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Middle Test Practice

Grade 6
I. choose the correct answer
Text for number 1 to 5
The Solar System

The earth where we live on, is part of the solar system. It is called the solar system because
everything goes around the sun. The sun is the centre.
There are eight planets in the solar system. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,
Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The four smaller inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars,
are primaly composed of rock and metal. While the two largest, Jupiter and Saturn are composed
largely of ices, such as water, ammonia and methane. They all move around the sun.
The sun is actually a star. It has its own light. But planets are not stars. They don't have
their own light. The planets get light from the sun.

1. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are the four ... inner planets.
a. bigger
b. smaller
c. farthest
d. biggest
2. All the planets ... around the sun.
a. stay
b. beside
c. move
d. shine
3. The planets get light from the ....
a. sun
b. moon
c. planets
d. star
4. ... has own light.
a. star
b. moon
c. jupiter
d. mercury
5. What is the tittle of the text above?
a. The Solar System
b. The Planets
c. The Biggest Planet
d. The Star
6. ... rises in the morning.
a. moon
b. star
c. planets
d. sun
7. A :"Does the moon have its own light?"
B :"No, it ..."
a. isn't
b. aren't
c. don't
d. doesn't
8. The following are the things in the earth, except ....
a. mountain
b. waterfall
c. comet
d. lake
9. Hani is lazy, but her brother is ....
a. clever
b. stupid
c. dilligent
d. handsome
10. Sandri :"Escuse me, May I bring your books?"
Teacher :"...."
a. Yes, please
b. No, I don't
c. Don't sleep
d. I'm fine
11. We are very happy .... our team won the competition.
a. so
b. because
c. and
d. or
12. She _____ her cat everyday
a. To feed
b. Feed
c. Feeds
d. Feeding
13. I ____ always ____ to the dentist
a. Do not, go
b. Does not, go
c. Do not, went
d. Does not, went
14. When __ you ____ a shower?
a. Do, took
b. Do, take
c. Do, taken
d. Do, taking
15.Q: When do you do your homework?
A: …
a. I have did my homework at 6 PM
b. I did my homework at 6 PM
c. I do my homework at 6 PM
d. I am doing my homework at 6 PM

II. Complete the sentences with the “Comparative” or “Superlative” degree

1. I want to buy that red jacket but it’s too expensive. I hope I can find a ________ jacket
to buy.
2. The scenery here is beautiful. But I think it will be ___________ if there is no garbage
3. Bengawan Solo river is long but Nil river is ________ than Bengawan Solo river.
4. A horse runs __________ than a goat.
5. Most students think Mathematic is ___________ than Social Science.

III. Change the following sentences into negative and interrogative sentence
1. (+) The white cat has a long tail.
2. (+)They always come late
3. (+)Tara always reads novel every night