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What's Definitely Not Covered in the Guide? Introduction Where You Don’t Want to Be
Heavily Populated Areas Earthquakes Volcanoes Tsunamis and Floods Solar Storms Rouge Planets Impact: Comets, Asteroids and Meteors Commentary Catastrophes Contaminated Bodies of Water

Surviving: The Known and the Unknown
Communication & Independent Internet Connection Choosing a Safe Shelter Location Defining Strong Shelters Strong Shelters: Basic Construction Notes Air Quality Preparation Providing Purified Water Providing Electric Power Bathroom Facilities. Food for the Onslaught Seed for the Future Basic Household & Daily Life Necessities Useful Tools and supplies. Medical Care and First Aid Supplies. Currency in a Moneyless Society. Martial Law.


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What’s Definitely Not Covered in this Guide?
Our 2012 Survival Guide is meant to provide you with a good deal of direction and food for thought, on the topic of staying alive to usher in the next age of man. We do not claim to know, or offer any kind of medical advice. We are not doctors or health professionals. You will however, find some excellent pointers on putting together a strong first aid kit for the purpose of keeping yourself and your family in the best condition possible. It goes without saying, that you will most likely need some first aid attention during this yet to unfold experience. How you use the items in your first aid and medical care supplies is completely up to you. There is no financial advice suggested, or implied, within this guide. Even if something seems to convey anything that may be construed as financial advice, we leave you free to draw your own conclusions. Your financial decisions and possibilities are not ours to make or lend any sound direction about. If you need financial advice, please seek the assistance of an enlightened investment professional. We also do not imply that the information in this guide is set in stone or completely infallible. The survival tips and pointers offered have all been well researched and compiled in order of what we feel is their importance of being addressed. You may find a need to rearrange them should certain events occur that are not present, or expected at the time this guide was written. We hope that our 2012 Survival Guide offers you some valuable guidance in planning, and preparing, a successful survival mission into the unknown.
Frozen tsunami wave in Antarctica


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Not knowing, in absolute certainty, what is going to happen next can be most unsettling. The
unrevealed time, or even what to expect beyond the shadow of doubt, makes preparing to survive precarious at best. The unknown events leading up to and continuing into 2012, or beyond, make precision planning extremely difficult. In light of this fact, we must let go of our traditional ways of protecting ourselves, and even conducting our daily affairs. Preparing to face the unknown, will not come to us easily, especially with the countless conveniences we all enjoy as our currently daily expectations known as lifestyle. Even if only half of the events predicted for the end of our age came to pass, life will be severely altered from what it is today. If the predictions we have for the end of this age found in Revelations and other books of the Bible do come to pass, you can be assured these catastrophes will be of a strength greater than ever experienced before in our history. This is not an assumption. That’s exactly the way it is written. These tales aren’t that much different from the Hopi legends and Hindu prophecies. Only the language of the details is altered. Such differences of terms used, and explanations given, really should not be so surprising. The very stories of the elders should be expected to clash at first glance, from two such alien cultures left at odds in the mists of time. Even the Mayan Long Count begins on a day of Movement, and ends on a day of Movement as well. Movement, as in the Earth will be very unstable – shifting and churning in a manner we cannot possibly comprehend. If the inner core of the Earth is heating up, this will increase the effects of the events on the surface and in our atmosphere. We may very well wish that the liquid coolant was not removed from the inner layers of the planet, but it was, to run billions of vehicles and furnaces for profit. Simple intelligence should tell you that just because something is present, does not necessarily mean, it is a wise idea to remove it. Like the blood in your veins, or the cornerstone of a tall building. Think about it. Where most crude oil is being pumped from are areas of the planet, known to be hotter than others. And they’re getting hotter. Not all heat comes from the sky; some of it comes from the depths of the Earth itself. Heat rises, and cold pushes down. No one knows what the eclipse of the Milky Way with our solar system will do to affect this planet. Simply because the last time it occurred was on the first day of Earth’s creation, according to the Mayan knowledge. This should tell anyone with common sense that you must be prepared, for a great many catastrophes at once. Whether Niburu returns to be the cause of this or not, has yet to be discovered. We do know, without a doubt, that something beyond our


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known space in the universe is causing great pressure on our planet at the poles. This could lead to all manner of undesirable planetary reactions. The increasing indentions at the poles of our planet are reshaping the Equator. Should the pressure continue, it will at some point in the perhaps not to distant future, create great havoc to everything living on Earth. This has never happened before in our recorded history. A severe change in the Equator could destroy natural gravity, a point that even NASA agrees on. This pressure has nothing to do with the planet’s geomagnetic fields. Its cause is related to something happening beyond our solar system. A shift in the poles is not a pole reversal, and has always occurred on Earth. The North Pole has continued to work farther toward direct north, as opposed to magnetic north, since the 19th century. A continuous northward march at the rapid pace it is moving today will definitely make some marked changes. A sudden, radical pole change could easily alter every known continent on the planet. Should the poles actually reverse the climate wherever you live will most certainly be suddenly and dramatically shifted. The terrain will also be different, some portions of land will be submerged, and ground presently beneath water will return to a state of dry land. The lessening of the strength of the magnetic fields in the Earth could possibly cause a complete pole reversal. Yet, the influx from the sun seems to determine the effects and presence of our magnetic fields. The flipping of the poles has happened before, as scientists will concur. There is no way of knowing if, or when, pole reversal could happen again. It all depends on the sun and the universe.
“If we measure the Earth's magnetic field continually, such as is done at a magnetic observatory, we will see that it changes during the course of a day - sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly. The ultimate cause of these fluctuations is the Sun. The Sun constantly emits charged particles that, on encountering the Earth's magnetic field, cause electric currents to flow in the ionosphere and magnetosphere. These electric currents disturb the magnetic field, resulting in a temporary shift in the North Magnetic Pole's position. The size and direction of this shift varies with time, in step with the magnetic field fluctuations. Since such fluctuations occur constantly, the Magnetic Pole is seldom to be found at its "official" position, which is the position in the absence of magnetic field fluctuations.”

Geological Survey of Canada With all of this rapid change occurring in and on the planet, there is not a lot of debate needed to understand that any of the disasters many are talking about, could happen in the not so distant future. Waiting until the last minute is not a recommendable course of action. You will need to collect many things necessary for survival. Be wise. Start your planning and supply acquisition before what you need is hard, even possible, to obtain. Additionally, never forget that anything that sharply increases in demand, when it is in short supply, is the perfect breeding ground for skyrocketing prices.


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In early spring 2009, Jim Randas, a former U.S. Intelligence officer, appeared on ABC telling Americans to start stockpiling food. This wasn’t in preparation for the events of December 2012. His advice was targeted for now, because we are headed for rocky economic times. Financial hardship far more desolate than the recessed economic state America, and the world, is in today. Food could soon become far more precious than you might imagine at this moment. In a moneyless society, a pound of beans can hold more value than a pile of gold bullion. Be wise though, you want canned food, dry beans and rice for best storage without power. Your electrical supply is not engineered to withstand the onslaught of an over active sun. Extreme heat and cold, or other factors could swiftly lead to starvation if you aren’t prepared.

Where You Don’t Want to Be
Your lifestyle and daily habits, or home location, may prove to be a detriment to your ability to
react swiftly. Quick reflex and a solid plan are needed to survive any, or all, of the catastrophes we are told could occur. There are certain places that you don’t want to be if, and when, these events actually do become reality. It is best to measure what could take place in each of the predicted natural disasters and other catastrophes, should they suddenly erupt at your home or place of employment. Thinking about surviving successfully is one thing, accomplishing it will be quite another. You must be ready to overcome anything possible without panicking, or being delayed in your escape from harm. One thing is for certain, it will require some stealth to remain in ownership of your survival supplies and location. There will be thousands of people who were too busy enjoying the comforts of modern life to prepare, let alone pay attention. Take a look around you at the people you are close to, your neighbors, your coworkers and members of your community. It would be wise to take stock of how successful your plans to survive the events of 2012 could actually be in your current environment. Since only you can truly decide what your best course


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of action is in your precise geographical location, we can only give you suggestions and point of things you may overlook. The size of your community, the height of surrounding buildings and the ease of swift evacuation on more than one route, is important to study. If there is only one main road out of the area, how many people will you be fighting to flee? How many bridges do you have to cross on the best evacuation route? In earthquake conditions, bridges will collapse as fast as buildings. The most valuable preplanning tool you have available is not going to cost you anything at all. Developing the habit of thinking will be your best ally in planning to survive disaster. Use common sense and sound reasoning with informed preparations, and your odds at making it through catastrophes, will increase by leaps and bounds. The second most valuable thing you have going for you is unwavering determination to succeed. If you can see it, you can achieve it. However, you must stay calm. You will be of no use to yourself, or those you care deeply about, if you are operating in a state of panic. This is no time to freak out; you must remain calm, cool and collected if you are going to survive.

Heavily Populated Areas
Mid sized to large cities, and sprawling metropolis regions, are not a convenient place to be when you know disaster is coming. Consider how congested the highways are, just on an average business day. Then imagine what those roads will be like when 90% of the community population is wildly desperate to flee for their very lives. You, and your very survival supplies, will be in grave danger when catastrophe arrives in a heavily populated area. Mass panic leads to pandemonium and the inability to leave quickly Terrified humanity will do anything to survive in such a situation. Mob rule is prevalent in a disaster or catastrophe scenario. People who have not planned or prepared can become your enemy in an instant. Traffic accidents, toppling buildings and roadways, train derailments and more. Additional danger from fires and explosions caused by underground or overhead utilities. There are many disaster situations that have occurred in recent years where people have been forced, by police and military, to remain in the eye of danger. The attack on the World Trade Center and Hurricane Ike in Houston are two prime examples. Martial law is highly possible to go in effect before any predictable future disaster, or the threat of one. If what we have read is true, these forces are ready, and waiting, to be released


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at a moment’s notice. If you are worried about preparing to survive, you can guarantee the powers that be are ready to launch martial law with brutal enforcement. This will go into effect rapidly in areas where there are large concentrations of people, as in major and minor cities today.

Certain regions of the country have low to mid scale earthquakes quite often. The earthquakes we are told to expect at the end of this age on Earth, will be of greater strength than before in our history. All those dramatic, wild movie scenes where the ground suddenly splits wide open swallowing buildings, cars and people … could easily become reality. With such heightened regional, or even planetary, instability below the ground, other catastrophic disasters could occur simultaneously in the same area, or farther away. Earthquakes are not caused by the weather. They originate miles beneath the Earth’s surface and are the effect of more than one pre-existing condition that creates the cause. A. Part of global tectonics which is a process that often alters the elevation of the land and its internal structure. B. A result of volcanic activity. C. Induced by human activity. Earthquakes created by man, are often caused by things such as the deep-sea drilling that has occurred in recent years. This deep disturbance into our planet can increase pressure on the tectonic plates that create the foundation of the surface, making a tense situation much worse. It is not uncommon for earthquakes to happen before, during, and after a volcanic eruption in a geographical area. These quakes are a direct result of violent force from the volcano’s eruption, and not the cause of the volcanic activity. Earth is not really one solid mass, but made up of several massive plates that remain solid by the act of constantly pushing against one another. When the plates creating the surface of Earth are forcefully pushed together too tightly, the pressure between certain plates becomes so intense that they must move. The result of this planetary action is violent movement as the plates shift their position. These tectonic earthquakes are usually the most devastating of all. Tectonic shift earthquakes can cause inland areas to become coastal regions, or coastlines to become inland areas. Three tectonic quakes, so massive, they rerouted the mighty Mississippi River, and were felt up to 1000 miles away, did occur in the early 1800’s. If you don’t live in an area where earthquakes are known to occur, don’t just assume they will


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not happen in the future. In unknown disaster planning and preparation, you will want to find out where any tectonic faults or plate abutments are in your area, region or between you and your planned ultimate shelter spot. It goes without saying, that no spot on a tectonic fault is a good choice for a safety zone, or to cross in fleeing to, when unprecedented earth instability may be an actual event. You should be aware that you may have to deal with, any or all, of the following in an earthquake situation of unprecedented intensity or location: Fissures and canyons opening as the plates in the Earth’s surface violently realign. Volcanic eruptions; both known and unknown volcanic mountains. Mountains being swallowed up by the earth as it radically changes shape. Islands and coastal or low areas swallowed by tsunami waves and floods Possible super tornadoes and mega powered hurricanes triggered by the incredible instability of the ground or temperatures of the atmosphere and water ways.

