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The following text is for questions 16 and 17.

Dear Ms. Melisa,

Being authorized I am informing you that the meeting with the Board of Directors
will be held at the head office tomorrow, 29th May 2018 at 10 a.m. You are duly requested to
attend the meeting and report the progress of the projects.

Sincerely yours,



16. Why did Fahmi write tthe letter ?

A. To invite Ms. Melisa to attend a meeting.
B. To plan a meeting with his boss.
C. To inform the result of a meeting.
D. To give information about a meeting.
E. To remind his boss about a meeting.
17. Ms. Melisa are expected to attend the meeting in order to ...
A. plan important projects
B. receive important tasks
C. be appointed to finish a project
D. inform the progress of the projects
E. reschedule the on going projects

The following text is for questions 18 and 19.

Allow me to tell you about the upcoming grand opening of my sixth store
establishment Explore The Gut 6. In opening this store, I am hoping to fill the needs of
outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy trekking, fishing, camping and being close to nature.

The store of offers a full line of fishing gear, including rods and reels, sinkers, lures
and live bait. You’ll find everything, such as tree stands, pick-up tents, sleeping bags and
camp stoves for your outdoor excursions. There’s rugged outdoor apparel for men, women
and children to choose from, including hiking boots, gloves, rain gear and sunglasses as well.

We offer the best name-brand goods in the business, so we guarantee the quality.
Besides, we give best prices comparable to that of other big box outdoor stores in the area.

This store will officially open on 1st June 2018 at 10 a.m. and is located at Jalan
Merapi number 10. Get a big discount up to 25% during the promo.

We look forward to seeing you then.


Shop Owner

18. What is Mr. Allan’s purpose to write the text ?

A. To invite people to explore nature.
B. To announce the opening of his new store.
C. To inform many kinds of gears sold in his store.
D. To announce how to develop the quality of nature.
E. To persuade people to spend their holiday in nature.
19. The above text is intended for ...
A. adventurers
B. businessmen
C. tour guides
D. coast guards
E. forest rangers

The following text is for questions 20 to 22.

Dear Mr. Charles,

I am interested in opportunities that may be available to volunteer at the Adult Care

Centre. As a long-time advocate of the needs and welfare of the elderly in our community, I
have experience working with senior citizens and would be thrilled to continue to do so in a
volunteer capacity.

I volunteered as an aide at the People Welfare and enjoyed being able to help senior
citizens with arts and crafts. In this position, I assisted programme participants with
recreational projects, contributed to programme planning and strategy sessions, and
accompanied group field trips to local musical events and museums. I also participated in
fundraising and community outreach initiatives.

If the Adult Care Centre has a need for a dedicated volunteer, I would be thrilled to
have the opportunity to assist you. My schedule is flexible and I would be available to
volunteer at your convenience.

Eager to learn more about your mission, successes and challenges in serving our
senior citizens, I would be grateful for the opportunity to interview with you at a mutually
convenient time. I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you for your consideration.


Griya Hijau, Jalan Kusuma No. 12
Cell: 0811-2222-3456-1
20. In what field is the Adult Care Centre engaged ?
A. Helping people with special needs.
B. Treating and caring poor people.
C. Accomodating the homeless.
D. Helping helpless children.
E. Nursing senior citizens.
21. What capacity does Andika have ?
A. He has programmes in treating people.
B. He is a very disciplined, strict and skillful person.
C. He has a large venue to accomodate his plan.
D. He is quiet experienced in helping elder people.
E. He is challenged to participate in treating elder people.
22. “...I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to assist you.” (Paragraph 3)
The underlined word in the above context means ...
A. let
B. feel
C. help
D. face
E. contact

The following text is for questions 23 to 25.

Once I took part in an exchange of OSIS caretakers to a high school in Surabaya.

There were ten of us. My OSIS counselor explained that the OSIS management of that school
was excellent.

During our visit, my friends and I studied the OSIS administration, its archives,
activities and programmes. There were ten programmes in a year and eight programmes had
been accomplished so far. This were exemplary. We also noticed that all the data were
organised and stored neatly. In addition, the relationship and communication among the OSIS
committee members ran very well. That was why all the programmes that had been planned
ran well.

We learned many things from our visit, such as how to sort out the data. We also
learned how to improve communication among us.

We hope we can do this activity again on another occasion.

23. What is the writer’s intention to write the text ?

A. To relate his/her organisation experience.
B. To relate his/her experience at school.
C. To explain how the OSIS works.
D. To describe a school in Surabaya.
E. To inform what an OSIS is.
24. What did the writer learn from the activity ?
A. He/she realizes that becoming an OSIS member is beneficial.
B. He/she knows how to make OSIS programmes better.
C. He/she understands how to execute a programme.
D. He/she understands how to run an OSIS meeting.
E. He/she becomes skillful at administration.
25. Why does the writer hope he/she can attend such an activity again ?
A. He/she can get many new friends.
B. He/she gets many benefits from the activity.
C. He/she understands how the OSIS is formed.
D. He/she knows the roles of OSIS at school.
E. The OSIS counselor has an authority to manage the OSIS.

The following text is for questions 26 to 28.

Shifting to Digital

The Jakarta Post, 1 Nov 2017.

