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How to Destroy the 7 “Approach Obstacles” Preventing YOU from Meeting Women

By Steve Scott

How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection

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Specifically how to overcome some of the limiting beliefs you have in regards to approaching women. But out of all the skills required. I’ve learned that a lot of the difficulty guys experience with women comes from the mind. I highly recommend The Art of Approaching Course. the most important is to know how to approach women. Many have a mindset which has paralyzes them into inaction whenever they see an attractive woman. every other skill is worthless if you’re unable to start conversations. And they can project a cool. Over the years. (This is the same resource I used to five years ago to help me with my approaching women). Sure it’s great if women find you attractive but it won’t matter if you can’t muster the courage to approach them. And I’m not going to delve into specific approach tactics. So this report won’t be covering too many conversation starters (pick up lines to the layman). To be honest. which covers everything you need to know about approaching women. 5 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . What am I going cover? Two words…Mental Game. In fact. Now there’s been a lot written about approaching women. They’re confident. fun attitude. They know how to talk.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Introduction The guys who are the most natural with women have a number of skills that others don’t possess.

The kind where you can confidently approach any woman without fear or hesitation. we’re going to learn how to develop the right kind of mindset.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here This report is about helping you overcome any mental roadblocks you’ve developed over the years. Well that it’s it for now. Furthermore. Let’s get started… 6 © Distinct Advantage Marketing .

I would see an attractive girl. but is simply too afraid to do it. I let my fears prevent me from approaching women. If you’ve ever been nervous before starting a conversation then you’ve experienced some form of this fear. but look for reasons to not go over and talk to her. For many a guy. He wants to talk a girl. For many years.Fear of Approaching There are many obstacles a man has to overcome if he wants incredible success. this fear completely paralyzes him into inaction. Often it takes weeks (even months) of hard work. Then at the end of the night. And even though I knew why I had this problem.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Obstacle #1. Typically a “fear of approaching” is a strong psychological AND physical reaction right before you start talking to a girl. So I’m not going to lie and promise a quick solution in this report. Overcoming this fear can be really hard for some guys. I simply couldn’t find a way to solve it! 7 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . he kicks himself for not even trying. But with that being said. I will reveal how a simple SHIFT in your mindset can quickly reduce this fear… What’s the Solution??? I used to be like a lot of guys. But there is one hurdle that causes the most problems for guys---The fear of approaching women.

Here’s what I mean. You second guess yourself. How awesome it would be to have sex with her. safe fantasy where you imagine “getting” that hot girl you see across the room. You don’t have to take a risk. Think of what happens when you see an attractive girl. wondering things like: • • • • 8 “What if she ignores me?” “What if she laughs at me?” “What if she doesn’t like me?” “What if her 6 and ½ foot tall boyfriend kicks my ass?” © Distinct Advantage Marketing . Probably a dozen of these scenarios go through your head before you’ve even thought of a way to talk to her.” And it’s mostly caused by the way we look at the outcome of the conversation. The ways your life would change if she’s your girlfriend..It’s still a fantasy! Sure it’s fun to imagine being with this attractive girl. This is the problem with this scenario--. You probably think about a number of things. But it’s still a false reality. Know what’s really interesting about this? You don’t even know if you’ll even like her! Maybe you’re like this? You create a nice.. The challenge comes when you realize you have to approach this goddess and actually talk to her. What’ll happen when you walk up to her. I learned a valuable lesson during this process…Almost every man suffers from some form of “approach anxiety.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Finally I “manned up” and decided to do something about. It’s a comfortable feeling. I read a lot of books about this problem (including the one I mentioned before) and I tried a bunch of different techniques. And in this fantasy you have nothing to lose. What it’s like to date her.

