate that we will complete the response to your request within 50 business days from the
date of receipt of your deposit. This time frame estimate is provided pursuant to Section 4 (8) of
the Act, and is a nonbinding good faith estimate.

2025 Fleming Administration Building. 503 Thompson St. T: 734 763-5082 F: 734 763-1399
Ann Arbor Michigan 48109-1340
AlJan Blutstein
October 3,2018
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After we have completed the response, we will notify you of the balance due, and will provide the
nonexempt records upon receipt of the balance. Please note that if we do not receive the deposit
within ninety (90) days, we will consider your request withdrawn.

Sincerely, -

Patricia J. Sellinger
Chief Freedom of Information Officer
Benefits % Hourli’ Esthnnteel
Hour!,’ :3Iultiplier Wage will, Time
Category of costs/Description Wage Used* Benefits (Hours) Amount

4(1) (a) Searching for, locating and examining responsive records

‘ Chat gal at horn lv rage of lowest -paid carp/vice capable of searching for, locating and
exarrirning (he public record, regardless of whether (liar person is avarlnbie or who performs the $50.00**
$41 61 31% S $250 00
Estimated nail charged in increments of 15 auntie cx or more, ii’itli all pant I time increments
rounded down

4 (1) (h) Review directly associated with the separating and deleting of exempt
from nonexempt information
Charged at hourly rage of lowest-paid employee cnpable of separating and deleting exempt
1rom nonesempe information, regardless nf whether that person is available op who actually
oerfonns the labor $52 52 29% $50.00 4 $200 00
‘ Labor costs under this siibslirssion estimated and charged in inc,-eenenes oilS minutes or
“lore, ni th all partial time ,nc,-earents rou,,ded dorru
$31.30 34% 54 5. 96 4 S183 84
• Shall not charge for labor render this sectia,, if Public Rod, israws or has reason to Asian’ that
it pi-es’ioush- redacred tire pnblic ,‘ecord in question, and the pubic record is still in tIre Public
Roth’s naccpccian $2277 41% $32.10 8 $256.80
4(1) (c) Nonpaper physical media costs
‘ Actual and muse reasanahli econoni,cal cost of computer discs compoter tapes. or other
digital or stun tar media
Request or amy stipulate that i’eco,’ds be provided an nanpaper physical niedia, electronically
mailed, or aihi’, urise electronically provided itt lieu of paper copies
Does not apply tf Public Body lacks the technological capahtlier’ necessary to prorsde records
on the particular nomrpaper physical oredta stipulated

4 (1) (d) Cost of paper copies (not including labor)

Calculated as total cost per sheet ofpaper, reeori:ed to show cost per sheee and number of
slicers provided
• Shall not exceed 1m7 cents per sheet of paper for copies of public records ttiade an 8-1/2- by 11-
arch paper ar 8-12- by 14 arch paper
• Shall ut,l,:e urns, economical means available, including double-s,ded printing. if cost saving
and available

4 (1) (e) Duplication or publication (Labor)

Inc/rides irraking paper copies, tnaAing digital capies, or transferring digital public records to
be given to requeseor an nanpaper media or elect, onicalli:
‘ Charged at haurlr rr’age of loriest-pairl eniploree capable of necessary duplication or
priblicur ran. regardless if Sr hem her I hot prison is available or nba perfarias the labor
Estimated acid charged in little increments of the l’ubli c Body’s choasitug. ri till all partial tune
increments rounded down

4 ( I) (fl Cost of mailing

• Actual cost of mailing, far sending records in a reasonably economical and just iflable manner

• Shall not charge nrare for expedited slapping or insu,’nnce unless stipulated br requeseor, aray
chat-ge far least expensire farm of postal delirvtj’ ccsmrfir,nation


50% Deposit Required $445.00

Tlie Public Buds- p1st add rep to 50°/i ea the applicable labor charge amount to corer or pareialh’
corer the cost of fringe benefits if it clearly tiotes the percentage multiplier reset1 The Public Bud,’
shall not charge mo,e elton the actual cast of fringe benefits and or’ertinie ‘rages shall not he
used in calculating the case offringe beerefies. 0-em-time Stages shall not be included in the
calculation of labor casts unless overtime is specifically seipuiate4 by the reqriesear and clearly
nate,i in this detadeil i tear’ :aer api
• The Utiiiersin’ caps labor charges at 350.00 per hour.

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