Indonesia’s major department store chains have begun to feel the pinch of the
rapidly growing trend of online shopping. Many retailers have suffered a decline in sales,
forcing them to close some of their outlets. PT Mitra Adiperkasa (MAP), one of the country’s
major department store chains, for example, has announced plans to shut down three more
Lotus department stores in Jakarta. Previously, it closed two outlets in Greater Jakarta. MAP
will also stop operations of its Debenhams outlet in Senayan City shopping mall in South
Jakarta at year-end, having closed two outlets in Kemang, South Jakarta, and Karawaci,

Similary, publicly listed PT Matahari Department Store closed its Manggarai and
Blok M stores last month. Meanwhile, retail chain PT Ramayana Lestari Sentosa has closed
eight outlets across the country.

The trend, as a result of siowing consumer goods sales growth, is in fact a global
phenomenon. It has been occuring in Japan, the United States and many otther countries. In
Indonesia, sales growth at 55 fast-moving consumer goods brick and mortar retail outlets
reached only 2.7 percent year-to-date (ytd) as of September, compared to a 10-11 percent
increase in the same period last year.

Although analysts largely attribute the mass closure of retail outlets to sluggish
sales, we cannot deny the fact that online marketplaces have started to replace traditional
retail shops. Online transactions account for only about 2 percent of the country’s total retail
sales so far, but their growth is accelerating and eating up the market share of offline retailers,
thanks in part to huge investments injected into the new businesses.

With access to the internet multiplying, particularly among the younger generation,
it comes as no surprise that online shopping has won consumers’ hearts and minds. Online
shopping offers nearly unlimited choices, as well as a simple and convenient way of shopping
as buyers only need to open apps to find their sought-after goods and settle their payments
anytime, anywhere.
Forget traffic congestion or unfriendly weather, which many discourage consumers
from going to shopping malls – not to mention difficulties in finding a parking space.

Cheaper prices are another key reason why buyers are shifting from offline to online
stores. The government will impose taxes on goods and services sold online, but prices will
remain the comparative advantage of the digital market over its traditional counterpart.

Indonesia has also seen this digital wave disrupt the conventional taxi industry,
which has triggered unrest. Other industries will soon feel the discruption. The phenomenon
is now creeping into the financial services sector, especially banking, amid growing interest
in peer-to-peer lending, an online lending service for both individuals and businesses.

No one can resist digitalization. In fact, the world has entered a digital era, which
has changed the way people do business – unfortunately, at the expense of thousands who
have become jobless.

As Indonesia’s regulator, the government needs to monitor this major shift, so that
the digital era can spur economic growth and create new jobs.

26. Many stores will be closed ... people are still reluctant to go outside.
A. so
B. for
C. but
D. if
E. and
27. From the text we know that ...
A. conventional supermarkets decrease online shopping’s sales
B. conventional supermarket’s sales will defeat online shopping
C. online shopping decreases conventional supermarket’s sales
D. online shopping prices are higher than offline shopping’s
E. people love shopping online because it gives limited product choices
28. “As Indonesia’s regulator, the government needs to monitor this major shift, so that
the digital era can spur economic growth and create new jobs.” (Last paragraph) What
is the meaning of the underlined word ?
A. Trigger.
B. Improve.
C. Accelerate.
D. Narrow.
E. Spaish.

The following text is for questions 29 to 31.

Did you know that you can make a rocket powered by water and air ? Okay, it won’t
reach the stars, but it should soar high up into the air – and since it can’t get far, you can
easily find it and lauch it again!

You will need:

 Empty plastic bottle with push-pull cap and large soda bottle
 Long, slim stick
 Strong tape
 Coloured cardboard
 Sand
 Pump, with conical plastic noozle

How to make:

1. Tape the stick to the side of the smaller bottle, with the neck of the bottle facing down.
Make a nose cone and fins from cardboard, and tape them to the bottle to make it look
the part.
2. Next, build your launch pad. Half fill the big soda bottle with sand so that it stands
upright and is stable. If it’s not, try partially burying the base in the ground.
3. Turn the rocket nose down and fill it one third full with water. Screw on the cap. Pull the
stopper open and push the conical plastic nozzle of the pump into the hole. It must be a
tight fit.
4. Carefully turn your rocket upright and insert the stick into the soda bottle. Start pumping.
As you pump, air pressure will build up in the top part of the rocket above the water.
5. Suddenly the air pressure will blow the pump nozzle out the stopper and the water will
blast out to propel the rocket high up into the air. Stand back or you could get abit wet.
29. The text gives us ...
A. the description of a bottle rocket
B. the experience when launching a bottle rocket
C. the explanation on how to launch a rocket
D. the instruction on how to launc a bottle rocket
E. the information about parts of a rocket
30. Why do you need to put fins on the side of the bottle rocket ?
A. To make it stable when launched.
B. To make it look good when launched.
C. To give it much power when launched.
D. To give strong push to the rocket bottle.
E. To provide enough room for air pressure.
31. For the text we can infer that ...
A. you need to pump the bottle so that the water will not spill out
B. the launch pad is made from a half-filled soda bottle woth sand
C. the water creates great power to push the rocket to the air
D. you need to pump the bottle to energize the launch pad
E. the rocket nose must be turned down to make it stable

The following text is for questions 32 to 34.

Hippopotatamuse have a deadly reputation. They can be huge, weighing up to 8,000

pounds and, though they live largely on plants, they can be very aggressive. They are
territorial and will fiercely protect their young. Hippos can use their enormous jaws to turn
over small boats which they mistake for crocodiles. With their sharp 12-inch-long teeth, they
can easily bite and kill its enemies.

