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and review because I thought it was interesting how the Lutheran faith is view as a new religion even though most would have considered it an old religion like the Catholic faith. MN 56011. Certain moral obligations are not looked upon with such disregard. interview. they differ from the older ones by adapting to the changing population and allowing certain "rules" to be bent. questions then the answer. I did not want to make it sound like I was talking to Pastor Mark in farm terms. John's Lutheran Church. Interview Summary This is a summary of my interview with Pastor Mark Johnson.World Religions Page 2 Is Lutheran new? What is Lutheran? Where did Lutheran originate from? Lutheran religion may not be brand new but it is one of the newer forms of Christianity. there is a need for clarification. it would not be reasonable to assume that that was all there was to know about the Lutheran Religion. Lutherans have only been around since the mid-1500 when Martin Luther broke from the Catholic Church. I have to admit I was a little bit intimidated by going to a church to interview a Pastor. First of all I was nervous in saying “Pastor”. The Lutheran church of today is an ever evolving faith. dark . and although this religion has been around for 500 plus years at the time this would have probably been considered a modern day cult. and the name Lutheran came from Martin Luther who was originally from Germany. but before I get started on the responses from Pastor Mark (he said I could call him Pastor Mark). 148 South Chestnut Street. Belle Plaine. and for instance. right. I found a local Lutheran Church: St. Contact: Pastor Mark Johnson. As one will see these questions lead to more than a simple answer. Now time for the interview – I went to the church and to my amazement it did not seem old. I have chosen the Lutheran religion to research. That seemed simple. Pastors not only marry but have been divorced. Well.

1. I have to admit. I admitted to Pastor Mark. We then chatted for a bit. What are the challenges. Son. What are some major differences between Catholic religion and Lutheran religion? The most significant likeness is we both worship the Triune God (Father. where was the half bald and gray haired old man in a robe with ear hair and glasses? There where no glass (I found out later Pastor Mark had laser eye surgery). Differences include the number and meanings of the Sacraments and the institution of the Papacy. if any. 4. given to me a central purpose in life (to love God. but to my surprise it was Pastor Mark. I was please with our conversation and excited to communicate his responses in this paper. How has religion shaped your life? It has provided me with my identity and worth in life (as a child of God) and. go figure) and a mid-40ish looking man approached me. which helped ease some of the butterflies in my stomach. 3. What are the important holidays and traditions of this religion? Christmas (the birth of Christ) and Easter (his resurrection from the dead) stand out as the main holidays.World Religions Page 3 and smelly like one might imagined. I could not believe my eyes. myself and others). I kind of described what I was expecting and he laughed. and Holy Spirit). from that. . I figure this gentleman would be taking me to see the Pastor Mark. 2. he was not what I had pictured. to practicing this particular religion? Integrating the worship we have on Sundays with how we interact in our lives and with others each day of the week. a full head of hair and younger than what I was expecting and no hair in his ears. I waited in the front office of the church (an office in a church. Pastor Mark said that I was not the only one who thinks of the church in that way.

all worship Father. and confessionals? We do not use a rosaries and holy water.World Religions Page 4 5. Son Holy Spirit). join themselves to one another for life as husband and wife. holey water. Presbyterians. etc. Does the Lutheran religion have classes for first communion? Yes. with their vows. now pone is speaking about another religion. it is considered a holy estate between a man and a woman who.e. say. Frankly. Do Lutheran’s have-use a rosary. marriage is not a sacrament in the Lutheran church but. . What is the meaning of the bread of Christ if different from Catholic religion? Roman Catholics have a doctrine of transubstantiation for the elements of the Eucharist where the bread and wine. although they are different “denominations” of the same religion. with and under the elements. Lutherans subscribe to a doctrine called consubstantiation where the bread and wine remain as bread and wine but where Christ is truly present in. Islam. Lutherans. 7. We do use wine in Holy Communion and. What is the Lutheran religion view on marriage? I would like to take some exception to the word “religion” for “Lutheran”. wine. Catholics. become the literal body and blood of Christ. 6. Classes are generally held for fifth graders and their parents (at least in this congregation). are all the same religion (i. If one is are talking about something other non-Trinitarian like. we do have a rite of confession as part of our corporate worship services. they do. But anyway. 8. in the words of institution.