It’s another to make this happen.Many guys feel it’s SAFER to live in an imaginary world with a girl than to risk having her reject them. Now I won’t deceive you here.” In other words. By going over and risking rejection. it’s more secure to live in an imaginary world than to have this dream shattered by a girl who is NOT interested. But it’s actually hard for a lot of guys to do in a real-world setting. I recommend doing the following three things: 9 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . To put this solution into practice. The solution to this problem is pretty easy to explain. The problem is this--.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here These are real. A man like this sees an attractive girl and thinks about the possibilities. genuine concerns to have.A lot of men go through life living in a “fear of loss” over a desire for gain. They’d rather dream about a girl than to experience that nervousness and anxiety that’s a normal part of the approach process. The end result is he’s paralyzed into in-action because he’s too busy daydreaming. many feel they could “lose” what they’ve already “gained. BOTTOM LINE--. This happens when a guy compulsively dwells on what could happen rather than focus on the present moment. So I won’t say they’re unimportant. Some are positive. Here’s the solution: Remove ALL expectations before approaching any woman Sounds easy right? Well it’s one thing to say you don’t care. How do you fix this problem? The quickest way to reduce (or eliminate) this anxiety is to understand the principle of “Outcome Orientation”. Some are negative.

She’s not your soul mate.Don’t put any girl on a pedestal. Like men all women have flaws. I learned from them. Stop wasting time thinking otherwise. Forget the notion that you must *have* this girl. you’ll live.Stop thinking about what could go wrong. No matter what happens. No one’s going to laugh at you. Then I moved on. She’s a person like you and me. Like taking a really smelly crap. I’ve only had one or two “bad approaches” where an unpleasant thing happened. #2. No matter what. #3. The worst case scenario is a woman will be rude and not respond to your attempt to start a conversation. And you’re not in danger. Even when a girl isn’t interested. Remind yourself that you’re just trying to start a friendly conversation! 10 © Distinct Advantage Marketing .Replace “outcome orientation” with a new mindset. Remember that 90% of *failed* approaches aren’t that bad. she’ll at least be polite. they weren’t anywhere near as bad as what used to happen in my imagination. Here’s a quick fix if you have trouble with this ‘pedestal mindset. She’s not perfect.’ When you find yourself fantasizing about a particular girl. You’re not going to die. From my experience. I don’t care if she’s the most beautiful woman in the world she’s still a human being. Trust me this image will definitely knock her off your mental pedestal.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here #1. And she’s not an angel. imagine her doing something you would find repulsive.

Using an affirmation statement like this is a great way to overcome a fear of approaching women. And you’ll respond better to the things she’s saying. 11 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . If I’m interested. The best mindset to have when approaching is you’re screening this girl to see if you *might be* interested in getting to know her better. You’re not going to get married. You’ll stop worrying about the outcome of a conversation. It’s just a conversation.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here You’re not trying to have sex. One way to create this mindset is to write the following on a piece of paper: “I am going to talk to this girl and see if I like her. It replaces your “outcome orientation” with a powerful mindset where you live in the moment. I’ll ask for her number.” Put this statement into your own words. This creates a sense of empowerment where you put yourself in the role of the selector over being the selectee. Nothing more. Memorize it. And you don’t really even care if she likes you. Then recite it before you approach any girl.

” “I don’t know what to say.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Obstacle #2. And if you think you’re going to succeed you’ll succeed. 12 © Distinct Advantage Marketing .” Negative self-talk varies from guy to guy. These are the words you say to yourself on daily basis which can be either negative or positive. A lot of guys use self-talk before approaching a girl.” “I’m too scared to start talking to her. The funny thing about self talk is your actions are largely based on the words you say to yourself.Negative Self Talk There is a lot of power to self-talk. In other words if you think you’re going to fail you’ll fail. Most guys dwell on what could go wrong instead of what could go right. For instance they’ll think stuff like: • • • • • “She’s surrounded by all those guys and won’t be interested in me.” “There’s no way she would be interested in me.” “I’m not good-looking enough to attract her interest. Unfortunately most of it is negative. However there is a common element to these thoughts.

negative that paralyzes them into inaction. Next. When you’re about to talk to a girl take note of the words that go through your head. this emotion is strong that it often prevents many guys from not even approaching a girl even if they really want to. First. you’ll want to pay CLOSE attention to the words you’re telling yourself right before you approach. they’re consumed by powerful. Do this exercise a few times to really root all the different types of self-talk you’re using. The best way to do this is to create a series of affirmation statements you recite on a daily basis. And should be the exact opposite of the negative self-talk that you’ve been using. An affirmation statement should be written in a positive tone. What’s the Solution??? If you’re having problems with negative self-talk then you need to immediately address this issue.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Instead of seizing the opportunity to meet someone new. In fact. Are they positive? Or are they negative? Write down any negative thoughts you have. including the exact words you’re saying to yourself. you’re going to directly challenge all the negative self-talk you’ve been using. For instance let’s say one of your self-talk statements sounds like this: “I won’t know what to say when I start a conversation with that girl.” 13 © Distinct Advantage Marketing .