32. What is the purpose of the text ?

A. To describe a certain hippo.
B. To inform where hippos live.
C. To describe hippos in general.
D. To instruct how to avoid a hippo.
E. To relate experience when seeing a hippo.
33. What is correct about hippos from the text ?
A. A hippo is a carnivour.
B. A hippo is as big as a boat.
C. Hippos have 2 inch sharp teeth.
D. A hippo is a tame animal.
E. Hippos can be deadly.
34. “They are territorial and will fiercely protect their young.” What does the sentence
mean ?
A. Hippos live in a large area.
B. Hippos live in the naturally reserved area.
C. Hippos and their young roam in a certain area.
D. Hippos controll an area and guard it from other animals’ raids.
E. Hippos and their young live peacefully with other animals.

The following text is for questions 35 to 38.

A Campaign of the Importance of Reading

Reading habits among Indonesians are poor because most people haven’t realized
the importance of reading. Furthermore, we are lack of campaigns of the importance of

Reading is important to transform knowledge and technology. By reading, one

knows the world. He/she will understand what he/she doesn’t see by himself/herself. The
lines of the paragraphs in an article contain pieces of knowledge. The knowledge is needed to
improve the quality of humans’ lives. Technology transformation from other countries can
only be done by reading a lot various sources of literature. Valuable books in libraries and
bookstores are useless if they are not read.

Realizing the importance of reading will make someone motivated to read. When we
know that something is very important because it can give us valuable information, we will
try to get or do the thing. For example, a businessman, who always follows latest information
or news, will know what to do in his business. He will make a good decision to make a
transaction. Most people in all developed countries have realized the importance or reading
and they have good reading habits. In bus and train stations, vehicles, waiting rooms, parks,
we see people reading. They enjoy reading which gives them valuable knowledge and
Good understanding towards the importance of reading can be achieved by well-
organized and effective campaign. To plant an understanding in a generation’s minds is not
an easy job. It needs a hard work from all components of the nation, especially the
government. A serious campaign which is organized by the central and local government can
help common people wake up and stand to face the real competitions. The campaign can be
done through various kinds of mass media such as TV, radio, booklets, bulletins, newspapers
or magazines. It can also be conducted by teachers, parents and all people who care.

Therefore, a nation-wide effective campaign of the importance of reading by all

components of the nation should be done, facilitated by the government, to face the tighter
competition. The world has forced globalization. Those people with little knowledge will be
left behind. To speed up the better change in this country, a good reading habit is really

35. Why do Indonesians have poor reading habits ?

A. There are not good books in Indonesia.
B. There are not great bookshops in Indonesia.
C. On average, books in Indonesia are expensive.
D. People have not realized the importance of reading.
E. Indonesian people prefer listening to presentation to reading.
36. What is the writer’s recommendation ?
A. People should transform their knowledge.
B. People should face tighter competitions.
C. People should realize the importance of reading.
D. The campaign of the importance of reading should be done.
E. Our government should speed up the better change in our country.
37. From the text we can conclude that ...
A. people will gain knowledge if they love reading
B. it is easy to make people realize the importance of reading
C. many Indonesian people understand that reading is important
D. TV is the only mass media to campaign the importance of reading
E. campaign of the importance of reading can only be done by the government
38. “It needs a hard attempt from all components of the nation, especially the
government.” (Paragraph 4)
The underliner word in the above context can be replaced by ...
A. effort
B. mode
C. energy
D. manner
E. technique

The following text is for questions 39 to 42.

British aouthor Dame Barbara Cartland published an incredible 723 books in her
career, making her most profilic author of the 20th century. Most of her books were romantic
novels. Cartland didn’t actually write these books as such, but dictated (spoke aloud) to her
secretaries. She employed up to six secretaries at a time to cope with all the work. Up until
1977, she managed to write an amazing ten books a year, but as demand for her books grew,
she managed to increase that to 20 books a year. That is as much as one full novel every 18
days. She continued to write novels at that rate for the next 20 years.

When Cartland died aged 99 in May 2000, 160 unpublished manuscripts were found
in her home. In total her books have sold over a billion copies and have been translated into
38 different languages.

39. What is the underlying message that the writer wants to tell readers about Dame
Barbara Cartland ?
A. She knew her passion.
B. She was a profilic writer.
C. She knew how to write well.
D. She employed ten secretaries.
E. She wrote her novels based on her experience.
40. “... making her the most profilic author of the 20th century.” What does the ‘profilic’
mean ?
A. Productive.
B. Attractive.
C. Beautiful.
D. Undefeatble.
E. So popular.
41. Which factor below made Cartland’s achievment so remarkable ?
A. She wrote novels for 20 years.
B. She was famous for mysterious novels.
C. She wrote one full novel every 18 days.
D. Her books have been sold over a hundred billion copies.
E. She translated her books into 38 different languages.
42. When was Dame Barbara Cartland born ?
A. In 1891.
B. In 1901.
C. In 1980.
D. In 1991.
E. In 2000.

The following text is for questions 43 to 46.

The Widow and Her Little Maidens

In a pretty little house, there once lived a neat old widow who wore the cleanest caps
and the finest kerchief you ever saw in your life. She was very fond of washing, scrubbing,
baking and sewing! Everybody who knew her used to say that she was the most hard-working
lady they had ever seen and an example to the whole village.
This good woman had two little girls living with her whom she was always trying to
make as clean and neat as herself. She taught them how to knead bread, cook rice and meals.
She also taught them to spin fine thread on their spinning wheels. Every morning, the
moment the big brown cockerel in the yard gave its first crow, she would get out of the bed,
go to the room where the little girls slept and shake them until they woke up.

