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135 Years

Volume 136 Issue 30 Friday, October 5, 2018 90 cents plus tax

this week
Fundraising Bedpush

Minnedosa to
be Featured
in Bike Movie

Photo by Karen Mitchell

Quilts on U of M Ag students push an old bed down Main Street Minnedosa last Friday as part of their fundraising tour.

Display By KAREN MITCHELL ple students set off on their Friday, September 28th at ing lot. Although not a along their route.

journey with a few RV’s, a 6:00 p.m. long distance down Main Over the last three

F ifty students from the
University of Mani-
toba Agriculture travelled
bed onboard for pushing
and an overwhelming spir-
it that can be felt by anyone
The students, dressed
in bright yellow shirts, ad-
vertising the Ronald Mc-
Street, anyone in the vicin-
ity would be able to hear
them coming.
years, the Aggies Bedpush
has raised over $22,000 for
the Manitoba Heart and
through multiple towns encountering these great Donald House Charities, For over 30 years the Stroke Foundation, Grow-
late last week, on a jour- young adults. were eager to bring atten- Ag students have pushed ing Support for Cancer-
ney to raise money and The route this year tion to their cause. Setting the very same bed over Care and Manitoba Farm-
awareness for the Ronald started at the University off from the Conference the 221 km route. In the ers with Disabilities.
If your label reads McDonald House in Win- of Manitoba campus then Centre, the aggies ran last few years, the students If anyone is interested
18/10/31 nipeg.
Every year, the Uni-
moved on to Elie, Portage,
Gladstone, Minnedo-
south down Main Street,
with signs waving, RV
have changed up their
route a bit. The bedpush
in helping out this great
cause you can visit the
It’s time to renew
versity of Manitoba Ag sa, Killarney, Baldur, St. horns blasting. The large used to be held on High- website at fundraiser@
your subscription! students, affectionately Claude and ending in Car- “yellow group” pushed way #1, but due to safety Here, you
known as the “aggies”, man. Students arrived at an old wrought iron bed concerns, they now push can donate and find more
204-867-3816 choose a charity to raise the Minnedosa Commu- on wheels to the Heritage the bed down Main Streets information.
money for and then multi- nity Conference Centre on Co-op Grocery Store park- of select communities

In F r ont
Book This Space For

Sta nd Ou t Your Next Ad
Contact The Tribune
2 Friday, October 5, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Jim Andersen Stepping Down After 16 Years as Reeve
By KAREN MITCHELL Looking back at his he jokes. Andersen also
sixteen years, Andersen has a hobby working with

J im Andersen, was first
elected as Reeve of the
Rurual Municipality of
remembers the first big
subject that was on the
books back in 2002 was the
motors and steam engines
and hopes he will have
more time to focus on that.
Odanah in 2002. When the Evergreen Environmental “It was time that I
amalgamation of the R.M.’s Technologies Corporation moved on and someone
of Minto and Odanah was located between Neepawa younger take over. Like I
announced, Anderson ran and Minnedosa. “It was a said before I had four great
and won the seat as Reeve lot of learning for every- councils to work with dur-
for the new joint munici- one involved but in the ing my time, and good
pality and on January 1st, end I think it all worked councils make the Reeves
2015 he started that jour- out well,” remembered look good. Maybe I would
ney. After sixteen years in Andersen. “I have been take the opportunity to go
service, Andersen says it’s very lucky over my time as out on a high note,” states
time to hang up his hat. Reeve, I have always had a Andersen.
Andersen, who is a great council to work with. Doug Dowsett, is the
retired farmer, has al- We have never had a sub- incoming Reeve for Minto-
ways lived in the area with ject that divided us and ev- Odanah.
wife Cheryl and children eryone was always willing
Andrew and Amber. He to work together.”
bought his homestead in Once officially out of Photo by Karen Mitchell

It’s Fire Prevention Week
1978 from his father and office, Andersen plans to
made a home for his fami- spend more time putter-
ly. Andersens father, Hans, ing around his yard. “We
was Reeve of Odanah from have a really big yard and
1970 to 1978. my wife keeps me busy,”
SUBMITTED one. ing place, which should be door or window. Ensure
LOOK – for places fire a safe distance from your that your smoke alarms
“LOOK, LISTEN, can start. Take a good look home and where everyone are working properly and
LEARN.  Be Aware.  Fire around your home and knows to meet. have fresh batteries. Have
Can Happen Anywhere” identify any potential fire LEARN – two ways out a meeting place outside
is the theme for Fire Pre- hazards and take care of of every room and make that everyone in the family
vention Week, which runs them. sure all doors and win- has discussed and is aware
October 7 to 13th. The edu- LISTEN – for the dows leading outside open of. Have fire extinguishers
cation about three basic sound of the smoke alarm. easily and are free of clut- checked on a regular basis

but essential steps to take
to reduce the likelihood of
You could have only min-
utes to escape safely once
Having a home fire es-
and have them visible for
easy access.
DOG & CAT OWNERS having a fire and how to es- the smoke alarms sounds. cape plan and drills with Visit www.fpwcanada.
RECYCLING GARBAGE COLLECTION cape safely in the event of Go to your outside meet- your family is an essen- ca or http://www.nfpa.
All dogs tial part of fire safety. An org/safety-information/
*** and
TO cats
BE within
OUT the BY Town
8:00 of Minnedosa
A.M. ***
must be licensed annually. escape plan needs to be for-consumers for more
A certificate of vaccination for rabies must be developed and practiced information and tools.
Monday, October 8th NO GARBAGE COLLECTION before a fire strikes. An es- Watch next week’s
produced before a license is issued
2014 Dog & Cat licenses are available at the cape plan should consist of Tribune for a feature on
Tuesday, October 9th North End Garbage & Recycling
Town Office
Collection - Includes Brandosa two exists from every room our local fire department.
Owners of unlicensed Dogs & Cats, Dogs & Cats in your home, usually a
Wednesday, at large, as well
10th SouthasEast
Garbageand vicious
animals are subject to various penalties and
Friday, OctoberA12th
copy of animal control
South West by-lawCollection
Garbage 2478 is
available at the Town& Office for examination
South End Recycling by
any person during regular hours.

The Town of Minnedosa

The Town of Minnedosa will be conducting a
Hydrant and Water Line Flushing Program
commencing the week of October 1st
until the end of October.

The Flushing Program will be conducted from
7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.;
Mondays through to Thursdays.

Residents may notice periods of low pressure and
discolouration during this time. Residents may also
notice temporary disruption of water service.

Residents are advised to check your cold water
supply for discolouration prior to using
Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 washing machines, dish washers etc.
at Minnedosa Community Conference Centre
We apologize for any inconvenience that this Program
$17.00 per person may cause; however it is critical that the lines be
Tickets available in advance at Minnedosa Legion Club flushed on a regularly established schedule.
Rooms, Minnedosa Credit Union & Sims & Co. Law Office
Brought to you by The Minnedosa Legion (29-7)
Town of Minnedosa (28-3)
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 5, 2018 3

Heritage and Strathclair Co-ops Next Generation Horseman
Propose Amalgamation to
Improve Opportunities
SUBMITTED the name of Heritage Co- to attend this meeting to
op, would include all Heri- receive all information

C o-ops were built on
the concept of work-
ing together. Now, the
tage Co-op locations (four
food stores, one pharmacy,
two home centres, six gas
regarding the proposed
amalgamation and have
any questions they may
Boards of Directors for bars, five cardlocks and have answered.
Heritage Co-op and Strath- two ag sites) as well as all Strathclair Co-op will
clair Co-op are bringing an Strathclair locations (one hold its meeting at 7:00
amalgamation proposal to ag site, one home centre, p.m. on Monday, October
their memberships to form and one cardlock). The 29th at the Strathclair Hall .
a stronger co-operative new co-op would serve a Heritage Co-op will
that remains committed to trading area that covers hold its meeting at 7:00
serving its communities. from Strathclair to east of p.m. on Tuesday, October He may be young, but little Nolan Amyotte is well on his way
Both organizations Brandon (west to east), 30th at the Minnedosa to be the next generation of great horsemen. Wes and Elsie Ferguson
share a vision to offer val- and Erickson to Wawanesa Community Conference submitted this photo of Nolan, who was three years old at the time,
ue, enhance growth and (north to south). Centre.
showing off his skills with some of Wes’ large horses.
maintain relevance for Both co-operatives If approved, a transi-
current and future mem- have an extensive history tion process will be estab-
Nolan is the son of Terrell Amyotte and Nancy Kingdon.
bers. serving the members in lished to integrate the two
“We’ll be better to- their respective communi- operations effective De-
gether,” said Heritage ties. Focusing on investing cember 29th, 2018. Mem-
Co-op General Manager, locally and giving back, the bers and customers may
Lorne Zacharias. “Strath- commitment to communi- need to review their Co-op NOTICE OF ELECTION
clair complements the ties will only be strength- numbers and accounts if TOWN OF MINNEDOSA
areas that we are already ened as a result of the part- they are members of both
working in, both geo- nership. co-operatives. Full details Notice is hereby given that a vote of TOWN OF MINNEDOSA will be taken to elect Six Councillors from the following
graphically and in terms of If you’re a member, regarding membership duly nominated candidates:
commodities served. It’s a you’re an owner. A Special numbers will be available For the offices of Councillor:
great fit.” Membership Information at both membership meet- 1. DOWSETT, JIM
A united co-operative Meeting and Vote will be ings. 2. SWAIN, CLARKE
will be more resilient to held for each membership. 3. MacDOWALL, JUDITH
increasing competition - Members are encouraged 4. BUTLER, GRANT
there will be increased op- 5. BLAIS, MARK
portunities to take advan- 6. SALER, RICK
tage of pooled resources 7. TAYLOR, FRANK
and talent, benefiting cur- 8. DOWSETT, THOMAS
rent and future members
For the office of Mayor: *** ACCLAIMED
for years to come.
“Co-ops were built on
the concept of working to- VOTING PLACES
gether to help serve their Voting places will be open for voting on Wednesday the 24th day of October 2018 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
communities better. That at the Minnedosa Community Conference Centre.
principle remains at the IDENTIFICATION WILL BE REQUIRED BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO VOTE. A person may be required to produce
heart of this partnership.” one piece of government issued photo identification (for example - driver’s license or passport) or at least two other
said Valerie Collins, Gen- documents that provide proof of identity.
eral Manager of Strathclair
Co-op. “An amalgamation ADVANCE VOTING
will give us the strength For the purpose of accommodating persons who are qualified to vote, but who have reason to believe that they will
and capital to be able to be absent or otherwise unable to attend their proper voting place on election day, an advance voting opportunity
grow and make existing will be located at the Town of Minnedosa in the West Wing and will be open Friday, October 12, 2018 between 8:00
operations stronger.” a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
The new Co-op, under MOBILE VOTING
For the purpose of accommodating persons who are qualified to vote, but reside at a health care facility, a mobile
voting station will be set up at the following health care facilities on election day:
Running on
Print jobs may take up to A voter who is unable to go in person to the voting place or vote in advance, may apply in person, in writing, or by
2-3 weeks to complete. fax (204) 867-2686 to the senior election official at 103 Main Street South.
Fill up before you’re out!
If applying in person*, a voter may apply between September 26, 2018 and October 19, 2018.
Minnedosa Tribune * A voter applying in person may pick up a sealed envelope ballot package at the time of application.
867-3816 If applying by mail or fax**, a voter may apply between September 26, 2018 and October 19, 2018.
** A voter applying by mail or fax will receive a sealed envelope ballot package by regular post, or by making

alternative arrangements with the senior election official.