Finally you’ll want to recite these on a regular basis.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here To turn this into a positive statement you could create an affirmation that sounds like: “I have a LOT to talk about whenever I approach a woman. She’s going to love the conversation she’s going to have!” Do this exercise for each of the negative self-talk statements that you’ve been using. During the first few weeks of trying this exercise I recommend 2 to 3 times a day. Especially before you go out to approach women. And make sure you create affirmations that are in a positive tone. 14 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . Try your best to cover everything that goes through your mind as you approach a woman.

15 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . During this time you let minutes (and even hours) to pass BEFORE you work up the courage to approach this girl. trying to think of what to say to start the conversation. He wants to really impress her from the beginning and wracks his brain. So if you hesitate to approach a woman she’s probably picked up the ‘vibe’ that you want to talk to her.Hesitation As we’ve discussed.” You want her to like you. You know what happens then? She’ll form the opinion that you’re a low status guy because you’re too scared walk over and talk to her. trying to come up with that one magical line that’ll hypnotically attract her. This obstacle all comes down to hesitation.’ Even the best excuse is still an excuse. The idea of the “perfect line” is a sneaky way your subconscious mind allows you lie to yourself. But you’re too scared to. It’s safer to say that you couldn’t think of what to say instead of ‘I was too scared to approach. By now you can see why it’s bad to hesitate on approaching a girl.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Obstacle #3. Women are extremely intuitive. some guys get paralyzed into inaction before approaching a girl. Not only will you psyche yourself out. I call this the “perfect line fallacy. you’ll also make her think you’re an unconfident guy. This often happens when a guy worries too much about the right way to start a conversation. So you struggle. avoiding the possibility of rejection. You’re too scared to approach so you form an excuse.

Sure it might not be the perfect line. Instead you’ll project a confident. But at least you’re taking action. No more than that. During these few seconds you simply think of the first thing you’ll say to her. I recommend using an opener from this site.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here What’s the Solution??? My advice here… “Approach without Hesitation. cool vibe that women love! 16 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . Furthermore you’ll seem more natural because whatever comes out of your mouth won’t seem canned or rehearsed. That’s because the best solutions are often the easiest ones! I guarantee you’re success with women will skyrocket if you Approach Without Hesitation on a regular basis. And if you’re having trouble with what to say. You’ll train yourself to live in the moment and not obsess over saying the “perfect line”.” When spotting an attractive girl you have 5 seconds or less to approach her. Taking too long will give your mind to come up with excuses for why you can’t talk to her. So don’t worry about what to say…just go up and talk! The solution may seem over simplified.

She doesn’t seem like the type that would be interested in me. The problem is when you make excuses about what you can’t do. Then you’re stuck with the same results which made you unhappy in the first place! We’ve all made an excuse at some point in our life. Myself included. I’m too fat to join a gym.” © Distinct Advantage Marketing .” “I’m not in the mood.. What type of excuses am I talking about? For instance.” “I don’t think I’m her type.say you spot an attractive girl..Too Many Excuses We talked about excuses before. These are all excuses that guys tell themselves every day. it becomes way too easy to believe this mindset. As humans we’ve trained ourselves to use excuses for why we can’t do certain things. Unfortunately I see guys doing this on a daily basis when it comes to women.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Obstacle #4. a common excuse happens when you look for a bullshit reason why you can’t talk to her. I have no time to start my own business. For example here are a few excuses guys often use: • • • 17 “She’s surrounded by other guys.