"Get up! Get up!" she would say. "Don't you hear the cockerel crowing outside? The
Sun will be shining over the hill in a moment. Nobody in this house must stay in bed when
once the cockerel has crowed!"

The little girls were always dreadfully sleepy and did not want to get up in the least.
But the bustling old woman would stand over them, till they got out of bed, yawning and
blinking their eyes. Then she would start her household chores, telling them to wash and
dress and follow her into the kitchen as quickly as they could.

One of the things the little girls had to do was to feed the poultry – the big brown
cockerel among the others. It was rather a greedy bird and always ate a lot of the scraps and
corn that were thrown on the ground. The old lady would stand at the kitchen door to watch
the feeding and the more the cockerel ate, the better she was pleased.

"Is it not a fine bird?" she would say to the little girls. "Be sure and give it the best
bits of food. If he doesn't, crow we will always be oversleeping, for there will be nobody to
wake us in the morning!"

Then the little girls would look at each other under their eyelashes and pout. For they
both hated the brown bird which tried to wake everybody at sunrise when it would be so
much nicer to sleep on until eight or nine o clock.

At last, one day, when the cockerel seemed to have crowed even earlier than usual,
they decided they could stand it no longer. They waited until their mother had gone to
market… then they got rid of it.

The lady arrived home and found that her dear bird was missing. She searched for
the cockerel everywhere while the girls also pretended as much so that their mother might not
suspect them.

The lady missed the cockerel very much. But when they went to bed, however, they
the girls told each other how glad they had got rid of the horrid bird at last.

"Now" they said to each other, "we shall have a little peace. How lovely it will be to
sleep as long as we want to, with no crowing to wake our mother in the morning!"

They cuddled down into their pillows and fell asleep. However, in the middle of the
night or so it seemed to them, the old lady came to their bedside in her nightcap, carrying a
lighted candle!

'Get up! Get up!" she said to them all in a bustle. We have no cockerel to wake us
now and it will never do to oversleep! The dawn has not broken yet…I know! Bui it will
break presently and without the crowing in the yard, we shall not even know that day has
come. Get up! Get up! Follow me into the kitchen as quickly as possible!"

How sad and disappointed those little maidens were! However, they were obliged to do as
their mother told them. So they woke up and stalled scrubbing and washing and spinning by
candle light, sleepier than they had ever been in their lives.

43. What is the purpose of the text ?

A. To remind the readers to alway respect their parents.
B. To relate the writer’s unforgettable experience.
C. To amuse or entertain the readers.
D. To describe what a good mother is like.
E. To show how to be a good kid.
44. What did the mother do to make her daughters indepedent ?
A. She forbid them from playing outdoors a lot.
B. She showed them how to be a smart girl.
C. She asked them to study more diligently.
D. She woke them up and taught them life skills.
E. She asked them to do all the household chores.
45. Why were the daughters hard to wake up early ?
A. They were lazy.
B. They were still tired.
C. There was no clock in their room.
D. They didn’t have enough time to sleep.
E. They never heard when the rooster crowed.
46. What can you learn from the story ?
A. What you reap is what you sow.
B. We must respect each other.
C. Hard work give us happiness.
D. Never blame others for our mistakes.
E. Too much leisure will make us lazy.

The following text is for questions 47 to 50.

Fort Belgica is located in Bandaneira, Banda Islands, Central Maluku district,

Maluku Province, Indonesia. The atmosphere of colonialism history in the archipelago will
be felt since the tourists arrived on the island of Banda. Not only when tourists smell very
strong nutmeg on this island, but also when they visit Fort Belgica. Being in the fort that
holds a million stories of the early arrival of VOC, as if to invite us to return to visit
Bandaneira situation in the 17th century.

Despite nearly 400 years old, the fortress is still well maintained. No graffiti appears
on the walls of the fortress that reaches tens of centimeters thickness as often occurs in
several historic buildings in many places in Indonesia. In addition, the appearance of this
fortress still looks sturdy and resilient.
From the outside of the building, many say that Fort Belgica which was built in 1611
is physically resembles the Pentagon building in Washington DC, USA. In fact, this fortress
has a nickname as the Indonesian Pentagon due to the design of the fortress which was the
former headquarters of the VOC’s pentagonal-shaped building.

Another distinctive feature of the early modern era-style fortress is the existence of
bastions in the building. Bastion is a crack in the wall of the fort which functions as a place to
put the cannon's mouth. Mostly, this bastions face the sea.

Visitors will see how this fortress does not only left many bastions and the walls of
the giant walls, but also a few cannons who never used by the VOC to dispel the 'rebellions'
of local residents and several sultanates of North Maluku, Sulawesi and at that time (between
end of the 16th century to early 19th century).

Furthermore, if visitors see of the fortress, the structure of the fort consists of two layers of
floors. Then, in the middle of the fortress is a wide open space for the prisoners. In the middle
of the open space are two secret wells in square shape which are said to connect the fortress
to the harbour and Fort Nassau located on the waterfront.

Still in the same source, on each side of the fortress there is a tower. To reach the top of the
tower the stairs is available with an almost upright position and a narrow outlet. From the top
of the tower, visitors can enjoy a panorama of areas in Banda Islands, ranging from the blue
waters of the Gulf of Banda, beautiful sunset, peak of Gunung Api-a volcanic mountain in
Bandaneira to a height of 667 meters above sea level – and hundreds of thick nutmeg trees on
the island of Banda Big. Taking a walk around the fortress is a very pleasant activity while
imagining the colonial period.

