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“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe
in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe
in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not
believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do
not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many
generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything
agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all,
then accept it and live up to it.”

Kalama Sutta
Siddhartha Gautama - Buddha
(681 B.C. – 601 B.C.)

Author: Stjepan Spanicek – Independent Researcher
Version 1.4 – October 5, 2018.
Split, Croatia

This essay does not have any commercial use. Author of the essay does not have any claim on
copyrights, so the essay itself can be used freely, partially or entirely, for further researches and for
education purpose. The author retains right on changes, modifications, improvements and making
some appendices, because of material affluence and complexity, the entire research is just like …
never- ending story. Therefore, always check if you have the latest version of that text.

I guess and I hope, you have recognized the title of this story. This is the well-known saying extracted from
Genesis. Indeed, this is so well known phrase, and I would say, there is no individual in the world who does not
know about. Nevertheless, I paraphrased it a little bit. I paraphrased it, but with the obvious intention of course.
Because, what people do not know is that this primordial light, is actually … the Ether. Furthermore, the Sanskrit
term for Ether is … Akasha …, and consequently, I will use both terms together, just that we all become more
familiar with the full meaning, and of the highest importance of it. Therefore, the Ether-Akasha will be the topic
of this story.

Must say this is a long-awaited story because Ether-Akasha is kind of a very controversial thing. I said … thing …
even though this is far from being any … thing. In fact, this is the very emanation that every other thing or being
within the entire Creation is made of. This is kind of very extraordinary media that we hardly can find the proper
word to express it, or to describe it. This is something so unique and so fantastic that it can exceed our most
fruitful imagination. Indeed, Ether-Akasha is so controversial and enigmatic that it was hidden for a long time.
In addition, not only that, for some time Ether-Akasha was even … forbidden. Partially it was forbidden officially,
but it was also forbidden in another way. It was declared that it does not exist. You would not believe that but
some scientists established in who knows what level of consciousness, and with who knows what intentions,
they even did bend the entire science so much, in order that this extremely precious Ether-Akasha which lays in
the foundation of everything that exists in the entire Creation, imagine, that Ether-Akasha was declared as …
non-existing. Just like that. Non-existing! It was declared that it does not exist!

Nevertheless, now as we came out from that age of hiding and seeking, we continue there at the same spot
where some recent scientists stopped. Well, this syntagm … hide and seek … is something very appropriate
actually. I like it. It is denoting the nature of life in Dualism. It could be very appropriate to denote and to depict
the Samudra Manthan, the churning of the ocean of milk, the endless quest for the ultimate truth. As we know
now, after it was explained in some previous essays of mine, we live in the dualistic world. There are forces of
light trying to do everything in order to uplift the level of consciousness of the Humanity so that all people would
live the full potential of their nervous systems, and that would automatically mean the full potential of the
Natural Law to be integrated within our physiology. This is the basic concept of what we call … the higher states
of consciousness, and consequently this is the basic concept of Eden, the Heaven on Earth. Thus, this is the
return to the Eden actually, to the Heaven on Earth. Nevertheless, in this dualistic world we live in, there are
other guys as well, dark and murky creatures by the way, who would do absolutely everything to block the
progress of the Humanity, and who would try to hide such evolutionary very important media like the Ether-
Akasha is. Therefore, hide and seek syntagm is something very appropriate indeed.

Luckily we are now in the phase were the hiding element is fading out, and the seeking element is pronounced
so very much. We are on the bright side already. We live within the ascending phase of the Dwapara Yuga, the
Bronze Age. Ascending means that the level of consciousness and understanding of the world around us is
naturally raising up. Therefore, we just focus our attention, and intention of course, on that sublime interest of
ours, the Ether-Akasha itself. This text, along with the entire essay behind, or perhaps the series of essays, will
try to comprehend everything that we know about the Ether-Akasha, and it will probably be the impulse for
further researches and investigations in this field. At least, I wish that it would be understood and accepted that

Well, indeed, Ether-Akasha, this is a very complex theme, and it would be much better we go systematically,
and gradually, step by step, to remove the veil of ignorance from that glorious, life-supporting, but complex and
wired as well … Ether-Akasha.

Fine, the topic is Ether-Akasha, but where to start? From the beginning, somebody would say immediately. All
right, but where is the beginning? This is a very good question, because, as it seems, we lost the track about
the beginning. Therefore, I would not insist we start exactly from the very beginning; I would rather start at
some other point, a point that is much more familiar to us. In fact, it is absolutely irrelative where we start,
because all roads lead toward the beginning, and this automatically means, toward the Ether-Akasha. To make
it shorter, it will be proved soon, that exactly the Ether-Akasha, is the … very beginning.

