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Human Design…

The Science
In its personal value to you, Human Design is best seen as an experiment to be
individually engaged in but as a construct, Human Design is a synthesis.

The synthesis is made up of different pieces, some are anchored in thousand year old
mystical traditions from various cultures and others come from modern science. The term
synthesis comes from Greek and is used to describe a process which combines two or
more pre-existing elements resulting in the formation of something new.
The elements being combined that resulted into Human Design are the I Ching or the
Chinese Book of Changes, elements from Astrology, Kabbalah and the Hindu Chakra
system together with genetics, quantum physics and bio-chemistry.

The main and unusual characteristic of a synthesis is that it transcends the sum of its parts
and becomes something totally new. This means that, even though you might be familiar
with some of its building stones, don’t be carried away, Human Design is definitely
something brand new and original and can’t be compared to any of its building stones the
same way you can’t reduce the elephant to its tail.

Although it is a synthesis of many components, for some of us, it is important to see

that there is a theoretical, logical and scientific foundation sustaining the knowledge.

And I think that’s more than understandable given our western scientific mentality. It also
allows us to see that Human Design is a firmly grounded proposal that deserves an
objective look and criterion.

Human Design is been scientifically researched over the last years, especially by its
founder Ra Uru Hu ,Dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf, an Austrian Dr. in Genetics, and many
others which is something that brings a certain sense of stability to the knowledge and
gives authority to its depth and correlations and interconnections with genetics, which are
truly fascinating.

Human Design has been quite surprising as far as some of it’s under laying physical
constructs. It parts from certain physical premises, such as the mass of neutrinos.
Neutrinos are an immensely vast amount of particles filling up the universe; they are
mainly the result of nuclear reactions in stars such as our sun. Neutrinos purvey all
objects in the universe.
Just to give you an idea of their vastness, a trillion of them are actually passing through
your pinkie at this very moment. The mass of neutrinos was something put forward by
Human Design at the end of the 1980’s and is one of the foundations of the knowledge.
But it wasn’t accepted by academic science until the end of the nineties when the mass of
neutrinos was discovered through experiments in Japan. The fact that neutrinos have
mass implies that they are able to store information, which according to Human Design
turns them into the primary programming agents of consciousness in our universe.

So, in some ways, Human Design was even ahead of scientific discoveries and is a
knowledge that defends and defies the scrutiny of science.
But when it comes to the hardcore physical part, at the heart of Human Design lays
a theory called Juxtaposition Unified Theory which, as a theory, is very much in
tune with the latest astrophysical theory called Braneworld theory.

It is a very advanced and complex theoretical construct of our universe based on nine
In order to go into the understanding of it, one needs more than a rudimentary
understanding of theoretical physics so let’s keep it simple here.
The theory addresses the common dilemma we so often pointed at as children: “which
came first: the chicken or the egg?” The word Juxtaposition points towards the existence
of two forces that stand next to each other. They do not become one but they do find a
relationship, a synchronicity. In fact, the juxtaposition of two forces creates a third force.

In very simple words, the basic pattern that lies at the heart of Human Design is that all
life is a duality and has been so since the very beginning. With duality comes friction and
out of friction comes life.
And this is a basic aspect to understand because you will see it reflected in your own
Human Design map where this duality that concerns your individual uniqueness is
represented in the red and black information columns on both sides of your map and then
placed inside of the BodyGraph.

Do you notice also that we live out this Juxtaposition Unified Theory in all aspects of our
daily lives? A man and a woman, for example, are two very different forces that never
truly become one, basically they stand next to each other and more than often they create
and experience friction out of which ultimately comes a third force, a child, life itself!

If you show interest in understanding more of the cosmology and theoretical

constructs that Human Design is based on, it is easy to be helped.

The Human Design international community counts quite some people with a solid
background in physics, genetics or related fields and who have helped a lot, structuring
and exposing their understandings. They have been digging into the depths of these
aspects of the knowledge and have made the information available. Courses are being
offered addressing some of these issues in depth. But again, be prepared to go deep into
physics, genetics and related fields!