Unlike many approaching disasters, earthquakes cannot be predicted. Nor can public announcement warnings to seek shelter, give you advance notice on catastrophe occurring. Unless there is a volcanic eruption in the area, quakes happen without any warning, whatsoever. The best thing you can do in a milder earthquake is to stay away from glass windows and appliances, as well as away from walls with heavy items hanging on them. Do not leave the safety zone until the after shocks have stopped to protect yourself from injury following the major earthquake disturbance. The more severe the quake is, the more devastating the damage will be. Since no forewarning is possible, it would rather difficult to flee an approaching earthquake. You are better off remaining in the building while the earth is shaking, than rushing out of it, or to another level. The kitchen is the most dangerous room of all, to be in during an earthquake. Depending on the severity of the catastrophe, you should be prepared to wait 3 to 10 days for rescue. If you become trapped inside your home, your disaster preparedness is the only thing you can rely on. It is also wise to have a mini disaster kit in your car and at work, should you get trapped there in a catastrophe. Don’t put off creating your earthquake disaster plan, you and your family must be ready before such an event arrives. Teach everyone in your home how to shut off, and turn on, water, electricity and natural gas or propane lines. Learn how to deal with children during a disaster. This situation will be volumes more traumatizing to them, than to any adult. Practice your safe zone entry, safe shelter tasks and habitation as many times as it takes, to be sure you are all prepared before these skills and behaviors are necessary.


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The Web Bot predicts volcanoes will appear where none has even been known to occur. According to their interpretation of data collected, these unexpected natural events will begin happening before the end of 2009, and increase in number through the year 2010. This kind of inner planet pressure will undoubtedly increase the possibility and occurrences of earthquakes of the most violent type.

Volcanic eruptions do not happen without some signs of forewarning. People who live in the vicinity of a known volcanic mountain are always aware that rumblings, deep inside the towering rock formation, mean that evacuation may be suddenly necessary. If new volcanoes are going to erupt in surprise locations, anyone who lives on, around or near a mountain needs to learn what the early signs of eruption are. The molten lava and flaming mud from volcanic eruption is nothing to take lightly. Scientists believe that the Grand Canyon and other rock carved gorges are the result of volcanic mud flow. Obviously, you do not want to be in close proximity to a live volcano. There is also the volcanic ash devastation to consider when planning how far safety will be in such a situation. The accumulation of burning volcanic ash can quickly become tens to hundreds of feet deep. The danger zone for lava and mud flow or volcanic ash catastrophe is directly dependent on the magnitude of the eruption itself. Seismic monitoring of known volcanic peaks offers those who live in the vicinity some clue as to what to expect. When dealing with a new born volcano, there is no way to gauge how far reaching its area of devastation will be. The more violent the molten activity becomes in the liquid core of Earth, the more violent the eruptions and surface disturbances will become.

Tsunamis and Floods
Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes, and infrequently by submarine volcanic eruptions. It is very rare that these towering walls of inbound water are caused by large meteorite impact in the ocean. Volcanic eruptions on the ocean floor have the potential to produce truly incredible tsunami waves. The Great Krakatau Volcanic Eruption of 1883 generated gigantic waves soaring to 125 feet above sea-level. This natural


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catastrophe took thousands of lives, and demolished a large number of coastal villages. Not all earthquakes generate tsunamis. To generate tsunamis the earthquake must occur underneath or near the ocean, be of great magnitude and create movements on the ocean floor. All oceanic regions of the world can experience tsunamis, but the Pacific Ocean has many larger, destructive tsunami events. This is due to many large earthquakes along the margins of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific is surrounded by a series of mountain chains, deep ocean trenches and island arcs, known as a "ring of fire." The massive Pacific accounts for over one third of our planet’s surface and is incredibly deep. Large earthquakes associated with the "ring of fire" combine to produce very deadly tsunami waves. In less than 24 hours a tsunami can travel completely across the Pacific Ocean. Communities located near areas where large earthquakes occur, may experience tsunami waves reaching their shore within minutes of an earthquake. This creates an immediate tsunami threat to places such as Alaska, the U.S. West Coast, the Philippines, and Japan. These locations can have tsunami waves from nearby earthquakes, breaking shore in a span of only a few minutes. Less urgent tsunami conditions from distant earthquakes can take anywhere from 3 to 22 hours to hit the shores.

Solar storms
Expecting solar storms of great intensity is not just a rumor of doom. NASA has announced recently that they do expect massive solar storms and damaging effects, from incoming UV and Gamma rays in the year 2012. Additionally, it would not be unwise to be prepared to survive space debris hail; commonly known as fire and brimstone in our most ancient doomsday predictions and prophecies. Pressure from events in the universe of the intensity is pushing in large surface areas of the Earth at the poles. This pressure could also cause the exploding of comets and asteroids in near space around the planet. It was only very recently that we realized the connection between raining of fire and brimstone to a hail storm of flaming space debris. Internet and communications will no doubt be wiped out or systems shut down, to avoid further damage from incoming solar electricity and radiation. Digital communications will be of little use in such a situation. The military will take over any remaining signals from still working satellites. No cell phones or other wireless communications will be available for the population. Intensified UV and Gamma rays causing intense skin disorders and increased death


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of wildlife and weaker humans. It will not be safe in the air due to incoming smoking and flaming piece of disintegrating comets, asteroids or stars It will not be safe on the surface of Earth with fallout weighing in the neighborhood of 70 to 90 pounds Intense solar activity will most likely begin causing extreme heat, wide spread drought and followed by global famine. In large metropolitan areas the heat will be highly intensified by the mass collection of human bodies, cooling systems, concrete, asphalt and running vehicles. Electrical lightening will be attracted to radar and cell phone towers, as well as power lines and power plants. Stay indoors or be sure to be fully protected when venturing outside. No sunscreen will protect your from intense UV or Gamma rays. Severe skin and cellular damage can happen to plants, animals and people when too many minutes of exposure occurs.

Rouge Planets
A new, unknown planet appears to have become a reality, no matter what NASA says. There is definitely a second planet behind the sun appearing in many privately taken recent photographs found in various places online. They are shot in different locations around the world at sunrise. Since the sun does not throw a reflection of a different shape behind itself, it is most certainly a new heavenly body. In some pictures there are 3 suns instead of 2. Please be aware that we are not saying that this mystery planet now seen behind the sun is Niburu, nor are we saying it is the elusive Planet X. We do not want you to panic or go running off to inform the world we said Niburu is here. What we are saying is that some phantom planet of a very large size is now on the far side of the sun. You can see it entering the image on the right edge. Viewing the video from Stereo Behind COR2 from NASA on July 1st, 2009 is rather alarming when you see it in actual motion. You’ll find the video on: http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/704/stereoobject010709.gif. With the arrival of a new planet in our solar system, your requirements for survival are going to


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be highly unique. This creates an entirely new element that any common emergency plan or safety shelter is not designed to cover. This could become a powerful influence on abrupt changes on Earth, the magnitude of which we really cannot gauge. One must know from past experience what to expect and a brand new planet added to the mix is anything but, a common occurrences on Earth. Common sense should tell you that you’re going to have to prepare for things that you can’t even imagine. Some Niburu followers advise us that we’re looking at the possibilities of extreme cold, consistently high winds, and crop failure on a global basis for a span of several years. These problems are said to be compounded by possible meteorites falling over a short span of time. If this phantom planet is actually Nibiru at the peak of its passing, we will have a period of some weeks of frequent earthquakes. If this is Niburu, it is said that the oceans of the world will most likely come hundreds of miles inland, if the planet’s passing through our solar system causes rapid realignment of the Earth's axis. Should this newly arrived orb turn out to be Niburu after all, this is certainly something to thoroughly consider. As far as the wild theory that the rouge planet will smash our planet in half, we aren’t buying it. If this unknown heavenly body is electromagnetically in nature, it will however create all manner of natural disasters. There will be an increase in the arrival of comets, impact of their debris trails and impact of large asteroids. In addition to these natural near space object threats, at some point in time all of the manmade space debris left out there in our orbit could also come crashing back into our atmosphere. How much damage can a discarded satellite cause on impact? Man made space trash is really accumulating, after 50 years of Kleenex society counterparts exploring the final frontier. Space refuse cleanup appears to be worthwhile to consider; a wise business concept for the good of universal environment. Before you raise a voice in Washington regarding such a concern, please remember how much it could raise your taxation.

Impact: Comets, Asteroids and Meteors
The theory that comets are nothing more than space ice balls is erroneous. Comets are actually electromagnetic and react to the pull of the sun. Solar electromagnetic emissions do indeed, travel past the ellipse of our solar system. Rather than digressing on the finer points here, we will direct you to an excellent article, “Comet Causes Great Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Bad Weather”, located at: TMGnow.com/repository/commentary/Machholz2C.html. You will find more insight regarding comets, meteors and asteroids in the TMGnow.com directory on their Repository page.


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The simple undisputable truth is that our planet has experienced impact of comets and asteroids, since Earth was formed originally. Thousands of near space objects are in our orbit every day. The odds that one will crash to Earth and wreak all manner of destruction are twice as high as an airplane crashing. Comets appear periodically in groups strung out over a short period of time. The debris in the trail behind them does leave the stream and remain in Earth’s orbit once they pass. Destructive space debris impact of great magnitude normally occurs every 50-100 years. The last event of this nature took place in 1930. Earth is due to experience the next impact event. This event is just from the already orbiting debris streams left behind by long passed comets. New arrivals are another thing all together. Of the many streams that impact our planet, one of the most entertaining is the Taurid Meteor Complex, created from Comet P/Encke, a very large Earth-crosser. This very old meteor stream is comprised of both a north and south branch is active every year. They appear in the night sky during late fall for the northern hemisphere and in spring below the Equator. Meteor impact from the Taurid complex, it has recently been discovered, was the reason the first stage of Stonehenge was built. The first builders created the circular ditch and bank, and the Aubrey Holes and erected the Heel Stones, in 3100 BC. Recent scientific evidence, reported by Marshal Masters of The Millennium Group, revealed that Northern Europe was severely punished by multiple impacts from the Taurid Meteor Complex. The yield from those impact meteors measured between 10 and 20 megatons of airburst pressure apiece. Additionally, it is entirely feasible that at one point, the number of such impacts exceeded one hundred within one period of time. This leads science to believe that the Aubrey Holes were safe shelter in a time of great need for survival. Stonehenge did not become a sacred stone circle until thousands of years later, when the second set of builders enlarged and elaborated the site. Devastation from the most recent impact of this meteor complex are the Tungska event of 1908 in Russia, and the 1930 destruction by fire of a huge jungle region in Brazil. The Tungska object was solid rock, and burst into pressurized flames miles above the ground. The effect of the airburst flattened thousands of square miles of Siberean timber before impact. The blast registered on seismic activity meters due to its violence. Thirty to fifty percent of the ozone layer over the Northern hemisphere was destroyed by the airburst, but the planet soon repaired the defect. Immediately after the airburst, cities throughout Northern Europe experienced ‘white nights’. The skies were so illuminated that people across the continent could read until midnight or later, with no more light than that unnaturally given from the sky. Unlike the Tungska event, the impact in Brazil left the jungle blazing for months following the impact.
Its been discovered that solar activity has a great deal to do with strings of comet appearance, and also appear to be connected to Tunska-type catastrophes. Impact events are more likely to occur during

high levels of solar activity. Astronomer observations reveal:


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The impact events we experience from comets follow definite cyclical patterns. Long periods of light activity are always followed by short periods of intense activity. The trail of debris behind a comet contains impactors normally up to 2/3 of a mile wide. A 20-megaton blast like Tunguska needs no more than an inbound meteor measuring about 160 feet across. Comets that cross Earth without impact doesn’t mean we are safe from impending devastation. Streams of comet and asteroid debris can remain above for tens of thousands of years. These space rocks follow the same orbital path as the Earth-crossing body they dropped off of as it traveled through our portion of space. Every comet that streaks through our solar system increases the risk of a repeat Tunska performance, for literally thousands of years.

Cometary Catastrophes
To use an excellent recent example of how a comet’s passing effects us without impact, we’ll look at Comet C/1999 Lee. During its Earth-crossing, the Lee comet cost humanity many lost lives and real property. At the time, many felt that Earth was clear of danger as Lee passed the ellipse of the solar system. Some astronomers are not in agreement, just like Comet P/Encke that left us with the radient Taruid Meteor Complex thousands of years ago; Lee also left a trail of debris behind in our current time. During Comet C/Lee’s near Earth presence, an unprecedented amount of regional natural disasters took place. New discoveries of the effects from Earthcrossing comets began at an increasingly alarming rate in 1999. The astronomers involved in this study were concerned the heightened possibilities of impact and other events on the verge of the last new solar maximum. So then, what happened between 1999 and 2009? 1999 brought the most severe earthquakes globally since 1976, catastrophes devastating Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, Greece and Taiwan. According to insurers The Munich
Re Group: 1999 brought 755 natural disasters, with their largest payout loss dates beginning in December on a world wide playing field.


