Choose the correct or best alternative in the following: a. Optical fibers uses the ______portion of EM spectrum (A) IR (B) VHF (C) HF (D) UHF b. The critical angle for glass ( 1 = 1.50) and air ( 2 = 1.0) interface is (A) (B)


(C) (D) c. For a step-index fiber the NA across the core (A) varies (B) will be opposite (C) is constant (D) is independent d. One of the causes for material dispersion in fibers is (A) group delay (B) velocity of wave (C) none (D) material choice e. The surface dark current of a photo diode is related to bandwidth (A) directly (B) inversely (C) as its square (D) inverse square f. Pin diodes are used in optical fiber links because of their (A) resistance (B) size compatibility (C) cost (D) slow response g. Average insertion loss obtained with fibers using ceramic capillaries will be (A) as low as 0.1 dB (B) more than 1 dB (C) equal to 1 dB (D) around 2 dB h. A preamplifier used with a photo diode should provide (A) low input impedance (B) high input impedance (C) low output impedance (D) high output impedance i. Polarization inversion is a property found in (A) LED (B) LASER (C) Photodiode (D) FET j. The insertion loss of optical fibers varies with misalignment angle (A) linearly (B) exponentially (C) inversely (D) constantly