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The Trumpet October 2018 Volume 35 Issue 10

Firelands Presbyterian Church

2626 East Harbor Road

Port Clinton, Ohio 43452


Fax 419-734-5411

Rev. Mark Cooper, Pastor

Ed Bettendorf, Clerk of Session

Susan Larcey and Kay McIntosh, Musicians

Darrell Brand, Treasurer

Musical Art Series
Rachel Johnson,
Preschool Director
Echoing Air Sextet Early Music
Janine Dress,
Administrative Assistant
Saturday, October13 at 7:30 PM
Music of the English Baroque. This concert is sponsored
Mark Owen, Custodian
by Arby’s Port Clinton. Following the concert, there will
be a reception for the audience to meet the artists.
Season and Pick 5 Tickets are available NOW.
Table of Contents
Tickets are available at the door for $15 ($12 for
Mission Outreach .................................. 2 Firelands members); students are admitted free of
Now I lay me down to sleep ............... 3-4 charge.

Bistro 163 News ................................. 5-6

Stated Session Highlights ....................... 7 October Music Happenings
Pastor’s Message................................... 8 Sometimes Serendipity Movie Night
Friday October 5 at 5 PM
October Lectionary ............................... 9
Meet in the social hall for pizza, popcorn and the
Monthly Prayer List................................ 9
opportunity to watch an Oscar nominated film, As It Is
Preschool News ................................... 10 in Heaven. The movie is about a Swedish choir director
Calendar ............................................ 11 from a small town. ALL ARE WELCOME!! Call Kay
McIntosh if you are coming so they know how much
Ministry Schedule ............................... 12
pizza to order. Her number is 440-725-1546.
Birthdays & Anniversaries .................... 12
Musical Arts 2018-2019 Season .......... 13 Sometimes Serendipity Choir Rehearsals
Fridays at 3 PM: October 12 & 26

Sunday at 9:30: October 28

October 2018 Page 2
STFJ DR continued to help individuals with medical
Sometimes Serendipity Singers and Firelands needs, food packets, and housing assistance, improving
Folk Hymn Sing Vespers and saving many lives along the way. Since the focus
Look for Further announcements about time. Bring a was always to help without creating dependency, other
snack to share. All are welcome and this is an indoor projects included enabling individuals to start their own
event. businesses and providing education, however possible,
even in the cane fields.

MISSION OUTREACH From a grass roots beginning of emergency assistance

to families in crises (2010), to providing necessary
supplies and uniforms enabling 70 children to attend
school (2013), to launching the “iPads Under Trees”
educational project in the cane fields (2013), to help
building a Community Learning Center (2014) in Sosua
to the second center in Jamao (2016), Strength for the
Journey DR is now delivering assistance to provide a
year-round menu of educational and social programs to
the impoverished children in Sosua, Dominican Republic,
creating opportunities for them to change the course of
their lives, their families and generations to come.

We offer a menu of classes that reinforce reading,

writing, math, problem solving, catechism, leadership,
citizenship, technology, music, art and karate. We enroll
more than 130 children and maintain a waiting list for
classes at capacity. All classes, materials, instruments
and uniforms are provided
at no cost.

Chris Galvin will be speaking

Their mission is to break down barriers and create on Sunday October 7 during
capabilities for the impoverished by providing a safe our service about this
environment to learn, grow, belong and change their mission.
life’s course.

Strength for the Journey DR did not always have a focus

on self- sufficiency and education. Our humble
beginnings involved work with the most desperate
populations. But as we worked, we learned, we grew,
and transformed. Read our story and grow with us.

Long time, hands-on philanthropist, aid worker and

teacher, Lindsey Kaufman, living in the Dominican
Republic at the time, had the idea to take on an effort to
rebuild Pedro’s home in Haiti, which was destroyed in
the earthquake. She donated her earnings and 15
others she knew contributed as well. The project took 6
months while Pedro’s family lived in a tent city.

