This is to test the full features of Inter Org Transfers. Perform the following steps. Org names and item numbers to be followed as per your prefix. ( a1,a2, etc.) 1) Create two Inventory orgs ( a01 and a02) [ In your case, it will be a11 and a12, etc] 2) Create sub inventories and open the accounting periods for both organizations. 3) Create an item a01_item1 with Serial Control ( At receipt), Lot Control ( Full Control) and Revision Control enabled. 4) Assign it to both a01 and a02 orgs. 5) Change your working org to a01 ( Change organization) 6) Remove SLR controls from org items function ( Items – Organisation item). Now the item has no SLR control in a01 and it has all the three controls ( SLR) in org a02. 7) Receive 1000q of item a0_item1 in org a01. They will have no control. 8) Establish shipping network as “Direct” from a01 to a02. 9) Perform an Inter org transfer ( Direct) from a01 to a02 for 100q. 10)On transaction line, the system will pop up a message “item not found” 11) Now change the Shipping network to Intransit (from a01 to a02) 12) Again perform Inter Org Transfer and you will succeed in the transactions upon commit ( Transactions Completed) 13)Change your working org to a02 14) Make a receipt [Transactions – Receiving – Receipts] using the shipment number. Ensure opening of GL periods, Inv periods ( for org a02) and Control Purchasing Periods in Purchasing responsibility. 15)Note down the receipt number and perform Receiving transactions. [Transactions – Receiving – Receiving Transactions] 16)The transactions will fail stating that Lot and Serial numbers are missing. 17)Click on the Lot/Serial number button on the left bottom and fill the Lot and Serial numbers and commit. 18) Now the transactions will succeed. 19) Verify the On-Hand qty in item search [ Item – Item Search] in both a01 and a02. Examination : A) Explain why you have failed on inter org transfers for a Direct Shipping Network ( Step 10) and how you succeeded with a Intransit shipping Network. ( Step 12) B) Justify why the receiving transactions thrown an error after succeeding in making a receipt in gate ( Step 16)

Try to figure out.

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A) When the shipping network is Direct, the destination organization takes control of scrutinizing the population of items in the transaction form in source. The control levels must match the destination control for that item. Here is a scenario Controls Activated in Source Activated in Destination Allow population of items in source transaction form Item will not populate Remarks

Serial Lot Revision Serial Lot Revision

No No No Yes No Yes

Yes Yes Yes No Yes No

Since destination has all controls, it expects the same controls for that item in source. Even though Serial and Rev are enabled in source, the dest. Org will check only for Lot. Serial and Rev will not be examined.

Item will not populate

Serial Lot Revision

No Yes Yes

No No Yes

Item will populate The only control on the transaction ( Rev) match in form. the source.

This is the reason for the failure at step number 10 when the shipping network is Direct. When the shipping network is In-Transit, the destination organization will no more control the source. Any control enabled will allow the transaction to pass through. So the transaction passes successfully as no validation of controls takes place during Inter org transfers. Step 12 goes cool. Gate ( Transactions – Receiving – Receipts) also will not scrutinize the controls and allow the transactions to go through in the destination organization . The material will be directed to the receiving section.

B) The receiving section ( Transactions – Receiving – Receving Transactions) is responsible for delivering the items to Inventory. Here the destination org. control has to match the items control that are received in receiving section. During transaction in the receiving transaction the system automatically populate the Revision number from Organisation parameters. But since in our case, the item does not have the Serial and Lot number, the transaction will fail, as they are to be matched with the destination controls ( Serial, Lot and Rev enabled) before delivery. After populating the Serial and Lot numbers in the receiving section, the transaction will pass successfully and the item gets delivered in Sub_Inventory.