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For the year 2000, Munich Re, the world’s largest reinsurance group reported a record breaking total of 850 natural catastrophes that took place around the world. From their 2000 annual report we learn: “The number of natural catastrophes reached a new absolute high, with more than 850 catastrophes recorded worldwide, one hundred more than in the previous record year of 1999 and two hundred more than the average for the 1990s. The effects in the year 2000 were less severe because the natural catastrophes, though large in number, mainly happened to affect less densely populated areas; nevertheless, about 10,000 people were killed (previous year: 75,000).” The 2001 Munich Re report reports that financially, it was a calm year. Their idea of calm translates to: “Natural catastrophes 2001: no very large losses for the insurance industry. Earthquake catastrophes at the beginning of the year in El Salvador, India, and the USA. Numerous large typhoons in the Far East. No new loss records in the overall balance of natural catastrophes, but individual events dramatic. Weather-related catastrophes increasingly severe.”
2002 catastrophes were limited to extreme rain storms and floods by Munich Re’s capable risk payout assessments. If you want to know the total damage from the weather, the largest reinsurance company in the world is the key to the truth. When it comes to catastrophe payouts, your intensified risk in metropolis areas is now seen by the insurance companies as well. “…e.g. for floods or terrorist attacks in large cities.” If they’re money is at risk, so are you.” 2003 ushered in extreme summer heat across the globe, and insurance payouts increased by $5 billion worldwide. Earthquakes, tornadoes, crop loss to drought and weather induced fires were the scene from comet induced weather disruption for that calendar year. As you can see, natural catastrophe damage is growing with alarming regularity, just as the astronomers predicted in 1999. 2004 brought 75 earthquakes, heavy wind storms, the Thailand tsunami, tropical cyclones, floods and superpower hurricanes. Of the 180,000 lives lost to natural disaster globally, 170 thousand of the perished were victims of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita arrived in 2005. For US insurers, this was the costliest year since the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Almost 101,000 people died in the catastrophic events of 2005. Super storms taking the shape of cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes and high winds were outdone by when the Kashmir earthquake in Asia claimed 88,000 lives in a single event. 2006 ushered in low grade typhoons, and hurricanes in the Atlantic due to dryer atmospheric condition known as the El Nino. There was a tsunami and a record snow storm in Europe, as well


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as a serious earthquake in Japan. The worst tropical storm on record to hit Australia was a 2006 event. While to the insurance industry, 2006 was on the mild side of losses, is it really normal for each year to have tragedy, of these proportions, striking somewhere on the globe? Not if you compare the past, it isn’t. For 2007, warm season catastrophes were concentrated in the underdeveloped countries of Asia with mudslides, storms and floods and only 11,000 deaths all tolled. Just a mere 11,000 wicks sniffed; a calm year in the business of making money by betting on the odds that you will not disturb bottom line growth by filing a claim. However, the winter storm Kyrill devastated Europe reminding us that not all catastrophes are borne in warm weather. By this point you are only far too aware of just how much instability is present on our planet. Exactly how much of these catastrophic events occurred while a comet was streaking crossing near Earth? Most likely every single one of them, to research them all will require a great deal of time and devoted effort, to arrive at a summary for a 10 year period. First you must research each event’s date of occurrence and then find the comet activity within a few days of the disaster. How accurate is cometary arrival with the creation of a new catastrophe? No matter how much you may feel this correlation questionable, the results are that it is right on target. For the purpose of showing you just how much catastrophes are connected to the sudden introduction of cometary magnetics, we’ll investigate extra tropical cyclone Kyrill for an example. You will see just how noncoincidental the magnitude of a natural catastrophe is with near Earth cometary activity. The extent of each disaster is very measurable by the magnitude of the comet’s brilliance and the length its tail at the peak.

“Comet McNaught, also known as the Great Comet of 2007 and given the designation C/2006 P1, is a non-periodic comet discovered on August 7, 2006 by British-Australian astronomer Robert H. McNaught. It was the brightest comet in over 40 years, and was easily visible to the naked eye for observers in the Southern Hemisphere in January and February 2007. With an estimated peak magnitude of -6.0, the comet was the second brightest since 1935. Around perihelion on January 12, it was visible worldwide in broad daylight. Its tail measured an estimated 35 degrees in length at its peak.” Wikipedia.com
Winter storm Kyrill blasted into Europe on January 17, 2007. Comet McNaught drew closest to Earth in its


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passing and with the most powerful electromagnetical energy presence to appear in over four decades of comet traffic. After making landfall in Ireland and the UK in the late hours of January 17, Kyrill swept across Ireland and Great Britain with winds of 81-99 mph. Wind strengths of up to 12 on the Beaufort scale were seen across the Netherlands and Germany as the storm made landfall. The storm moved across the whole of Germany by the evening hours of January 18. Wind gusts as high as 125 mph were recorded. The storm then moved eastwards toward the Baltic Sea, its cold front spawning several tornadoes in Germany. In the Czech Republic the highest wind speed was measured at 132 mph. Kyrill destroyed buildings, caused major flooding, disrupted power and brought both rail and air traffic to a halt. Kyrill produced record high temperatures of 57 °F when it should have been in the mid to upper 30’s. Back to Munich Re’s catastrophe reports; 2008 is termed one of the most devastating on record. Their reasoning is only partly due to the large number of tropical cyclones and the Sichuan earthquake in China. The mega re-insurer attributes their heightened monetary losses to global warming. In reality, we have so much universal pressure squeezing our planet and disturbing the atmosphere, global warming is looking more and more like a capitalist ruse. The corporations haven’t assisted the effect one iota, but their repair models are of absolutely no use in the face of what is happening above Earth and beyond our solar system. It very well may be that human progress has attracted this unknown pressure. Since 2009 has not by any means approached the end, we cannot get a good synopsis of what catastrophes this year has brought. To date it seems rather calm, but there are several months to go before this year is over. Anything could happen between now and December 31st. More important than looking at all natural calamities in the recent past, is the activity of the sun in correlation to each of these disasters, and the comets that were present at the time of their occurrence. The most singular note we would like you to gain from this segment, is that you can clearly see that impact is not the only effect these non-planetary objects in our orbit can have on your life. The electromagnetic relationship between our sun and intruding comets does have an altering effect to the weather and is connected to instability beneath the surface of Earth. From here on out, whether you like it or not, it is you against the elements, both known and unknown. For the best interests of your survival and those you hold most dear, you need to be on top of comets and solar activity. You now know the effects these counterparts do to create disastrous weather and catastrophes for humanity. Due to the silence from the so called ‘accredited’ official offices, learning what it is all about and what it can mean to your future, is unfortunately, entirely up to you. The “Convergence and Destiny” article series on TMGnow.com may be written about events of almost a decade ago, yet the importance of the message is just as relevant today, as it was then.

Contaminated Bodies of Water


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Waters turning to blood, this may not be actually blood, but red in color. Yes, Nostradamus did say that the water would turn to blood. His predictions were centered on the city of London. The message in Revelations however, is a completely different regional description, and to put it to you in completely straightforward language – No boundaries to the devastation are given. Do not drink the water, eat the fish or seafood and do not bathe in it. The waters, both fresh and saltwater, will be poisoned by the third angel. The seas will be first, followed by the lakes, rivers and streams. Does this mean that underground water veins will be okay? It says the ‘fountains of water’ which has absolutely nothing to do with what we call fountains today. This means natural water fountains in the earth or springs. Springs or hidden water sources that continually flow is the natural water fountains beneath the surface of you planet.

To any atheist reading this survival guide, we completely understand the comprehension shutdown happening at this moment. The Bible is not a religion, a church is. You are in charge of your life. We do not seek to alter your chosen course or personal beliefs as to what really matters. If you so choose to bathe in, drink or even foolishly eat creatures that will die from this catastrophe, your fate is in your own hands. Common sense should tell you that if all marine life will die from this action, you should be smarter than a cow so thirsty it is moaning from discomfort and pain. If the water does turn red and all the animals are bellowing, it might not be a wise idea to assume their affliction is caused by other things. Since this water becoming “as foul as blood of a dead man” has never occurred to date in known history, we really cannot elaborate beyond the points stated above. If every beast of the field is moaning from painful thirst, you can pretty much guarantee it will not be safe to drink. There is no question of how much keener an animal’s sense of danger from smell is as opposed to that of a human’s. We couldn’t possibly rely on our nose 100% of the time to let us know if something is safe to ingest or not. Humans are left to learn safe from danger by dying first as a message to the next guy. When it comes to virtual survival, the wild kingdom is far more prepared than the elevated and supposedly progressed modern man. The television program ‘Survivor’ couldn’t possibly describe what true wilderness survival is, on its most natural terms. Surviving the end of our current age has not yet been attempted, or conquered. No matter how intelligent you assume yourself to be, we all have a great deal to learn. You have very little time to become educated in life without what your normal expectations being present. Convenience and assumption has no place in the jungle, or primeval forest. Just as the remanents of currently accepted, coagulated city population is not in favor of your catastrophic


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odds, as the largest re-insurer of the world has stated.

A Survival Plan
Not only will you have to survive what appears to be a great number of incredible catastrophes
and plagues, you must be prepared to start over … completely from scratch. There will nothing but you, your own common sense, and if luck is on your side, a bare minimum of supplies and tools. This is could be all you will have to work with as you deal with an unknown future. The government is not going to help you, they are worried about themselves. If anything, their approach to modern population security is to say the least, highly dangerous and questionable. It will be you alone who must battle against whatever remains or arises, as the planet finally begins the slow process of repair. You will be a member of the new primitive tribes that recreate life on Earth. What will you require to be part of those who will assist this living orb to restore itself from the devastation yet to be revealed? Obviously, since it will now be up to you to provide every little thing that is a necessity and protect yourself too; you have a great deal of planning to do. You do need a survival kit and you do need to learn survival in the wilderness. When the dust settles on the last disaster or war, that is exactly where you’ll be. Pretty much alone and living like a primitive person did hundreds to thousands of years ago. If you’re lucky you will have some company of friends, family or a slowly gathering band of stragglers drawn together as a new community. There won’t be a McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat. The BP store will not be just up the road with a well stocked cooler wall of Coke and beer. Just having fresh water will be a luxury, even if it’s almost hot. There will be bugs, wet clothes and


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frozen days. There won’t be a heating system to warm you, and you certainly aren’t going to have air conditioning in summer. You need to be prepared to deal with all the usual types of weather and perhaps a great many other elements that have yet to become a reality. So how are you going to deal with your new space age caveman lifestyle? You have a lot of information to locate and a great deal of learning to do before you’ll be ready to take on wilderness survival, with out of the blue catastrophic issues thrown into the mix. Some of the following things you need to consider in depth may become necessary long before December 21, 2012. You need to pay attention to space weather, current comet, asteroid and meteor activity and current events on a continual basis. Not all of the dangers we are all facing now are tied to the weather and natural calamities. It could very well come to pass that you need to seek safety from civilization itself. It all depends on what comes about next and how current suspicions and theories play out. The following survival planning and preparation topics are listed in a semblance of order that you should take care of them in.

Communications & Independent Internet Connection
This may be very important to secure long before any real disaster erupts. What will you do if the satellites are destroyed or taken over by the military? Everyone completely depends on digital communication. You need to have a back up system if you are going to be prepared. Don’t wait until the communication system shuts down or the power grids fail from solar activity. Stores can’t operate without power and digital communications either. Shop while you can and before such equipment is completely sold out in last minute panic by the distracted population. Being able to stay in contact with your family or party of survivors will be necessary should you become separated. Without digital communication you will have two options left that will work in the USA. Analog phones will not be affected, but here where technology is super advanced, no equipment is left to operate analog communication. All this outdated equipment and towers has all been sold to third world countries, so it isn’t like they can just restart an old abandoned communication grid. Ham radio, CB radio and short wave walkie talkies will work. Ham and CB radios being stationary communication alternatives and walkie talkies would give you a range of up to 35 miles, depending on the quality of your actual radio units. Battery power will become an issue at some point to be certain, yet this is the only alternative you have to being completely shut off from the people you need around you.


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If you can contrive a way to keep your computer running, it will only allow you to stay connected to the outside world as long as there is an Internet to sign onto. This may be highly useful in the beginning, but from the sounds of what we are facing, it will not continue to exist. Furthermore, you could be endangering your very safety by continuing to connect to the Internet after going into your safety zone. The necessary equipment and technology to watch you through your own monitor screen have existed for decades. The New World Order will not waste one second to put it to use when they deem it a much needed luxury. This rather outlandish sounding scenario may be closer than you assume, especially if the begin launching another war scenrio or a new rash of “terrorist attacks” on US soil. Introduced as a tactic for everyone’s saftey and the common good, they will continue to remove your right to privacy in your own home. Just watch what happens when the US dollar shutters through its last rasping breath. They will move with the speed of sound. Your computer identity and location can easily be tracked online, a fact that you really should already be aware of. The same can be said of the signals coming and going through your cell phone. You aren’t hidden safely away at all using either of these digital forms of connectivity. In order to have a live Internet connection without hardwiring your computer you need a wireless aircard. These handy little devices are available from all cell phone service providers. They allow you to connect through wireless broadband wherever a strong signal can be maintained. This guide was written on a desktop that is only able to connect to the Internet via an aircard. Most of the time the speed is better than mid-grade high speed cable which is an excellent package at roughly $50 a month and a 5 gig download or buffering maximum. Data elephants like gaming and VOIP communications will quickly bypass your 5 gig limit, ending with an astronomical end of the month bill. It does allow you to watch a few movies and videos every month without exceeding the limit and causing your bill to skyrocket. The best quality aircard available as of 2009 is the Sierra Wireless 598U. You’ll get fantastic Evdo A connection speeds, even in regions 100 miles from any heavily populated area; as long as a strong tower is present and programmed for this level of technology. You can get the 598U free of charge from Sprint under a 2-year service contract. You can investigate signal strength sat any street address on the Sprint.com website. You can get the aircard service without a bundled phone package by calling Customer Care. Above ground, no additional antenna application is necessary for a strong clear signal, 90% of the time. Inclement weather can cause the strength to drop and also make the tower go down


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until repairs are made. This Internet connection does require satellites to work just as your cellphone does. In the underground bunker situation, you can easily add further antenna equipment for under $100. Wiring between the surface and your shelter below is possible to connect the USB aircard to the surface antenna and obtain a good Internet connection.