After successfully completing Pedro’s house and with

some funds left over, the group decided to continue to
do their part to help humanity on a small scale “one
person at a time” basis, and these 16 founding members
started Strength For The Journey DR. Their focus shifted
to the Dominican Republic and projects were chosen
collaboratively to provide emergency needs to those in
extreme poverty while looking for opportunities to
provide individuals a path to self-sufficiency.
October 2018 Page 3

Beds, Banks and Bedding

“Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” (a project of your Mission Committee) is funded by a variety of sources. One of the
ways we contribute to the project is with our “Bed Banks”. These little beds are actually a bank with an opening in
the headboard which takes coins as well as paper money. You may spot these beds on tables during coffee hour or in
the Narthex. Any and all change is appreciated and adds up quickly. Since beginning our program, we have provided
over 216 children in Ottawa County with beds, bed frame and bedding. Members of your Mission Committee will be
happy to answer any questions you may have about this project. Please help fill the bed banks for this ongoing
Mission project.

What We Hear From Bed Recipients

216 children have now received new beds from Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. Each child also is given bed linens and
two new books in a book bag. When our wonderful volunteers from this church and St. John Lutheran church deliver
the beds, they are met with smiles and often hugs of gratitude from the children’s parent or caregiver. They see
excitement in the children! They hear that for many, this is the child’s first actual bed.

A card which lists our partners; Portage Resale Center, a Case for Smiles, the Fine Print Bookstore, and Ottawa
County Community Foundation, is given with the bed. We also leave a short letter asking for feedback to a few short
questions. The responses we have gotten have all been positive and we wanted to share a few of them with you.

We ask “Did your child like the bedding?” Yes! Yes, very much.; Yes, they both did.; Yes, very soft and comfortable!

We ask “Did the bed linens you received wash and wear well?” Yes; So far yes! So far so good!

We ask “Did you child like the books?” They loved the books and wanted me to thank you once again for the beds!
Very much! It has encouraged them to read and write more!

We ask “Was the delivery time convenient for you?” Yes! And the helpers were very kind and skillful!

Our contact with the families and the written feedback we receive tells us that they have been very blessed to have
been touched by this program. We have been greatly blessed also.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Mission Committee
October 2018 Page 4
October 2018 Page 5

Bistro 163 News

Free Community Dinner
Our next dinner at Bistro 163 will be this Monday, October 8th, serving from 5:00 - 7:00 PM at Bistro 163. We are
located in the Sutton Center at the SE corner of Perry Street and Buckeye, in Port Clinton. The address is 1848 E
Perry Street, phone 419.734.9887. All neighbors are welcome to attend! The
Firelands Folk Band will be playing that evening.


Bistro 163 is grateful for all those in our community who voted Ottawa County's
PayItForward restaurant the #1 NON PROFIT for the third consecutive year. 4500
total ballots were counted, a record number!
We salute the Salvation Army and Portage Resale, also nominated in this
category. We thank The Beacon Newspaper for conducting the "Best of the Best"
voting and Sutton Property Leasing for our lovely restaurant location.
Do you have extra food in your pantry or growing in your garden? Bring it to
Esther Sutton’s THE TABLE at the Sutton Center. FREE FOOD donated


Run (or walk) with us to help address hunger in our community! Join us on the Catawba Island Club Golf Course on

October 27th at sunset for the Trick-or-Trot 5K WALK/RUN on the

golf cart path. Runners and Walkers are encouraged to dress in
their favorite Halloween Trick-or-Treat costumes! Race Day
Registration begins at 4:30 pm, Race starts at 6:00 pm with Post
Race Party immediately following. Strollers and leashed pets are
welcome! Medals awarded to all finishers. Post race party for
everyone under the stars. Dollars raised from this event will
directly benefit Bistro 163, a 501(c) (3) non-profit restaurant where
anyone is welcome to a meal, regardless of their ability to pay. To
learn more about Bistro 163, go to

To register, or to donate, click on this safe link:

Special thanks to our event sponsors: WPCR, Catawba Island Club and Fremont Elite Runners Club.