find a way that you can. Like one of Pavlov’s Dogs. right? What’s the Solution??? “Can’t” is the deadliest word in the English language. It limits your potential. Instead of dwelling on why you can’t talk to a girl. Pretty crazy. this word will stop you from taking a risk on meeting the type of women you truly want. It prevents you from taking action. Rather than talking to a woman. then that totally hot red-head in the corner will see me and get pissed off. you’ve developed the habit of using your mind to come up with reasons for WHY you can’t approach.” (Seriously I had a guy say that to me once) When it comes to excuses. 18 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . I have to be brutally honest here. Your “excuses habit” is the direct result of the way you’ve been taught to handle adversity. you’ve been trained to take a specific action when you want to approach a girl. When it comes to women.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here • “If I talk to her. And it’s stopping from getting all that you want out of life. In a metaphorical sense you learned to curl your tail between your legs and whimper whenever you feel stressed. Then she’ll be annoyed if I approach her later. Using the word “can’t” on a daily basis will limits what accomplish in your life.

you’ll want to record all the excuses you make on a daily basis. Use your problem solving mind to create the kind of mindset where you don’t care any “limiting factor” you possess. As with the negative self-talk exercise. If it’s something like your age. realize it’s time to develop the right kind of mindset.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here The solution is simple…Develop what I call a “problem-solving” mindset. Some can’t If it’s something like your weight or appearance. Use your problem solving mind to come up with solutions for overcoming this obstacle. realize this is something that can be fixed. And some are attracted to younger ones. Some can be fixed. 19 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . Some girls are attracted to older guys. Do you feel too fat? Too old? Too young? Too boring? Too ugly? Too poor? All of these are excuses that guys make.

pay close attention to what guys say among themselves. You’ll find some will say angry things towards a woman without even trying to talk to her. Sometimes though. So I tend to get a lot of email every day.Anger Issues This is a problem I see on a consistent basis. he feels he’s allowed to treat her in a demeaning manner because he thinks “she’s probably a slut or a bitch.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Obstacle #5.000 subscribers. A guy like this sees a provocatively dressed woman.” Here’s what I mean…I run a newsletter with more than 60. A guy who feels in entitled to women lives in life in state of constant anger. These are from guys who simply want to improve their success with women. It’s made me realize that many guys are harboring some serious anger issues. Don’t believe me? The next time you’re out in social venue like a bar or club. Most of what I read is positive. I get a message or two that’s laced with outright hostility towards women. They’ll say (or think) stuff about how 20 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . He’s not getting the results he *deserves* and blames women for it. The sad fact is a large number of men harbor a strong sense of “entitlement” when it comes to women.

it’s probably because you don’t know the RIGHT way to attract their interest. However I think this is an obstacle that needs to be addressed for the small number of readers who are dealing with this issue. [I’m being polite here…most of what’s actually said is a lot worse. but not knowing how to do it. this kind of anger does nothing to help you with women. If you’re not good at something. A guy like this sees feels insecure every time he sees an attractive woman. The end result of this emotion is you’ll give off a negative vibe which repulses women. But odds are some guys reading this report WILL have some hostility towards women.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here she’s probably a bitch. or looks like she has an attitude.] I’m not accusing you of having anger. So if you don’t have any anger. What’s the Solution??? (Again. (Hopefully this guide and my newsletter will help with this. So in his mind. So a lot of times anger towards women comes from a form of selfloathing. He feels like she’ll reject him if he approaches her. This feeling comes from wanting more success with women. feel free to skip this and move on to the next session. Most of the guys I meet are perfectly normal.) 21 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . Don’t blame others for your shortcomings. Remember that YOU are responsible for you success in life. No matter what.) I don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to tell you that anger towards women is the direct result of feeling insecure about yourself. she’s a bitch because she’ll *probably* hurt his fragile ego. I’m not saying you have anger issues. then do something about it. If you’re angry at women.