Choosing a Safe Shelter Location
In order for all of this to make any sense to you, you’re going to have to imagine yourself in a situation that is without all modern conveniences and a long way from any culture packed area. The wilderness is going to be your best bet, and the less people who know where your saftey zone is the better. When famine and hunger or war breaks out, there will be much looting and even murder over simple basic things like food and blankets or water. You’re trying to survive, not place yourself in the spotlight to get murdered by some panicked idiot who was distracted and unprepared. Desperate people are capable of all kinds of things they wouldn’t normally do. So where are you going to find shelter that is safely located? If this were a movie, it might be an abandoned hunting cabin or a cave. First of all a cave is not going to be where you want to be if the Earth starts swallowing mountains or there is radiation fallout. How would you seal the opening tightly? An old cabin lost in the woods is not going to protect your from a hailstorm of flaming space debris, a tornado or comet fragments bursting overhead. Picking a location on a river for easy access to water, might be a good idea. Then again if all waterways flood inland this will require a great deal of thought. As to whether or not you can pick the very spot that will give you safety no matter what happens, is a question that no one could possibly answer. Higher ground that is not a mountain seems to make a lot of sense. Being in the forest as opposed to the open plain also seems to be a safer location. First, you need to do some regional geodynamics discovery. Where are the closest tectonic plates? Have there ever been earthquakes in this area? What is the tornado or hurricane history for this region? How far is the nearest large body of water? o Is there a history of severe flooding in the last 200 years? o Are there any dry lake or river beds near by? How close is the nearest mountain? Knowing what patterns of weather and disaster the area has been known to have could be very indicative of what may lie ahead. This theory is not infallible as the climate is changing on a global basis, but it is more intuitive for your selection of the safest shelter location as possible.


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Just as learning from human behavior and patterns in history assist us in preventing the same problems from repeating themselves, the same can be true of a geographical area and past natural disasters. Such as a dry lake bed or river bed, which is something most people would not think to look for. There are many spots where 50 to 100 years ago or more existed a body of water that just dried up. These are the first places to flood in heavy rainfall or excessive snow melt in spring. Most valleys in the United States, especially throughout the states east of the Mississippi, were at one time in the past a body of water or a waterway after the Ice Age ended. These ghost lakes and riverbeds can and do hold water, when enough of it is presented at once it will take on lasting depth. The last place to build your shelter is the middle of a known body of water, even though all moisture long ago disappeared. If the polar ice continues to melt, water levels are going to rise and super storms or bedrock disturbances, may flood your shelter. It would also be a wise idea to consult the projected future map of the continent to see where some geophysicists believe what we know as land will someday become submerged. Right now many thousands of people enjoy living on the coast of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In light of the predicted catastrophes and increasing occurrence of floods, super hurricanes and tsunamis, these are not safe places to stay if you want to survive the onslaught. We will leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions, as to where you can seek a safety zone to build your shelter.

Defining Strong Shelters
In most situations, a below the surface shelter is best, but not all the time. It wouldn’t be feasible to build an underground shelter where there is a high water table. You won’t survive in an underground shelter if an asteroid chose that spot to land or you get trapped in it. Many underground shelter casualties in WWII were due to carbon monoxide poisoning after getting trapped inside, so good ventilation and a secondary escape route is important. Here are some tips from the people who build bunkers for the government: As deep underground as possible to protect from radiation, flying projectiles and debris. Outside of areas known to be flood prone, including areas within the 100 year flood plain. The bunker should be placed so that the evacuees have a short route to the entrance. Away from any potential debris field and its emergency exits and air inlets can be extended on several sides of the building into zones that are free from debris and fire. The bunker should have as much of its external walls against the ground as possible for protection from heat and for support provided by the surrounding soil.


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Away from potential fuel concentrations, flammable materials, vehicles and hazardous
materials. Away from large objects and multi-story buildings, light poles, antennas, satellite dishes or roof mounted mechanical equipment. The bunker should be made easily concealed.

Most people cannot afford to hire Hardened Structures, or other such contractors to build their 2012 safety zone. There are some detailed construction directions and specifications that you can access free online. This webpage has a very in depth manual for a vented bomb shelter: AmericanBombShelter.com/manuals/ASR-bomb-fallout-shelter-kit.pdf. There are low cost expedient shelters that can be constructed above or below grade that many people are building in preparation for natural catastrophes and the threat of war upon US soil. There are six different types of shelters described on this webpage: OISM.org/nwss/s73p930.htm. There is a great deal of excellent, highly knowledgeable shelter building information and nuclear survival instruction from Cresson Kearny here: http://www.ki4u.com/free_book/s73p916.htm
There is a huge nuculear bunker shelter in Canada that was constructed using a tunnel system and old school buses encased in 12” thick reinforced concrete. While most of us wouldn’t even begin to build a complex this elaborate, the idea is actually an excellent common sense solution. Evidentally, the man who created this survival community complex actually got a government grant to do so. You can investigate this low cost bunker concept known as The Ark Two here:

RadMeters4u.com/arktwo/index.htm The earth is insulative and will protect your from extreme heat and cold as well. Climate change is already a very real thing; the far southern states are definitely getting hotter. The far northern states appear to be growing colder, with phenomenal amounts of snow fall and cool summer temperatures; if almost 10˚ below normal in summer 2009 is to be a new example. A shelter above ground means that you will be hard pressed to protect yourself from extreme temperatures. The geothermal qualities in the ground can be a bonus for survival. When trying to calculate how much space is needed per person, take note that the shelter
occupancy tests conducted by the US military have proved that modern families can live for weeks in an adequately cooled and vented shelter with only 10 square feet of floor space per person. It is important to take precaution when selecting the spot for your survival bunker. The location must be a minimum of 50 feet from any wooded areas or buildings. The reason for this distancing is to prevent being cooked to death or gravely injured in the event of fire on the surface. This situation could be come possible in several situations including terrorism and martial law efforts and war, extreme solar storms, and comet or meteor airbursts in the sky overhead … and December of 2012 arriving.


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Strong Shelters: Basic Construction Notes
An underground shelter must be at least 10 feet below the surface for minimal protection from radiation created by solar storms and nuclear war. The deeper into the ground you can get, the better off you will be. You will also want to make sure that when finished, the location of your shelter is camouflaged in a natural manner. In the event of war, the last thing you need is announce your shelter location to the alert, searching eyes of the enemy. Additionally, there will be the thousands of people who do no preparation or planning, frantically searching on the surface for a way to do something about their situation. There will be many violent people among them who would think nothing of murdering a shelter owner and all inhabitants, to take possession of instant safety. You will be safer locked in your bunker than you will above ground when pandemonium sets in amidst those who said it was all just a hoax, another day. You won’t be able to have a full house sized bunker. It will have to be planned out with much organized use of space. You’ll need storage for food and everything else required for a minimalistic, basic life. This small space must accommodate washing, cooking and sleeping areas along with other areas that are part of living meagerly. You need water storage and bathroom facilities, as well as air filtration. By reading the links on the previous page, you’ll get a good idea of what you should base your safety zone bunker plans around. Bear in mind that you will most likely need to remain in protected cover anywhere from 3 months to 1 year should any number of the catastrophes predicted or suspected become actual events. Do not use concrete blocks for walls because they are hollow. You need solid rebar reinforced concrete that is at a minimum of 12” thick. Blast shelter expert Cresson Kearey, advises that a domed roof is far better than a flat one. Reinforcing the lower area of the domed earth can easily be done with corrugated steel.

Do not rely on the information provided by the government as free handouts on how to build a shelter. We’ll let Cresson explain it in his words: “WARNING: Permanent home fallout and blast shelters described in widely available FEMA


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pamphlets have protection factors in line with the PF 40 minimum standard for public shelters in buildings. In heavy fallout areas a sizable fraction of the occupants of PF 40 shelters will receive radiation doses large enough to incapacitate or kill them later. Permanent shelters built specifically to protect against nuclear weapon effects should have PFs much higher than PF 40. None of the permanent home or family shelters described in official OCD, DCPA, or FEMA free shelter-building instruction pamphlets have been built for evaluation and/or testing - a finding confirmed to the author in 1987 by a retired shelter specialist who for some 20 years served in Washington with FEMA and its predecessors.”

Your excavation should have an engineered drain field to remove filtering down water from the space surrounding the bunker. Your floor will also need a drain in it to give moisture inside a way to exit. This would be especially important; you wouldn’t want to find yourself in a concealed fish tank 10 feet below ground. You don’t want to just refill the remaining excavated area with the soil that was removed. The backfill should always be crushed washed 2-4 inch stone that is evenly distributed in the remainder of the excavated space. This step is necessary due to earth arching and overpressure behavior. Backfilling with the dirt from the excavation defeats the whole purpose of building the shelter, particularly for a blast shelter. This can be the biggest expense for some people, but it is the proper thing to do for your safety and survival. Top off the crushed rock with a couple layers of thick, durable plastic to keep the majority of moisture and water from filtering through the final layer of topsoil. Be sure to water-seal everything, at each step, to keep the inside of your shelter as dry as possible. Air filtration will be really important so be sure you understand the ventilation engineering needed to protect you and your family from harmful fallout dust and particles. If the US was to be attacked, chemical and biological warfare will most certainly be part of the mix of terror. The same could be a huge possibility under martial law. So be sure to cover this safety engineering while designing your survival bunker. We will discuss air quality preparation in further detail soon. For the doors or hatches, build something similar to Cresson Kearney's expedient blast doors and add tire rubber strips around the seal to make a strong reinforced barrier against blast. To arrange some blast pressure protection for your air intake and exhaust above ground, creating a rock pit around the tubing would be a good idea. Including a decontamination entry for cleaning off before entering the heart of the bunker could be indispensible for maintaining contaminant-free conditions in the living area. Add a normal door between the cleanup space and the interior.


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Don’t forget that you are going to need light and adding some low watt flourescents or LED lamps would be the least amount of drain on an alternative power supply. There are three things you'd definitely want to make sure are on hand in the bunker; a fire detector, a fire extinguisher and first aid kit, of course. It would also be wise to obtain some form of radiation detection instruments. Whether from solar activity or war, knowing what conditions are like on the surface, is important to safety and element awareness. It is possible to make your own periscope to watch things aboveground from a corner. How else will you be able to see what is going on above? With a periscope you can ease your mind and keep on top of the situation overhead without placing yourself in danger to satisfy your curiosity. To monitor temperature and humidity on the surface, an inexpensive indoor/outdoor thermometer display connected to a 10 meter lead wire, will keep you even more informed while safely inside your shelter. Low cost water tanks that are easy to obtain would be items like old water heaters and retired milk truck tankers. Cleaned and sanitized properly is an easy task and they will provide excellent large capacity water storage, at low to no cost. When using water heaters they can be housed next to the shelter in small plastic lined pits with pipe leading into the shelter to supply the water. You do want to encase them in for protection, but in a manner that it will be easy to dig it out for maintenance or repairs. Engineering a way for tank refill from the surface would also be good future planning. Good solid seals will be needed on doors and hatches. Your bunker must be airtight except for the ventilation system. Improperly sealed doors will not keep the occupants of the bunker safe from what could be happening on the surface. You will need some minimal furniture. Bunk style beds are easily fashioned from lumber. Table and chairs, used cabinets and counters and the like can all be found readily available inexpensively at garage sales and charity stores like Goodwill and St. Vincents.