we do not have that many potlucks! I found in my research of the Lutheran religion there was a great deal about Protestant and Protestant reformation. the place where the Lutheran tradition began during the early part of the 16th century. Lutheran . where Martin Luther lived. From Germany. I establish that in order to give a person the most information about the Lutheran religion. what are they? In actuality. from there. I need to give the history of the Lutheran – Protestant characteristic of these religions because they are so closely tied together as a changing religion. to America. . For most Europeans in the middle ages. Their pretest against certain doctrines the church was teaching them branded them as “Protestants”. the movement spread outward (perhaps most notably to the Scandinavian countries) and. Do think there are any misconceptions of the Lutheran religion and if so.World Religions Page 5 9. The world's 59 million Lutherans belong to 250 different independent Lutheran churches around the world. 10. the Roman Catholic Church was the center of life the most unifying influence. the largest numbers of Lutherans are to be found in Germany. Eventually. In fact almost everything I found joined the two together.Protestant Reformation Introduction Today nearly 70 million Christians belong to Lutheran churches worldwide. the reform movement broke away from the Roman Catholic Church. Not surprisingly. The Protestant Reformation was the product of several key factors. How has the Lutheran religion evolved over time? Lutheranism began as a reform movement within the Roman Catholic Church by Martin Luther (a former Roman Catholic monk and church professor). eventually.

and society. Early in the sixteenth century. Martin Luther Radical Beliefs . Clergy were greedy. Unfortunately. as it quickly separated itself from the Roman Catholic Church. Hence. major causes of the Protestant Reformation were indulgences. the formation of the Protestant Church changed history forever splintering the Catholic Church. and dishonest. Protestant Reformation The Protestant Reformation was the result of a combination of factors. Another.World Religions Page 6 and the many contributions of Martin Luther. they still deserved a punishment. "remission of temporal punishment still due for a sin that had been sacrament ally absolved" ("Protestant Reformation"). Thus. nevertheless. the corruption in the Catholic Church was the chief factor in the origin of the Protestant Reformation. creating the impression that an indulgence guaranteed access to heaven ("Protestant Reformation"). the Catholic Church in the Counter Reformation soon challenged its presence. An indulgence was the. However. a money donation to the church helped sinners eliminate this punishment. preachers began to stress payment more than repentance. Religious leaders also offered a "poor example stealing money from the poor to enrich themselves" ("Protestant Reformation"). In other words a Christian could be pardoned from their sins when they received the sacrament of Penance. These false testaments corrupted the truth. Indulgences were introduced by Pope Leo X in the 1500s. Over the next 50 years Protestantism rise was very swift. and the idea. This behavior compelled people to demand a reform in the church. many abuses crept into the Catholic Church deteriorating it. Therefore. The origin of the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century powerfully impacted the Catholic Church.

Martin Luther never expected to divide the church with his ideas he merely wanted to arise a debate. helpless humans be saved from the power of sin?" (Hooker). Luther . In the theses he attacked such issues as: "the indulgences. Martin Luther's hardstand against the Catholic Church was rapidly published across Germany. Ideology Martin Luther's ideology. With these beliefs Luther challenged the Catholic Church when he published his 95 theses. Although Luther initially only hoped to reform the Catholic Church his actions. and the Catholic Church. In 1519 Luther denied the Popes infallibility stating that the.World Religions Page 7 Martin Luther founded the movement of the Protestant Church with his radical beliefs. He also felt unworthy of God but despite that he still wanted to attain salvation (Hooker). Martin struggled with the notion of God. and sin (Hooker). Furthermore. He also decided that the gift of grace was granted through faith not good deeds (Hooker). and beliefs split Christianity in half instead. "scriptures alone" held authority. and attacks on Rome escalated into the eventual rise of Lutheranism. which were imposed by him. For these reasons. This suggestion started the battle between Martin Luther. and compassionate. He believed that he as a human was corrupt because he had inherited original sin along with the entire human race (Hooker). Martin Luther suggested that the Bible alone should be the guide to Christian life (Hooker). He answered that question stating that God's love was forgiving. and therefore faith in God alone lead to salvation. Nevertheless. he posed the question "how could sinful. and abuses in the church and. in his theses he challenged the Pope's authority when he questioned the indulgences. and the beginning of a new division in Christianity. he discussed his new theology about salvation (Hooker). His ideas were contagious quickly changing from a university debate to a dispute within a church. In 1518 Luther was summoned to Rome to explain his allegations against the Church.

