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10/10/2010 CW 001-2010

AGROISLEÑA: "The other side of the Venezuelan consumer" By: Juan Jose Herrera


When you read or hear about the brutality of the regimes of “Fidel Castro wannabes” concerning alleged agricultural independence, one gets mixed emotions of anger and disgust- this destroying the Venezuelan producer simply to encourage other farmers in remote countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba and Nicaragua. We saw that we imported sugar from Cuba, chicken from Brazil, and seed potatoes from Nicaragua to no avail, and ultimately left to rot in Merida. Remember? When they began to steal (“expropriation” they say) the farms, ranches and farms, that´s when production of food shortages began in Venezuela, such as margarine and cooking oil, because those who produce the oil seeds were left without land, only to be replaced by a horde that cannot handle a tractor, much less give it maintenance. Planting year cycles, such as corn, sesame and rice all has been left for history."The revolutionary new farmers" do not know that, that these three crops are planted in the same plot that was expropriated to a homeowner that worked his land, and knew the month of the year (season) to plant one of those crops. Today I went to get mayonnaise and there wasn´t any. NO Hay *(*Spanish for there is none). This is what springs to mind, with rage: “Why, if we had everything here before?” Simply by the whim of a madman who took it into his head that the Cuban model is best for Venezuela. Most of all is the envy of those who work and have been successful in agricultural or industrial enterprises. Social resentment that eats away at these newly-landed in power, having been vulgar bank robbers, some of them, as a Caracas press review clearly pointed out in 1997. If you have not had success as PDVAL with importing food and safekeeping it to avoid rot and if all rotted just the same; how do you intend to take over a company like AGROISLEÑA that for over 50 years imported certified seed of all plants and

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agricultural items, you now say that the company belongs to the people? Pure populist screen. All government entrepreneurship has proven inept at managing the public property of the nation. Just look at the basic business and electrical service for one to realize that they do not know how to keep operating, maintenance or as giving responsible service to its users. How much time is left before they run out of the seeds that were imported and are in the hands of capable farmers? No more than two months I think. Remember the price of tomatoes to Bs 35 per Kilo? Celery, many thought that was included in the NASA space program, since it skyrocketed at Bs. 40 per Kilo Bs and you stop counting. No Mr. Chavez, you are wrong with these production methods- they have served for nothing productive. They have only served to annoy an entire country with a chronic shortage. And with the "expropriation of AGROISLEÑA" many envision a famine, as your government has no money to import so much food, much less to pay an honest wage for public employees, whose claims by collective bargaining have long expired. No Mr. Chavez, you became a real “Mr. Danger.” A danger for Venezuelans who no longer believe in what you do or attempt to manipulate.

Juan Jose Herrera "Soldier of Democracy" ____________________ Juan José Herrera is a contributing writer to Criminal Justice International Associates from Venezuela. He writes extensively on issues of democracy that face his people of Venezuela, as well as other events in Latin America that affect the Venezuelan homeland. One of his main concerns is "hemispheric carrying capacity." He can be reached at jjherrera3000@yahoo.com
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