Air Quality Preparation
Air quality covers the temperature control inside the shelter as well as providing adequate fresh air that is free of contaminants. Unlike an above ground safety structure, insulating a shelter's walls and ceiling can be a disadvantage. The reason is that insulation makes the "heat sink" of the shelter unavailable and its surrounding earth. During hot weather insulation reduces the time during which ventilation can be stopped or restricted without disastrously overheating the


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occupants. Military conducted tests during abnormally cool summer weather have shown that conditions can become difficult. Issues can arise even with outdoor warm season air being pumped through a long-occupied shelter at the rate of 12 cubic feet per minute, per person. This is about the supply of outdoor air needed to keep healthy people from having headaches as a result of exhaled carbon dioxide. In hot, humid weather, much more outdoor air than 12 cfm per person must be supplied to a crowded, long-occupied shelter. (Incidentally, this is 4 times the minimum ventilation rate per occupant specified by the FEMA guide for building fallout shelters.) There is much more detail concerning supplying adequate outdoor air in different types of surface weather here: ki4u.com/free_book/s73p917.htm For long period use, your shelter needs air circulation that will exchange the used air in the shelter, for fresh air with oxygen from above. It would also be wise to install a manual fan system as a backup to one that requires electricity. Should your power system fail, without fresh air, the occupants will suffer from carbon monoxide that will quickly become a life and death issue. In freezing weather, a bunker covered with damp earth may continue to absorb almost all the occupants' body heat for many days, remaining unpleasantly cold. In one winter test of such a fully occupied shelter, the temperature of the humid air in the shelter remained around 50 degrees. Under such conditions, shelter occupants should continue to ventilate their shelter adequately, to avoid dangerous buildup of carbon dioxide from exhaled breath, the first symptoms of which are headaches and deeper breathing. When the ventilation rate is low, smoking should not be permitted, even near the exhaust opening. When providing heat for cold weather you must engineer adequate ventilation. This is to prevent headaches, collapse, or death due to carbon monoxide from open fires or gasoline lanterns that release gases into the shelter air. There will be no room to walk around and pump up your blood circulation, as you are used to doing in a normal lifestyle. The occupants’ body heat will warm the shelter air to a considerably higher temperature than the outdoor air. If a chimney-like opening or vent-duct is provided in the ceiling, the warmed, lighter air will flow upward and out of the shelter, provided an adequate air-intake vent is open near the floor. An Eskimo igloo is an excellent example of how very small ventilation openings, skillfully located in the ceiling and at floor level, make it possible in cold weather for chimney-type natural ventilation to supply the 1 cfm per person of outdoor air needed to prevent exhaled carbon dioxide from becoming dangerously concentrated. You can build your own air filtration system with automobile HEPA filters joined together in a


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series, and an air pump using a 12 volt squirrel fan. You could use multiple 90mm PVC pipes for the intake and exhaust to supply volume air. This would need a narrow pressure choke, as 90mm PVC pipe tends to throttle over pressured air trying to rush in. You will need to address methods of keeping flies and other bugs from entering your shelter through the ventilation system. Screen panels should be devised to fit over fresh air inlets. In the event that your electric fails, it is advised that you resort to directional fanning. This method requires organization and discipline, as well as human labor. When faced with the alternative of carbon monoxide poisoning, manual fan working must be a team effort by all occupants large enough to operate the flat panel fans. On a frame constructed as shown in the image on the on the left, a piece of sheeting from regular household bedding is stretched to form the ‘blade’. If you are going to sew on the
cloth, first cut a 26 x 30-inch piece. Wrap the 30-inch width smoothly crosswise around the frame, after cutting 4 notches in the cloth's corners, so that the tied-together parts of the sticks will not be covered. Pin or tape the cloth to make a smooth blade: finally sew securely. For maximum ventilation, the air-intake opening of your shelter should be at least as large as its airexhaust opening. The air should be fanned out of the shelter in the direction in which the air is naturally flowing. For maximum ventilation rate, fan about 40 strokes per minute. With one or more directional fans, air inside a shelter can be distributed effectively and the occupants cooled. Also, if during the time of maximum fallout dose rate the occupants get close together in the most protective part of the shelter, they often will get unbearably hot unless fanned.

To fan air out through an air-exhaust opening, sit facing the opening with your elbows about 4 inches lower than the bottom of the opening. Then count 1, 2, and 3 while you


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perform the motion as shown in the diagrams on this and the preceding page. The directional fan described above is adequate for a small underground shelter. For detail on manual air flow creation in larger shelters, you will want to refer to the details provided at the bottom of this webpage: ki4u.com/free_book/s73p917.htm

Providing Purified Water
Dying of thirst is something that US citizens haven’t needed to be concerned over. Like many of our modern conveniences, we take for granted that adequate drinking water will always be in plentiful supply. When considering the essentials of survival to be collected and stored, most of us think food first and water second. You can survive without food for 3 weeks, but only 3 days without water. So when it comes to laying in supplies, water in sufficient quantities is your number one priority. In a limited water situation, a teenager or adult must drink enough water daily to produce at least one pint of urination for the kidneys to eliminate waste products effectively. Under normal conditions when water supplies aren’t limited, most people drink enough to urinate 2 pints. In hot weather our bodies naturally lose additional water from perspiration, breathing, and excrement. In cooler temperatures, you can survive on 3 pints of water a day for weeks, if eating very little low protein food. Cool conditions in a crowded underground shelter, would be the exception when occupied for many days. In these conditions four or five quarts water per day are essential in very hot weather, just for drinking. Additional amounts of water are needed for cooking and body washing or laundry. For a 2-week shelter confinement you need to store 15 gallons per person inside your shelter or very close to it. This amount usually would provide for some water remaining after two weeks, to prevent thirst in case fallout dangers were prolonged further. When one is sweating heavily and not eating salty food, salt deficiency symptoms especially cramping, are likely to develop within a few days. To prevent this, a 1/2 tablespoon of salt should be consumed daily in food and drink. If little to no food is eaten, this small daily salt


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ration should be added to drinking water. In really hot conditions, water actually tastes better with a little salt added, such as found in Gatorade. Purifying water will also be something that may become necessary. You have no idea how long you are going to be in destitute survival conditions. Many people assume that boiling water for 10 minutes is the best way to decontaminate water. This method is far more intelligent than just drinking it raw, but will not eliminate all known contaminates. Regular household bleach and iodine tablets are more effective immediate water purification procedures. There are also easy to construct filters using wilderness materials that work well. Finding water can be an essential skill to have. Water can be located and even readily produced in arid desert conditions. To create water in the desert is successfully done by construction of a solar still, in conjunction with whatever scraggly plant life you can locate. It is highly advisable though, that if you are caught in the desert, you need to get out of the desert as quickly as possible. Rest in shade of any sort during the day and travel at night when the sun is no longer a danger to your survival and well being. With the expected abrupt or drastic climate change, it could be very possible that though your bunker wasn’t built in the desert you may find the area turned to desert. It may at this point seem a bit far fetched, but anything is possible, when you are facing the unknown and catastrophic planetary alteration. So knowing how to create a solar still could at some point become a virtual lifesaver, especially if surface conditions are still so unstable evacuating is not possible. While a solar still will not provide you with a great deal of fresh water, it will keep you alive when you are trapped. You will find some excellent directions on building a survival solar still on this web page: en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_still Outside of the arid desert regions, plentiful water is common in the US. Water is excellent at obeying the law of gravity, just continue to walk downhill and you will eventually find water. Other methods of locating water are to watch animals, or follow their tracks. Wildlife is going to know where the best source of water is located, even birds tend to gather near water. If you are getting water from streams or ponds, boil before drinking, and practice good purfication habits. Before purifying water obtained from natural resources by adding bleach, remove all suspended material by filtration. This can be done by pouring it slowly through finely woven cotton cloth, by simply allowing sediment to settle to the bottom, or by building the improvised filter system that follows. When it isn’t possible to boil or to add bleach to water from natural resources, you can construct a filter from natural resources. The casing on the wilderness water filter is a hollow


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log with altering layers of materials found just about anywhere that will trap unwanted particles of just about any kind that are naturally present in underground water sources and those found in ponds, lakes and streams. You actual hollowed out log must be a complete unbroken tube of bark. The image here is cutaway only to show you the different layers of material in the proper succession for effective filtering. The dark central section is the most crucial part and must be created with crushed black charcoal, not from ashes. Creating your own charcoal is done using wood that has been charred to black, and then crushed up to powder or a granular sand consistency. The lighter brown section on either side of the charcoal is made using packed sand. Finishing off the filter device on both ends of the log tube you can use grass, moss, leaves or other material which is packed in as a method of holding the sand in place. Use a rock to cap off each end of your emergency water filter system. Then rocks are pushed into both ends to hold it all in place. The rock won’t have a tight enough fit to seal anything. Their purpose to help hold everything in your alternating material layers in place under primitive conditions. If you have some fabric and string or rope to cap off the ends of the log tube, you don’t need the vegetative matter or the rocks. Common sense should tell you that a secured fabric cap is more desirable, if possible. Having completed building your filter, slowly pour the water you have located in from the top and allowed to filter down through. The first few gallons of water that you filter will be murky as your scavenged materials are being washed clean. Discard the murky gallons and continue to pour water through the filter, it will soon be crystal clear. You will need to boil the water to finish purifying it without bleach or iodine. You will be happy to know that unless you are in a tropical climate, viruses are typically not an issue in natural water sources. Most viruses found in US bodies of water are not the dangerous single celled bacterial forms like Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other simple protozoa. These are part of the contaminants the filter will remove, if the charcoal layer is properly packed. When the charcoal layer is done properly it will trap the things you are most concerned about. The final process of boiling the water is where all minute particles and other contaminants are


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removed. To purify water use standard liquid household bleach, as it contains 5.5% Sodium Hypoclorite. This is an excellent purification chemical for water. Carrying bleach in a suitable container with an eyedropper dispenser makes a great addition to any camping or survival kit. Do not use powdered, scented or other non-pure bleaches. Properly treated water does have a very slight chlorine odor. If you can't smell chlorine, repeat the treatment additive and allow the water to stand another 15 minutes. In some locations only really nasty cloudy, green water such as found in a swamp will be available. You can make this fit to drink beginning with adding 16 drops of bleach per gallon, or 4 drops per quart. Do not over look the need to smell the water after the appropriate waiting time. If the faint chlorine is present the water is drinkable. If not, then repeat the treatment. Amounts of bleach needed to purify filtered water are as follows: Add 8 drops of bleach per gallon of water, or 2 drops per quart. With filtered water you want to shake it up to allow even dispersal of the bleach, and wait 15 minutes for appropriate purification action. You do not want to shake up unfiltered water, instead leave it set until all the sediment falls to the bottom of your container. Once you’ve added the required amount of bleach, allow it to stand for 30 minutes before drinking. To treat 5 to 7.5 gallons of clear filtered water add 1 teaspoon or the equivalent of 60 U.S. drops. Use the same amount of bleach to purify 4 gallons of dirty water. Use 1 tablespoon or 180 U.S. drops to treat 20 gallons of filtered water or 10 gallons of dirty water. Use 1/4 cup or 720 U.S. drops to treat 90 gallons of filtered water or a 55 gallon drum of dirty water.

The reason that common household bleach does such an excellent job at purifying water is that it is an oxidant that will react with, and kill about any microscopic cellular life or virus the chemical comes in contact with. At the point of chemical reaction, the bleach is actually destroyed in the process. Because the process of killing microorganisms also consumes the bleach, the smell test tells you whether or not there is anything left in the water that needs to be removed.


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If there's no chlorine odor, then all of the bleach was used up and the possibility of living organisms is still present. If there is a chlorine odor, even a very faint detection after 30 minutes, you can be sure that all of the bacteria, viruses and other nasty elements are without a doubt, dead and your water is now safe to drink. The last thought on providing a fresh source of water is to install a rain water collection system to regenerate your stashed water supplies in a preplanned shelter or bunker safety zone. It will be necessary to filter and chlorinate it. Rain water does collect all contaminates it passes through in the air. Do be sure to sanitize the rain barrel completely upon setting it up for use and effectively seal the area around the intake as well. It might also be wise to add a series of charcoal filters in the line from the rain barrels that connect them to your shelter water tanks.

Providing Electric Power
At the start of sealing yourself away in your safety zone structure, you might have the luxury of gasoline powered generators and batteries. At some point in time over the period between the day of occupancy and beyond; such things may not be renewal anymore. There are alternative ways of generating power that are effective, such as wind turbines and solar collectors. You will need a series of large vehicle batteries to store the collected power from both methods for use in your shelter. Be advised that solar power is only effective to create in areas of the country that have huge amounts of sunshine. In the colder and more cloud covered northern regions solar power is so absent in the winter and fall, it is pretty much useless. Instead, there is an over abundance of available wind. Alternatively, relying solely on wind may not always be effective either, because there will be times when not much wind power is available either. Combining the two into one electricity generation system is the best option for all areas of the country. Don’t get the idea that you will be able to run everything normally found in your house with survival situation power


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sources. We have no idea how much the conditions will be effected by all the possible or probably catastrophes and changes that are beginning to stack up. Game systems, TV’s, computers and refrigerators are a huge part of our convenience packed life, but they are not survival necessities. While computers are important to us for remaining connected to the outside world, we will discuss how to get access to your survival bunker in the next section. To offer you some basics on how a wind and solar power system are set up, the following is a good overall picture. To actually put this alternative energy system together, more research will be needed. Some parts you’ll be able to buy new or from salvage places, others can be manufactured from cast off materials. You need to KNOW what you are looking for, in order to escape paying a fortune to build one of these electric power systems. Without knowing much about a windmill generator, it may seem like a much more complicated apparatus that it really is. The biggest difficulty you’ll have is building one sufficient for running modern conveniences. Instead of trying to build a single huge wind turbine, a bank of small ones is far less costly and easier to maintain. A multiple windmill system not only can generate more power than your batteries can store, it provides backup as a preventative measure against storm damage or the disabling one of your windmills. This is not sufficient to power a lot of things; so refrigerators, microwaves or TV's are not going to be possible. This will however let you have light and power for recharging batteries, security sensors, CB or shortwave radio, electronic air filtering and other simple, low wattage drains on your electrical supply. The biggest of all should be a hot plate for cooking a hot meal once in a while. You will want a laptop computer which will allow you to run it on battery instead of the direct outlet connection required by your desktop equipment. You are going to need basic electricity primarily for lighting. In the image above you see the basic layout of a windmill generator and system components. Details of providing electricity this way is rather technical and lengthy for this guide. To learn more you will find an excellent free resouce on: PoorManGuides.net. This website also provides you with a windmill calculator, an excellent tool used to determine your windmill system’s efficiency and what equipment will be needed to harness that much power output. Adding solar collection panels gives you a selection of output options because they come in many different shapes and sizes for desired wattage. Electrical wattage is added together to give you total watts you need. To give you some idea of what kind of electrical output you’ll need for basic necessities, two 60 watt light bulbs only require 120 watts to create excellent