2 Years and Counting!!

2018 has been yet another very successful year for Bistro 163, Ottawa County’s only “Pay
It Forward” restaurant. Begun as a food ministry and mission of Firelands Presbyterian
Church, Bistro 163 celebrated her second anniversary on June 6, 2018. Today, this
wonderful restaurant continues to grow as an ecumenical outreach throughout our
community. It is a place to build relationships, volunteer, pay it forward, feed the hungry,
and support those struggling with addiction and developmental disabilities.

Bistro 163 has served more than 41,000 meals since opening, and 30% of those meals
have been provided without any reimbursement. Bistro 163 also provides hourly
employment to young persons referred by the courts and the Ottawa County Board of
Developmental Disabilities. When we began this food ministry, we did not envision also
being able to hire people who are working to get their lives back on track, or are difficult to
October 2018 Page 6
And yet, in September, our sous chef Ryan graduated from Judge Bruce Winters’ drug court boasting two years of
sobriety. After the ceremony at the court house, Chef Stacy Maple hosted a party at Bistro 163, attended by our staff
and volunteers. Judge Winters spoke eloquently of the positive environment and supportive mentors that our staff
and volunteers provide to young people in recovery. Our line cook Willis also resides at Lighthouse Sober Living, and
is recovering due in part to being an hourly employee at Bistro 163.

Bistro 163 operates as any conventional restaurant would, with all the attendant costs of fresh food, rent,
compensation, utilities, and accounting services. While patrons are always asked if they wish to pay more than the
suggested menu price, and most gladly do, the amount contributed for each meal served is not sufficient to offset the
operating costs, never mind the cost of some 12,300 meals given away “free” in two years. In fact, we have offered
28 Free Community Meals to feed our neighbors, seniors, families, and individuals, on the second Monday of every

This revenue shortfall necessitates a robust fundraising effort on the part of our board, in order to break even at the
end of each year. We remain grateful to our many individual donors and contributors who make outright gifts to our
non-profit restaurant throughout the year. All of us at Bistro 163 appreciate the monthly checks that come from
Firelands Presbyterian Church, starting before we opened our doors in 2015, and continuing to this day.

Other churches have added their names to our growing list of financial supporters, including St. Paul Lutheran
Church, St. John Lutheran Church, The Chapel, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church,
Lakeside United Methodist Church, Trinity United Methodist Church, the Church of Truth Ministries, Holy Assumption
Orthodox Church, and more. Sutton Property Leasing makes our lovely restaurant space and prep kitchen available
to Bistro 163 at a rent that is far below market value, for which we are truly thankful.

Our board of directors also engages in grant writing to secure program funds or operating capital beyond that which is
can be made up by individuals or churches. We have received grants from the Harry F. Stensen Memorial Fund, the
Ottawa County Community Foundation (2), Portage Resale Center (3), Portage Youth Council, and the Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation. We have just completed a detailed application to the Domestic Hunger Grant Program offered by
the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, and have been notified of an interview with the NW Ohio officer
overseeing that process.

Our board of directors also conducts fundraising events, above and beyond routine restaurant operation for breakfast
and lunch six days a week. Every spring, a “Souper Sunday” event finds Bistro 163 open after church for soup, salad
and beverage. Chef Stacy Maple hosted “Dinner by Reservation” on a Saturday evening. We hosted our first annual
Shrimp Boil Community Fundraiser with Community Services on Saturday, serving 122 shrimp dinners at a cost of
$25 a ticket. This past Saturday, a Glowga Yoga Fundraiser took place in Mon Ami’s wine cellar, the proceeds to
benefit Bistro 163. And on October 27th, we are hosting our first annual Trick-or-Trot 5K RUN/WALK at sunset on the
golf course at the Catawba Island Club. Registrations and/or donations are now being accepted for this Halloween
themed event.

Bistro 163 has also hosted dinner meetings in the evening hours for many organizations, churches, and individuals,
for an agreed upon meal price and a PayItForward donation. We have hosted book signings and painting parties. Our
Thursday After School Snack and Study program for school age children resumes on Thursday, October 11 th, from
3:00 to 5:00 PM.