Find out what works for them. Furthermore. I guarantee that with the right mindset (and hard work). Ask them for advice. Find guys who have a positive attitude and are good with women.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here It’s up to you to improve your life. Learn everything you can about giving off that a vibe that’s naturally attractive to women. It’s up to you to create the kind of life you want. 22 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . you can have as much success with women as you want. one of the BEST indicators of success in life is who you choose to spend your time with. If you’re surrounding yourself with guys who are negative (or hostile) it becomes very easy to develop the same attitude. Do yourself a favor and start making new friends. Become friends with these guys. You’ll find that being around positive people and developing your social skills is the secret ingredient to becoming a naturally attractive guy around women.

Many people spend their “dating life” waiting for something happen. I think this is a pretty interesting phrase. it shows he subconsciously believes any success he has with women is the result of an external force. Fate will draw her to you. They watch too many Hollywood movies and listen to too many love songs on the radio. Fate will make her start the conversation. This has programmed many into believing that *fate* will bring you that special woman. Like anytime you *fail* with a woman it’s because “it wasn’t meant to be. Fate will let her know that you’re a shy guy so she has to be the one to set up the date. 23 © Distinct Advantage Marketing .How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Obstacle #6-Believing in Luck Over Success You’ve probably heard a guy use the expression “I got lucky last night” after having sex with a girl. Not an internal one.” An attitude like this causes you to have the mindset that you have no control over your success with women. When you look to external factors like luck it becomes too easy to make excuses. Hopefully you can see the danger of relying too much on fate. When a guy says something like this.

And you’re good with women because you made it happen. Looking for the lesson on a regular basis will shift your external mindset into an internal mindset. look for the lesson you just learned. Did she have a boyfriend or husband? Were you too aggressive? Did your conversation starter hook her interest? Were you displaying confident body language? All of these are questions you should ask yourself after every approach. Now this doesn’t mean you should beat yourself after every *failed* approach.” This is an attitude where you internalize any outcome with life.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here What’s the Solution??? It’s important to shift your attitude and develop what I call a “success mindset. Instead of having a negative attitude about being rejected. You’re rich because you made it happen. 24 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . it wasn’t bad luck it was due to a mistake that you made. It’s the risk you take when you try to start a conversation with a woman you don’t know. Understand that YOU are in complete control of your ability to approach women. If something doesn’t go right. You’re good at your job because you made it happen. The important thing to remember is that each “failed approach” provides an opportunity to improve your success. We all get rejected sometimes. Even the successful ones. In other words you’ll stop making excuses about why you’re not having any *luck* with women.

How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Realize that the results you’re getting are due to mistakes you’re making. YOU control the outcome of your life. Create the mindset that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do in life. So stop thinking of yourself as lucky or unlucky. Including increasing the success you’ve having with women. 25 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . Not some insidious outside force that’s controlling your life.

The harsh truth is to start a conversation with a woman YOU need to be the first one to break the ice. So what do you say? The good news is I have a few solutions. I hate being forced to think of some 26 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . Being unable to think of what to say when approaching a woman is a problem many guys have. What’s the Solution??? #1. Should I ask for her opinion? Do I use some cheesy pick up line? Should I be direct? These are all questions you might ask yourself. I’ll give you three ways you can start a conversation. Like a lot of guys. She’s not going to do it. you’ll have to walk up to the room and be the first to open your mouth. In the section below.The Facial Expression “Trick” I’ll be the first to admit that my approaching skills are less than stellar.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Obstacle #7-Not Knowing HOW to Start a Conversation I’ve saved the biggest obstacle for last. All of them are ones I’ve personally use when approaching women. If you want to talk to her.

I would say this works about 90% of the time I use it. which immediately get the ball rolling. I’ll use my facial “trick” conversation starter which works incredibly well. it’s human nature to look around and observe who’s around. Your goal is to use this to your advantage. Here’s what I mean… The truth is. I want to fail fast. In fact. Too much to memorize.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here witty thing to say just to start talking to a woman I like. lock eyes on her and hold it. wait till she looks around the room and sees you. When you spot a girl. So one of the things I’ve done is build a naturally attractive lifestyle and make women do all the work. Yeah it’s pretty lazy. So whenever I spot an attractive girl. hoping a woman will find it interesting? If I’m going to fail. you can “approach” a girl without saying a word! Whenever a person is in a public setting. The problem is I’m not really into the long and complicated conversation starters. but it works for me. When a girl looks at you.  The problem is I’ll often see an attractive girl and know the only way I can meet her is to “sack up” and approach her. Instead. Who wants to waste 10 minutes telling a story. I like to use stuff that’s simple and direct. 27 © Distinct Advantage Marketing .