In my previous essays, I was already writing about Ether-Akasha. I was writing about a lot. Because, it was
absolutely inevitable to enter the Ether-Akasha into the game, otherwise we cannot, and we could not
understand much of the ancient History. If we put the Ether-Akasha aside, well, we cannot understand the
miracle of the life itself. Therefore, I will use all that material already exposed in my previous essays, with slight
modifications here and there of course, and possibly even with some revisions, improvements, and appendices.
In the meantime, I learned a lot by myself. Such kind of researches that I am doing is so enlightening. I would
say, there is never enough of truth because it is exactly discovering the truth what gives such a tremendous bliss
and joy after every puzzle or enigma being solved. Indeed, it is such a joy to deal with the truth!

I started to write this text, which by the way was initially intended to be an essay only, then I’ve noticed this is
so very complex topic that myriads of books wouldn’t be enough to depict everything. Furthermore, I am on the
level of short essays, and how on earth to compress everything into the one short essay only? Well, to be honest,
for some time I was even confused whether to form it as an essay, or perhaps just to make a short blog-post.
Then, gradually, it became clear to me, it should be both, an essay and the blog post. However, this is not all!
The complexity of the theme, and the importance of it, all that forced me to initiate formation of the special
page within the site, devoted to the Ether-Akasha only. Therefore, that will be the place where I will try to put
together all that is known about Ether-Akasha, and maybe even what is not known. Do not be surprised to see
me in the role of an investigative journalist, but in the role of the teacher as well, but also in the role of the
curious student, because all three titles, this is what I am. I already have learned something about Ether-Akasha,
and it will be a great pleasure of mine to share that with others.

Though need to highlight that point especially, my approach is basically documentary, and I will try to expose
proves for all my statements wherever this is possible. In this case, I am functioning predominantly as a
researching journalist, trying to put together the pros and the cons. They say we live in the democratic world,
then after seeing all arguments, sooner or later, we need to decide again whether Ether-Akasha does exist, or
it does not exist. We definitely need to make this decision again, but this time it should be from the point of
view of the modern science and the new belonging paradigm. Nevertheless, such situation development, and
the choice to decide about was maybe appropriate for any world age before this one. This is to say, now we do
not have much of choice. We stand on the brink of the big changes so that knowing Ether-Akasha and being
familiar with it, well that could be the matter of survival. This is a very important point and it is not supposed to
be forgotten by anyone. By anyone.

In fact, we even do not have much time now, and that means we need to become familiar with the Ether-Akasha
in a very quick way …

Therefore, just for the very beginning, I wish a lot of knowledge about the Ether-Akasha, and a lot of light of
Ether-Akasha, for everyone …

The year 2013, was going toward the end when I have noticed one very special and very intriguing photo on
the Net. NASA exposed it on one of their websites. Actually, it was declared as the photo of the day, and it
attracted my attention immediately. I was just in the middle of the deep studying of Ether-Akasha, and the
photo came just in the very appropriate moment. The timing itself could not have been better. The link to that
very extraordinary photo, please find in the continuation …

When considering the theme of the photo, I immediately noticed this is not what NASA is declaring to be. This
is something entirely different. Simple way, the photo is showing the Ether-Akasha columns. This is something
very rear to be seen, and the professional photographer, by the way, did a great job to capture that beautiful
phenomenon. Hence, many would immediately connect this phenomenon with magnificent aurora borealis.
Science and media would immediately deny such connection. My personal opinion is that this is connected. As
it seems, these are just two different manifestations of the same natural phenomenon. The connection point is
exactly the … Ether-Akasha. Therefore, the aurora borealis itself is connected with the Ether-Akasha as well, but
more about this some other time.

The photo was taken from …

It was close to the Christmas and to the New Year, and I immediately made sort of greeting card in the form of
a short essay with Ether-Akasha as the main theme. I have sent it to all my friends and colleges. The title is also
very enlightening. I will expose this greeting card in the entire length because it is so very important for the
main story of this essay. Actually, it will be a beautiful introduction to the theme of Ether-Akasha research.
Please do not be disturbed by many technical words; whatever you do not understand, just simply ignore, skip,
and go further on. At least, this is the way I am doing when following something unknown. We shall find
ourselves in the field of the high technology, the technology of the age of enlightenment, and there is no way
to explain everything without using high-tech expressions.