So, members and friends of Firelands Presbyterian Church please know how much your ongoing financial support has
meant and will continue to mean to Bistro 163 and to the community that it serves. We are also grateful that so
many of you choose to volunteer or patronize Bistro 163. On Tuesday evening, September 25 th, our board members
and staff were invited guests at the “Best of the Best” celebration. The Beacon newspaper opens voting every
August, and we have been notified that our public has found us worthy of an award again in 2018. For the third
consecutive year, Bistro 163 has been voted #1 Best Non Profit!

Be proud! Together, we are serving our community, one plate at a time!

October 2018 Page 7

Internet Outreach
The Firelands Church Facebook page is an important source of “current information” about our church. 92 persons
have “liked” our page, and are following our events as they appear on their own individual news feed. Our Facebook
posts are often “shared” with other FB users, which can swell our reach to hundreds of people. Don’t have a
Facebook page of your own? You can always come to visit the Firelands Church Facebook page. Just type “Firelands
Presbyterian Church” in the search box on the Facebook home page.

During the month of September, the most popular items appearing on the church Facebook page include:

 Musical Arts Series – Violinist Jimmy Thompson 34 persons

 Musical Arts Series – Echoing Air Sextet 26 persons

 Annual Meeting and Potluck Luncheon – 29 persons

 Bistro 163 After School Snack & Study Program – 7 persons

 The Beacon Best of the Best Awards – 116 persons

The Firelands church web site,, is also an important resource, particularly for new visitors
seeking information about our church. During the month of September, a total of 227 unique users visited our web
site, and a total of 260 sessions were conducted. An average of 2.26 pages were viewed. 91.5% were visiting our
web site for the first time. After landing on the home page, users next visited:

 Preschool – 16 views

 Contact Us – 8 views

 About Us – 9 views

 Worship Services – 9 views

 Newsletter – 8 Views

Highlights of Stated Session Meeting of September 11, 2018

1. Received Treasurer's Report, including a conclusion that financially "we are in good shape", and Annual
Financial Audit Procedures and Report;

2. Heard mission committee's report including, including the writing of a $10,000 grant application for our Now I
Lay Me Down to Sleep;

3. Authorized the building and grounds committee to secure up to three (3) quotes for a new dishwasher
pursuant to further recommendation and action by session; and,

4. Received an interim report from the church safety and security task force's progress toward addressing issues
pertaining to our congregation.
October 2018 Page 8

Pastor’s Message
It’s October already. The year, as attested to by the calendar, just keeps rolling along. It seems like we just
celebrated Memorial Day, and now Labor Day is already a month behind. The weather is certainly keeping up with the
calendar. I’m surprised every year when the first day of autumn turns up, and the temperature immediately drops
twenty degrees or so. This year it did that exactly. Actually, it might have been more than twenty degrees.

There is much to like about October. The weather can be beautiful. The leaves change. Plenty of football. And then
there is Halloween. For some people it is their favorite holiday. Other people pretty much hate it. Whether we love it
or hate it or try to ignore it, we all have to admit it is a strange day. Monsters. Witches. Ghosts. Goblins of various
kinds. Zombies. All apparently with an eye to killing us. Some people turn their front yards into fake cemeteries, with
skeletons trying to out of their graves. I think it would not be too far out of line to call Halloween a celebration of

That’s something like what Halloween has always been. It was originally All Hallows’ Eve – the evening before All
Saints Day. It begins the three-day observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to
remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed. Many in Mexico and Latin
America take this further than we do. They observe Dia de Los Muertos – “the Day of the Dead.” They may dress up
like skeletons and go to the graves of relatives, bringing gifts of food and to tell stories of the departed loved ones.
Dia de Los Muertos has greater depth and significance than Halloween, but in their own ways they are both
celebrations of death.

Is death something to be celebrated? Usually we think of death as the great enemy of life, the thief of all we hold
dearest in life – our loved ones, and finally our own life itself. How can we celebrate something like that? The
Christian faith teaches that death is not something to be feared. In Christ’s resurrection we are taught that our death
does not mark the end, that beyond it awaits something far better than we can imagine. As the Apostle Paul wrote,
“No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the human heart conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him” (I
Corinthians 2:9) Maybe Halloween would be a better holiday if it celebrated death like that. Of course, it doesn’t.
Halloween is more about the horror of death, capitalizing on the fear of death.