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illumination. The standard home microwave use 1500 watts, and a tiny little camper or office model requires 800. Connecting a solar panel system into your power supply is similar to how it is done with the windmill system. You can easily connect many charge controllers to both systems at the same time. As you can see, some electrical engineering study and prep work is necessary to fashion a strong alternative power system for your survival shelter. The information here shows what you can accomplish by combining both systems to create a more efficient, high wattage power supply. That is when there are ample amounts of sunshine and wind velocity to harness, in addition to having ample amount of electricity storing batteries. Should your system fail due to lack of enough power generation sources, there is a fail back system. An alternative you can put right to work in generating some new energy in your 2012 survival zone far below the trodden ground exists. This may seem a bit crazy, but a bycicle generator is really a rather effective method of generating electrical power. Consider it as a modern waterwhell without the water presence being necessary. Bicycle generators are nothing new; they have actually been used for years. Not only that, you’ll be hardpressed to find room to exercise in your saftey zone and everyone can take a turn at creating some electrical juice and getting a workout at the same time. You can learn more about builing bycicle generator system that will put out up to 370 watts at: PedalPowerGenerator.com
All of these alternative power generating systems are somewhat similar. Additionally, they are all compatible to each other, providing you with an excellent alternating power supply that should work out rather well no matter where you are located when you have it built a multi-sourced system. There you have it, three excellent power generating sources in one system that require absolutely no nonrenewable fuel or an exhaust system, and will remain in durable operation for years.

Bathroom Facilities
A survival shelter is going to require out of the ordinary sanitation practices. Some people with


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more funds than others, will be able to put in a plumbed toilet and waste disposal pump system. For the rest of us, more primitive measures will be the best we can hope to provide. Without a plumbed toilet or special waste treatment chemicals, it is possible to keep everything in a rather sanitary and odorless state. To create a functional expedient ‘toilet’, a garbage can with a lid or a bucket covered with plastic work well. In order to preserve the health and morale of those living in your shelter, human waste need be removed before it produces much gas. The covering method does not allow pressurized gas produced by rotting excrement to take place. The following rudimentary survival shelter of excrement disposal tips will be useful:
Use a 5-gallon paint or pickle bucket to collect both urine and excrement. Lacking this item availability, a large waterproof wastebasket with a well fitting lid will also work. Use and keep it near the air-exhaust area in the shelter. When not in use, it must be kept tightly covered to reduce odors and keep out insects. These primitive toilet containers need to be quickly emptied when they are full, or begin to smell while covered. To keep flies out of your saftey zone, be sure to keep the container covered until it is outside the bunker or shelter. Adding some fly paper strips to your survival supplies would be highly recommendable. For some people, especially the aged, a regular toilet seat from home or a discount store would be a good idea. Installing some form of padding or an improvised seat of plywood to the edge of the bucket also lends more comfort for those who must to sit down while using the toilet facilities. Periodically dump the wastes outside unless fallout is present. Before an anticipated attack, you should dig a waste-disposal pit if you lack sufficient toilet waste containers for weeks of shelter occupancy. Locate the pit about 3 feet from the living area, preferably the air exhaust end of an earth-covered shelter. The pit should be surrounded by a ring at least 6 inches high, to prevent surface water from heavy rainfall from running in and filling it to a point of overflow.

Once radiation and other dangerous fallout stops, it is not going to be hazardous to you to quickly dump the odorous waste outside. For example, if your shelter is in an area of heavy fallout and the radiation dose rate outside is 400 R/hr, which is enough to deliver a fatal dose in about an hour to a person exposed in the open. The quick action of dumping a bucket outside would only expose you for about 10 seconds. In this minimal fragment of an hour the dose of exposure is only about 1 R. This minute 1-R dose is of little concern when you’re under war conditions. Should your emergency shelter not permit waste disposal without running outside, be sure to tie cloth or plastic over your shoes before going out. Then remove these coverings in the decontamination entry before going back inside the shelter room. This precaution will eliminate


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the chance of tracking live fallout particles and other contaminants into the shelter.
As we are all very aware, flies are attracted in huge swarms to excrement. However, when your facilities are continually tightly covered, they will not be able to get into. This will stop them from contaminating their feet or to lay eggs. Good waste removal habits are important to deflect the fly population, because rotting excrement is their greatest delight. Good sanitation disposal will free you from the more harmful issues connected to these irritating pests. Including a supply of modern fly bait in your survival preparations will allow you to sprinkle a little on top of the plastic covering and literally kill thousands of flies instantly. The most effective fly baits, are sold in farm supply stores.

Food Supply
You will need to gather only nonperishable types of food, either canned or dry. Food stuffs like dry beans, rice, oatmeal and the like will need to be kept sealed in plastic storage bins. You don’t want to find bugs in the flour, have your sugar turn into one big lump or moisture ruin dried noodles. Survival in the wilderness, under normal world conditions, would make it possible to live off of the land most of the time. In the 2012 situation or under war conditions, it would not be feasible to count on this the majority of the time. You will need to secure foods that are ready to eat from the package, along with those that require cooking. It will not always be possible to whip up a hot meal, but keeping up your strenth and lessening discomfort as much as possible is important to survival. In the event that you are left in primitive survival conditions for more than 6 months, you might want to be prepared to grow fresh fruit and vegetables in your shelter. The theory that it could take several years for the surface of the Earth to return to a non-hazardous, stable state is not such a far fetched impossibility. Many people just assume that life will not just pick right back up and go on as we have always experienced it. This really is rather an unfortunate way of thinking if you’re going to actually survive the unknown. It will take death of what we know to make a new beginning possible, or it will just be the same imbalance, over and over again. When it is safe to come out, how will you cook food? There might be firewood to build a fire with, but there also might not be any left to be found. Solar ovens are available to purchase and you can also create a solar stove with a mirror, and a 50 gallon drum which requires cast iron cookware. In fact, should you emerge to primitive cave man culture, having cast iron cooking and bake ware is going to make your adaption to setting up house a whole lot easier. A very


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wise investment in survival supplies, as cooking in cast iron is far safer for your health than aluminum ever hoped to be. Aluminum is just less expensive. In the event that you require fresh meat and it is still safe to scrounge some up on the surface, learning some basic wilderness survival skills like hunting and fishing might come in really handy. You’ll find some excellent and experienced tips and insight on this webpage: m4040.com/Survival/Skills/Hunting%20and%20Snaring/Hunting%20and%20Snaring.htm. When it comes to eating the plants you find provided in the wilderness, you had better learn what is safe to eat and what is not for your region. There are many plants or portions of plants that when ingested can make your very ill and even kill you. Wilderness survival requires knowing what you can and cannot eat. When you run out of rice and beans or dried potato flakes, what are you going to do about getting more food? What if everything on the surface is completely destroyed or poisoned by contamination? These are things you seriously need to plan for, if survival is your desire. It might be an excellent idea to be somewhat prepared to be able to produce some fresh food with indoor hydroponic gardens. Do some research on the Internet. You don’t have to have a bunch of fancy high-priced equipment, to successfully grow food in a very small space. You do need certain things like grow lights, pump systems, nutrient tanks and the actual equipment to create the part of a hydroponic system that holds the plants. It isn’t really that complicated once you have some basic knowledge to work with. Many times you can put together a great working system with inexpensive alternative materials, if you do your research. An excellent place to get some great information on really low budget hydroponic growing systems is to read the marijuana growers’ forums. They come up with some really ingenious ways to get the job done at a savings. The best lighting type for a survival bunker indoor garden is either LED lights which are pricey but use very low wattage and give you 50,000 hours of life per light emitting diode. You can’t count on being able to get replacement emitters if everything is laid to waste on the surface. There are other long lasting alternatives in the new T-5 fluorescent lighting fixtures and bulbs. Other types of growing lights are hazardous to the environment if the bulbs break, as well as being very power hungry.

Seed for the Future


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In the event that the catastrophes that usher in the arrival of the new age of humanity on Earth are so extreme as to wipe out all known plant foods, you are going to need seed to start over. Not just any type of ordinary food, grain and orchard seeds will do. The handiwork of chemical giants like Monsanto and Bayer, have worked many an evil by introducing their genetically modified plants into our gardening and agriculture systems. You want non-hybrid, heirloom fruit and vegetable seeds from certified organic seed supply houses. The last thing you will want in the future is the resurrection of their abominations of nature. You want a life and a world free of all traces of the evils man has wrought in the current age. That means being very selective about the seed for food, grain and even textiles is important. If you have no knowledge about these genetically modified crops, do a little research by Googling the term “GMO foods”and “GMO crops”. Be sure to secure some shade and evergreen tree seed, as well as a supply of cotton and industrial hemp. Hemp will give you the most useful fiber known to man, from which cloth, paper, rope and many other necessities of impressive strength and durability can be manufactured. You won’t want to leave out a rather thorough supply of herb and spice seed for both culinary and medicinal use, including Stevia for natural sweetener. Recreating Earth and restoring her to her once bountiful beauty means replacing all forms of plant life. For your sense of harmony, don’t forget to select a few perennial and annual flowers as well to put into you’re a stronghold of seeds for the future. Seed can be rendered completely useless in extreme heat and direct daylight, so storing them in a weather tight box in a dark, cool and dry place is important. Even though seeds you buy in little packages have a ‘packed for use’ date, they will remain strong and in excellent germination vigor far longer if properly stored. Tupperware and airtight Rubbermade containers are best. Seed has been known to remain at least 80-90% viable for as long as 5-6 years when stored in this manner. It is not completely useless at a longer duration or even if exposed to extreme heat, but your percentage of successful germination will start dropping off quite drastically. All you need are a few plants to germinate from your stored seed to be able to continually regenerate your seed stock with every crop you start. Which is one reason they created GMO seed, so by law you must repurchase seed every time you want to grow a new crop, because the genetics are patented Monsanto owns you seed. Nothing like vast profits insurance that last forever. One other thing that is important for some less educated gardeners to know. Hybrid ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees are not genetic modifications like found in food and


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industrial crop plants. The horticulture industry creates new bloom colors and improved plant vigor and density through natural cross breeding practices that happen in nature. Their brilliant end products of hybrid ornamental plants are superior to nature, because only certain plants with excellent characteristics are selected to continue the breeding process needed for the end result. Isolation is also used which is not found in nature. This is a chemical free and simple way of stopping unwanted pollen to foul the breeding process. Rather than splicing chemicals or animal genes into the plant’s DNA as is done with genetic modified organisms, hybrid plants grown just for their beauty are only the product of highly focused natural breeding processes. Taking hybrid ornamentals into the future would not be doing any harm to nature. These are the safest ways to improve and create many wonderful new plants like we enjoy in our yards and perennial gardens today. Without this process, all flowers and trees or shrubs would still be what are known as weeds to most people.

Basic Household & Living Necessities
Clothing and bedding will obviously be needed, with three fresh changes of clean, dry clothes per person for both hot weather and cold. You’ll need shoes and most likely winter coats, gloves and the like. Even if where you live right not never drops below 20˚ in the coldest part of the year, things could change drastically. You have no idea what will be left on the surface when you can finally leave your safety zone bunker. It is better to be prepared for all types of weather than to freeze to death after working so hard at surviving everything else. The same is true for blankets and sheets, having too many might not be a problem in the future. At least they can be stored for the event they would become necessary. Don’t overlook adding the following items: Bandanas (At least 6 per person for use as face coverings) Dust masks (Buy a box of disposable ones – you might need a lot of them.) Gas masks (In a city setting, these are going to really come in useful.) Rain gear: Poncho and waterproof pants Rubber boats Hiking or work boots Tennis shoes Flip flops (In high temperatures you might be glad you brought them.) Swimming shoes (Foot protection for wading in water and keeping your shoes dry.) Sunglasses


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Work gloves High UV blocking sun lotion Aloe gel Zinc paste (Face protection from intense sun exposure) Here’s a list of some useful things for household and basic life, you might overlook in your preparation planning: Backpacks and fanny packs Blankets and sleeping bags Foam mattress pads (For more comfortable sleeping arrangements.) Baby wipes (Instant personal cleanup without water.) Radio: Portable battery operated, spare batteries Critical medication and eyeglasses, contact cases and supplies Fire Extinguisher-dry chemical, type ABC Flashlights: Several with spare batteries and bulbs Watch or clock: battery or spring wound. Knives: for cooking, repairs and survival. COOKING: o Barbeque-use outdoors ONLY-charcoal and lighter, or Sterno stove o Tinfoil o Can opener o Plastic bags: various sizes, ziplock type for food and storage o Pots-at least two o Brillo pads, sponges, dish clothes and towels o Paper plates, plastic utensils, and paper towels o Plastic cups or tumblers o Coffee cups for soup and hot drinks o Campfire coffeepot for boiling water and making coffee Large plastic trash bags-for trash, waste, water protection Tarps and plastic sheeting or drop cloths Large trash cans Hand soap, liquid detergent, shampoo Washboard and washtub for doing laundry and bathing Wash cloths, bath towels or beach towels 5 gallon bucket with lid (Wendys and all fast food restaurants will usually sell you their pickle buckets for a couple of dollars each – just inquire within.) Toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss Deodorant Feminine supplies Infant supplies Toilet paper


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Powdered chlorinated lime: To add to sewage to disinfect and keep away insects. Vinegar Bleach (For purifying water and sanitation.) Hydrogen peroxide (For wound sterilization and an excellent natural fungicide.) Newspapers (To wrap waste and garbage, start fires and may also be used for warmth.) Paper clips Rubber bands Safety pins Sewing kit - with straight pins and extra buttons Charcoal lighting fluid Wetstone (Or other form of knife and scissors sharpener.)