Senior Election Official Name of Local Authority
204-867-2727 WORK
204-867-2105 HOME
4 Friday, October 5, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Darryl a.Holyk - PublisHer anD eDitor

Around Newspapers Matter Now More Than Ever
By PauL MacNeiLL, their ads reach engaged lo-

Publisher, island Press Ltd. cal consumers both in print
and online.

T he story of Canada is
told every day in the
pages of newspapers you’ve
During National News-
paper Week, we celebrate
the collective strength of our
By Darryl Holyk
probably never heard of. But industry and the vital role it
don’t confuse national ano- continues to play in champi-
nymity with local relevance. oning local democracy. We
Celebrating newspapers… If you want to know are the watchdog. The prod-
The first week of October was designated as National about St. Anthony, New- der. The champion of ideas.
Newspaper Week in Canada and this year’s theme was foundland and Labrador, The Northern Pen is the We celebrate success and uplift those in need. We
“Newspapers Matter”. Sadly, more and more people are media of record. build community. Often we are the only source of lo-
believing false information appearing online through The Inverness Oran captures the magic of local cal news.
various websites or social media platforms making news- Cape Breton news, arts, culture and sports. We matter.
paper credibility more important than ever to get the Northern Life is the go to source for news in Sud- And yet our industry is under attack. Eight in 10
actual true facts and information out to the public. Sta- bury with both its print and nationally recognized Canadians read newspaper content every week, but
tistics show that eight in ten Canadians still read a news- digital format. only five in 10 are willing to pay for it. Business and
paper every week and if you are reading this, we thank The MacLeod Gazette in Fort MacLeod, Alberta government at all levels use foreign-based social me-
you for being one of those newspaper readers helping to is as solid a newspaper as you will find in any city or dia for messaging despite surveys that show newspa-
keep our industry alive. town in this country. per ads, both digital and print, are most trusted and
The diversity of West Vancouver is celebrated in boast massive reach.
the pages of The North Shore News. Facebook and Google have a history of support-
Minimum wage increase… All are exceptional publications built around a ing hate, homophobia, xenophobia, falling prey to
On October 1st, Manitoba’s minimum wage in- timeless and simple promise: Deliver relevant and Russian trolls and playing fast and loose with the
creased by 20 cents to $11.35. Looking back 50 years, the trusted news to local residents. The format, content privacy of millions of users. They gobble an ever-
minimum wage in 1968 was $1.20 an hour. By 1978 this and design may differ for the 1,000+ community increasing share of the media spending pie (the two
had increased to $2.95 an hour. Over the next ten years, newspapers across this country, but the promise is account for 70 per cent of online spending) but invest
the minimum hourly wage had not quite doubled and the same. In an era of ‘fake news’ and a 24-hour me- virtually nothing to build Canadian communities.
was sitting at $4.70 in 1988. In 1998, the minimum wage dia cycle, community newspapers chart their own They do not collect HST that funds health care, edu-
was $5.40 and in 2008 it was sitting at $8.50. course rather than follow a media pack or social me- cation and other government services in your com-
dia stream. munity.
New name… As my late father often said, ‘The role of a com-
munity newspaper is to reflect the community it
So what media truly has your best interest at
The long-known Little River Game and Fish Asso-
serves, warts and all.’ This is perhaps more relevant Help us send a message to government and busi-
ciation has undergone a name change. The organization
today than it was when he started The Eastern Graph- ness that newspapers matter, now more than ever.
is now simply known as the Minnedosa Game and Fish
ic in Montague, PEI, in 1963. Please pledge your support at www.newspapersmat
Association. The executive includes Barry Good as Presi-
Our readers trust our news. Our advertisers know
dent, Bob Currah as Vice President, Miles Dalrymple as
Treasurer and Nikki Loewen as Secretary and Member-
ship Chair. Anyone interested in joining the Minnedo-

The Giant Zuke...
sa Game and Fish Association can contact Nikki at
Minnedosa Credit Union.

The Tribune office, along with numerous other busi- Tis the season for weird, wacky and overgrown
nesses will be closed on Monday, October 8th to observe vegetables. Dennis Peckover recently found this
Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated in
mammoth zucchini hiding in his garden. The
Canada as a holiday since 1879 and is generally thought
of as a time to give thanks for the past year as well as to
summer squash measures over 20 inches
celebrate the harvest. in length and eight inches in height.

The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. The Minnedosa Tribune is independently owned and is the
oldest weekly newspaper in the Canadian West and has
The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. does
guarantee the publication of all submitted articles and

published continuously from the same premises since photographs. These submissions, are at the discretion of the
Box 930 Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
March of 1883.
Published Friday of each week from the premises of publisher and will appear as space permits. The Minnedosa
The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. 14 - 3rd Ave. S.W. E-Mail Addresses: Tribune reserves the right to edit any submission as deemed
Minnedosa, MB. R0J 1E0 necessary by the publisher.
Member of Manitoba Community Newspapers Association We are not responsible for fax transmissions or email
and Newspapers Canada submissions that are not received. To guarantee that such
Classifieds: submissions have been received please confirm with a phone
Audited twice a year by Canadian Media Circulation Audit call or in person.
Phone: (204) 867-3816 All contents copyright 2018
Fax: (204) 867-5171
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 5, 2018 5

Local DU Banquet A Success
Minnedosa Ducks
services at the beautiful
venue, Corner Stone Grill
for providing exceptional
workshops and events
in and around Manitoba
which I find each one of Ye O l d
services at their venue them have uniqueness,

M innedosa Ducks Un-
limited Committee
held its Banquet and Auc-
for our Annual Gun Bash
that is held every Spring
plus a ticket seller for our
specialities and strengths.
For Minnedosa we are a
very dedicated and fun
tion on Saturday, Septem- banquet in the Fall. We committee where each in-
ber 15th at the Minnedosa appreciate the generosity dividual brings their own
Golf and Country Club. and support that everyone unique style and skills to
Cocktails were at 5:30 p.m. in the area provides us the table plus we have the
and the dinner was served plus all the proceeds go to opportunities of getting the
at 7:00 p.m. The delicious Ducks Unlimited Canada skills and input from em- 1898 – The vote on prohibition in town was 54 for and 24
dinner was a roast beef where every dollar stays ployees of Ducks Unlim- against, North Odanah 25 for and 2 against, Clanwilliam
supper that was made by in Canada. The proceeds ited Canada in Brandon, East 9 for and 3 against and Clanwilliam West 23 for and
the venue. go towards conservation, Manitoba. As a committee 3 against.
During the evening projects, research, and so we put in tireless hours
there was many activities much more in relations to in strategizing, network- 1908 – The men are at work on the long distance tele-
including a Silent Auction, the wetlands. As a com- ing, sales, marketing to get phone line and soon the long desired connection will be
Live Auction, Big Four, 30 mittee we are doing our the message across and to made with Basswood, Newdale and Strathclair.
for 30, Poker Darts, Duck- part to express our passion make the events more suc-
etball, Crossbow Raffle, and hold events in our area cessful every year plus get 1918 – A gypsy woman stopped the editor near the dam
Barrow of Fun, Banner to raise support for this input from our guests. In and prophesed good luck for him, but when she asked
Raffle, Key Item Raffle and cause. In Minnedosa we Photo submitted
listening to the input we for his hand, he thought that was too much, being too old
presentations by Provincial have two events: a Wing strengthen the support, for such frivolity, and passed on to the disappointment of
Council and our Master of Night and Prize A Hour at bring more interaction ac- the fortune teller.
Ceremonies, Brad Porath, the Corner Stone Grill in lis – Chairperson, Justin tivities, try new ideas, and
who is also the Manager of the Spring and a Banquet Brugger – Treasurer, Scott build relations with people
1928 – Many schools in the area are closed due to an
Events and Volunteer Rela- and Auction in the Fall. Henowitch – Secretary, and businesses in the area
outbreak of infantile paralysis.
tions for Ducks Unlimited In going forward, our David Benson, David Cox, to gather support as well.
Manitoba. Throughout the committee is dedicated Joyce Turner Cox, David In being involved in the
night from the time you and passionate for this Fisher, Tricia Fisher, Naio- local chapter it allows me 1938 – Grain handlers in Minnedosa report handling
entered to the time you cause and we are always to be more engaged in the 151,000 bushels of grain this year.
mi Inkster, Norman Sims,
departed the momentum looking for conservation Heidi Kornik, Andrew community, strengthens
was so high because there minded people to join our Krieser, Emil Zariwney, the message of what Ducks 1958 – The Minnedosa Credit Union shows that busi-
was ongoing activity, great flock and help support lo- Morey Zwarich, Charlotte Unlimited Canada does ness is up in all departments over last year. There is now
company, the celebration cal wetland conservation. Crawley, Bruce Michaelis, for the area, allows me to $79,712.89 in shares compared to $70,000 last year. Mon-
Ê of Ducks Unlimited being The requirements to join is Tre Michaelis and Lindsay strengthen and present ey loaned out totals $69,248.65 compared to $61,724.73
around for 80 years as well quite open as we welcome Hodgson. skills in relation to person this time last year. Total assets are now at $119,000, an
as everyone who attended all skill types and back- As a member who is and professional growth, increase from last year’s $106,437.
went home as a winner. grounds but there is one coming up with five years, and the #1 factor having
All the prizes that were important factor - you got I have attended many fun in doing it. 1968 – October 2nd marked the official start-up of
won and the merchandise to have fun! If you want to Minnedosa’s newest industry, Canada’s Manitoba Distill-
that were purchased were learn more about Ducks ery Ltd. With a push of the button, Premier Walter Weir
bought by the committee Unlimited Canada, where and Mayor Hugh Stephenson set in motion the huge dis-
or donated by local people the closest event is, what 18101BB0 tillation process at the province’s first production facility
and businesses in the area. merchandise is available, 18101BB1 of Canadian whiskey in modern times.
The Minnedosa Ducks or want to join the commit-
Unlimited Committee is tee then check out ducks. 1978 – The Valley Dining Room, in the Valley Motor
appreciative of the gener- ca as it is an amazing web- Lodge advertises delicious German food Friday, Satur-
ous support from those site full of information and day and Sunday nights. Then, dance to the super Disco
who bought tickets, the do- resources or our Facebook system in the newly redecorated Village Pub.
nors, the local businesses, page: Ducks Unlimited
Anita Holdaway and staff Minnedosa MB.
1998 – Running for Mayor of Minnedosa are Terry Dre-
at the Minnedosa Golf and The Minnedosa Ducks
bit and Robert Lane. Council candidates include Murray
Country Club for catering Unlimited Committee
Trott, Tom Fearnley, Rod Taylor, Mark Blais, Murray Gra-
and providing exceptional includes Jody Michae-
ham, Darren Nagorski, Terry Nylen and Shawn Willis.