Whether we celebrate it or fear it or whatever we do with it, death is an unavoidable part of these lives of ours. Our
lives are designed to end. It is the fairest thing in all the world – one death for everyone, no exceptions, no matter
what. One way or another, our lives will end. We must acknowledge it and accept it as part of God’s plan for us. Then
we can move on to actually trusting that God will be with us at our deaths, and beyond.

The best advice about facing death came from Jesus himself to his disciples just hours before his own death. He said,
“Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” (John 14:27)

October 2018 Page 9

October Lectionary
October 7, 2018 Job 1:1, 2:1-10 Genesis 2:18-24 Hebrews 1:1-4, Mark 10:2-16
Twentieth Sunday after Psalm 26 Psalm 8 2:5-12

October 14, 2018 Job 23:1-9, 16-17 Amos 5:6-7, 10-15 Hebrews 4:12-16 Mark 10:17-31
Twenty-First Sunday after Psalm 22:1-15 Psalm 90:12-17

October 21, 2018 Job 38:1-7, (34-41) Isaiah 53:4-12 Hebrews 5:1-10 Mark 10:35-45
Twenty-Second Sunday after Psalm 104:1-9, 24, Psalm 91:9-16

October 28, 2018 Job 42:1-6, 10-17 Jeremiah 31:7-9 Hebrews 7:23-28 Mark 10:46-52
Twenty-Third Sunday after Psalm 34:1-8, (19-22) Psalm 126

Ongoing Prayer Concerns

For those receiving medical treatment or therapy, or undergoing medical tests:

Debbie Ballinger, Jenatha Boose, Harold, Kim Hudson, Craig Kaiser, Arlene Kakareka, Stephen Kessler, Angjuli
Lele, John McLaughlin, Ele McLaughlin, Simon Mercurio, Michael, Jordan Moore, John Rick, Sarah, Sue, Jack
Schmidt, Justin Waugh, Ann Wagnitz.

For those facing the infirmities of age:

Clara Maag, Shirley Ohles, Jamie Petty, Betty Rodwancy, Bob Rodwancy, and Irene Wilson

For those seeking freedom, security, and hope:

Bobby, Justin, Sara, Val, and CASA Families

For those in the service of our country:

SMGT Jeff Bundy, Steven Coffin, FBI; Brant Crandall, USA; Cole Daniel, USCG; Matthew Devries, USAF;
Stu Gliwa, USMC; Aaron Haynes, USA; Andrew Hogue, USA, Ted Livingstine, USMC; Sanju Shinde, USMC;

For those in mission for our Lord:

Esther Wakeman, our co-mission worker in Thailand:

Elizabeth Prasad with Witnessing Ministries of Christ;
The National Presbyterian Church of Mexico, Berea Presbytery;
The Rev. Hazael Compuzano; Dios es Amor congregation in Mexico City;

To add or delete someone from this list, please contact Janine Dress in the church office.
October 2018 Page 10

Preschool News
September brought a new school year and lots of new friends. We spent most of the
month learning the rules and routines that we follow each and every day. We also learned
and practiced our Fire and Tornado Drills.

We spent a week learning about ourselves and our friends. We counted how many letters
are in our names, talked about what color our eyes and hair are, the size or our feet, our
likes and dislikes, our families, and our 5 senses. Everyone brought in an All About Me
Bag to share with their friends, we learned a lot about each other from those bags!

With the change of the season, we talked about all things fall. We learned about what the
animals are doing and why the plants and trees are beginning to change. The science
center was set up for Apple Discovery. The kids were able measure, weigh and investigate
apples. We even learned the Life Cycle of an apple and got to taste different kinds of

During our monthly visit from Mrs. Winke we listened to stories and sang songs about
Unicorns. Be sure to check out the Ida Rupp Library Facebook Page to find out about
events going on at the library!