Fine. Here is that very special greeting card …


These days, as Christmas and New Year are coming close, I was in wonder what appropriately to send around as a greeting card to all
my dear friends and true spiritual seekers, and then, just as always when we ask for something, the response came all of sudden and
completely unexpectedly.

Please, take a look at the following link, and on the beautiful photo taken by the very skillful photographer. The Photo shows Ether-Akasha
Streams … or … Columns of Ether …

This is another one photo illustrating the same natural phenomenon.

Author of the photo is … Christoph Geisler … Laramie, Wyoming, USA
The photo was taken from the link …

Somehow, it happened that we know almost nothing about Ether Energy. In this short essay, I will try to expose basic facts, just a short
story about a mysterious but very powerful energy form that is all around us. Throughout millenniums, it was called different ways like …
Akasha … Orgonic Energy, Pranic Energy, Chi … along with many other names. Nikola Tesla discovered it about 1890ties, even though
there were some observations done even before. When he discovered it, he immediately realized its own full potential and superiority, so
he abandoned all his further researches on Poly-phase System and high frequency alternating current systems. In 1892, he divorced the
alternating current entirely, and last 50 years of his life, he devoted to the Impulse Technology that implies Ether Energy only.

Tesla harnessed the Ether Energy entirely. First, along with series of experiments in his laboratories in New York City, and then by
launching Colorado Springs Project, which was the final test for that technology to be used on a grand world scale. Tesla’s Colorado
Springs project had come just before the last one project in that series, and that was the Wardenclyffe Tower Project on Long Island near
New York. Then, along with many other achievements about Ether use, he practically made very efficient motors and engines for doing
useful work, special heaters for heating houses and homes, brilliant cold light lamps with almost no energy waste ... and all that on

Attached book … Lost Science … by Gerry Vassilatos, is exposing unbelievable stories how many true inventions are fully forgotten today,
and that we are living something that is far beyond our possibilities when technology is being considered. In this book in Chapter 4, by

the title “Broadcast Power” (from page 75 till page 97), there is a story about Nikola Tesla and his true work. There are many confusions
and misinterpretations about Tesla’s work and about his life, but this chapter gives an absolutely stunning story about the main discovery
of his life … The Ether Energy …

Gerry Vassilatos - Lost Science

“Gerry Vassilatos writes about the remarkable lives, astounding discoveries and incredible inventions of such famous people as Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife, T. T. Brown, and T. Henry Moray. Read about
the aura research of Baron Karl von Reichenbach, the wireless of Antonio Meucci, the controlled fusion devices of Philo Farnsworth, the earth battery of Nathan Stubblefield and more. What were the
twisted intrigues that surrounded the often deliberate attempts to stop this technology? Vassilatos claims that we are living hundreds of years behind our intended level of technology and that we
must recapture this "lost science." Rediscover the legendary names of our suppressed scientific revolution and read about the remarkable lives, astounding discoveries and incredible inventions that
would have produced a world of wonder. How did the aura research of Baron Karl von Reichenbach prove the vitalistic theory and frighten the greatest minds in Germany? How did the physiophone
and wireless of Antonio Meucci predate both Bell and Marconi by decades? How does the earth battery technology of Nathan Stubblefield portend an unsuspected energy revolution? How did the
geoaetheric engines of Nikola Tesla threaten the establishment of a fuel-dependent America? The microscopes and virus-destroying ray machines of Dr. Royal Rife provided the solution for every world-
threatening disease. Why did the FDA and AMA together condemn this great man to a federal prison? The static crashes on telephone lines enabled Dr. Henry T. Moray to discover the reality of radiant
space energy. Was the mysterious "Swedish stone," the powerful mineral Dr. Moray discovered, the very first historical instance in which stellar power was recognized and secured on earth? Why did
the Air Force initially fund the gravitational warp research and warp-cloaking devices of T. Townsend Brown and then reject them? When the controlled fusion devices of Philo Farnsworth achieved the
"break-even" point in 1967, why was the FUSOR project abruptly canceled by ITT? What were the twisted intrigues that surrounded these deliberate convolutions of history? Each chapter is a biographic