2008 – Blazer’s became an instant drive thru last Tues-
Erickson Dental Clinic day morning when an elderly driver’s foot slipped, hit the
gas instead of the brake and smashed through the front
36 Main Street, Erickson, MB
window of the store.
General Dentistry
Crowns & Bridges
Implants & Dentures
Stabilize Loose Dentures
Pediatric Dentistry
Whitening & Cosmetic Procedures
Restorative & Root Canal Therapy

° Direct billing for insurance companies ° For more information call:
° Same day emergency care °
Monday ÿ Friday 9am-5pm
204-867-7264 or 204-212-0232
Email: (4-ALT-TFN)
6 Friday, October 5, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

A Collision of Art and Fashion
By KAREN MITCHELL 7:00 p.m. with seven artists introduced and asked to
working in their medium talk about themselves and

T hursday, September
27th was a cool fall
evening, however one
for spectators to watch
and enjoy. Artists included
Weiming Zhao, Marilyn
their art, what inspires
them, what was their big-
gest challenges, etc. The
wouldn’t know it by the Paterson, Denise Mayor, evening flowed seamlessly
warm atmosphere inside Kimme Parrot, Julie Tutka- from art to fashion, fashion
the Minnedosa Beach Pa- luk, Sandi Knight and Te- to art, allowing everyone
vilion. A completely sold resa Wareham. their due spotlight.
out event, the first-ever When the sun set the Fashion models in-
Collision of Art and Fash- lights were lowered and cluded Dawn Birch, Jenn
ion show was held. the fashion show started. Davies, Meaghan Cann,
Sisters Marlies Soltys, The fashion show con- Michele Budiwski, Tamra
owner of Inspire Studio sisted of three rounds Rapsky, Kathy Ford, Ro-
in Minnedosa and In- with twelve models each berta Galbraith, Chelsea
eke Mack, owner of It’s round. The first round was Henry, Roxie Kowalchuk,
Time Fashion and Gifts leisure, the second round Sandi Knight, Adette Trip-
in Neepawa, collaborated was business casual and pon and Val Kowaluk.
to bring area residents a the third round was for- Silent auction items
unique evening out. mal. Prior to each round were on display all evening Photo submitted
The event started at starting the artists were for guests to bid on and af- (L-R) Back row: Marilyn Paterson, Denise Mayor, Dawn Birch, Jenn
ter the event wrapped up
Davies, Meaghan Cann, Michele Budiwski, Tamra Rapsky, Kathy Ford.
there was a live DJ to enter-
tain everyone while they Middle row: Kimme Parrot, Julie Tutkaluk, Roberta Galbraith, Chelsea
RAPID CITY LANDFILL mingled and spoke with Henry, Roxie Kowalchuk, Sandi Knight, Ardette Trippon, Val Kowaluk,
the nights stars. All items Weiming Zhao. Front row – Ineke Mack, Marlies Soltys.
WINTER HOURS for the event were pur-
October 15, 2018 to April 14, 2019 chased in either Neepawa out, “It was a great mix of could ever expect to have liative Care and Dr. Ajai
Wednesday: 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. or Minnedosa and every- people coming together for this, it’s the perfect Khandelwal Primary Care
thing was kept local to sup- to make this night great,” backdrop for the Collision Centre in Minnedosa.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - Noon port all local businesses expressed the sisters. “You of Art and Fashion.”
possible. Both Marlies and
and 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. can absolutely not beat the Proceeds from the
Ineke were so happy with venue, hands down the event will be split 50/50
CLOSED ON how the evening turned most beautiful setting one between Neepawa Pal-
Public notice is hereby given that the year 2019 assessment roll for the Municipality
Grants from
of Harrison Park has been delivered to the Municipal Office at 43 Gateway Street,
Onanole, Manitoba and is open for public inspection during regular business hours. Province
Applications for revision may be made in accordance with Sections 42 and 43 of The
Municipal Assessment Act: SUBMITTED
42(1) A person in whose name property has been assessed, a mortgagee in possession of
property under Section 114(1) of The Real Property Act, an occupier of premises who is R iding Mountain MLA
Greg Nesbitt is pleased
that libraries in Minnedo-
required under the terms of a lease to pay the taxes on the property, or the assessor may
make application for the revision of an assessment roll with respect to; sa, Rapid City, Rivers and
a) liability to taxation; Russell have received
b) amount of an assessed value; Friday, October 12th funding under the 2018-19
Rural Library Technologi-
c) classification of property; or 2:00 p.m. cal Sustainability Grant
d) a refusal by an assessor to amend the assessment roll under subsection 13(2). Sandy Lake Drop-In program.
43(1) An application for revision must “Library systems serve
a) be made in writing; Everyone Welcome! as critical information
b) set out the roll number and legal description of the assessable property for hubs for their communi-
which a revision is sought; ties and regions through
c) set out which of the matters referred to in subsection 42(1) are at issue, and (29-2) access to current tech-
the grounds for each of those matters; and nology,” said Sports, Cul-
d) be filed by ture and Heritage Minis-

(i) delivering it or causing it to be delivered to the office indicated in ter Cathy Cox in a letter
the public notice given under subsection 41(2), or to recipients. “This grant
(ii) serving it upon the secretary,
at least 15 days before the scheduled sitting date of the board as indicated in the public
Lions Club program is designed to as-
sist your library system to
continue to maintain and
notice. CONGRATULATIONS upgrade your resources for
The Board of Revision will sit on November 14th, 2018 at 1:00 P.M. at the Municipal patrons.”
Office, 43 Gateway Street, Onanole, Manitoba to hear applications. Jack Douglas & Les Cummins $500 Te c h n o l o g i c a l
Applications for revision must be received by the Secretary of the Board by 4:30 P.M. grants were awarded to
Monday, October 29th, 2018. M & C Pearson & C & D Cook $300 Minnedosa Regional Li-
brary ($3,625.24), Rapid
Dated this 25th day of September, 2018. City Regional Library
Chad Davies, CMMA
Maurice Kingdon $200 ($2,071.56), Prairie Crocus
Regional Library in Rivers
Secretary – Board of Revision
WINNERS OF THE September 2018 ($2,071.56), and Russell
Municipality of Harrison Park
Box 190, 43 Gateway Street and District Regional Li-
Onanole, Manitoba R0J 1N0 (29-2)
RF 281 brary ($2,589.45).
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 5, 2018 7

Reena’s Tips and Hints Pet Parade at PCH
Dear Reena, drawstring fitted sheets, and scrub with an abrasive
My electric kettle not only will the sheets cloth (not an S.O.S pad or
didn’t shut off and the stay in place, but the lin- steel wool): WD-40, paint
steam caused a white film ens appear less wrinkled, thinner, acetone, Mr. Clean
on the door of my cabi- tighten the drawstring to Magic Marker, rubbing
nets. I tried wiping it off, secure sheets. alcohol or glycerin. If the
adding oil conditioner and paint remains, sand with
scrubbing it lightly. Noth- Dear Reena, fine sandpaper and touch
ing worked, maybe it dis- I just came home from up the area with paint.
colored the urethane. Any the grocery store, I thought
suggestions? Mark of you as I was shopping. Dear Reena,
I am having company and I read in your column
Dear Mark, want to make a fruit plat- about the lady who got
Using a hot hairdryer ter; how can I tell when a ‘Easy Off Oven Cleaner’
on the highest setting, pineapple is ripe? Pat on the floor despite hav-
move the dryer over the ing newspapers down. I
white mark to draw the Hello Pat, just want to let you know
moisture out. As you heat Great question! Tug the exact same thing hap-
the area, rub the surface on one of the pineapple pened to me and I tried all
with a soft cloth. The soon- leaves, if the leaf is loose, my cleaning products, and
er you tackle this chal- the pineapple is ripe. nothing helped. Then my Photo by Karen Mitchell
lenge, the better. daughter came to visit and
Dear Reena, said, “Oh, just use an S.O.S (L-R): Laura Crawley, Holly Morrison, Lori Birch and Dayna Hutton.
Dear Reena, I was wondering if you pad and she proceeded
How can I prevent fit- might have a solution for to clean my floor and the By KAREN MITCHELL from September 23rd to residents to enjoy. Many
ted sheets from coming off cleaning felt pen marker spots came off perfectly. 29th, Lori Birch, Activities residents lit up with ex-
the corners of my bed, this
drives me crazy! Kathy
off the wall? Ellie Helen
M innedosa Personal
Care Home Resi-
dents were entertained by
Coordinator, decided to
have a little Pet Parade for
the residents.
citement and joy as the
dogs approached them,
and it goes without saying
Dear Ellie, Dear Reena,
Dear Kathy, Permanent marker I use Glad Press and workers and their canine Four Personal Care that the dogs were a little
You can purchase stains often need a little Seal paper to line the friends on Thursday Sep- Home Workers/Volunteers spoiled with lots of affec-
or sew clasp straps (also gentle persuasion in com- shelves in my fridge. When tember 27th. dressed up their dogs and tion and love. A great site
called sheet suspenders) bination with an effec- they become dirty, I toss In honour of National paraded them throughout to see by the many onlook-
that hold corners in place. tive ink remover. Try one them. No wiping and no Dog Week, which runs the common room for the ers who gathered.
Or consider purchasing of the following products mess! Christine

Call for
Westman Communications
Group is the operating name for
Westman Media Cooperative Ltd.