” This is an invitation for you to walk over and break the ice. By showing a woman a playful expression you demonstrate that you’re a fun guy. Give a mock-embarrassed look. © Distinct Advantage Marketing . she’ll know that you’re the type of guy who’ll be interesting to meet. Give her a “pouty” look. here are some faces you could make:     28 Stick your tongue out. My choice is to ALWAYS flash a funny. “Why are you making faces at me?” This one almost always gets a laugh. As you know women have certain body language signals which indicate their interest in a guy.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here At this point. They’re too busy trying to give off the ‘tough guy’ vibe. you have TWO choices: 1) Hold eye contact and wait till she looks away 2) Hold eye contact and flash an over-exaggerated face that’ll make her laugh. Without saying a word. or flashes an equally funny face. Show the exaggerated “pick up artist” wink. then you’re being a given what’s known as an “approach signal. What type of faces should you make? There isn’t a strict formula. smiles. For instance. playful face! Why does this work? Well most people (especially guys) act way too serious when they’re in a venue like a bar or club. I recommend doing something that’ll get a laugh. To set yourself apart from these clowns. I usually like to start with. Most are afraid to be themselves. show that you don’t take everything too seriously. So if a girl laughs.

I need to find better wing men :-) #2. Now Aaron isn’t the most attractive guy in the world. As I was talking to a group of people. don’t be surprised if she looks away from you initially. In fact. Making contact with a complete stranger can be uncomfortable for a lot of people.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here       Display big “shit-eating grin” smile. BUT he’s pretty good with women. he was across the room talking to his future girlfriend. he looked over to this girl as she was sitting with her friends and started “fake-choking” himself pointing at me with a smug look on his face. he met his current girlfriend at a nightclub a few years back when (upon locking eyes with her) he went to great lengths to make her laugh (at my expense.) If you’re not sure how this works. Give a quick head tilt (like the “what’s up” expression. Pretend to be really angry then crack into a smile.) Being the friend that he is.) Send a quick wave. #3. Do a mock “in love” expression (grab your chest and flutter your eyes.You don’t need over elaborate gimmicks to start a conversation. I might add. let me give a quick example that my buddy Aaron used. 29 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . Aaron “threw me under the bus” just to get a laugh.) Show a fake a suspicious look (like you’re not sure why she’s looking at you.A friendly attitude and smile can be your secret weapon When using facial expression trick. This quick story brings up a few important points: #1. And before I could ask Aaron what the hell he was doing.

The perfect opinion opener has a few crucial elements. try upping the ante by smiling. #4. it should be an open-ended question. or using one of the funny expressions I just mentioned! You’ll find that a playful demeanor makes a woman open to talking to you. a girl will look away then wait a few seconds before looking back. get her attention and then transition into getting to know her better. When you get a positive response or enticing smile. When she does.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Usually. Detailed at this site.Any response can be used to ‘seed’ a follow-up conversation.Get Her Opinion The “opinion” opener is an incredibly effective way to start a conversation. So it shouldn’t be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. nodding your head at her. It differs from other “conversation starters” because it doesn’t sound like some corny pick up line. Getting her opinion works many different reasons: #1. #2. #2. #3. All you do is walk up to a woman (or group of women) and get their opinion on something.Women love to give their opinions. MAKE SURE you don’t turn away! Instead. your only job is to walk over and introduce yourself. 30 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . this technique is pretty simple to use.You’re not telegraphing your intentions. First. An opinion opener is used to begin a conversation with a woman.You’re more interesting than most guys who approach her.