Safety Heavy gloves (For every person, useful for cleaning debris.) Surgical gloves Water canteens Spigot cooler Tents Insect repellent Mosquito netting Candles Propane lantern, extension poles and refill fuel Scissors and razor blades Bic Lighters, flint and steel, magnifying glass: Fire starting without fail, wet or dry. Wax coated matches are said to not be of much value in the wilderness. Garden hose (Needed for siphoning and fire fighting.)

For Procuring Fresh Food Fish hooks, line, sinkers and bobbers – a selection of lures if possible. If you don’t have a pole and reel, you can easily use a long and sturdy stick in a pinch. Bucket for gathering and carrying whatever you find that is edible and get in the pail. Fire arms like a small gauge shot gun or even a hand gun will make securing food that flees as you approach a lot easier. We apologize to anyone who may feel this is not necessary, but you might change your tune completely if it your survival or that critter’s. The right knives for cleaning your catch whether it has gills, in encased in a shell, can fly or is covered with fur.


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You will have to think about self protection. Having firearms might be smart for protection from people who have lost their minds, just don’t loose your mind and become an issue too. In these catastrophe and disaster situations if you have something that a person with little heart wants, you could die so that they can possess it. Counting on the police to protect you at a time of such chaos and pandemonium is pointless. If you are not experienced at starting a fire in a wilderness situation without charcoal briquets or the handy button to ignite your gas grill, don’t just assume it’s as simple as it looks. Today would be an excellent time to read up on this art. Then practice fire building until you have developed this survival skill to perfection, because your very life may depend on your ability to do so quickly and successfully. And make sure you’re using only those things that can be found in a survival situation. Cutting corners now could be the last mistake you ever make later. This guide cannot contain everything you need to learn about wilderness survival and what to do in every disastrous situation. For some excellent further reading, these websites will offer you a lot of not easily found information: m4040.com/Survival/navbar.htm (Full US Army Wilderness Survival Manual available on this site for a free and instant download. Probably the only place you’ll find such a handy and thorough true wilderness survival manual.) BCadventure.com/adventure/wilderness/survival/basic.htm (Some excellent alternative methods for starting a fire in survival mode.)

Other Things to Remember Cash (In a time of crisis merchants are not going to take credit and debit cards.) Compass of good quality Map of your local area Important phone numbers and contact information Road Flares Short-wave Radio and extra batteries Signal Flares (these are not legal in Australia) Signal Mirror Signal Whistle Playing cards and board games Books and Bible for reading to pass time All your important documents – Stored in a waterproof container: o Wills o Birth, death, marriage certificates and divorce decrees o House and life insurance policies o Inventory of valuable household items


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o o o o o o o

Deeds and contracts Stocks and bonds Charge card account numbers and their "lost or stolen" notification numbers Bank account numbers Medical records including immunizations Social security numbers Passports

Money is always hard to stash away and pretend it isn't there, but in a catastrophe or war having currency is a vital necessity. Whenever you make a purchase, it is always verified by a telephoned authorization number. If phone lines are down and these numbers are not obtainable, chances are your proposed purchase won't be allowed. Additionally, electronic transactions are track able by law enforcement and government. While we all can hope and pray things will not come to such a state, the handwriting on the wall is telling us otherwise. Cash is the best choice of these three forms of tender for the coming events.

Useful Tools and Hardware
Masking tape Generator Hammer and nails Hand operated drill Tree saw and heavy duty ratchet pruners String, nylon twine and 100’ of cotton and nylon rope Duct tape Screwdrivers Prybar Tacks Axe Shovel Broom Pliers: regular and needle nose Sledgehammer Staple gun and staples Swiss army knife – good quality Wrenches Pens and paper Wire Snips-all cutters Clothesline and wooden clothes pins (plastic ones break too easily)


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Come-along winch Post hole digger Vice grips

Medical and First Aid Supplies
When you are lost in the wilderness or running for your life, for your best interests, use the Rule of 3. If you’re injured or bleeding, you might only survive for 3 minutes. You can survive for 3 hours without shelter. You can survive for 3 days without water You can survive for 3 weeks without food. As you can see, it is wise to get your priorities in order if you’re going to make it through any disaster or catastrophe. In a survival situation, the order for dealing with the most pressing issues is as follows: 1. Tend to any injuries immediately upon reaching safety. 2. Setting up or entering your shelter. 3. Getting a fire going or getting into the warmth and dryness of your pre-prepared shelter. Can you safely start a fire in an underground shelter? We’ll leave the engineering up to you, but yes it is certainly possible. Read up on Eskimo igloos and Indian teepees or long houses. 4. Food and water.

It shouldn’t be a hard decision to make that you must implement an emergency first aid supply. Most survival websites give you a list for a 72-hour kit, which is all well and dandy if you know you will only be without any medical assistance for only 3 days. It would be far more a wise decision to be ready for a lot longer than that before anything happens. The eye of a catastrophe is no time to start worrying about collecting first aid and medical supplies. The following is a fairly complete listing to cover most medical emergencies:
1 each 2 each 4 each 2 each

Basic First Aid Book (One in simple to understand format.) Bandages, Ace/elastic, 4" Bandages, gauze, 2" x 2" Bandages, gauze: 3" x 3" and 4" x 4"
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1 each 2 each 3 each 1 box 1 box 1 box 1 each 1 box 1 box 1 box 1 each 2 rolls 4 pair 1 tube

Bandages, gauze: 18" x 36" Bandages for burns or Second Skin: 3" x 3-1/2" Triangular Bandages Band-Aids (Assorted sizes, flexible and moisture resistant are best.) Bicarbonate of Soda Butterfly sutures or Leukostrips Cold packs & Hot packs (Get the reuseable types.) Cotton Swabs Dental Floss Epsom Salts Eyedropper First Aid Tape: 1/2" x 10 yards and 1" x 5 yards Gloves, lightweight rubber(For medical and hygiene purposes.) Insect Repellent Surgical Masks (Like the 3M brand N95 Particulate Disposable Respirators.) ** Incidentally, mud compress made from dirt and water sucks all the poison from bee and wasp stings. Apply immediately, wait 15-20 minutes – no swelling or pain!

1 bottle Isopropyl Alcohol 1 box

1 bottle Meat Tenderizer (Great for soothing insect bites and stings.)

1 box 1 each 1 box 1 box 1 each 1 each 1 each 1 each

Moistened Towelettes Nail Clipper Razor Blades, single edge Safety Pins, assorted sizes Splints Scalpel Surgical Scissors, pointed Snake bite kit Tongue Depressors Thermometers (Get disposable OR a digital type, not the glass with mercury type.)
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1 bottle Soap, liquid, antibacterial 6 each 2 each


2 each 1 tube 1 box

Tweezers Analgesic Cream (ie. - Camphophenique, Paraderm Plus) Antacid (ie. - Mylanta, Tums, Pepto-Bismal) Anti-Diarrheal (ie. - Imodium, Diasorb, Lomotil) Anti-fungal (ie. - Lotrimin, Tinactin, Micatin, Desenex) Antihistamine (ie. - Benadryl, Claratyne) Antiseptic Ointment (ie. - Neosporin, Dettol) Anti-toxin (ie. - DMSO) Burns (ie. - Hydrocortisone, Derm-Aid) Cold/Flu Tablets (ie. - Nyquil, Repetabs) Constipation (ie. - Ex-Lax, Dulcolax, Durolax) Decongestant (ie. - Actifed, Sudafed, Repetabs) Hemorrhoid Relief (ie. - Preparation H, Anusol) Ibuprofen (ie. - Advil, Nurofen, Paracetamol) Itching (ie. - Dibucaine, Paraderm, Lanacane) Lip Balm (Blistex is #1 for effective results instantly.) K-Y Jelly or Vaseline Nausea, Motion Sickness (ie. - Kwells, Dramamine, Travacalm, Meclizine) Tylenol or Ibyprofin (for reducing swelling and back pain relief) Pain, Fever Reducer (ie. - Panadeine, Mobigesic) Pain Reliever with Codeine (ie. - Panamax, Tylenol 3)

1 series Antibiotic (ie. - Tetracycline for general infections) 1 box 1 box 1 box 1 tube 1 each 1 tube 1 box 1 box

1 bottle Cough Syrup (ie. - Robitussen, Dimetap) 1 box

1 bottle Visine 1 tube 1 box

1 bottle Ointment for itching, insect bites or rash (ie. - Caladril, Calamine) 1 tube 1 tube 1 tube

1 bottle Nasal Decongestant (ie. - Sinex, Ornex) 1 box 1 box 1 box 1 box

1 bottle Poison Ivy/Oak lotion (Dermarest Poison Ivy Mousse or Ivarest) 1 packet Poison Absorber (Activated Charcoal)

1 bottle Radiation Protection (ie. - Potassium Iodide-[KI] or Potassium Iodate-[KIO3]) 2012OfficialCountdown.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved


1 can

Sunburn Relief (ie. - Solarcaine, Paxyl) *Vinegar is good for substitution.

1 bottle Sunscreen (SPF 15 at least) 1 bottle Vomit Inducer (Ipecac, Activated charcoal) 1 tube

Yeast Infection Treatment (Gyne-Lotrimin, Monistat)

Currency in a Moneyless Society
Counting on things like Social Security and unemployment is rather foolish, because it may not be there for you in the future. Relying on both state and federal government for help is not a good idea. Independent people who are truly free, are very self-reliant. Being able to find a job in order to earn money is not independence, it is a form of semi-voluntary slavery. As long as you need to spend your life providing some one else with a profit, you’ll never get out of their system. They really don’t want you to either, because if you are completely independent … they have problems. They don’t like problems, they like things to go their way. Your life is worth infinitely more, than selling your best years by the hour. There aren’t going to be anymore jobs like there were. From here on out your life will be, what you make of it. It really isn’t much different than becoming determined to survive 2012 and everything that may erupt between now and then. This is where you must stand up and be truly independent, it will take every ounce of that and pure pig headed determination to survive the end of this age. Having a strong relationship with your creator right away is highly suggestible as well.
Saving some money for the future is not just important for surviving a disaster, but also for just surviving life. Some cash tucked away will put you in a much better position to weather any disaster in a healthy economy, even a sagging one. However, the road we’re looking down right now is a completely different ballgame. In an economic meltdown scenario, paper currencies will quickly become of absolutely no value at all. The swiftly erroding US economy entering the moment of final collapse grows more real every day. The moment the dollar takes its last breath; your paper dollars will instantly be worthless. This means that even with a million dollars in cash, you won’t be able to buy so much as a candy bar.

In this type of moneyless economy, something you currently see as nothing much will become highly valuable. For instance, a pound of dry pinto beans or a bag of potatoes could instantly be worth their weight in gold. To get a better grasp on how realistic this situation can be, do some research about the history of Germany's economy during the hyperinflation economic collapse during the 1920's. Look at Russia’s economic collapse in just the past few decades.


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Then take a good, hard perusal of how the government is spending money like water, when there isn’t any economy and no gold to back it up. This is because it’s every man for himself, and they won’t be going without. The same thing happened in Russia. To learn how Russia’s economic collapse is just like the current US meltdown, watch this video: YouTube.com/watch?v=-IwxJmQeKIw You don't want to be overly reliant on huge amounts of cash in hand for survival. Consider just how helpful your government will be when their paper currency which is based on thin air is completely without value beyond our shores. If you think they’re going to step in and change out your dead money for something worth actual cash value, you have a rude awakening coming. Physical possessions owned without a lien of debt connected and land will become the most valuable things in the USA. Having absorbed that thought, ponder why it is that the mortgage crash immediately preceded the job market erasure, and right on it’s tail the death of the dollar. It’s all part of the plan. Their money has all been cashed in using off-shore bank accounts to a currency that is still valued in the world economy. Read the story of the hyper inflated economic collapse in Germany again. In order to state that the same thing happened in Germany, we’d have to do a little more research. We can say that the suspicion is there, that both previous economic disasters will bear uncanny similarities. It’s helpful to follow a successful recipe in order to create the guaranteed perfect economic storm. Using a good portion of savings that you do have to purchase gold or silver in bulk is a highly recommended maneuver. Do not invest in precious metals in jewelry form, they are no longer pure and in such a state are of little actual wealth value. The same can be said of purchasing diamonds to maintain your monetary worth. You want raw diamonds and not those found in any jewelry store. The entire diamond market is saturated with exploitation, greed, ignorance, and cold blooded murder from start to finish. Diamonds do have some positive industrial uses but don’t even think about investing in industrial grade diamonds. The purpose of this section in our 2012 Survival Guide is not to point fingers or to insult our government. We simply feel the need to call your attention to the severity of this situation, because it isn’t going to go away or repair itself. Just like all other forms of getting ready to survive natural catastrophes and war, you better have some clue as to what you’ll do when the money you have is good only for toilet paper and starting a fire. Make sure you don’t throw it away; you might need it to stay warm. After all, you do own the paper it’s printed on … lock, stock and barrel.