Westman is a customer-focused

cooperative providing leader-
ship in communication and
entertainment services in
Internet, digital TV, home phone,
and data transport.
Westman Media Cooperative Ltd. (WMCL) officially Westman owns and operates
announces the Call for Nomination of candidates for local radio stations Q Country
91.5 FM (880 AM) and 94.7
election to the Board of Directors. Nominations are STAR FM that broadcast to the
now open. WMCL members 18 years of age or older western area of the province.

are eligible, as outlined in the WMCL Charter Bylaws. As a customer-owned cooperative,
Westman is proud of its strong
Each nominee must be supported by at least two other commitment to its customers and
WMCL members. the communities it serves.

Completed nomination applications
MUST BE RECEIVED at: Westman Communications
Group, 1906 Park Ave, Brandon MB, R7B 0R9
by 5 p.m., Friday, October 19, 2018.
For a nomination application or more information,
call 204.717.2010 or 1.800.665.3337 ext. 2010
Email: or
write to the above address.

/ WestmanCom
8 Friday, October 5, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Josh and James Vosper’s Manitoba Movie: From Here 2 There
By Joshua Vosper Manitoba was completed August 22nd.  And finally,
in three separate days. The on August 31st  we com-

I am only thirteen years
old, I live in Plumas, MB.
This past summer, my dad
first bike trip was ac-
complished on July 26th,
when we traveled from
pleted the Provincial goal
when we biked from Win-
nipeg, MB to the Ontario
and I took our bicycles our hometown of Plumas Boarder!
across the entire Province to the capital city of Win- When school resumed
of Manitoba.  nipeg. The second bike trip in September, I had a lot to
Our original goal was was accomplished  on Au- share with my classmates. 
to take our bikes across all gust 21st, when we biked Throughout the three-
of Canada, but my mother from the Saskatchewan day journey, we docu-
suggested we first take Border to Plumas. The sec- mented our trip with pho-
our bikes across our home ond trip proved to be the tos and videos. Our goal is
Province of Manitoba. If most difficult bike trip out to create a full-length fea-
we could accomplish the of the three. On our second ture  film called ‘Josh and
Provincial goal, we would trip, we began our 225 KM James Vosper’s Manitoba
be prepared to accomplish bike trip at 9:00 a.m. at the movie: From Here 2 There.’
our Canadian goal. Saskatchewan Border  and Minnedosa will be fea-
Biking across the ended the trip in Plumas tured in our film since we
heartbeat Province of at approximately  1:00 a.m stopped to eat there before
making it back to Plumas
from the Saskatchewan
Photo submitted
After we release our James and Josh Vosper of Plumas stopped to eat in Minnedosa
Re-Elect first film, we hope to raise this summer during their bike trek across the province. Their adventure
Doreen Stapleton enough funds to take elec-
tric bikes across Canada
will be documented in a feature film.
Harrison Park Councillor next year so that we can electric’ business using all their financial support. our Manitoba trip, but
- Experience make our second film electric lawn maintenance We will be featured on the more importantly our all
- Vision ‘Josh and James Vosper’s tools. YouTube channel  ‘Now Canadian Trip!
- Dedication Canadian Cruise: From We created a Face- You Know’ Tesla Time Please follow our links
Please exercise your right to vote! Here 2 There.’ At the end book group page, a web- News  which has almost as we invite you to travel
of our Canadian tour and site, a YouTube channel 70,000 subscribers! We are on this journey with us!
film, Joshua’s dad will and even a Patreon page trying to use social media Thanks for your support! 
(30-3) help Joshua set up an ‘all where patreons can pledge to get people excited about

Minnedosa & District Recreation Commission

21st Annual
Sports Dinner

North America's Leader In Helical Piles

John Morris
Almita Piling designs, manufactures, and installs helical
piles for oil & gas, power transmission & distribution,
and industrial & commercial construction.
- load bearing capacity verifiable by torque reading
- fabricate on demand to exact client specifications
- patented mechanical connection for extending piles
- works in water, on steep slopes, even indoors

Professional Almita Screw Piling Installers

October 20, 2018
Tickets available at the Rec Office
39c Main Street S 204-867-2250
Minnedosa, MB
204-848-2552 Onanole, MB 204-867-0260 Clanwilliam, MB 204-848-2552 Onanole, MB

5377-15/2018 (28-4) (28-5)
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 5, 2018 9

Valley Piecemakers Hold Quilt Show
can’t quite figure out or sponsibilities within the
something doesn’t look guild for positions allow-
just right then you can ask ing everyone to take turns.
each other and get help, During each
especially if you are a new Minnedosa Show a vendor
quilter. It’s a great way to is invited to sell their wares
bond and be around other to community onlookers.
people.” This year’s vendor was the
The guild started in Big Wheel Quilt Shop from
Minnedosa in 1997 and has Austin, MB. Owner, Mary
seen its fair share of mem- Penner, had several items
bers throughout the years, for sale during the day in-
as high as forty members at cluding fabric, quilt kits,
one time. Currently there patterns and accessories.
are sixteen members who
meet monthly, the eldest
being in her late eighties. Bridge Club
Members are not expected
to produce quilts if they
don’t want to, it’s more of a
skill building opportunity September 27th
for everyone. Other areas  
members are sometimes 1st - Cliff Lenz/June Clark
Photo by Karen Mitchell
brought in to do a show
By KAREN MITCHELL Every second year, the The guild holds official the group also gathers to- and tell of their work that 2nd – Boyd/Greg Grant
guild hosts a show to dis- meetings on the first Mon- gether with their current they have learned in their

O n Saturday, Sep- play some of the members’ day of each month at the project to quilt together. Guild as well. 3rd – Jim/Lynn Burgess
tember 29th the pieces to the community. 50+ Centre. Members will Katherine Kingdon, guild Currently, the Presi-
Minnedosa Valley Piece- The 50+ Centre was full teach, share ideas, learn member states “I learn so dent is Joan McKenzie, 4th Tie - Lois Phillips/
makers Quilt Guild gath- of bright patterns, hand- new techniques and learn much from the other la- the Treasurer is Jean Carol Lonsdale and Mel
ered to display their finest made articles and beauti- from one another during dies, so it’s so nice for us Hachkowski and the Sec- Harvey/Wilf Taylor
work at their Quilt Show fully crafted quilts hanging the meetings. The third all to get together like this. retary is Jean Sharpe.
and Antique Quilt Display. throughout. Saturday of each month If you have something you Members will cycle re-


HERITAGE CO-OP Member Meeting
Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Time: Registration - 6:30 pm | Meeting - 7:00 pm
Location: Minnedosa Community Conference Centre
63 Main Street North, Minnedosa, MB

• The Amalgamation Agreement, effective the 29th day of December 2018 between Heritage Co-op
1997 Ltd., and Strathclair Consumers Cooperative Limited and providing for the terms and
conditions of their amalgamation and their continuance as one cooperative under The Cooperatives
Act of the Province of Manitoba, be and is hereby approved, confirmed and adopted.
• The directors and officers of Heritage Co-op 1997 Ltd. be and are hereby
authorized and directed to do such acts and things and execute such documents as may be
necessary and desirable to implement the said amalgamation.
Copies of the Amalgamation Agreement adopted by the board of directors on August 29, 2018 are available
from the Heritage Co-op 1997 Ltd. Administration Office for review. A member has a right to dissent
to the amalgamation. This can only be done by sending a written objection to the resolution proposing
amalgamation, to the co-operative on or before the meeting referred to above.
The board of directors for both co-ops have approved that the articles, bylaws and the policy and procedures of the
newly-formed co-op will be existing governing documents currently being used by Heritage Co-op 1997 Ltd. Copies
of the articles and bylaws are available for review from the Heritage Co-op 1997 Ltd. Administration Office.
10 Friday, October 5, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Sandy Lake News
By Diane Bachewich staying at the Porter’s for George Rush. Marion had Ryan, from Vancouver, BC Minnedosa. Speedy recov- and duck hunting.
a month before going to the misfortune of fractur- holidaying with them. ery Elsie. Attending the Legion

G et well wished to So-
phie Nechweduik
who is in the Minnedosa
Banff where she will be
employed at the gondola
ing her hip and is on the
recovery list.
We welcome Edna
Helen Lewandoski
along with her two sisters,
daughter and niece have
Doreen Stapleton is
back home from Red Deer,
AB where she attended the
Ladies Auxiliary Fun Days
and meeting held at Plu-
mas, MB were Francis
Hospital. Robert Mandzuk ac- Goran of Gilbert Plains returned home from their Alberta Municipal Con- Kuzmak, Vera Lynn Cam-
Ken and Darlene Por- companied by his cousin, and Frank Faschauner of enjoyable European holi- vention on behalf of the eron, Ella Wynn and Diane
ter have Heather Chapman Gloria Campbell, have Erickson who have both day, stating it’s good to be Association of Manitoba Bachewich. The Plumas
of Nottingham, England just returned home from taken up residence at the home. Municipalities Board. She Ladies were great hostess-
staying with them while Vancouver, BC where they local Personal Care Home. Elsie Kristolovich has enjoyed a good conference es and enjoyed the day of
she is on a Work Away visited with Robert’s sister, Dennis and Dorothy been transferred from with a lot of valuable infor- activities.
program. Heather will be Marion and her husband, Johnson have their son, the Brandon Hospital to mation gained. The lucky Legion
Lawrence Kristalovich Men’s monthly 50/50 draw
and his buddy from Tyn- for the month of Septem-
dall, MB spent a few days ber was won by Gloria
NOTICE OF ELECTION with his brother, Sylvester, Campbell.
Municipality of Harrison Park and enjoyed some goose
Notice is hereby given that a vote of the Municipality of Harrison Park will be taken to elect a Reeve and six (6) Councillors from the following

Basswood News
duly nominated candidates:
For the office of Reeve:
EWASHKO, Lloyd By ZelDa FirBy
For the offices of Councillor – Ward 1:
(3 councillors)
For the offices of Councillor – Ward 2:
(3 councillors) C ongratulations to Katie Robinson and Sam Parish
who were married on Saturday, September 22nd.
A number of relatives of Ian and Kim Parish and fam-
ily from Scotland and England were here to attend the
Robinson-Parish wedding.
KRUSHELNISKY, Larry JONES, Dennis During the past week, the Firby’s enjoyed visits from
DRUL, Ian SKOLNEY, Wade our duck hunting friends from Bruce, Wisconsin and
DAVIDSON, Jake ATKINSON, Craig Alaska while hunting in the area.
MADUKE, Terryl
BETTON, Carol Seniors Bowling League
Voting places will be open for voting on Wednesday, the 24th day of October, 2018 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at: SUBMiTTeD Clark 177, Debbie Tarn
219, Carry Douglas 177,
Ward 1 (Harrison Area) Poll #1 Newdale Drop In Centre – 114 Main Street, Newdale, MB