47. Which of the following is the purpose of the text ?

A. To relate the writer’s experience when visiting Fort Belgica.
B. To amuse the readers with the story of Banda Islands.
C. To describe Banda Islands in Central Maluku.
D. To instruct how to reach Fort Belgica.
E. To describe Fort Belgica.
48. From the text we know that ....
A. Belgica Fortress only has one high tower
B. the walls of the fortress are 17 cm thick
C. Portuguese built the fortress in 1611
D. bastion is a name of a huge canon
E. the fortress actually has five sides
49. What makes Fort Belgica a worth visit ?
A. Visitors will smell nutmegs on the whole island.
B. The walls of Belgica Fortress are free from grafiti.
C. Visitors can enjoy beautiful panorama from the top of the tower.
D. Visitors will feel as if they were in the American defense centre.
E. Belgica fortress was in fact the home of the Dutch troops.
50. “ ... peak of Gunung Api – a volvanic mountain in Bandaneira to a height af 667
metres ...” (Last Paragraph) The underlined word may be best replaced by ...
A. crest
B. slope
C. scene
D. side
E. crop
This following text is for question 16 and 17.

2nd March 2018

As Founder and CEO, it is may goal to contact every customer who has affected by the error
and extend the following offer:

We would like to invite you to give us a second chance to make things right, free of charge. If
you would be willing to allow Jendela Dunia Stationery Store to send your next bulk card
order, we would like to do so at no cost to you in an effort to express our apologize and
demonstrate our ability to do the job right.

I’d appreciate for your cooperation.

Ariana Murti

16. Who wrote the text ?

A. Jendela Dunia Stationery Store’s partner.
B. The customer of Jendela Dunia Stationery Store.
C. The management of Jendela Dunia Stationery Store.
D. The president director of Jendela Dunia Stationery Store.
E. The scretary of Jendela Dunia Stationery Store’s CEO.
17. The text was written to ...
A. demonstrate stationery store’s ability and skills
B. offer customers the stationery store’s new products
C. invite customers to meet the stationery store’s CEO
D. apologize customers for the stationery store’s errors
E. ask customer’s permission to send them their next card order

The following text is for questions 18 and 19.


For people who are looking for new ways of doing things!

Attend a business dinner specially designed to launch a programme to engage people wanting
to diversify their income into several new entrepreneurship strategies.

Learn how people who build great business and achieve solid success in this “Online Age”
are taking advantage of technology and are applying strategies that most of us could also

Tickets are available at a cost of Rp 1,500,000 per delegate to cover dinner, refreshments,
insights, and personal development videos.

Where : Diamond Hotel and Convention

When : Sunday, 8th April 2018

Time : 6 p.m. - 9p.m.

Register now!

Only 50 seats available!

18. Who will be the speakers in the event?

A. Economist.
B. Finance Analysts.
C. Marketing staff.
D. Beginners in entrepreneurship.
E. Big online shops owners.
19. If you are interested to join, you should ...
A. contact the committee of the seminar
B. call the Diamond Hotel and Convention
C. send an e-ail to the e-mail address written
D. meet the Diamond Hotel and Convention’s staff
E. arrive at the Diamond Hotel and Convention on the D-day

The following text is for questions 20 to 22.

Last Saturday my playmates and I had a camp in a camping ground outside the town.
We brought camping equipment, like two tents for boys and girls, ropes, sticks, mats, etc.

Late in the afternoon, we pitched our tents in the middle of the filed. As soon as this
was done, we cooked a meal over an open fire. We were all hungry and the food smelt good.
When the food was ready, we had dinner together.

After a wonderful meal, we told stories and sang songs by the camp fire. However,
some time later it began to rain, so we put out the fire and crept into our tents. Our sleeping
bags were warm and comfortable, so we all slept soundly.

In the middle of the night, two boys woke up and began shouting. Our tents were full
of water! We all leapt out of their sleeping bags and hurried outside. It was raining heavily
and we found that a stream had formed in the field. The stream wound its way across the filed
and then flowed right under our tents. The rain stopped at dawn, around 5 a.m. How terrible
night it was!

The next afternoon, we were ready to unpack the tents and wrap the equipment. After
cleanig the camping area, we went home. We were happy, though the last night rain ruined
our camp fire. Above all, it was a really unforgettable experience.

20. What did the writer and her friends do before leaving the camping area?
A. Unpacked the tents.
B. Packed all the equipment.
C. Collected rubbish around the tents.
D. Prepared for the farewell session.
E. Clean the tents and equipment.
21. From the text we know that ...
A. the camp lasted for two days one night.
B. the girls were responsible to cook food for all.
C. the camp was attended by the writer’s classmates
D. the rain was pouring down when they were sleeping
E. the writer and her friends had a great time during the camp
22. The writer and her friends felt so ... and couldn’t sleep well at night
A. calm
B. upset
C. nervous
D. worried
E. annoyed

The following text is for questions 23 to 25.

The best way to share a video is to upload it to YouTube. As a Google account holder,
you also have a YouTube account. You can use the YouTube app on your Android phone to
upload videos to the Internet, where everyone can see them and make rude comments about
them. Here’s how:

1. Activate the phone’s Wi-Fi.

The best way to upload a video is to turn on the Wi-Fi connection. You can use the
4G signal, if you have a 4G phone, but you see a warning about data usage
surcharges, which is a distinct possibility when you upload a video.
2. From the Apps Menu screen, choose the Gaallery app.
3. View the video you want to upload. Or simply have the video displayed on the screen.
4. Touch the Share button, and choose YouTube from the menu.
5. Fill in the blanks to describe the video.
For example, you can type the video’s title, replacing whatever random text is put
there by the phone. You can touch the More Details button and type a description,
specify whether to make the video public or private, add tags, or change other
6. Touch the Uplod button.
You return to the Gallery as the video is being uploaded. It continues to upload, even
if the phone gets bored and falls asleep.