Ether contains enormous power. It can supply energy for all humanity for all times. In our recent history, there was a system of Ether
Reactors in a form of pyramids spread all over the world. Indeed, there was a network of pyramids all over the world not long ago. Here
and there, we can still find their remnants and ruins. The system was used as a source of electric energy because Ether rays when reaching
any metal object induce high voltages and currents of electrons within the metal, and that can be easily used for giving light or doing
some useful work by motors, engines or other devices. However, that was just a secondary use. The primary use, the main use of that
Ether Generator System, was to uplift the level of consciousness of all living beings. Ether streams have a fascinating influence on humans
by healing the physiology and elevating the level of Consciousness incredibly. This is the secret of Egypt and Egyptian pyramids. That was
Egypt of the Golden Age that we can trace back many thousand years. I would say, even tens of thousands of years ago. Nevertheless,
this age despaired in dark era that was approaching inevitably, and the story has it that function of the last pyramid, this called Great
Pyramid on Giza Plateau, finally collapsed along with stealing the most vital part of this powerful Ether Reactor. According to Tesla, the
most important part of any such system is the Capacitor of enormous capacity … Thus, according to the story, this stolen part of the Great
Pyramid was nothing else then … then … The Ark of Covenant!!!

There is another book of the same author Gerry Vassilatos. This book, which is just mentioned below, is especially focused on Tesla’s work
about Ether even to the finest details. First chapter and about 100 pages are devoted only to the Tesla alone as a basic story to understand
all other very important civil and military projects, and revelations being done during the last one hundred years or more. The first chapter
is so rich by details and so precise with explanations that it can almost be used as a … Do it Yourself Manual … for Ether Energy Streamers
and Generators.

Gerry Vassilatos - Secrets of Cold War Technology: Project HAARP and Beyond

I extracted a few paragraphs from this book just to make a connection to the beautiful photograph we have seen on the website
mentioned at the beginning of this message. Please note that NASA explanation about the nature of light columns seen on the photo is
very obscure because the complete story about Tesla’s research and Ether Energy is officially deeply shrouded and rejected due to the
fact this energy is FREE and can be transferred by WIRELESS …

Ether energy is all around us. This is not electromagnetic waves as we know, or Hertzian waves as Tesla called these electromagnetic
waves. These are longitudinal waves, but they are also known as pressure waves. They feature more like fluids, gasses, and liquids cannot
be compressed, but they are very sensitive to any pressure change ... and so on. Tesla was observing stings all over his body, especially
on the face. If the process of generating these streams is not controlled well, these Ether streams can be very harmful. He immediately
observed benevolent effects on the physiology, and he used to expose his entire body to the influence of these rays for an hour or more

The Earth is being constantly bombarded by streams of Ether coming from all over the Universe and especially from our Sun, and from
the very center of our Galaxy Milky Way. It is produced in all stars including our Sun, coming to us at super light speed, and because it is
much finer than any material particle we know, we do not see it, and it is not easy to detect it too. Ether rays are permeating everything,
including our Earth and sometimes on some very special locations due to geology reasons, and due to the higher resistance of
underground solid rocks, these streams of Ether are being refracted. By being refracted, these streams of Ether form exactly such light
like columns or light fountains. This is what Tesla called “stationary waves”. That was seen on a great scale around his Ether Station
during his experiments in Colorado Springs from May 1899, until January 1900. He got it as a side product when his device was not tuned
properly. Incoming pulses of Space Ether were not in tune with his pulses forcing the Ether to the Earth.

Moreover, this is exactly what we can see in such photos coming from different regions of the world. Obviously, in all such places, the
natural phenomenon of Ether streams appears spontaneously.

Page 82

Page 86

Quotes from the book … Secrets of Cold War Technology: Project HAARP and Beyond … by Gerry Vassilatos

In Vedic times, Ether-Akasha was very well known as well, and this is the essence of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurveda and even
Sthapatyaveda architecture and construction. Indeed, Sthapatyaveda house is nothing else then pyramid in miniature, where the main
purpose is to grasp as much as is possible of the Ether-Akasha energy that is permanently permeating our planet and providing life-
supporting influences. Thus, such a house would grasp that precious life supporting cosmic energy, and will transfer it to homeowners for
their wellbeing, and for the fast enlightenment of theirs. This function is being achieved through energy transfer between metallic Kalash
on the top of the roof, and the Brahmastan, which functions as a freeway. Hence, the omnipresent Ether-Akasha will induce stream of
negative ions coming out from the metal parts of Kalash, which will be then transferred through the freeway of Brahmastan, and further
on throughout the entire house. Therefore, for that purpose, Kalash on top of the roof should inevitably be of metallic background. The
golden plated Kalashes were predominantly used, because of the stability of gold to radiate negative ions on a long-term basis. Today,
golden, or golden plated Kalash, is easy to be replaced with one of brass or some similar material.