Poll #2
(South of Montcalm Road)
Sandy Lake Drop In Centre – 100 Main Street, Sandy Lake, MB
B owles of the week are
Gladys Murray +115
and Alan Tarn +194.
Hazel Stonehouse 153, Bev
Chapski 166, Wray Doug-
las 208, 234, Alan Tarn 215,
(North of Montcalm Road) Other good games 277, Fred Stonehouse 141,
Ward 2 (Park Area) Poll #1 Onanole Rec. Centre – 386 Central Road, Onanole, MB were Gladys Murray, 183, Robert Hendry 203, Ray
(East of PR 250) 200, 185, Ava Harris 126, Criddle 235 and Vivian
Poll #2 Horod Hall – 111173 Road 122W, Horod, MB Vivian Cullen 170, Jim Penner 131.
(West of PR 250)
IDENTIFICATION MAY BE REQUIRED BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO VOTE. A person may be required to produce one piece of government
issued photo identification (for example - driver’s license or passport) or at least two other documents that provide proof of identity.
For the purpose of accommodating persons who are qualified to vote, but who have reason to believe that they will be absent or otherwise
unable to attend their proper voting place on election day, an advance voting opportunity will be held on Saturday, October 6, 2018 between
8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the following locations:
WARD 1 (Harrison Area) WARD 2 (Park Area)
Newdale Drop In Centre Harrison Park Municipal Office
114 Main Street, Newdale, MB 43 Gateway Street, Onanole, MB
For the purpose of accommodating persons who are qualified to vote, but reside at a health care facility, a mobile voting station will be set up
at the following health care facility on Monday, October 15, 2018:
Sandy Lake Personal Care Home – 106 1st Street West, Sandy Lake, MB 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
A voter who is unable to go in person to the voting place or vote in advance, may apply in person, in writing, or by fax to the senior election
official at PO Box 190, 43 Gateway Street, Onanole, Manitoba R0J 1N0. Fax # 204-848-2082.
If applying in person*, a voter may apply between September 26, 2018 and October 21, 2018.
* A voter applying in person may pick up a sealed envelope ballot package at the time of application.
If applying by mail or fax**, a voter may apply between July 26, 2018 and October 21, 2018.
** A voter applying by mail or fax will receive a sealed envelope ballot package by regular post, or by making alternative arrangements with
the senior election official.
Dated at Onanole, this 19th day of September, 2018
Chad Davies, Senior Election Official
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 5, 2018 11

BY PHONE Call 204-867-3816
Hours to place, correct or cancel ads: Newspapers are alive
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. and well. Let our PROVINCE-
Kristen and Arlen are excited to
BY MAIL CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING you! Reach over 415,000 read- announce the birth of their baby girl
The Minnedosa Tribune, P.O. Box 930,
Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J 1E0
ers weekly. Call this news-
paper NOW or email classi-
Annalia Evelyn Wolkowski for details. born at the South Health Campus Hospital in
BY FAX 204-867-5171
Calgary, AB at 10:22 p.m. August 27th, 2018
BY E-MAIL BATTERIES FOR EVERY- Weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz and
THING. Automotive, farm,
measuring 19 inches.
construction, ATV, marine,
The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. reserves the right to motorcycle, golf carts, phones, Very happy Grandparents are Lauri and Ron
delete any words or phrases deemed by The Minnedosa tools, radios, computers etc. Ludwig of Minnedosa, MB, Robin Bohl of Fort
Tribune Ltd. to be objectionable, or to refuse to publish any Reconditioned, obsolete and McMurray, AB, Venetia Wolkowski of Invermay,
advertisement. The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. shall not be hard-to-find batteries. SOLAR
responsible for any loss or damage to any advertiser or third SK, and Greg Wolkowski of Buchanan, SK.
equipment. The Battery Man.
party resulting from the failure of an advertisement to appear Winnipeg. 1.877.775.8271
Proud Great-Grandparents are Gerald Bohl and
in The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. or from any error or omission in Marilyn and Otto Markowski of Margo, SK, Elsie
any advertisement which is published. Genoway and Victoria Wolkowski of Rama, SK.
Parts and full trailer re-
RATES pair, trailer safeties and Au-
topac Trailer Repair. Sales,
$9.00 for first 40 words, additional words .10 each.
Repeat ads - Half Price. deck, dumpbox, cargo, goose-
Classified Display - $9.00/col. inch each insert. (Incl. logo, box & neck and utility trailers and
Minnedosa Ladies Terry’s Home Enrich-
bolding, and centering). truck beds. Kaldeck Truck and
Curling Club AGM. Thursday, ment Maintenance. T.H.E.M.
Trailer, Hwy #1 MacGregor,
Happy Snaps: (Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Birth, & MB. 1-888-685-3127.
October 18th at 7:00 p.m. at cell 204-868-8088 (them@
Graduation) - $16.00 for the first 20 words and the picture. the Minnedosa Curling Club. Now booking  snow
Looking for a gift that Everyone welcome to attend. clearing for driveways and
Obituaries: - $6.50 per col. inch.
continues to give all year long? (29-2) x sidewalks. Flexable arrange-
Reach the entire province (50 weekly newspapers) $189.00 ments to suit the need! Hour-
How about a one-year gift sub-
Westman and Eastman: $119.00 The South Mountain ly rate with running total, (if
scription to Western Canada’s
All Ads plus 5% G.S.T. Oldest Weekly Newspaper, Refugee Sponsorship Com- regular upkeep all winter.)
The Minnedosa Tribune. Call mittee is hosting a Forced Flat rate for 1 time event such
Deadlines 204-867-3816 or email class@ to Flee Refugee simulation
event on Saturday, October
as storms. Also; After being
called to a major commit- for Happy 60th Wedding
Classified advertisements must be submitted no later 20th, 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. ment of time every summer
rates and more details. Anniversary!
than noon Tuesday for insertion in the following Friday’s at the Minnedosa United now; I am  booking all paint-
edition. All classified advertisements must be prepaid BEFORE Wishing you many more years
Church Hall on 48 Main Street ing (Interior and Exterior)
insertion. REAL ESTATE of love and happiness!
Love your family. South in Minnedosa. Please from fall through to June or
The Minnedosa Tribune is not responsible for pre-register as we have a ca- July.  Interior paint is very
typographical errors published AFTER the first insertion, nor pacity of 45 people. There is near odorless now so book
does it assume responsibility for errors published as a result of COMING EVENTS no fee to participate. Contact that interior work and fix
an advertisement placed, changed, or cancelled, by telephone. or up damages during the cold
To ensure your advertisement appears correctly please submit Have an upcoming phone Mary at 204-868-5510 months. 
it in person, by fax, mail, or email. event? Wanting good attend- to pre-register. (29-2) x
ance? Let our readers know
Eastern Star Dessert HEALTH
by placing a simple Coming
Party and Bake Sale on Friday,
AUCTIONS 2008 custom built Event ad in The Tribune. Word
October 19th from 2:00 – 3:30
1,100’ bungalow on ads starting at $9.00 plus tax Trouble
for the first 40 words. Call 204- p.m. at the Minnedosa 50+
56’x132’ level lot with 22’x Walking?
McSherry Auction 62’ front concrete drive.  867-3816 or email your ad to Centre. Cost $5.00 Everyone
12 Patterson Dr. Open concept with vaulted class@minnedosatribune. Welcome! (30-2) x Hip or Knee
Stonewall, MB ceilings.  4 bedrooms, main com Replacement?
Cadurcis Community
20th Bi- Annual Gun floor laundry, 2 bathrooms.  Fall Supper. Sunday, October Restrictions in daily
Manitoba Rural Wom- activities?
Auction Basement fully developed.  14th at Basswood Community
EFA furnace, AC, CV,  HRV, en’s Day “Exploring Rural $2,500
Sat Oct 20th 9:30 AM Hall. Adults $15.00, 12 and
WS, EHWT, ICF founda- Health Care”. October 13th in Tax Credit
Accepting Guns, Restricted under $7.00, Pre school FREE.
tion, wrap around deck Virden, MB at the Tundra Oil
Guns, Ammo, & Gun or Doors open at 4:00 p.m. Sup- $40,000
16’x10’, 10’x 8’ garden shed.  and Gas Place. Advance reg- refund cheque/
Hunting Related * Always per begins at 4:30 p.m. (30-2)
Home is wheelchair friend- istration deadline one week rebates
Huge Crowds of Interest! x
ly.  Open house Sunday, prior $25.00 Lunch included.
Coast to Coast Proxy Disability Tax
October 7th from  2:30- Contact 204-726-7155. Pre- Minnedosa United Credit.
Call or Email to Consign! 4:00 p.m., 319 2nd St S.E. sented by Manitoba Women’s Church Turkey Supper on Fri-
Institute. (29-2) x 204-453-5372
Minnedosa, MB.  $ 327 500  day, October 19th, 2018 from
(204) 467-1858 or
Ph/text 204 867 0821 for 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Adults $15.00,
(204) 886-7027 info or viewing. Youth $7.00, Pre school FREE.
(30-3) x
12 Friday, October 5, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune



May 17th, 1970 – September 9th, 2018

Ian James Lamb passed away suddenly at the Portage General Hospital at the age of 48. He
was born at the Minnedosa Hospital to Jack and Xisra Lamb.
Are you looking for a rewarding career with a family and community minded organization? Ian was predeceased by his grandparents Clarence and Mabel Lamb, Pete and Bessie Wind-
Sunrise Credit Union is the perfect choice for ambitious, motivated people. er, his Aunt Frances (Bill George and Henry Seatter), Uncles Frank Bumstead, Denis Taylor, War-
ren Lamb, Lorne Lamb, Jack, Ronald, Stanly (Doris) Winder. He is survived by his parents Jack
We offer a generous compensation plan for exceptional individuals looking for careers and Xisra Lamb, Brothers Robert and Glen, Nephews Eric, Nathan and Wyatt Lamb, Aunts Beryl
in finance, accounting, lending and management. Bumstead, Edith Taylor, Jean Lamb, many cousins, extended relatives and friends.