To view your video, open the YouTube app on the App menu, press the Menu soft
button, and choose the My Channel command. If necessary, choose your Google account
from the popup list. Your video should appear in the Upload list.

Adopted from: Dan Gooking,

(31st October 2017)
23. From the text, the writer is trying to tell us on how to ... using Aandroid phones.
A. Share a video worldwide
B. Upload videos to YouTube
C. Download videos from YouTube
D. Enjoy videos through You Tube
E. Check the videos uploaded in YouTube
24. When should you write information about the video uploaded?
A. After clicking the Upload button.
B. Before returning to the Gallery.
C. Before touching the Share button.
D. After clicking YouTube from the menu.
E. Right after viewing the video uploaded.
25. How do you know that you have uploaded a video successfully ?
A. I recieve a notification e-mail.
B. I recieve a feedback from the Youtube.
C. I find the little of my video in the Uploads list.
D. The video uploaded can be seen in a search engine.
E. There’s a pop-up box infroming a successful upload.

The following text is for questions 26 and 27


A public hearing is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, 15th March 2018 at a regular
meeting of the Board of Directors of the Downtown Detroit Business Improvement Zone
(“Zone”) to be held at the Guardian Building, Conference Room 3010, 500 Griswold St,.
Detroit, MI 48226 for the purpose of discussing adoption of the budget for the Zone for 2018-
2019 fiscal year.

The meeting will be held in compliance with the Open Meeting Act1976 PA 267, MCL
15.261 to 15.275. A copy of the propose budget is available for public inspection at 600
Renaissance Centre, Ste. 174, Detroit, MI 48243.

The property tax millage rate proposed to be levied to support the proposed budget will
be a subject of this hearing.*

*Note: This notice is printed in compliance with 1963 (2nd Ex Sess) PA 43, MCL 141.411 to
141.415. The Zone is not authorized to levy taxes.

Mark King

Zone Secretary

Adopted from:

638.jpg?cb=1411031084 (31st October 2018)
26. What will the participants be discussing?
A. Inspection by the public.
B. The property tax millage rate.
C. The budget for the next fiscal year.
D. The Zone’s business improvement.
E. The Board of Directors’ evaluation.
27. “The meeting will be held in compliance with the Open Meeting ....” Which word can
replace the underlined word in the above sentence ?
A. Settlement.
B. Agreement.
C. Adaptation.
D. Admission.
E. Recognition.

The following text is for questions 28 to 30.

HELSINKI (AP) — Norwegian rescue officials said Sunday the wreckage of a

Russian helicopter that crashed with eight people onboard off the Arctic archipelago of
Svalbard has been located on the seabed.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Center for northern Norway said that the Mi-8
helicopter, which went down Thursday near the Svalbard settlement of Barentsburg, is
around two kilometers (one mile) east of Cape Heer at a depth of nearly 210 meters (about
685 feet).

A Norwegian remote-controlled submarine was involved in the search, which will

now focus on the chopper’s passengers.

Russian authorities said earlier that the helicopter belonged to Russian coal company
Arktikugol but was operated by charter company Konvers Avia.

Yevgeny Saidov, head of the Russian emergencies ministry’s special group at the site,
told news agency TASS that Russian remotely controlled underwater vehicles would join the
operation to survey the Mi-8 crash site.

The helicopter had been en route to Barentsburg, a coal-mining town of about 500
people, from the Russian settlement of Pyramiden, carrying five crew members and three
staff members from Russia’s Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.

Under an international 1920 treaty, Norway has sovereignty over Svalbard, which is
800 kilometers (500 miles) north of its mainland. Other signatory countries of the treaty have
rights to exploit its natural resources at the archipelago, known also with its earlier name
Adopted from:
helicopter-found -on-seabed-in-the-Arctic (31st October 2017)

28. What is the text mainly about ?

A. Investigating the crash of a Russian helicopter.
B. Rescuing the Russian helicopter’s passengers.
C. Searching for the location of the Russian helicopter.
D. Finding the site of the Russian helicopter.
E. Describing the location where a Russian helicopter crashed.
29. Where did the helicopter fall ?
A. Into the sea.
B. On a step hill.
C. In a dense forest.
D. On a deep ravine
E. In a coal mining area.
30. “Other signatory countries of the treaty have rights to exploit its natural resources....”
The underlined word can be replaced by ....
A. apply
B. utilize
C. abuse
D. employ
E. deceive

The following text is for questions 31 to 34.

Today, it is not surprising to see that many children are familiar with the Internet.
Internet is important, but controlling children accessing it is a must. This is because of the
following reasons.

Websites on the Internet are easily opened by everyone around the world. The
websites may contain bad and inapropriate articles, pictures and videos. Children can’t filter
which one they should see and which one they should not.

The Internet can also make children addicted. Moreover, there are many websites
providing online games for children. If we can’t control them, they will play the games for
hours without stopping. This is absolutely not good for them.

Besides, if children access the Internet too often, they may not have a good social life.
They won’t be able to get along with their friends. Furthermore, this may make them anti-

Thus, it is clear that we should control children when they access the Internet.