There is an interesting story that just recently has come to me. It is about Swiss saint Brother Klaus, who, when searching the proper place
for his hermitage, saw similar light pillars at the certain spot, what he understood as a divine sign to be settled at that spot exactly. He
made well because exactly such omens indicate there is plenty of Ether-Akasha around, and the story has it that he was enlightened very
soon afterward.

This is all about to say that we need to focus ourselves more in the quest for the Ether-Akasha. The quest for the Ether-Akasha becomes
now our ultimate goal …

I truly hope all this will not be too much … of course, the topic is very complex, and it can take some time … Anyway, it can be useful

I wish you a lot of light in personal life … and especially I wish you to be immersed into plenty of this enlightening and life-supporting
Space Ether-Akasha Light …

Well, this is that greeting card exposed for the first time around Christmas of 2013. Along the time, the card
itself was modified a little bit. Nevertheless, changes are not big, and it is more about cosmetics. This is its last
and final version, I think. I am not sending it around anymore, but now it will be a good beginning for this
research on Ether-Akasha. The response to the initial greeting card was very nice. People like to hear, to listen,
and to learn more about Ether-Akasha. All comments were very positive. Of course, all that encouraged me to
continue the research on that topic.

As I already mentioned, there are many new terms and expressions used in this card. We need to be aware that
vocabulary of the just expired old materialistic paradigm is not enough to say everything, or anything, about the
Ether-Akasha. We need a new vocabulary and therefore, it is better to become familiar with all these new words
and expressions. Luckily, with the tremendous shift in consciousness that we are just witnessing, it is very easy
for us to adopt, and to tune with new achievements.

As well, some of my statements are not only on the level of journalist’s investigative research. Somewhere I
exposed very daring statements that are almost like heresy for the old paradigm, and for the old scientific point
of view. Well, this is also about to be changed. I mean, the scientific point of view certainly is about to be
changed soon. The thing is that I have been researching this topic for a long, and certain cognitions already have
settled in my mind. That is the reason I exposed some very daring statements. In order to compress the story of
the Ether-Akasha into the short essay of that greeting card, well I was supposed to be very concise, very
selective, and there were no ways to go around. Just straight to the core of the subject. Nevertheless, I do not
want that we enter this discussion without argumentations. Hence, it is that the complete opposite is true.

Therefore, along with, we shall perform some empirical experimental probing. Dry as a send theorizing is
nothing without empirical confirmations. You will be surprised how easy today is to prove the existence of Ether-
Akasha. As it will be proved soon, what science is somehow still talking about while denying the Ether-Akasha,
is more than hundred years old dogma postulated and established for only one purpose …. to hide the Ether
Akasha. Do not you recognize the pattern?

By the way, the Ether-Akasha is not the only subject deeply buried in order not to be seen at all. Just focus
yourself a little bit, and devote your attention to the mentioned book … Lost Science … and you will see there
are many thrilling revelations that simply vanished, and never being mentioned in the official science. Along
with my writings, I have proved that all History Science is upside down. Then, what about other scientific
branches? If History Science is so heavily distorted, why on earth do we need to think that other branches of
the science are entirely innocent? After all, isn’t it the case that the same hand has been framing all the science
for a very, very long time? Well, perhaps the time has come to remove the grip of that hand. It is better for this
hand not to touch anything. I need to remind again about the fact that some murky creatures have framed the
complete paradigm for their own purpose only, and that is to hide the progress. All that was evolutionary
uplifting was hidden. The same pattern we find within all branches of the science. The statement that we live
technologically far beyond our possibilities is very true. Thus, the Ether-Akasha is not the only vanished
important scientific achievement. Nevertheless, the Ether-Akasha is like a king; it is on top in this hierarchy.
Therefore, why would not we devote some time to this kingly theme? Why wouldn’t we perform some new
experiments on the Ether-Akasha with the modern and with the most sophisticated technology? Indeed, why
wouldn’t we do that? Why wouldn’t we scrutinize everything that was ever said about Ether-Akasha, and even
what was not said but it was meant to be said, or perhaps, what was said but it was suppressed and erased
along the time?