Current Opening:
MSR at our Sandy Lake Branch Ian was raised at Newdale on the family farm along with his brothers Robert and Glen. He
loved the farm and was interested in working with the hogs, Angus cattle and operating the farm
Please apply by October 14th, 2018 machinery. Ian attended the Strathclair school enjoying all the school sports but hockey and curl-
ing became his main interests. While growing up he attended Newdale United Church, Sunday
Apply online at or drop your resume off at the branch. School, Cubs and Strathclair Air Cadets from which he earned his gliders license. In the spring
and fall he spent many weekends working giving glider rides to the new cadets. After graduating
from Strathclair High School he attended ACC in Brandon to take the plumbing trade, obtaining
his journeyman plumbing license after apprenticeship at Cobbs in Portage. Ian worked a few
years at Cobbs before the call of farming took him to the Onanole area to his grandfather’s farm. BUILDING A BRIGHTER FUTURE TOGETHER Life was busy between farming and operating the Park Mechanical business with his brother
The Minnedosa Senior Robert.
The Town of Minnedosa will be accepting resumes for the Citizens Association is need- Throughout school sports, cadets, work and various business ventures Ian made many close
friends, his friendships and family were a central and important part of his life.
casual position of Cemetery Clerk. ing a program/activity direc-
While being in the Onanole area he enjoyed spending time outdoors, snowshoeing at Clear
tor starting November 1st,
Lake, downhill skiing at Minnedosa and Asessippi and attending curling events.
The candidate must be flexible, reliable and respectful with 2018. The job will require 9
Ian enjoyed travel and visited Hawaii, Germany, Australia, New Zealand. Scotland, United
good customer service skills. The position is approximately hours per week with a wage of
$500.00 per month. The em- States and took many short trips to Western Canada. He visited with friends and family and
7 hours per week, with the opportunity for more hours ployee must have computer enjoyed different cultures and customs.
Although Ian was with us for too short of time the family will always remember his bright
and a variety of office duties on an as need basis. experience, be able to work
smile that lit up our lives, his hearty laugh, his kindness and his respect for each and everyone of
on their own and have good
Forward resumes to the Town of Minnedosa people skills. Resumes must us and the good times we were able to share with him. On September 15th a private interment
took place at the Newdale South Cemetery followed by a Celebration of Life. Officiated by Elgin
at 103 Main Street South be received by October 19th,
Hall in the Newdale United Church.
2018. They can be mailed
Fax 204-867-2686 or email to to or
For more details about this position, dropped off at the 50+ senior CARD OF THANKS
centre. (30-2) x
please call Chris at 204-867-2727
We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! Thank The family of Ian Lamb
DEADLINE for resumes is EMPLOYMENT you to the wonderful members of the RCMP, the EMTs, STARS, would like to thank the New-
Friday, October 19, 2018 at 12 noon (30-2)
OPPORTUNITY the staff at the Minnedosa hospital and the Winnipeg HSC. dale Community, family and
Thank you to the wonderful community businesses and R.M. friends for their thoughtful-
MEDICAL TRANSCRIP- office that assisted the emergency personnel. Thank you for The ness and generosity during
TION! In-demand career! Em- Den for looking after our dog during Graeme’s hospital stay. this difficult time of Ian’s
TENDER ployers have work-at-home Thank you to our families who came from near and far to help passing. The visits, phone
positions available. Get on- care for our children. Thank you to all of the community mem- calls, posts, beautiful cards
line training you need from an bers, family and friends who’s generosity will never be forgot- with personal messages, gifts
employer-trusted program. ten. Thank you to all who prayed for Graeme. We are pleased to of flowers, the delicious food
Visit: or say he is on the road to recovery! From Graeme, Nakella, Nora brought to our home and do-
TENDER FOR SNOW REMOVAL 1-855-768-3362 to start train-
ing for your work-at-home ca-
and Bailey Kingdon nations to the various char-
ities. We thank Elgin Hall for
Tenders are being accepted for Snow Clearing & Removal at: reer today! A big thank you from the Health Aid to Minnedosa and area his comforting service, also
for donating to its annual canvas in support of the Minnedosa
Minnedosa Health Centre &/or PCH CLASS 1 Health District Auxiliary. X
Carol, Isabelle and choir for
their beautiful music. Thank
Interested parties are required to contact To run Canada - must
you to those that attended
Thank you to those who bought Thanksgiving baskets and
Kelly Gray, Maintenance Supervisor at 204-867-2701 have BC experience
Ian’s celebration of life, many
who bought from my table at the Village Flea Market on Sun- of you travelled a long dis-
to review specific tender requirements. - Paid pick, drops,
day. Thanks to: Shauna Burton for donation of gourds, Kath- tance, much appreciated.
Prairie Mountain Health is not obligated layovers and stat pay
erine Kingdon for growing gourds, helping create baskets and
- Multi drop runs Jack and Xisra Lamb, Robert
to accept the lowest or any tender. - Cell usage manning my table all day, and wife Edith for doing lots of carry- and Glen.
Closing date: 1200 hours October 15, 2018 - Benefi t package ing/boxing/pricing. Resulting from this team effort a donation
- Dedicated truck
of $760.25 was made to the Heritage Village Museum. Lastly, I
Tenders to be submitted to:
- Sign on bonus
- Quarterly and annual thank all those who visited, sent cards/gifts, or inquired about
Chris Couling bonus my well-being during my stay in hospital. Your concern was
- Reset at home
Area Manager Capital/Infrastructure South - Weekend home time
greatly appreciated. Albert Parsons In Loving Memory of
Box 579 Souris, MB R0K 2C0 - Paid training our parents
As this Thanksgiving season draws near we have so very
or email: - Referral program MARGARET DOBREEN
Derek (204) 793-7465 much to be thankful for. From the depths of that long and hor- who passed away
CENTENNIAL TRANSPORT rible night we have seen and felt the goodness from so many. October 7th, 2005
We will always be grateful for and indebted to the skilled atten- and
tion of medical personnel, from the local Erickson ambulance JOHN DOBREEN
crew, to the Minnedosa Hospital staff, to the STARS Ambulance who passed away
helicopter crew and to the Health Sciences medical staff. To October 23rd, 2009.
Dave and Mitch who were with our son and daughter in-law
from the onset, there are not enough words to express our grati- As time goes by without you,
LAND FOR SALE tude and this comes from the bottom of our hearts. The entire
RCMP community, especially Graeme’s co-workers have been
and the days turn into years,
they hold a million memories
so strong and supportive of Graeme and his family as well as to and a thousand silent tears.
PrairieSky Royalty Ltd. 3,000 ACRES OF COM- ourselves. To those who answered a desperate call so quickly to To us you were so special,
is a publicly-traded company PLETE High End Cattle and look after four little grandchildren, we can’t thank you enough. what more is there to say,
in Calgary that acquires oil Grain Operation for Sale in When our minds were full of worry and shock the countless except we wish
and gas fee title and royalty Saskatchewan. Manages 2K messages of thought, support and prayer, hugs, phone calls, with all our hearts
interests at fair market value. to 3K Cow/Calf Operation cards and social media helped so much to give us strength to that you were here today.
To receive a cash offer, call with Complete Solid Infra- face such a frightening unknown. Graeme is making a remark-
587-293-4008 or visit www. structure. 2,220 Acres Culti- able recovery and we remain hopeful that nagging side effects Lovingly and forever loved vated. Contact Doug @ 306- will disappear completely. We are so thankful! Ron and Gai- by your family.
Royalties. 716-2671. leen Kingdon, Janna Kingdon, Jill, Drayton and Holly Mills. X x
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, October 5, 2018 13



Island Nature
though. And Pelee Island seems that both islands staring into the sky. I was
SAVINGS EVENT - ALL MOD- is worth a visit. Its laidback have a distinct way of life, counting thousands of
20x23 $5,974. 25x25 $6,629.
28x29 $7,775. 30x33 $9,125.
V isiting islands seems
to pop up randomly
in our family’s life. A case
vibe, nearly non-existent
traffic, and sense of com-
munity make it a great des-
one that is different from
the other end of the bridge.
What is it about
swallows and purple mar-
tins swirling above the
32x31$9,680. End Wall In- 4-H is for Everyone in point, this past Labour tination. islands? At first blush, it Then, before my eyes,
cluded. Pioneer Steel 1-855- Under the leadership
212-7036 www.pioneersteel. of caring adults, youth
Day weekend, we joined Which got me thinking may be that visiting an is- they started to flutter down
ca will learn the value of Rae’s sister and partner on about other islands I have land requires effort. Any- into the cattails, having se-
belonging and develop a two-night kayak trip out stayed on and how varied time you have to fit into lected a safe roosting spot
many skills which will last to one of the islands that they have been. Rae and I someone else’s schedule for the night. I never im-
the rest of their life.
make up Thousand Islands have spent time on several (like the ferry) to get to a agined that marshes could
Go to
or call 204-726-6136 to
National Park near Kings- different islands, ranging place creates a sense of is- play this role, and frankly
find out how to become ton. from a narrow sand bar in land time. the question of where
a 4-H member or leader. While the island was the Zambezi River in Afri- But it is the deeper swallows sleep once the
anything but remote, and ca to a tropical paradise in sense of isolation, and nesting season is over has
Community Newspapers you could see the glow of
city lights along the hor-
Southeast Asia.
However, most of our
the resulting need for the
community to rely on each
never crossed my mind.
On the weeks leading
Have Reach izon, the fact that we were island visits have required other, that creates that up to my time on the dyke,
The Minnedosa Tribune reaches far beyond the on an island, and got there several more layers of unique experience. It is a several biologists had
boundaries of our community. under our own steam, clothing. Last year we vis- sense of common purpose, counted as many as 20,000
made for a special trip. ited Newfoundland which of contributing to the com- bank swallows swirling
When you advertise with The Tribune On top of that adven- required warm jackets. munity, of working togeth- about. What drew these
your ad reaches subscribers in these
ture, earlier in August, Rae But this didn’t prevent us er. scientists to the area?
Manitoba communities:
and I joined a couple hun- from fully enjoying our vis- It is the sense of isola- It turns out that the
Arden MacGregor Russell dred other music lovers on it. What an island! What a tion, and the same sense swirling mass of birds
Argyle McCreary Sandy Lake
Pelee Island for the annual community! of island time, that will be showed up on the radar at
Bethany Melita Shoal Lake
Brandon Minitonas Souris Unplugged Music Festival. Anytime you want familiar to readers who the Windsor airport. Given
Brookdale Minnedosa Ste Rose As you can determine from see caribou feeding along have lived in the north the location of the radar
Carberry Morden Starbuck the name, the emphasis the road, gannets flying or fly-in communities. I “pings,” they knew that it
Cardale Mountain Steinbach was on hanging out on an along stunning cliffs, eat know I have experienced was birds that were the
Carman Road Stonewall island where you could the freshest cod, and talk these same feelings in culprit, and so they inves-
Clanwilliam Neepawa Stoney disconnect from regular to the friendliest people in communities such as Fort tigated.
Dauphin Newdale Mountain
life. Canada, this is your place. Smith and Paulatuk in the In addition to swal-
Douglas Oak Bank Strathclair
Eden Oak River Swan River This event got me Then, to add to the ad- NWT, and Haines Junction lows and martins, we also
Elphinstone Oakburn Virden thinking, as I’m sure the venture, we visited Fogo in the Yukon. counted a couple of thou-
Erickson Olha Winnipeg festival’s marketing person Island located off the north It’s these traits that, sand red-winged black-
Franklin Onanole intended, about what life shore of Newfoundland. frankly, we find missing birds too, and grackles and
Gladstone Pilot Mound Did You Know? on Pelee Island has to offer, Each segment of the trip, down here in Leamington. starlings. In total, there
Great Falls Polonia We also and why it is different from whether by aircraft or by It’s a nice town, but be- were tens of thousands
Hamiota Portage la have a number
High Bluff Prairie
the mainland. ferry, added to the sense cause there is such a large of birds calling the park’s
of subscribers
Kenton Rapid City across Canada Pelee Island is Can- that we were leaving be- influx of transient people marsh home that night.
Killarney Reston and the United ada’s most southerly chunk hind the ordinary and be- into the area (including It makes me wonder
Lac du Bonnet Rivers States. of occupied land, lying as ing drawn into a special us), we don’t find a strong whether marshes near
Lake Audy Rossburn far south as northern Cali- place. sense of community. Riding Mountain National
fornia and Italy. I recall And for those of you It’s not all bad, as we Park also play as important
adding a visit to Pelee Is- who have travelled to Cape know where home is, and a role for song birds. If you
land to my mental bucket Breton Island or Prince Ed- we send out a shout of know, send me a note.
list twenty years ago when ward Island, you too have thanks to our prairie com- Ken Kingdon lives in
its wines started showing likely felt the sense that munity that sustains us Leamington Ontario, but
up on liquor store shelves. you have entered a new from afar. still calls the Manitoba
Like most items on my land. Some might claim, Nature notes: In late Parkland home. You can
bucket list, I didn’t actually rightfully, that these two August, I found myself contact him at ken.king-
think I would ever cross it islands have changed now standing on the dykes
off. Life has a funny way that there are fixed links to along the north side of
of delivering the goods the mainland. If so, it still Point Pelee National Park,

