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Alcuizar, Ricky Mae Z. Mr.

Nikki/ Contemporary World

BSA/AC11KB2 September 9, 2018



Do we need a government or a person that will handle or control all of us? Does
it really necessary? Can't we handle ourselves? What will happen if there's no
government? Will the world be in chaos?

There are so many answers or different perspectives from different people in the
questions above. United Nations is intergovernmental organization tasked to promote
international co-operation and to create and maintain international order. It also
maintains peace and connection to countries nationwide. And global governance is the
intersecting process that creates order in a specific country. It's already answered the
questions above. We need a governance, either globally or just in our country. We need
someone or an organization that can handle all of us because the world will be in chaos.
We can't control ourselves so; we need people who will maintain order between nations.
Also, United Nations is considered success because its primary goal is to avoid another
global war. United Nations is divided into five active organs that have a specific task in
maintaining peace and order in the whole world. One of this active organs is General
Assembly (GA). It is UN's main deliberative policy maker and representative organ. It
helps the UN to create policy and to handle all the problems between nations.

Our government can't handle all the problems that happening to our countries.
So, we need a hand to help us solve all the challenges we face. In this way, we can
maintain positive relationship between other countries. We can also preserve order and
peace. Lastly, we can avoid another war that will cause loss of hundred lives.

What is regionalism? Regionalization? Are they the same? How are they
connected? Is it really important to know about it?

There are things in this world that seems unnecessary to know but have a big
impact to us. Regionalism and regionalization are two different things but somehow they
are connected. Regionalism is the regional concentration of economic flows while
regionalization is a political process characterized by economic policy cooperation and
coordination among countries. It have had been made for few important reasons. First,
is for military defense. There are so many groups of military defense because all
country has it. The most well-known is North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
Second, is to pool their resources. Countries need to get a better return for their exports
otherwise their country will be doom. Lastly, to form regional blocs to protect their
independence from strong politics. However, there are still circumstances that test the
foundation of these regional associations. Despite of the entire crisis that happened,
ASEAN and Regional Association become more unified and coordinated.

Regional Associations and ASEAN face challenges. The most serious challenge
is facing the resurgence of militant nationalism and populism. Because of the extreme
loyalty of people in their countries that continue growing there are circumstances that
people of a specific country, if their country defies the rules or order made by global or
international organization, would not cooperate in the investigation. They would rather
die than to spill what their country did. In this way, regional associations also help us to
create policy and agreement. Also, to maintain order between countries. So, if there are
rules that have been overruled they can file a case to countries that defy the agreement
that have been signed off.

There are many religions nationwide. Roman Catholics, Buddhism, born again,
etc. Sometimes, because of this we can't coincide. In fact, because of our differences in
religion or beliefs we have, we create gaps to other people. We stand on what we
believe and the other things that not included on what we believe are not true or right.
But these things most of the time, is actually right and true.

In this chapter, it explains how religion helps us to create globalization. However,

there are lot of differences between globalism and religion. First and foremost, religion
is sacred and follows divine commandments while globalism value material wealth and
abide human made laws. The former assumes possibility of communication between
humans and transcendent and they are less worried about wealth. While the latter is
less worried if they will go to heaven or hell. Religion also becomes the center of
political system in some countries like Iran. Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini bragged about
superiority of Islamic rule. It becomes their guide to handle or to rule over the country.
There are religion who chose to stay away from civilization because they believe that if
they live among non- believers will distract their mission or faith to their god. Moreover,
Christianity and Islam see globalization less a hindrance and more an opportunity to
achieve their mission or to expand their reach all over the world.

Religion serves as a guide to our politics or globalization to avoid doing

unnecessary things (e.g. killing people) just to achieve your goals. It also helps us to not
just ruled or dominate the people of our country. Helps us to become a better leader
and a person. In addition, while globally spreading words of God, you also promote your

As time goes by, technology grows and also globalization. The interconnection
between the two is inevitable. You can't separate the two. Because of technology, the
globalization spread in just a span of time. Now, media also have an impact to

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media have an impact to

globalization. Through this various apps or media, we promote the country. We promote
the product or services we have through internet. And it can reach a thousands of
people in different countries in just a minute. See? Through this globalization spread
easily. It can boost the economic growth of a country. Creating blogs or vlogs can also
help us to attract some foreigners to come to our beloved place and to attract investors
to invest on some business in our country. Globalization spreads idea and because of
media, the idea you have been shared will reach a hundreds of people. Lule, describes
media as means of conveying something such as a channel of communication. Like,
what i have written early, it can help us to locate, communicate, and attract people from
other countries.

The things I have stated above are just few effects of media in globalization. In
conclusion, media have a major impact in globalization. It also has an impact in
business especially when you are promoting your product or services. Or when you are
trying to get the trust of investors from your country or outside of it. Lastly, through
media, cultures of other countries are also spreading and influence us like kdrama,
kpop, jpop, etc.

Tokyo? New York? Sydney? Do you want to travel to those cities? They are what
we called global city. They are one of the most successful cities in the whole world
when it comes to globalization. And above all, they are one of the most beautiful cities
you really want to see.

Cities act on globalization and vice versa. As time passed by, there are more and
more people experience globalization through cities. Cities are the medium of
globalization. In urban places, most likely, globalization takes place. It develops the
business surrounded on cities because there are a lot of people who lives in cities. It
serves as the heart of a country. Global cities are center and active part of global
finance and capitalism. As i have said, cities have a lot of businesses and
establishments. Not also businesses and establishments as well as people. In fact, it
also have an economic power within the country. If they will be diminished, what fo you
think will happen on a country? The country diminished in economy. There economic
growth will be in lowest rate they never imagined.

A global city makes the country to get investors and money. It is the center, the
heart of a country to still continue to operate. Cities makes the country alive and to still
be globalized. It has a power to either diminished or still continue to grow their
economy. That's what you called economic power.