Therefore, this is exactly what we shall do. We shall scrutinize all that was ever done, written or said about

On no way, I want to neglect official explanation about the phenomenon shown by the NASA’s photo of the day
on December 18, 2013. Here is the explanation text exposed on the mentioned website …

Explanation: What's happening behind those houses? Pictured above are not aurora but nearby light pillars, a local phenomenon that can appear as
a distant one. In most places on Earth, a lucky viewer can see a Sun-pillar, a column of light appearing to extend up from the Sun caused by flat
fluttering ice-crystals reflecting sunlight from the upper atmosphere. Usually these ice crystals evaporate before reaching the ground. During freezing
temperatures, however, flat fluttering ice crystals may form near the ground in a form of light snow, sometimes known as a crystal fog. These ice
crystals may then reflect ground lights in columns not unlike a Sun-pillar. While going out to buy cat food, a quick thinking photographer captured
the above light pillars extending up from bright parking lot lights in Oulu, Finland.

Nevertheless, as I stated, this is not a proper explanation when considering this phenomenon. There are many
problems with such explanations. For example, where is the light that is supposedly being reflected from ice
crystals in the atmosphere coming from? It is a night, and the sun is at the opposite point, it is hidden behind
the Earth itself. That is the reason it is night after all. There is no light. The Earth itself casts a big shadow. The
shadow itself goes deep into space, but for example, it is very visible on the Moon during the lunar eclipse.
There is a nice site explaining everything about earth’s shadow in a simple way …

Therefore, to reflect sunlight back on the earth, these ice crystals have to be very high in the atmosphere. A
very nice discussion on the subject of ice crystals in the atmosphere can be found just below …

Thus, there are ice crystals in the upper atmosphere, and there is a light reflection. On my very big surprise,
there is no mentioning of light fountains or light pillars as a possible effect. Only two effects are mentioned …

sundogs and sun’s halo. Indeed, several amazing effects are observed along with ice crystal reflection including
the sun’s halo and sundogs. This is something documented nicely, and one very interesting presentation can be
seen along the link exposed below …

The photo shows sun’s halo close or during the sunset.
The photo was taken from …

The sun’s halo and the sundog, both, separately or simultaneously, could be seen during the sunset. By the way,
both phenomena are very attractive indeed. Nevertheless, light pillars or light fountains are rarely mentioned.

There is one instance mentioning that phenomenon, along with previously mentioned sundogs and sun’s halo,
but interestingly, there is no photo of light columns. Textual part is repeating the classical story what all media
mostly expose about light pillars, but there is no photo!

Fine. All right. Now we can see there are some optical phenomena connected with the presence of ice crystal
in the high atmosphere. In addition, they say that can be any light, including any light source on the surface of
the earth. Then they describe this along with the following graphics …

The photo was taken from …
Well, I still have some doubts about. It seems this is not so simple. I am not saying there are no ice crystals
reflections, and some phenomena closely connected with them. Nevertheless, is this the case with these light
pillars we are talking and representing in this essay? I think not. For example, look at another series of photos.
This is an amazing work of … Sophie Melanson … one young lady, an amateur photographer from Moncton,
New Brunswick, Canada. She initially twitted her amazing photos, but that was taken by local media very soon.

Everything is exposed in … … on January 3, 2018.

She was taking several photos in the evening, throughout the night and about 6 AM the next morning. The result
is absolutely stunning! Please, take a look at one photo from the collection …

The photo was taken from …
Author of the photo … Sophie Melanson

Again, I need to express my suspicions that this is just so simple reflection of any kind of light from the ice
crystals in the atmosphere. Though need to mention that as well, I received some testimonials of very special
conditions of the far north where snow is so common, and where … gazillions of tiny icicles reflecting different
light sources. This is to say, we need to be careful with such media, and optical effects of any kind are certainly
possible. Nevertheless, what we are talking about here, well, this is something bigger … something much
stronger … and most probably … entirely unknown to us. What could that possibly be?

This is one very important question right now. We can notice that all official commentators, or scientists by
themselves, they are going around when light fountains are in the question. Or, they just expose this dogmatic

explanation with the reflection of light from ice crystals in the atmosphere. Story finished. Case closed. No
discussion further on.

Nevertheless, there are several key problems anyway. Indeed, if we consider these pillars are reflections of the
light from ice crystals, then we should wonder how is it possible that these pillars are so uniformly parallel? The
parallel structure is a common feature of all such phenomena. I would assume that ice crystals are randomly
scattered in the atmosphere. Then, most probably, the reflection should also go randomly, into all directions.
However, this is not the case. It seems as that all reflections are done under some very special conditions. Firstly,
it is as that all ice crystals are entirely identical, just as being cloned. Secondly, it is as that they are so perfectly
aligned, and waiting in the queue that the light comes in order to reflect it under the perfectly same angle.
Indeed, light pillars are always uniformly parallel. All light columns are showing an amazingly regular pattern.
They are so uniformly parallel and almost identical. That means, all over the world they repeatedly show the
same nature with very small anomalies, like for example the height they reach, and the wideness of the light
strips they achieve. Only here and there, we occasionally see some color deviations as well.