you could say something like “Hey guys. you can’t give the appearance that you’re randomly walking around the room asking people questions. Keep it light hearted and centered on topics women like (drama. If a group thinks you’re going to stay for a few minutes. Real quick question …” Fourth the opinion opener should be interesting.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Secondly you need to involve all the people in the group. funny. In other words. Any group you approach should get the impression that you’re a fun. Next you should give a time constraint. they’ll be more likely to open up and be friendly. gossip. real quick question… My buddy and I were just having can argument that I was hoping you could settle…” 31 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . here’s a classic opener that many guys use. (Called the “GString Opener”): “Hey guys. For instance. outgoing guy who isn’t going to be intrusive. Finally you need to approach with a reason. I recommend referencing a conversation you were just having with your friends. Real quick question… My buddy and I were just having an argument that I was hoping you could settle…” Creating an opinion opener isn’t that hard. etc). Usually this can be accomplished by starting the conversation like this: “Hey guys. Just sit down and think about three to four interesting questions you could ask women. So using the previous example. Not just the woman you want.

The key to this conversation starter is to describe that you liked that doesn’t have to do with her looks. That way you won’t come across as a cheesy pick up artist. my friend told his girlfriend that he has a fetish for wearing women's underwear. Unfortunately his girlfriend found this other girl's g-string underneath his bed. What do I mean? You approach a woman and tell her that you’re interested in getting to know her. #3. And no gimmicks. Sometimes the most direct approach works the best. To cover for himself. No pick-up lines. No opinions. 32 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . So you’ll definitely want to create an opener that’s a little bit different.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here We were discussing a mutual friend who totally messed up with his girlfriend and cheated. and drama that’s used in this opener. However that’s not true. You walk up and say that you saw something interesting about her and you want to know more. The key here is to pay attention to the elements of humor.Go Direct The final conversation starter doesn’t require any ‘games. So it should be a statement that references her actions rather than her attractiveness. interest.’ Many guys think they need a “magical phrase” to talk to women. What's funny is his girlfriend loves this idea and now makes him wear this G-String. this one has been used by a lot of guys. So could you settle this argument for me: Do you think he should continue to cover for himself or should he come clean with his girlfriend?” Like I said. All of these elements need to be used when you create your own.

you’ll skip a lot of the game playing that happens with indirect openers. but you seem like a cool person who I had to meet! My name is…” Obviously this is a very direct way to start a conversation. You’ll often get rejected with this one because a woman only has your appearance and body language to judge you by. It’s what they call high risk/high reward. If she’s interested back. With this technique. it really works. but there was something about her that made you to want to talk to her. then she might not be interested. 33 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . For example. you approach a woman and say how you’re really busy. you take advantage of the fact that a lot of women believe that ‘fate’ will attract the perfect man. She can either choose to get to know you or she doesn’t. I’m on my way to [Insert whatever you’re doing]. you could say something like: “Hey. It’s great for quickly ramping up the physical escalation. Called the “Serendipity Opener”. So if you’re not displaying a confident demeanor. I like to use a variation of this conversation starter when I see a girl during the daytime.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Instead you’re acting like a confident guy who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. But when the direct opener works. Instead you’ll go right to the point where you know you’re interested in one another.

there’s the belief that your actions are random. My advice. and then tell her that you “just had to meet her. I recommended approaching a few women each day using this technique. odds are there is something about her that does stand out. some of the words you could use are:       Intriguing Interesting Amusing Funny Awesome Fascinating With this conversation starter. 34 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . It’s one of the best ways to overcome many of the mental roadblocks that I’ve discussed in this report.. give her a compliment.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here When you go direct all you do is approach the girl. Play your cards right and you’re the confident guy who she’s been fated to meet. ask for her number.” And this isn’t a lie.The direct opener is great for the daytime when there’s not a lot of time to talk. talk to her for a few minutes if she’s interested. you’ll want to use a different adjective other than “cool.. smile. (Hopefully it’s more than her looks.” For instance.) Depending on the situation (and your preferences). You’ll get right to the point. If you’re approaching this girl.

your success with women will skyrocket! There is a lot more to learn about approaching women in addition to what I just discussed. To give you an idea of the things you’ll learn here’s brief list of what’s covered in this system: λ Advice opener — How to use the confidence of a subject matter to covertly force a woman to admire you. After implementing the techniques described here. In The Art of Approaching system. Just remember that it’s a skill like any other. If you challenge these obstacles and take steps to eliminate them. in ANY environment. you’ll have the confidence to approach ANY woman. ANY time.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here Conclusion Well that’s it for this report! Hopefully you learned some about overcoming the seven ‘mental’ roadblocks which are preventing you from approaching women. 35 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . you’ll get a comprehensive plan for approaching women and quickly building attraction. This course is specifically designed to help you eliminate that “approach” obstacle which plagues many guys.