Prairie Mountain Ph: 204-867-4657
Independently Owned Gwen Usick Fax: 204-867-2150
and Operated Broker Realtor


- 1,000 sq. ft., 1 3/4 storey - 1,680 sq. ft., 1 3/4 storey MINNEDOSA - 1,035 sq.ft.
- 4 bedroom, 2 baths, - 3 bedroom, 2 baths, - 832 sq.ft. - Immaculate, 2 bedroom,
Let them know you are walk in closet 9 ft. ceilings 1 1/2 bath.
- 3 bedroom, 2 bath.
out there with an ad in - Large corner lot, single - Large lot, single car - Attached car port with
car garage. garage. - Single car garage. heated double car garage

October 12th Tribune

The Minnedosa - 15 1/2 lots. Numerous
- Windows, shingles, - R50 insulation in attic, - Completely renovated
head to toe. updates
facia, eaves all approx. windows 2012.
Since 1883

10 years MLS #1806243 MLS #1804051

7:30 p.m.
204-867-3816 MLS #1815260 $159,900 $106,900 $99,500 $224,900 $215,900 $282,700
Take a tour on or our website www.remax-prairie
14 Friday, October 5, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune


“Living in your
Proud Supporter Rick Taylor 867-7551

BIRCH Parish Backhoe
GENERAL ●Septic Systems ●Weeping tiles
CONTRACTORS ●Water Systems ●Basements
• Specializing in water & sewer
Commercial ●All types of excavation●
installation & repair Residential Certified in waste
• All types of excavation
SW 12-14-17
• Basements, Demolition
• Snow removal
867-0400 water management
Call: Ian
- ¼ section on Little
Saskatchewan River
• Gravel, Topsoil
• Sales of septic tanks

- 1,060 sq. ft. bi-level
- 3 bedrooms, 3 baths
- 1,586 sq. ft. home on 6 acres - Excellent horse barn Kirk 867-0180 867-7506 874-2134 or 867-0383
- 3 bedrooms, 3 baths - Custom built 2 storey home
- Close to Playground

Bryon Gaiser
and the lake - Great outbuildings $550,000 MLS # 1803320
$254,900 MLS #1821529 $375,000 MLS # 1815848
Truck & Skid
Steer Service
$2,500 204-868-5702 SEMI WITH LOW BED &
171 - 6TH AVE. N.E. 508 - 3RD ST. N.E. 17 - 6TH AVE. N.W.
- 1,380 sq. ft. 3 bedroom - 1,190 sq. ft. bungalow - 960 sq. ft. 1 3/4 storey

- Immaculate condition and - 3 bedrooms, 2 baths - Numerous updates
lots of updates
- Numerous updates and
and great yard
- Sunroom and double
detached garage
minutes to the beach! - Full line of appliances
Enterprises Ltd.
$285,000 MLS # 1816291 Refridgeration
$284,900 MLS #1822536 $159,900 MLS # 1813590 Air Conditioning,
Heating & Electrical

Considering listing your Property? 30 Years
Ex perience!!
5” AND 6” continuous
Call me today for great service at great rates! 204-867-0260 Siding Roofing
Bus : 867-3950
Soffit Fascia

Glen Burgess
Closed cell Polyurethane Spray foam
Blow in Attic & Wall Fibre Insulation
Fire Retardent Coating

PRAIRIE REDI-MIX Electrician 204-867-3738
Minnedosa - 867-3853
R eady Mix Conc rete 204-868-5211 Email:
Concrete forms, Rebar, Wire Mesh,
George Allard, FCGA* Weeping Tile, Concrete Sealer, Snap Ties
Gateway Street All at Competitive
Jon Kowal
Onanole, MB Open prices
8:00 - 4:00
Howard Wirch, C.G.A*
9-515 4th Ave.
Suite A 867-0145 Custom
Shoal Lake, MB 110 Main Street South Fertilizer Minnedosa
204-759-2680 Minnedosa
Floating Credit Union
Dauphin Office - 204 867-5550 Call today to book your
15 1st Ave. S.W. ● Roofing ● Decks
Phone: 204-638-3005
● Fencing ● Exterior ● Finishing spring floating needs!
● Renovations ● Repairs
Fax: 204-638-5817
Darvin - 204-868-5869 Main line
*Denotes Professional Corporation AUTO
Robert - 204-867-7113 204-867-6350
204-868-5980 or 204-867-5544 Fairmount Solar and Electrics Brad Ross
For All Your Electrical Needs 204-867-6366
MÊ GijsbersÊ
204-874-2360 Terry McLenehan
Susan Glasgow
Chartered Professional BACKHOE & TRUCKING
Accountant Inc.

MinnedosaÊ Debbie Strelczik
Ê 213ÊÊ 2ndÊ StÊ NEÊ Ê -Ê Ê BoxÊ 385Ê Ê 204-867-6360
T:Ê 867-3884Ê Ê Ê C:Ê 867-0190Ê Electrical Ink (48-4)
Dan Quesnel
Email:Ê Ê Catharine@mts.netÊ
M&M ●Electrical
GRAIN 204-867-6359
Donna Dowsett
AUTO BODY Contracting HAULING 204-867-6361
BDO Canada, LLP All Auto Body Repairs Ph: 867-3238
Candice Brown
Chartered Accountants Ph: 867-2083
and Advisors 5 Main St. North
Cell: 868-5741
Brian Horner Alayna McTavish
Farm, Business & Individual Grain & Fertilizer Kim Butler
Professional Services: Hauling 204-867-6352
~ Tax
Book this spot Book this spot Joanne Clarke
~ Accounting
~ Farm Programs $5.52/week $5.52/week Gaylene Johnson
Sarah Campbell, CGA Call 204-867 3816 Fax
39 Main Street South Call 204-867 3816 204-867-6391
Minnedosa 867-2957
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WAHOSKI G ORD K E L LY Lakeside St. Alphonsus
Septic Service
Drivers Licenses, Autopac MECHANICAL LTD. Plumbing & Heating Catholic Church
General Insurance Gas Fitting 142
142 4th
4th St, NW.
St, NW. • Lawn Mowing & Trimming
PLUMBING Potable water Minnedosa,MB
MB 867-3831
Cheri McTavish – Broker ph: 867-2084 Minnedosa, 867-3831 • Dandelion Spraying -
867-3946 HEATING cell: 867-0346 delivery. Licensed Pesticide Applicator
Mass Sunday 9:00 a.m.
Book your portable • Fertilizer Application
GAS FITTING toilets. • Licensed Arborist Service
LEGAL AIR CONDITIONING SELF-HELP Erle Jury & Family • Hedge Trimming
• Yard Clean Up
204-867-3121 867-2416
Alexander or A.D.A.M. Cory Johnston ▪ Minnedosa
204-476-5185 Cell: 867-7558
Jackson Anxiety Disorders People Helping People (204)Ê 476-4705Ê
Law Office - Committed to Caring -
B-116 MainSt.St
of Manitoba RAINKE'S
RAINKIES Phone (204) 857-6100
Minnedosa, MB Support Group Sewage Service Fax (204) 857-8389 Prairie Mountain HVAC/R
867-3981 Plumbing & Heating JIM BEAUMONT
Meetings are held at Ventilation/Air quality Neepawa Library 3rd Tuesday of 476-2483
Ty Burton the month 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Owner/Operator
Air Conditioning