Ok, given this brief outline about the underlying physical constructs of the system,
let me now address one of the basic challenges to our legitimately skeptic minds;
which is the correlation between who we are and the time of our birth, a necessary
ingredient in order to map your uniqueness.

My experience in Human Design has taught me that this correlation between time of birth
and the information being provided generally raises a lot of questions or confusion with
astrology. This issue of birth time might even be an obstacle for some people given that
they consider it an unfounded act of faith.
Many socio-cultural traditions developed an extensive knowledge about the movement of
stellar objects in our sky throughout the history of mankind; and we cannot discard that
these cultures always considered the time of birth as crucial and significant.
But on the other hand, one may be right in being skeptic about this point because it can’t
really be proven yet from a merely conventional theoretical perspective. There are
correlations between our time of starting to play out a role in this programming field we
call the universe and the mass of neutrinos; but that, in and off itself, doesn’t confirm this
principle. And surprisingly, the fact that it can’t be proven beforehand is also one of the
advantages of the knowledge because it leaves our mind with a doubt it would like to see
answered. Such skepticism is an ideal standpoint from where to engage in your individual
experiment with your map which is crucial in order to make this knowledge valuable to
you and in your relations with others.

It is therefore possible to prove valid the correlation between who we are and the time of
birth, but it is the individual experimentation with our human design map that can
provide us the answer. And as with any logical doubt, dedication, experimentation and
patience are necessary ingredients.
The only difference and challenge here is that the road is one of individual
experimentation; you are the scientist, the matter and the microscope all at the same time.
Which by the way I find a very unusual but authentic approach with a deep respect for
our personal freedom!

Just a last personal note on these theoretical aspects though.

I find it appealing, revolutionary and even comforting that knowledge belonging for
thousands of years to the world of mystics and exact science finally meet and click into
each other in the synthesis of Human Design.
Both science and mysticism, especially for our world of today, are each limited in their
understanding and application in our daily lives. But when brought together, that
limitation is transcended. And I consider that the most interesting aspect of this meeting
of two worlds which Human Design embodies. The result is not a bunch of information
somewhere high in the sky and only accessible to elite of some kind. No, the result is a
knowledge that we can all experiment with through the decisions we make that shape our
lives. It allows us to come in touch with our sense of inner power or authority which is
something that can truly be awe inspiring. It is a gift to be in touch with our inner
authority and to make decisions from such space, instead of giving that power away to a
million and one things, people or constructs outside of us and making them become the
ground of our decisions!

Human Design, as a synthesis, translates itself into the Science of Differentiation.

When I was first introduced to it, its depth felt like that of mathematics: endless in a way.
But whether we are aware of it or not, a Human Design reading doesn’t really tell us
anything we didn’t already know or feel deep inside in some way or another. In that
sense, what it especially offers is a language that allows us to understand better and grasp
deeper who we are and how the mechanics of our unique energy are designed to operate.
It names aspects of our nature so that we can become more conscious of them. As such, it
is a knowledge that is alive in each and every one of us; and a reading allows that
aliveness to be stirred up again.
That is why to me Human Design is such an adventure, you can really relate to it on a
very deep individual level and it is something that can set you on a journey that allows
you to see the scenery you are really equipped to see.

From my own experience, I can tell you that it is a very useful and enriching experiment
to be in, that is a fun and original journey and that I therefore enjoy sharing it with you.
As well, I would encourage any parent to offer these unique insights as a gift to their
children so that their uniqueness is valued through a caring education that honors their

I hope I have been able to give you a bit of a feeling for Human Design as the science of
Differentiation, know that you can always get into greater depth through the educational
options but remember that its true value for you lays within the individual
experimentation with the synthesis. If you feel something for this experiment yourself,
with pleasure I will take you through your own design in a personal reading. For booking
and further information I would suggest you to visit my website