However, there is another point as well. If the reflections are done by the supposed ice crystals in the
atmosphere, then the intensity should be stronger close to the source, and that means to the reflection point
itself. That means, all pillars would be reversed, they would be stronger on top, and gradually they will be losing
intensity by reaching the ground. If ever reaching the ground!? Nevertheless, on all photos what I did find, all
light pillars are most intensive at the ground level, and then they are gradually fading out in the heights. The
basic rule is, light is stronger at the originating point, and then it is gradually losing the intensity, and finally, it
is fading out. This is already giving some indication that the so-called reflection, or maybe it is refraction
originally, is happening somewhere within the earth’s crust, then the light is coming out and gradually fading
out. Is not that the logical explanation for such intensity right at the ground level?

Nevertheless, this is not all. If ice crystals are so perfectly cloned, and so perfectly aligned to reflect the same
angle and not randomly, then, they must have the power of the laser in order to be so strong to come and touch
the ground.1 Moreover, on top of everything, they need to be perfectly still and steady, not to move for a couple
of hours, or maybe even all the night and all the day. Now I would like to ask the final question. How much of
all this is plausible?

Therefore, it must be another solution to explain this majestic phenomenon. As it is obvious here that we deal
with some light like phenomenon, or close to be as a light, then we need to ask ourselves what kind of light that
could possibly be.

Indeed, now we tackle another problem. What kind of light can pass true the many layers and sediments of the
earth itself? The light that we know, of course, cannot do that. The light we know cannot pass obstacles in the
form of the physical matter. However, there is a kind of light that can pass through the all obstacles. This is
Ether-Akasha. Firstly, it comes from some deep areas of the universe in the form of the cosmic radiation, and
then it enters the earth passing through all layers as that they are not there. Only sometimes, on some deeper
level, due to some extraordinary geological conditions, or change of density in geological sediments, it will be
refracted. This is to say, we have incoming stream into the earth, and now we have refracted wave that is
entirely equal by the intensity, but opposite in phase. These two waves are confronted, and because of that,
they will produce strong interference. They will start to resonate. Then, the … stationary waves … will be
formed, with some side effects in the form of visible light streams, or light strips. It is exactly this explanation
what Gerry Vassilatos exposed. This is how we inevitably come to the Nikola Tesla and his glorious researches

1) Now, when mentioning the laser, must say few additional words. There is some association and possible likeness and resemblance of
the entire phenomenon with laser lights so very common today. Nevertheless, I think this is not the case. The phenomenon exposed on
all photos looks absolutely natural. Also, for last photo exposed, the one coming from Canada, some commentators exposed an opinion
that the photo was … photoshoped. Well, author of the photo, in her commentaries attached to exposed phots, explicitly said that she
used the Adobe Lightroom software, designed especially for post-capture editing, and used so heavily by professional photographers.
Nevertheless, as she added, she used it only for some very basic intervention, what every professional photographer would do. Therefore,
I believe this is entirely natural phenomenon without using any of special effects. After all, I think it is not possible to produce such patterns
artificially. As well, Lightroom is not so much for special effects; it is more to edit some very important attributes of the photo.
on the Ether-Akasha. From the book mentioned, the second book authored by Gery Vassilatos, where he is
actually describing glorious achievements of Nikola Tesla, I exposed the proper explanation that will be exposed
once again, just to be very familiar with it …

Page 82

Page 86

Quotes from the book … Secrets of Cold War Technology: Project HAARP and Beyond … by Gerry Vassilatos

Therefore, these light columns are one form of Ether-Akasha manifestation. Just that, nothing else.