Protestantism soared to popularity.World Religions Page 8 challenged many other aspects of Christianity. However. as the justification of faith set free its members from the bondage of sin. Protestantism was very popular as well as powerful as it spread rapidly. chastity and obedience. The Council of Trent was an attempt at pleasing the Protestants and persuading them to return to Christianity. Their aim was to. by attacking the beliefs that individuals for example the pope or priest had higher spiritual power. and significant act was the Council of Trent. He reduced the sacraments to two. Pope Paul's most traumatic. "The Jesuits were the best prepared order for defending the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. and the Roman Pontiff. Several developments emerged from the council: . In 1534. the bread and wine did not transform into his flesh. In 1521. His vicar on cur" (Vignazia 4). and the Eucharist. and blood. In addition he concluded that although Christ was present within the Eucharist. and spreading its teachings" (Vignazia 4). Reforming of the Catholic Church Coerced by the growth of Protestantism the Catholic Church sought to revitalize itself. and reform it. Paul III became Pope providing the church with the leadership to organize a reform against Protestantism (Vignazia 4). Baptism. He denied the traditional teachings of the church. Therefore. The Jesuits were a group of man who had taken vows of poverty. "fight for God under the banner of the cross to serve only the Lord. Protestantism spoke to people's "deepest religious yearnings". Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Church. Although. He encouraged religious orders like the Jesuits to promote Christianity. and strengthen their relationship with God. its purpose was to examine the Church's doctrine. the attempt failed it strengthen the Catholic Church.

Relates to Today's Society Protestantism which was largely adopted by the people of North Western Europe and held to the beliefs that the individual person was the valid interpreter of the Bible led to a wide variety of Protestant sects. "scriptures had to be understood within the tradition of the church" (Vignazia 5). and practices that had previously been lacking. 2) The Catholic doctrine was clearly defined (Vignazia 5). to give it a firm base on which the spiritual life of the Catholic world could be reconstructed" (Vignazia 5). 3) "The [Council of Trent] armed the church with two chief weapons: doctrinal clarity and ecclesiastical discipline. it gave Catholics a certainty about their own beliefs. Hence. The Church's foundation was strengthened.World Religions Page 9 1) In the doctrine the Pope sustained his position as the supreme figure in the Catholic Church (Vignazia 5). the Catholic Church responded to the growing threat of Protestantism through the introduction of various religious orders and redefining its fundamental beliefs therefore realigning the religion. "The Council of Trent did mark a turning point in the history of the Catholic Church. "essential element of direction" (Vignazia 5). with which it waged the war of the Counter. 4) The doctrine reunited Christians 5) The council affirmed that the. This fragmentation of Protestantism was further extended by disputes .Reformation over the next two centuries" (Vignazia 5). 6) The Council gave Christianity an.

As a result. which was not understood by ordinary people. also known as the Anglican or Episcopalian Church that are found in many countries of the world. spreading across the face of Europe. Conclusion Christianity and Protestantism clash mightily. Martin Luther's confidence in his convictions. This leadership led the Social Gospel movement. there are branches of the Church of England. she established the Church of England. were originally sung in Greek or Latin. Protestantism's rise was immediate. Though. Beginning in the sixteenth century Protestantism's power greatly influenced the course of the Catholic Church eventually changing its direction. Elizabeth was crowned queen. a compromise between Protestantism and Catholicism. When. since the Reformation hymns are mostly sung in the language of the area. This fragmentation of the sect in turn also led to a more liberal leadership of the church. the Bible is translated into the languages of the community. Martin Luther translated the Bible into German. at the hand of Martin Luther. yet until then it had been read in Latin. Protestantism rose from Christianity's flaws and abuses in the 1500s. and publish his beliefs responding to the problems of the time. The Protestantism Church was a partner in the leadership of the United State's civil rights movement. allowed him to take a stand against his opposition. The Protestantism Church was a crusader for labors reform in the Americans and is not an advocate for environmental responsibility (Gottfried). Today. the Protestant Reformation has greatly impacted our society today as a whole.World Religions Page 10 within the sect over "how to worship?" (Gottfried). Nowadays. because of their differences. and into the pages . it was a strong voice for women's rights and a guardian for the unborn (antiabortion). which were sacred songs that worship God. Hymns. which encouraged freer interpretation of the theological doctrines and emphasizes church responsibility for social justice (Gottfried).

However. the Protestantism rise was also the source of the Counter Reformation by Christianity. the passage of Protestantism shifted the core of Christianity. which wedged a war against the new church. .World Religions Page 11 of history books. Therefore. changing history forever. John's Lutheran Church. The Internet Modern History Sourcebook. 4 and Religions Page 12 References Apologetics Index. website: © 2000-2007. St.html Gottfried. copyright 2005 by Pearson Education.vdare. copyright 1996-2006.html Vignazia.htm Hooker. Pastor Mark Johnson. Shakopee Public Library Chap. The First Coming: How the Kingdom of God Became Christianity (1986—electronic edition 2000) website: historylearningsite. Thomas. Living Religions. Richard. website: http://www. Mary Pat. sixth edition. website: http://historylearningsite. Way of the Cross-. Inc. Belle Plaine. VDARE. Minnesota Sheeha.infidels. website: .htm History Learning site. Paul.

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