Situational openers – Quick — Powerful — Explosive… The 3 elements of this technique. If you do this one wrong… forget it (you’ll want to pick up another jar of Vaseline!) Direct openers — The most DANGEROUS (because it’s the easiest for her to reject) yet if pulled off right — is very EFFECTIVE! Drama opener -. Don’t think “cyber-lines” with a smiley face will cut it.A simple and powerful technique when done correctly. BUT if you don’t… you’ll be cold another night! λ Online openers — The internet is TOO popular to dismiss. However there are tried and true techniques! λ λ Opinion opener — Powerful engaging technique. Improvise in ANY situation… any time and she’s sure to be yours! λ λ The single most important thing you must do if you ever want to see the women you approach again. Why? Because IF you know how to make her laugh… you’ve got her right where you want her.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here λ Compliment opener — The oldest and simultaneously most MISUSED opener known to man. Blow this… and chalk up your chance of ever “GETTING” the women you desire! 36 © Distinct Advantage Marketing .Understand HOW… and… WHY this works and you’ve built an immediate bridge between you and your desires! And your target will enjoy every minute of it. But if you don’t pull this off right… YOU’LL look like a pompous prick! Role-play opener . You’ll captivate her mind and she’ll hang on your every word… if done right! (Fully detailed inside!) λ λ λ Insult opener — This technique is psychological warfare at its heights! But don’t make the mistake of walking up to someone and start slinging the “B” word around and think you’ll get a date (It’s much more subtle but can knock a woman off her high horse!) λ Joke opener — The most difficult technique… which makes it the most powerful technique.

And if you don’t KNOW this one you’ll always wonder “why” she didn’t respond to you (even if you have male-model good looks).How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here λ How to PROPERLY introduce yourself to the women of your choice! Lame one liners won’t do it… but after you understand this amazing technique the “hardest” part of meeting a women becomes immediately easy! λ How to “break” the thought patterns present in every woman you ever want to meet. you’ll want to try it out immediately! λ The 5 things you must do BEFORE approaching a woman. BUT… commonly overlooked. If you don’t use these you’re setting yourself up for failure… even before you start! λ Discover 4 “How to introduce yourself” structures as your foundation to design your own unique WAYS to greet the woman you desire! λ How to avoid the old saying… “He who hesitates… masturbates!” in 3 seconds flat! You’ll quickly identify your target — design your opening — and walk away with your desires in hand. But if YOU don’t… you’ll look like a dog chasing its tail. You’d be surprised how many men don’t have a clue about this one. And a simple guide to analyze which place is best for you. 37 © Distinct Advantage Marketing . λ How to use a female tactic of seduction on the woman of your choice! (No it doesn’t require bikini underwear) It works like a charm… and leaves an impression on their memory! λ The one assumption (completely OPPOSITE from the truth) men make about approaching women. Once you know it… you’ll be so shocked about it. Meeting the girl of your dreams has never been easier! λ How to NEVER force the woman you’re approaching to cringe! Very important…. λ 8 commonly overlooked places to MEET a woman.

Don’t blow this one. To your Success with Women. If you’re serious about skyrocketing your “approach women” success. then I highly recommend you check out The Art of Approaching. It’s simple and fun — and you’ll know you’ve got her once you “read her”. (only when she’s comfortable will she want to take it further) λ “5 don’ts” of flirting. So many men make countless blunders here… and now you can avoid them like the plague! λ How to mesmerize the women you’ve approached.How to Approach with NO Fear of Rejection Click Here λ 10 do’s of flirting with a woman. They’re quick to grasp… and easier to apply… YET… it creates the environment to make her feel comfortable. 38 © Distinct Advantage Marketing .

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