31. What is the text mainly about ?

A. Dangerous websites for children.
B. The danger of Internet for children.
C. Time duration for children accessing the Internet.
D. The control over children’s access on the Internet.
E. The reasons children should minimize Internet usage.
32. What makes children addicted to Internet ?
A. Online games.
B. Factual articles.
C. Interesting videos.
D. Innapropriate pictures.
E. Educational maaterials.
33. What will happen if children engage to the Internet too frequent ?
A. They will be up-to-date.
B. They will have many friends.
C. They will become introvert.
D. They will neglect their studies.
E. They will gain various information.
34. What does the writer suggest related to the topic ?
A. Forbid children accessing the Internet.
B. Attend children when surfing the Internet.
C. Give punishment if chldren access the Internet.
D. Have children to attend many courses or activities.
E. Not allow children to have advanced mobile phones.

The following text is for questions 35 to 38.

Peafowl are creatures of habit. They sleep roosted in the same tree and trumpet at the
same time everyday, as if part of a ritual.

When it bugles i its high-pitched voice, the male Indian peafowl spreads its tail
feathers to form a giant fan- fit for a fashion show!

During courtship, the male peafowl (called peacock) shrieks, “lee-YOW, lee-YOW,
lee-YOW.” Then, with great showmanship, it spreads it magnificent blue-green tail features
into a fan and performs a mating dance.

The female, or peahen (whose feathers are greyish and which has no fan), easily falls
under the charm of the male-and who can who can blame it? Besides being good looking, the
male is a talented singer and dancer!

Living in the wild, the Indian peafowl is constantly on the lookout. Danger is never
far in the tropical forests where it lives. Leopards and tigers eat peafowl for dinner! This
cousin of the guinea fowl and pheasant generally flies only when its is in danger. If
frightened, it will noisily flap its wings and rise into the treetops. At the slightest sound, the
peafowl trumpets an alrm that echoes for almost a mile.

Adopted from: Thomas Bye, On Location 3: Reading and Writing for Success in the Content
Areas, New York, McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 2005.
35. Based on the text, the writer’s purpose of writing the text is to ...
A. report the general characteristic of peafowl
B. explain the differences of male and female peafowl
C. describe the courtship of male and female peafowl
D. state the peafowl are becoming endangered animals
E. invite the readers to protect peafowl from illegal hunting.
36. Why is a male peafowl more attractive than the female ?
A. The male is bigger and taller than the female.
B. The male can form a big fan, the female creates a small one.
C. The male can produce a higher-pitched voice than the female.
D. The male is more talented in playing music than the female.
E. The male’s tail feathers are more colorful than the female’s.
37. Why does peafowl flap its wings noisily?
A. There will be a stormy rain.
B. It detects a predator nearby.
C. It invites other peafowl to gather.
D. There is female peafowl nearby.
E. There will be coming a flock of peafowl.
38. According to the text, peafowl is a disciplined animal ... it sleeps roosted in the same tree
and trumpets at the same time every day.
A. due to
B. unless
C. since
D. although
E. however

The following text is for questions 39 to 42.

Dodola Island is located in the western part of the Morotai Island, North Maluku
district to the northern tip of the Halmahera Island. Morotai Islands is well-known as the
outermost regions because it is situated on the edge of the Pacific.

Dodola Island is a real paradise with the beauty of the beach which is very tempting.
It is not surprise because the island becomes an icon of Morotai which is surrounded by white
sand to connect Big Dodola Island and Small Dodola Island. The fine sand looks like flour
and that is why local residents love to visit it. The echo of island is also more spreading
nowadays. The trail that connects Big and Small Dodola Island is white sand.

The sand stretches and creates outline pattern which looks so amazing. The outlines
are created by wind and wave of water. It will take five minutes to walk from Big Dodola to
Small Dodola. Visitors will see coral reefs and seaweed when the tide low. However, when
the tide is quite high, the two islands seem to be separated by a strait. Above all, the
panorama and view are so fantastic that visitors can explore all of the edge of the island.
In Dodola Island, visitors can do many activities, especially water sport, such as
fishing, swimming, sun bathing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, diving, or just laying on fine sand. As
an exotic island, most of visitor are backpackers who love explore the island and do activities
as much as they want.

Adopted from:

Island-Amazing-Island-in-Morotai (31st October 2017)

39. Why did the writer write the text ?

A. To portray what Dodola Island is like.
B. To invite the readers to visit Dodola Island.
C. To explain why Dodola Island is worth to visit.
D. To persuade the readers to explore Dodola Island.
E. To describe kinds of activities done in Dodola Island.
40. What is the main idea of paragraph two ?
A. What makes Dodola Island attractive.
B. What kind of sand Dodola Island has.
C. Why local residents love to visit Dodola Island.
D. Why Dodola Island becomes the icon of Morotai.
E. How Big and Small Dodola Island are connected.
41. Why do many backpackers visit the island ?
A. They only visit the island for a short time.
B. There are only few things to do on the island.
C. The track to reach the island is hard and challenging.
D. They move freely from one spot to another as they like.
E. There is no hotel or public transport available on the island.
42. “... the beauty of the beach which is very tempting.” Which word can replace the
underlined word in the above sentence ?
A. Relaxing
B. Intriguing
C. Surprising
D. Sensational
E. Extraordinary

The following text is for questions 43 to 46.