Nevertheless, as I am plunging deeper and deeper into this problem, I’ve noticed in some photos that there is a
connection of light pillars with the source of light on the ground. This is to say, it could be that artificial light of
any source is included in the game somehow. However, this is still supposed to be considered along with the
Ether-Akasha background and appropriate explanation. It could be that previously mentioned refracted or
reflected Ether-Akasha streams do interfere in some way with local artificial lights as well. In such cases, the
trigger element is still the Ether-Akasha, but not a reflection from the atmospheric ice crystals. The phenomenon
stays in the domain of the Ether-Akasha entirely. The Ether-Akasha is a very strange media. If for previously
mentioned optical illusions attached to ice crystals we can say that they are magical, please wait that you see
what Ether-Akasha can do, and what it has been doing for ages. For sure, Ether-Akasha is capable to expose kind
of very strange behavior. Indeed, maybe you will be surprised heavily. It could also be that Ether-Akasha takes
part in all these optical illusions. Let’s take aurora borealis for example. This phenomenon is also connected
with the Ether-Akasha, but nobody knows how … or … nobody wants to say how. Science would categorically
deny that fact, but in some alternative sources, this connection is highly emphasized. Along with this research,
I’ve just stumbled on the very intriguing document. The title is …

Aurora and Enlightenment - Eighteenth-Century Explanations of the Aurora Borealis

… and it can be found along the following website …

On the photo exposed bellow, the close connection of light pillars and aurora borealis is very obvious. We see
that aurora borealis is easily transforming into light pillars. Therefore, maybe we are making a big mistake by
researching the light pillars independently and completely separated from aurora borealis. Perhaps they have
to be considered together!? Nevertheless, this we leave for some other time, or perhaps for little later.

The photo is taken from …

After releasing the mentioned greeting card, and along with further researches, one interesting testimonial
came to me as a feedback. It was shown that somebody else has seen such manifestation just in the
Netherlands. Of course, on one very nice and very special place covered with deep forest. There were a few
other reports as well, also in the middle of Europe. Therefore, along with the story from the past about Brother
Klaus originating in Switzerland, well, this is saying that such a phenomenon is not reserved exclusively for the
north of Europe only. I already have exposed and mentioned the photo taken in the area of Laramie, Wyoming,
USA, where one skillful lucky photographer captured a similar photo as well. This is not just an isolated case as
well. If you enter the expression … light pillars … or … light fountains … into any search machine, well you will
get hundreds of similar photos. This phenomenon is seen and captured in many places all over the world.
However, why only in this time of ours this is becoming so obvious? Well, the answer is very simple. The answer
is … digital photography … and possibility that everybody can have such very good photo camera always around.
The same phenomenon was probably present in the past as well, on the same scale as it is today, but that was
a time when such high-tech devices did not exist. There were no ways for easy recording the phenomenon, and
especially not on the mass level.

However, maybe we need to consider yet another explanation why this phenomenon is repeating so frequently
nowadays. It can be that the drastic increase in Ether-Akasha is in action. The level of Ether-Akasha we are
immersed in is never constant. First of all, this is not homogeneous media nowadays. Secondly, it has a tendency
to fluctuate drastically according to some astronomical conditions. After all, this is why we have ascends and
decedents of cultures and civilizations on our planet. In fact, we are incredibly Ether-Akasha dependent.
Therefore, this is one reason more to become highly familiar with this phenomenal media and to try to harness
it for the benefit of the humankind. For that reason, solving the enigma of photos exposing the light pillars and
light fountains, well this is just a very good introduction into the theme of Ether-Akasha.

As I mentioned Nikola Tesla several times already, firstly in the greeting card, but just recently as well in my
continuation of the elaboration on the subject, few things I need to make clear. It is absolutely impossible to
discuss this topic without involving Nikola Tesla into it. He was pioneering this field, and about 50 years of his
researches, though totally suppressed and obscured, well, this is our heritage, and this is where we shall just
continue further on. Therefore, do not be surprised to find out such details of Tesla’s life, what you can find
nowhere. We need to plunge deep, very deep actually. The time of Tesla has come.

Now, just to conclude this chapter, I have another question. How is it possible that this very prosaic and entirely
undocumented explanation of ice crystals reflections is undetected for so long, and under the radar of so many
researchers and true oriented scientists? Once again, I will repeat my statement. There are some very
interesting natural phenomena connected with ice crystals and reflections in the atmosphere. I do not deny
that. Nevertheless, the one we are discussing in this frame, the so-called light pillars and light fountains, well, it
seems, they have nothing to do with ice crystals. Indeed, NASA is doing so great job in many fields. Their job is
astonishing actually. Maybe this is a time to revise this story about light pillars, light columns, or light fountains,
and their true origin.

Of course, the discussion on the Ether-Akasha is far from being finished. We definitely need much more
elementary knowledge about that subject. Therefore, this is exactly what we shall do. We shall continue the
discussion on the Ether-Akasha.

The End

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