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Chronology of Early Scholars of Islam

with color coding

(Caliphs from Sahabah, Isna-'Ashari(12)Imams, Fiqh Imams (4),
Sihah-Sitta Imams, & others)
Compiled by Khalid Shaukat (of

The chronology presented here gives an understanding of the time difference and generation gaps of famous
names in early Islamic history, e.g., Imam Abu-Hanifah was early enough to have seen Sahabah, while Imam
Malik, Imam Shafi'i, and Imam Ahmad bin-Hambal had not met or seen any Sahabah. Compare the time frame
of Imam Bokhari & Imam Muslim with those of Imam Malik or Imam Abu-Hanifah. See the times of 12 Imams
of Isna-'ashari faith (The Twelvers).


13 AH*/23 August
Hadrat Abu- 51 BH*/573 CE*, First Caliph (Khalifah) of Prophet Muhammad
634 (Tuesday)
Bakar Siddiq Makkah (pbuh), Khalifatur-Rasool
24 AH/7 November
Hadrat Umar ibn Second Caliph (Khalifah), Title "Ameerul-
41 BH/582 Makkah 644 (Sunday)
alKhattab Momineen" was first adopted
18 Zul-Hijja 35
Uthman ibn
47 BH/577 Makkah AH/17 June 656 Ameerul-Momineen, Third Caliph (Khalifah)
(Friday) Medinah
21 Ramadhan
Imam Ali ibn 13 Rajab 23BH/600
40AH/28 January Ameerul-Momineen, Fourth Caliph (Khalifah)
Abi-Taalib(1) Makkah
661 (Thur) Kufah
15 Ramadan 3 AH/28 Safar 49 or 50 Ameerul-Momineen (5th Khalifah), First son of
Imam Hasan ibn
February 625 (Thu) AH/669 or 670 Ali & Fatimah, Grand Child of Prophet
Ali (2)
Medinah Medinah Muhammad (pbuh), was probably poisoned
Mo'awiah ibn 6th Khalifah (Brother-in-law of Prophet
12 BH/611 Makkah 60 AH/680 Dimashq
Abi-Sufian Muhammad (pbuh))
3 Sha'ban 4 AH/8 Jan 10 Muharram 61
Imam Husain Shaheed-e-Karbala, Second son of Ali & Fatimah,
626 (Wednesday) AH/9 Oct 680 (Tue)
ibn Ali (3) Grand Child of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Medinah Karbala, Iraq
Imam Ali 5 Sha'ban 38 AH/5 25 Muharram 95
Zainul-Abideen Jan 659 (Saturday) AH/20 Oct 713 Son of Imam Husain
(4) Medinah (Friday) Medinah
7 Zul-Hijja 114
Imam 1 Rajab 57 AH/9
AH/28 Jan 733
Muhammad May 677 (Saturday) Son of Imam Ali Zainul-Abideen
Baqir (5) Medinah
Imam-1: Abu- 80 AH/699 Kufah, 150 AH/767 Taabai, Scholar of Fiqh (Jurisprudence), student of
Hanifa Iraq Baghdad Imam Baqir & Imam Ja'far Sadiq
17 Rabi-al-Awwal 83 25 Shawwal 148
Imam Ja'far Taabai, Son of Imam Baqir. He was Imam of Fiqh
AH/10 Apr 702 AH/13 Dec 765 (Fri)
Sadiq (6) Ja'fri (Jurisprudence)
(Monday) Medinah Medinah
179 AH/795 Taba-Taabai, Compiler of Hadith & Scholar of
Imam-2: Maalik 93 AH/712 Medinah
Medinah Fiqh (Jurisprudence), student of Imam Ja'far Sadiq
Imam Abu- 113 AH/731 Kufah, 187 AH/803 Taba-Taabai, Student of Abu-Hanifah, Scholar of
Yusuf(Hanafi) Iraq Baghdad Fiqh (Jurisprudence)
Up to the time of Imam Ja'far Sadiq, friends of Ali (Shi'aan-e-Ali) were not considered any different from other