Rachel Johnson,

Firelands Preschool Program

Director and Teacher

October 2018 Page 11

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

1 2 3 4 5 6
4:00 MAS 10 Bible Study OFFICE CLOSED 5:00 Movie
Committee Office Open 10-2 Night

7 8 9 10 11 12 13
9:15Sunday 11-3 Office open 9 Quilting at Wilsons 10 Bible Study OFFICE 7:30 MAS
School 10 Session CLOSED Concert
10:30 Worship 5 Free Community 3:00 Choir
Dinner @ Bistro163 Rehearsal

14 15 16 17 18 19 20
9:15Sunday OFFICE CLOSED 10 Bible Study noon – 4
School 11:30- 3:30 Office Open
10:30 Worship Office Open

21 22 23 24 25 26 27
9:15 Sunday 9 Quilting at Wilsons 10 Bible Study 3:00 Choir
School Rehearsal
10:30 Worship

28 29 30 31 Normal Office hours are 10-2

9:15 Sunday 10 Bible Study Monday, Thursday and Friday,
School Changes will be on the calendar
9:30 Choir and on the website calendar.
10:30 Worship
Evening Vespers
Hymn Sing
October 2018 Page 12

Don’t Forget Your Time to Serve!

Ministry Names
Monthly Deacon of the Month Jean Witkowski
September Communion Steward Susan Rogers
Oct. 7 Greeter(s) John & Ginny McCook
Reader Shirley Carlson
Communion Assistant Bill Sharp
Servers Tim Flora, Joyce DellaSantina, Mary Caracci, Bob Reynolds
Nursery Volunteer Debbie Flora
Pianist Kay McIntosh
Oct. 14 Greeter(s) Jim & Betty Layton
Reader Karen Coffin
Communion Assistant Alison Falls
Servers Dave & Sally Wahlers, Jim & Betty Layton
Nursery Volunteer Anne O’Malley
Pianist Kay McIntosh
Oct. 21 Greeter(s) Mary Caracci
Reader Dick Dietz
Communion Assistant Sally Walter
Servers Ernie McCullough, Dave Moore, Mary Caracci, Marsha Border
Nursery Volunteer Nila McCullough
Pianist Susan Larcey
Oct. 28 Greeter(s) John & Kay McIntosh
Reader Mary Caracci
Communion Assistant Karen Coffin
Servers Anita Fisher, Bob and Maxine Wilson, Ed Bettendorf
Nursery Volunteer Janet Gray-Moore
Pianist Susan Larcey

October Celebrations


Maxine Myers 16 Mark and Gini Stevenson 16

Karen Salzgeber 19 Jay and Karen Viery 18

Jill Cooper 21 Dave and Sally Wahlers 21

James Stouffer 25 Jim and Anita Fisher 26

John Combs 28 Mark and Gini Stevenson 16

October 2018 Page 13

The Musical Art Series / Port Clinton, OH

2018- 2019 Season
September 16, 2018 Jimmy Thompson, violin – Jonathan Mak, piano
3:30 PM Sponsored by
Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick and Jack Hilbert
October 13, 2018 Music of the English Baroque
7:30 PM Sponsored by
Arby’s Port Clinton
November 10, 2018
7:30 PM An Evening with Dave Brubeck
Sponsored by
Crown Battery
December 13, 2018 Our Christmas gift to the community
7:00 P.M. *****At St. John Lutheran Church*****
Sponsored by
Bassett’s Market and The Stensen Foundation/Key Bank
January 6, 2019 All First Chair Players:
3:30 PM Violin, viola, & ‘cello
Sponsored by
1812 Food & Spirits and Rosie’s Bar & Grill
March 24, 2019 Sponsored by
3:30 P.M. Frederick Agency and Neidecker, LeVeck & Crosser


April 14, 2019 Returning By Popular Demand
3:30 P.M. Sponsored by
Dr. Jay M. Mann and Miller Ferries to Put-in-Bay
May 12, 2019 International Steinway Artist
3:30 PM. Sponsored by
The Stouffer Family and Catawba Island Club
June 2, 2019 Rupert Boyd, guitar, Laura Metcalf, ‘cello
3:30 PM Husband and wife make beautiful music together
Sponsored by
Dubbert’s Outdrive Service

Related Interests