Burgess Law
204-868-5358 For more info call:
Debbie Fisch
Cell: 476-6591 REAL ESTATE Kitchen Equipment
Commercial Gas Fitter
Office (204) 725-8550 Dennis: 476-2766 Commercial & Residential
service specialist
51 Main Street S
867-2935 Plumbing & Heating
ANONYMOUS 1-204-867-7346
If you like to drink and can
Summit Septic • Construction •
That's your business
If you want to stop and can't ServiceS LEONA’S
204-867-5458 That's our business. Minnedosa and surrounding areas Studio Of Image
P.O. Box 36 Frank r. Ford and Family Hair Care
L a w O ffi c e PLUMBING & HEATING
Russ Huyghe
or 867-3966 penny Ford PETER HARRISON
•Eminence Facials
Alanon - 210-0433 & Product
Norman H. Sims, Q.C. 204-868-6376
Alateen - 867-5121 Owner/Operator Phone/Text 867-5444 • Pedicures & LCN Nails
7 6 Ma i n S t r e e t S o u t h 867-3401 Minnedosa 204-210-0158 • Spray Tanning
MINNEDOSA • 867-2717 Cody Huyghe Mtg. Times: 8:00 pm Tuesdays
204-210-0502 Cells • Piercing
OFFICE MANAGER Drug Problem? 204-868-0851 or 204-868-0863
• Eyelash Extensions
204-868-6886 Narcotics
email: 204-867-2287
67 Main St.
Anonymous can help
TRADING Waterpals Darwin TAC
BURTON PAINTING Meetings every Potable Water Delivery Matthews’
Tuesday & Minnedosa and area TV AND APPLIANCE Ventures Inc.
Myrna Alexander
Myrna Charles Health Inspected
Cell: 868-5503
Cell: 868-5503
FRONTIER Saturday at 7 p.m. No Job is too small!!! Your Shaw Direct,
at Calvary Temple, Also now Paying Cash on LG, Samsung, Bell Management &
TRADING STORE 221 Hamilton Street, Scrap Metal Pick up!! Danby Dealer Contracting
Neepawa, MB 204-868-5674 Computer Sales and Service (204)476-0002
Book 867-5551 Systems, Monitors &
Garbage Removal
This Spot Gently Used Furniture Minnedosa, MB
Bin Rentals
Construction Demolition
for Clothing & Misc. Items SERVICES Phone 867-3164 Renovating
Household clean up
Donations E-mail:
only Estate clean ups
Estate Sales
$8.29 We now offer PIRATE SALVAGE Transformative
Pick-up & Deliveries
CARPET CLEANING Cash on Pick-up Book Electrolysis
of small cars, salvage This Permanant Hair Removal
week! Call us today for your carpet 142 Main Street North
& upholstery cleaning needs. metal and farm metal.
204-868-5674 Spot Minnedosa, MB

MLA 204-596-5111

only Rob’s
House/Business Yard Maintenance ServiceS
Cleaning Services
$13.88 MinnedoSa & area
• Mowing, Trimming, Tilling
- Residential

204.759.3313 - Commercial per •

Snow Blowing
Unwanted Item Removal
● 204-848-0097

Toll Free 844.877.7767 204-848-0400 Home: 867-3272 week! •

General Repair
Mechanical - Portable Welding
● 204-848-0400 Cell: 210-0818
• Reasonable Rates
#7 � 515 4th Avenue 204-720-5934
Burlington Place, Shoal Lake, MB
16 Friday, October 5, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Newdale News
By Raven’s Glen WI her special day on October making the University tion during his time at U/S. friendly coffee time follow- Inn to head home last
1st. We all wish you many Sports National tourna- Our community wished ing our services. Sunday, after a successful

L il Farrend had her
daughter Louise
DesLauriers visiting from
more Jean.
John Lawrence on his
ment in four of those years.
John played AA and AAA
hockey, then moved on
John success in this new
life phase, but we’re sure
hockey will be included
Several local ladies
joined the Destinations
Plus bus tour to Winnipeg
hunt. They’ve been com-
ing to our area for about
fifteen years and this year
September 24th to 27th graduation from the Uni- to the Yellowhead Chiefs, somehow, somewhere. last week to attend Cel- their blind may have been
from Calgary, AB. Louise’s versity of Saskatchewan in Neepawa Natives, Cal- We know his family mem- ebrations Dinner Theatre walked over by the thou-
son Lincoln, his wife Erica Saskatoon with a degree in gary Hitmen and finished bers are very proud and where the cast did a great sands of geese that are
and their family Aiden and Agriculture Business last junior hockey with the Grandma Dorothy would spoof on. “Mama Mio: here already!
Emma weren’t able to visit spring and is now working Humboldt Broncos where have been extra proud! Here we go Again”. Great
Grandma Lil this summer for Bayer Crop Sciences in they captured the Sas- Doreen Stapleton shopping, good food, good If your label reads
after they were here for two
weddings last summer.
Humboldt SK. This also
brought to an end John’s
katchewan Junior Hockey
League championship in
took the Sunday service
with her message reiterat-
company make it a nice
two day get-away.
It’s time to renew
We wish very special university hockey career his final year. John was ing what a” good friend” Several Kentucky your subscription!
birthday greetings to Jean where he played five sea- also named to the Huskies means for the well being of hunters were packing up
Lamb as she celebrated sons with the Huskies, All-Academic team selec- our lives. We all enjoy the their gear at the Leisure 204-867-3816

*We accept Visa, Master Card & debit card purchases
Sale Dates: *We sell lottery tickets
*We deliver within town limits Monday - Friday at 4:00 p.m
($2 charge - $10 minimum order)
OCTOBER 5TH - OCTOBER 11TH * Try one of our delicious BBQ chickens!
* We sell fruit, veggie & meat trays and fruit baskets
*Senior’s Discount every Friday (65 & up) (STARTS FRIDAY 9:00 A.M. - ENDS THURSDAY 9:00 P.M.) (24 hours notice is appreciated)
*We sell R.O. water

Lipton Knorr soup mixes asstd ......................................... 56-166g ............. $1.25
FM pie apple/pumpkin ......................960-1kg ...... $5.99
Christie crackers, Ritz crackers asstd ............................. 275-200g ............. $2.88 FM coffee cake cinnamon.......................................................850g ............. $6.99
GG canned vegetables asstd .........................................341-398ml ..........4/$5.00 FM buttertarts raisin or pecans ............................................ 6x85g ............. $4.99
Alymer tomatoes whole/diced/with green pepper ........... 796ml ..........2/$3.00 FM square nanaimo bars ........................................................450g ............. $4.99
Dole pineapple asstd ............................................................ 398ml ..........2/$3.00 Breyers classic ice cream asstd ............... 1.66lt ...... $3.79
Ocean Spray cranberry sauce whole/jellied....................... 348ml ............. $1.99 Popsicle revello ice cream/fudge bars/tropical ................. 720ml ............. $3.79
Franco Gravy asstd ............................................................... 284ml ............. $0.99 GG vs. cheddar pasta/california/japanese blend .................500g ............. $2.50
Campbell low fat soup asstd ................................................ 284ml ..........2/$3.00 McCain super fries asstd .........................................................454g ............. $2.99
Campbell broth asstd ........................................................... 900ml ..........2/$4.00 El Monterey taquitos asstd......................................................585g ............. $7.99
Kraft dressing asstd .............................................................. 475ml ............. $2.99

Miracle Whip regular/calorie wise ...................................... 890ml ............. $5.29
Bicks pickles baby dill/sweet mixed/yum yum ........................ 1lt ............. $3.49
Bicks pepper rings hot, sauerkraut wine ........................... 750-1lt ............. $3.49
Club House gravy mixes asstd................21-42g ...... $0.99
Knorr pasta/rice asstd ..................................................... 116-133g ..........4/$5.00 Swiss Chalet chicken, beef pie ........................................ 650-655g ............. $7.99
BC potato mixes asstd ..................................................... 141-215g ............. $1.99 PC™ breaded turkey breast strip ...........................................907g ........... $11.99
Stove Top stuffing asstd ...........................................................120g ..........2/$3.00 PC™ bacon ..............................................................................500g ............. $4.49
French’s mustard squeeze/dijon ..................................325-400ml ............. $2.49 PC™ BM shepherds pie asstd ................................................900g ............. $9.99
Smuckers jam asstd ......................... 310-500ml ...... $3.99 PC™ cocktail sausages............................................................500g ............. $5.49
Tim Hortons original/dark rost coffee ...................................300g ............. $7.49 PC™ beef, meat ball swedish .................................................907g ........... $11.99
RC plates 6.75’..........................................................................40ea ............. $3.99 Lean ground beef club pack ............................. $3.29/lb
RC plates 10.38’........................................................................40ea ............. $6.99 Top Sirloin oven roast............................................................................... $4.99/lb
Ruffles, Doritos, Tostitos chips asstd.............................. 220-255g ..........2/$6.00 Chicken breast bone-in............................................................................ $3.29/lb
NN™ foam cups ....................................................................100ea ............. $2.79

NN™ square containers 960ml ................................................6ea ............. $3.99
Perrier lime/pink grapefruit sparkling water ........................... 1lt ..........2/$3.00
Glad press n seal wrap.......................................................... 21.6m ............. $3.49
Tetley tea asstd ................................................................... 20-24ea ............. $2.49
Carnation rolo/rich pouch hot chocolate..............................450g ............. $4.49
Christie crisps asstd.................................................................175g ............. $1.99 Pineapple ................................................................................................... $2.99ea
Romaine Hearts .........................................................................3pk ............. $2.99
Ocean Spray cranberry cocktails asstd ........... 1.89lt ...... $3.79 FM Russet potatoes ................................................................. 10lb ............. $4.49
Motts Clamato asstd .............................................................. 1.89lt ............. $3.79 Brocoli ....................................................................................................... $1.99/lb
Boursin cranberry and pepper ...............................................150g ............. $4.50 Hothouse tomatoes .................................................................................. $1.29/lb
Castello traditional blue cheese .............................................125g ............. $4.50
PC™ artichoke & asiago small dip .........................................227g ............. $2.99 Red seedless grapes ........................................... $1.99/lb
Strawberries, Raspberries ........................................................................$3.49/ea
Tropicana orange juice, pineapple mango grapefruit1.65lt .. $3.99 Cauliflower ..................................................................................................... $3.49
Tropicana tropic orange/peach/mango .............................. 1.75lt ............. $4.29 Asparagus, green ...................................................................................... $4.99/lb
Cracker Barrel marble cheddar/medium cheddar460g ..... $6.99 Mini watermelon ........................................................................................... $3.49
Pilsbury biscuits, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls icing ............351g ..........2/$5.00 Peaches...................................................................................................... $1.99/lb
Heluva good dip french onion ................................................250g ............. $2.49


D’Italiano bread asstd .......................600-675g ...... $2.50 F O O D S
OPEN 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, 7 DAYS A WEEK • 70 Main Street South, Minnedosa 867-2821