Muslims. Imam Ja'far Sadiq had two sons, Isma'il and Musa al-Kazim. Followers of Isma'il become the
"Seveners" or "Ismailis. Followers of Musa al-Kazim become the "Twelvers" who believed that the lineage of
Imam continued with Imam Musa al-Kazim. Beginning of Shi'ism was not documented before this time, but
long after, when the concept of 12 Imams became the basis of Shi'as after the 12th Imam's disappearance in 878
7 Safar 129 AH/27 25 Rajab 183 AH/1
Imam Musa Son of Imam Ja'far Sadiq, born in Al-Abwa 7
Oct 745 (Thurs) near Sep 799 (Sunday)
Kazim (7) miles from Medinah, died in prison
Medinah Kadhimiya
132 AH/750 Wasit, 189 AH/805 Student of Imam Maalik, and Imam Abu-Yusuf
Iraq Baghdad (Jurisprudence)
Imam-3: Shafi'i 150 AH/767 Ghaza 204 AH/819 Egypt Student of Imam Maalik (Jurisprudence)
11 Zul-Qa'da 153 17 Safar 203 AH/24
Imam Ali Reza
AH/4 Nov 770 Aug 818 (Tue) Son of Imam Musa Kazim
(Sunday) Medinah Mash'had, Iran
Imam-4: Ahmad 164 AH/780 241 AH/855 Student of Imam Shafi'i, Scholar of Fiqh
ibn Hambal Baghdad Baghdad (Jurisprudence)
256 AH/870
Imam Bokhari 194 AH/810 Bukhara Compiler of the most authentic Hadith book
10 Rajab 195 AH/8 30 Zul-Qa'da 220
Imam Jawwad Full name was Imam Muhammad Jawwad Taqi
April 811 (Tues) AH/26 Nov 835
Taqi (9) Son of Imam Ali Reza
Medinah (Fri) Kadhimiya
Imam Abu- 202 AH/817 Sindh- 275 AH/889 Basrah,
Scholar and Compiler of Hadith
Daood Kabul Iraq
206 AH/821 261 AH/875
Imam Muslim Compiler of 2nd most authentic Hadith book
Nishapur, Iran Nishapur, Iran
209 AH/824 273 AH/887
Imam Ibn Maja Scholar and Compiler of Hadith
Qazween, Iraq Qazween, Iraq
209 AH/824 Tirmidh, 279 AH/892
Imam Tirmidhi Scholar and Compiler of Hadith
Balkh Tirmidh, Balkh
214 AH/829
Imam Nasaai 303 AH/915 Egypt Scholar and Compiler of Hadith
Khurasan, Iran
5 Rajab 215 AH/28 3 Rajab 254 AH/28
Imam Ali Naqi
Aug 830 (Sunday) June 868 (Monday) Son of Imam Muhammad Jawwad Taqi
Surba, Iraq Samarra, Iraq
8 Rabi-al-Thani 232 8 Rabi-al-Awwal
Imam Hasan AH/1 Dec 846 260 AH/1 Jan 874
Son of Imam Ali Naqi
Askari (11) (Wednesday) (Friday) Samarra,
Samarra, Iraq Iraq
Son of Imam Hasan Askari. Followers of Isna-
15 Sha'ban 255
Imam 'ashari faith (The Twelvers) believe that he is still
AH/29 July 869 Disappeared at age 9
Muhammad alive, hiding, and will re-appear near Judgment
(Friday) Samarra, in 878 CE
Mehdi (12) Day to establish Kingdom of Allah, to fill the
world with equality and justice.

BH = Before Hijra AH = After Hijra CE = Common Era
Chronolgy for Caliphs from Sahabah is taken from various books on Islamic history.
Isna-Ash'ari Imams chronology is basically taken from "Millat-e-Islamia ki Mukhtasar Tareekh" by Sarwat
Saulat, Page 157.
Chronology for Fiqh Imams is taken from "Tazkira Imam Abu-Hanifah" by Jamil Ahmad Sharqpuri, various
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