In the valley of Montafon, the bridge of the village broke down, or rather the swollen
torrent carried it away. The villagers of course were unable to pass to and from Schruns, on
the other side of the river, for all their daily needs. Therefore, they came to the village
carpenter and offered him a large sum of money if he would rebuild the bridge in three days.
This puzzled the poor fellow beyond description; he had a large family and now his fortune
would be made at once. He saw the impossibility of finishing the work in so short a time, and
therefore he begged one day for reflection.
Then, he set to work to study all day, up to midnight, to find out how he could manage
to do the work within the specified time; and as he could find out nothing, he thumped the
table with his fist, and called out, "To the devil with it! I can find out nothing."

In his anger and annoyance he was on the point of going to bed when all at once a
little man wearing a green hat entered the room, and asked, "Carpenter, why do you feel very
sad?" The carpenter told him all his troubles.

The little fellow replied, "It is very easy to help you. I will build your bridge, and in
three days it shall be finished, but only on the condition that the first soul out of your house
who passes over the bridge shall be mine."

On hearing this, the carpenter, who then knew with whom he had to do, shuddered
with horror, though the large sum of money enticed him, and he thought to himself, "After
all, I will trick the devil," and so he agreed to the contract.

Three days afterwards the bridge was complete, and the devil stood in the middle,
awaiting his prey. After having remained there for many days, the carpenter at last appeared
himself, and at that sight the devil jumped with joy; but the carpenter was driving one of his
goats. As he approached the bridge, he pushed the goat on before him and called out, "There
you have the first soul out of my house," and the devil seized upon the goat.

Oh, grief and shame! First disappointed, and then enraged, he dragged the poor goat
so hard by her tail that it came out, and then off he flew, laughed at and mocked by all who
saw him. Since that time it is that goats have such short tails. (3rd November 2017)

43. Sending one of its goat to get caught by the devil, in order to keep his promise, showed
that the carpenter was ...
A. frail
B. wicked
C. helpless
D. cunning
E. deceitful
44. Who asked the carpenter to build the bridge ?
A. The devil
B. The cillagers
C. His neighbours
D. The carpenter’s family
E. The chief of the village
45. Why did the crpenter become upset?
A. The devil didn’t keep his promise.
B. He didn’t know how to pay the devil.
C. He didn’t have much money to build the bridge.
D. He was forced to finish the bridge in very short time.
E. He couldn’t think of how to finish the bridge in three days.
46. From the story we know that _______________ .
A. the devil could not finish building the bridge.
B. the devil was late in building the bridge.
C. the carpenter didn’t keep his promise.
D. the devil failed in getting what he wanted.
E. the carpenter lost one of his family members.

The following text is for questions 47 to 50.

Nelson Mandela was a civil rights leader in South Africa. He was best known for his
27 years service in prison as a protest against apartheid, a system where non-white citizens
were segregated from whites and did not have equal rights. He became a symbol for his
people and later the president of South Africa.

Nelson Mandela, whose name is Rolihlahla, was born on July 18, 1918 in Mvezo,
South Africa. Nelson was a member of Thimbu royalty and his father was chief of the city of
Mvezo. He attended school and later college at the College of Fort Hare and the University of
Witwatersrand. At Witwatersrand, Mandela got his law degree and would meet some of his
fellow activists against apartheid.

Nelson Mandela became a leader in the African National Congress (ANC). At first he
pushed hard for the congress and the protesters to follow Mohandas Gandhi's non-violence
approach. At one point he started to doubt that this approach would work and started up an
armed branch of the ANC. He planned to bomb certain buildings, but only the buildings. He
wanted to make sure that no one would be hurt. He was classified as a terrorist by the South
African government and sent to prison where he would spend the next 27 years in prison.

His prison sentence brought international visibility to the anti-apartheid movement.

He was finally released through international pressure in 1990. Once released from prison,
Nelson continued his campaign to end apartheid. His hard work and life long effort paid off
when all races were allowed to vote in the 1994 election. Nelson Mandela won the election
and became president of South Africa. There were several times during the process where
violence threatened to break out. Nelson was a strong force in keeping the calm and
preventing a major civil war.

Though he was sent to jail for 27 years, he refused to bend on his principals in order
to be released and stated that he would die for his ideals. He wanted all people of all races to
have equal rights in South Africa. He died on December 5, 2013 in Johannesburg, South
Africa. To commemorate his struggel, 18th July has been declared as Nelson Mandela day of
which people are asked to devote 67 minutes to helping others, representing 67 years
Mandela spent serving his country.

Adopted from: (3rd November

47. What is the underlying message that the writer wants to tell the readers about Nelson
Mandela ?
A. Nelson was a role model for South African people forever.
B. Nelson was able to prevent a major civil war to break out.
C. Nelson’s fighting spirit would always be with the African people.
D. Nelson had a strong determination who would fight for his ideal till the end.
E. Nelson struggled to put South African people free from the apartheid system.
48. Which people makes South African people arrange Nelson Mandelaa Day ?
A. His 67 year-service to end apartheid in the country.
B. His struggel for equal rights in the country.
C. His high devotion and loyalty for his country.
D. His sacrifice for the glory of his beloved country.
E. His fight for equality for all South African people.
49. When was South African free from the apartheid practice ?
A. In 1990
B. While Nelson Mandela was in jail.
C. Four years after Nelson was released.
D. When the first election was conducted.
E. As soon as Nelson was released from prison.
50. “....where non-white citizens were segregated from whites and did not have equal rights”.
The underlined word may be replaced by ....
A. unified
B. separated
C. recognised
D. quarantined
E. distinguished