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Landforms Project

Students will complete most of this project in class, but the decorative elements will be added at

Materials: 1 sheet of legal-sized copy paper (provided by Mrs. Stringer)

Colored pencils (NOT markers! Markers will bleed through the paper)


1. Students will fold paper to correct number of squares; number the squares (both sides of
2. Students will label and draw the landforms in class from slides.
3. Students will write the definitions for each landform in the matching box on the back of
the paper (during class).
4. Students will color the illustrations at home to complete the project.
5. Project will be graded daily as part of the classwork grade.
6. Finished project will be turned in and graded as a minor project (25% of grade). Due
dates to be determined, but approximately Monday, 10/15/18. If extended, I will let
students and parents know.

Final project should include a colorful illustration that resembles the landform and a neatly
written definition. Make sure your name is on the project! Missed notes should be copied from
Mrs. Stringer’s notebook during arrival/dismissal/9th period or from website

Grading Rubric

Maximum of 20 points

5 4 3 2 1 0
Illustration 18 Well- 15-18 10-14 6-9 drawings 1-5 drawings No effort
drawn drawings drawings (no
landforms that drawings)
Definition 18 neatly 15-18 partial 10-14 6-9 1-5 No effort
written, or messy definitions definitions definitions (no
complete definitions definitions)
Coloring 18 properly 15-18 10-14 6-9 colored 1-5 colored No effort
colored partially colored illustrations illustrations (no color)
illustrations colored illustrations
Punctuality Turned in 1 day late 2 days late 3 days late 4 days late 5 or more
on due days late