Martial Law


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“If terrorists attacked our cities with nuclear weapons, our country will never be the same. Borders will close, detention camps will open, and America will be a thing of the past. James Roberts Well we already have detention camps; FEMA has built an awful lot of them with our money. Our take on terrorists is that they are an unseen enemy. It’s not like a real war where one country’s bomber squadrons fly over another and pepper the civilization on the ground with artillery. That’s the real man’s way of conducting war, proudly with his flag and colors flying. Instead the war on terror is against an ever illusive enemy who fights like a sissy, sneaking in to drop his bomb by sending an agent or two willing to die immediately. Do you suppose the terrorists are scared about getting caught in the act? Why else would grown men conduct a war in such a fashion? Perhaps these people are afraid of revealing their true colors to the world. It all contains the high stench of organized espionage played like pin the tail on the donkey. If you want to make money a pile of money easily, you need to start a war. It’s especially helpful in times of peace through most of the world, if you have an illusive enemy. Illusions that never materialize or stand up to fight like real blooded men have done for eons. You have to corner your opponent in war, face to face, to win the battle … or lose it. Terrorism is the perfect war. Battling an illusion has no reason to ever end, for there is no enemy with which to create a conclusion. Ponder that for a moment or two. We certainly haven’t built 800 concentration camps at the odd desolate location across the country to house an army of ghosts. In fact, a horde of ghosts don’t require thousands of cheap plastic coffins either. Somehow understanding how an illusion would require a body oven isn’t possible. Do you know a way to roast a ghost? Unfortunately, the concentration camps and the coffins are not an illusion. Whoever these barricaded mega prisons are for, they sure are a scary lot to deal with. From the looks of the setups, these thousands and thousands of ghost enemies are earmarked to die, instead of just being held prisoners of war. Why else would all these coffins and body ovens be ready and waiting? Since terrorists tend to travel in small intermittent groups to accomplish their horrific deeds, it is curious where there would be tens upon tens of thousands ghostly foes to capture. Every one of this illusive enemy’s troops tends to obliterate themselves, one or two at a time, in the process of every explosive event they create. So this scenario doesn’t make any sense at all. It is highly doubtful we have built hundreds of concentration camps for aliens. None of this illusive group stays in one spot long enough to capture. They too, only appear as a single being or a handful at a time. Besides, if aliens were the enemy then why aren’t Air Force planes scouring the skies to shoot them down like they would in a normal enemy situation?


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We recommend you watch the “Space Aliens from Luxomberg: A Horror Story” on YouTube.com. Imagining the story plot unfolding in reality is absolutely horrifying, but doubtful to involve Martians or Grays. However, it could help you understand why there are 800 concentration camps in America just sitting there waiting for something to happen. What do you think is going to happen in this country when they take away the last thing we have of little value? When even the money you have worked hard to earn and pinched pennies to save is gone, what will the people do then? FEMA’s camps are for built to house an enemy force, but exactly who is the enemy and whom are they the enemy of? If another nation decided to attack this country with nuclear weapons, they don’t have to land a fleet and a swarm of troops march ashore like World War II. All they have to do is sit at home in their comfy office, punch in a few coordinates and push a button and we’ll be blown away. So the concentration camps aren’t suited as a need in this situation either. One of four things will most likely happen someday soon that will bring martial law down on the cities of America like flies on pigs. 1. Another unknown terrorist enemy will attack some important location in the continental US. 2. The actual and complete death of the dollar that will render the majority of American citizens penniless in minutes; triggering will cause a second revolution for independence here on Turtle Island. 3. Some nation who has bought up government bonds is going to get ugly about repossession on their loan terms. 4. New World Order will trigger a second American revolution for independence. The signs are all there, it unfortunately appears that the elite self-appointed royalty and bluebloods are going to start making life hazardous for the population again. So having become accustomed to a rather easy and convenient way of life, it looks like returning to being pilgrims and colonists is going to become wildly popular real soon. At the first rumblings of its possiblity of becoming reality, a lot of forward thinking citizens are going to be thankful they were prepared to survive anything unknown. This scenario hasn’t happened here since the 1700’s. We think things were a bit easier when it was just muskets and swords astride a galloping steed, as opposed to helicopters, stealth weapons and GPS equipped bomb-proof Hummers. Most highly educated and progressed Americans don’t want to get dirty, let alone actually get physical about defending their rights to liberty and freedom. More of them would prefer that someone else take care of this for them. Unfortunately, that’s exactly how we got into this mess in the first place. So exactly how do you make a martial law emergency preparedness plan? First, you need to


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have some idea what martial law is. What does this beast look like that you must prepare to protect yourself from? To define it in a nutshell, martial law is the system of rules that become a reality when military takes over the regular administration of justice in a country. Exactly how the change would take place is not something that can be clearly explained, its all dependent on which set of circumstances triggers the switch of power. “Martial law is sometimes imposed during wars or occupations, in the absence of any othercivil government. Examples of this form of military rule include Germany and Japan after World War II or the American South during the early stages of Reconstruction. In addition, martial law is used by governments to enforce their rule; for example, after a coup d'état (Thailand 2006), when threatened by popular protests, or to crack down on the opposition (Poland 1981). Martial law can also be declared in cases of major natural disasters; however most countries use a different legal construct, such as a ‘state of emergency’.” Wikipedia.com Governments really frown on uprisings; they always tend to see things only from their point of view. Unfortunately, there is no new continent to sail off to and leave them to their own demise. As of 2007, there were a total of 800 concentration camps in the USA. Do not get the idea that this last section of your 2012 Survival Guide is all a bunch of crazy talk. A lot has been going on all around you while you have been busy living your life over the past few years. So yes, you need to figure out what military law is all about and the best way to survive it for each known reason it could suddenly become a reality. Be advised, when martial law is put in place we will be schooled that it is all for our “safety, for our own good”; and most of America will support this action – in the beginning. We always do when they tell us we are in danger. We are most definitely in danger, but it’s highly unlikely the actual threat is beyond our own shores. The existing executive orders that will put martial law into place make the Constitution and all other American laws immediately revoked. Millions of people will die and suffer greatly under the violent martial law that will cover this country. However, if you keep tuning into the programmer you won’t see it coming, won’t be wise to reality until long after the dust settles. You will be psychologically made afraid, be counseled you need security and the world’s largest secret army will become your jailers. All that is needed is a presidential signature on 21 pieces of paper, and we will be under military rule enforced by soldiers from foreign countries, not by American military troops. Martial law is what


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Iraq has been under, since Saddam Hussein was apprehended. You aren’t going to like it anymore than any other population of the countries US troops have invaded and done combat in since Vietnam began. To give you an idea of what martial law means to your daily life, there will definitely be: Rationing of food and all supplies. Curfews and perhaps black outs. Promises of work as soon as the dust settles. Security imposed in military fashion. Detention camps for people who don’t go along with the new rules. Military tribunals as opposed to a fair trial in a judicial court of law. This situation is faster to identify is we say it is a court-martial. Suspension of the writ of habeas corpus.

What is habeas corpus? Here is a little hard core history and law to explain exactly what this means and how the laws have been changed recently to make enforcing martial law a simple and momentary reality in full force. From Wikipedia: “The martial law concept in the U.S. is closely tied with the right of habeas corpus. This is, in essence, the right to a hearing on lawful imprisonment, or more broadly, the supervision of law enforcement by the judiciary. The ability to suspend habeas corpus is often equated with martial law. Article 1, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution states, "The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion, the public Safety may require it." “In United States law, martial law is limited by several court decisions that were handed down between the American Civil War and World War II. In 1878, Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act, which forbids military involvement in domestic law enforcement without congressional approval. On October 1, 2002 United States Northern Command was established to provide command and control of Department of Defense homeland defense efforts and to coordinate defense support of civil authorities. “On September 15, 1863, President Lincoln imposed Congressionally-authorized martial law. The authorizing act allowed the President to suspend habeas corpus throughout the entire United States. Lincoln imposed the suspension on "prisoners of war, spies, or aiders and abettors of the enemy," as well as on other classes of people, such as draft dodgers. The President's proclamation was challenged in Ex parte Milligan, 71 US 2 [1866]). The Supreme


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Court ruled that Lincoln's imposition of martial law (by way of suspension of habeas corpus) was unconstitutional. “The National Guard is an exception, since unless federalized; they are under the control of state governors. This was changed briefly: Public Law 109-364, or the "John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007" (H.R.5122), was signed by President Bush on October 17, 2006, and allowed the President to declare a "public emergency" and station troops anywhere in America and take control of state-based National Guard units without the consent of the governor or local authorities. Title V, Subtitle B, Part II, Section 525(a) of the JWDAA of 2007 reads "The [military] Secretary [of the Army, Navy or Air Force] concerned may order a member of a reserve component under the Secretary's jurisdiction to active duty...The training or duty ordered to be performed...may include...support of operations or missions undertaken by the member's unit at the request of the President or Secretary of Defense." The President signed the Defense Authorization Act of 2008 on January 13, 2008. However, Section 1068 in the enacted 2008 defense authorization bill (H.R. 4986: "National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008") repealed this section of PL 109364.” The early months of the unleashing of martial law are the most deadly. The military doesn’t have to think very long about shooting someone who is against their mission. At the beginning of violent martial law, a lot of people are going to starve to death. There won’t be much food. Instead of the government handing out rations to assist you in the time of need, the martial law army will commandeer your supplies, including food and property. If you do have food and other starving civilians learn about it, they will kill the chance to survive. This might give you an idea of why earlier in this guide it was stated that it isn’t safe to stay in a heavily populated area with a great deal of unknown catastrophes are coming. The worst of the martial law violence will be in big cities and larger communities, because that is where the majority of the population is. There are some things that you can do to stay in the city and survive martial law, even though it won’t be comfortable or easy. Do not complain or argue with the officials or the military present. Do not do anything other than what you are told.


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Accept the call to serve those who are above you graciously. Answer all interrogations with ‘yes sir’, ‘no sir’ and ‘thank you sir” Do not have any guns or ammunition in your home, even for hunting purposes. Do not look any military troops in the eye – look down. Smile and be agreeable no matter what is said to you. Stay out of sight and attract no attention to yourself or your family. Don’t talk about anything concerning more than the weather with anyone you know. Sound a bit harsh? Try doing otherwise, they have a place for everyone who will not completely conform and do as they are told. They have body ovens in all 800 concentration camps. They aren’t for terrorists. They are for Americans who try to cause unrest among the terrified population who think they need saftey from an unknown enemy. It is pointless to flee to another county, the New World Order is global and no inch of solid ground on the planet will allow you freedom or liberty from their intentions. Trying to explain what you need 100 pages or more just to understand and prepare for in a mere few paragraphs is pointless. It will be far wiser for us to assist you in getting off to a good start, by providing you with real references instead of crazy militant assumptions. Do not get involved in forum discussions regarding this subject. Don’t email people or talk on the phone about it. Open your eyes and learn what you need to know to understand how you will survive this man made and deadly dangerous catastrophe. If you don’t, there is no way that you will survive to see 2012, let alone welcome the new age of humanity on Earth. If you choose to ignore this meant to be helpful information, so be it. We are not about to tell you what to believe, what to do or where you need to be tomorrow. We’ll leave that to the government since they are so talented at such things. A skill that is absolutely guaranteed to increase ten to twenty fold when the New World Order and military law settle down on the USA.
Conspiracy exists because: This world is an evil place. Not because of who do evil, but because of those who they look on, and do nothing. Espionage is defined as: The act of learning secret information through clandestine means; undercover


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work; spying as reconnaissance. The definition of slavery is: Slavery is a form of forced labor in which people are considered to be, or treated as, the property of others.

Survival is defined as: A natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the

"When all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will ... become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated." Thomas Jefferson

He may have been a Freemason, but could any one else could really do such a statement more justice? Is it better to live like a dog, than it is to die like a lion? Maybe waking up with fleas is a far sight better than not waking up at all. Fleas are not hazardous, just a bit irritating. It is up to you to reach a conclusion on exactly how you choose to believe or feel, about this looming and very real threat to life as you know it. It is your life. You are perfectly at liberty to decide for yourself what you should do about this thing that is not going to take until December 21, 2012 to become a reality. With the Pope’s announcement that we need a new world order in July of 2009, you were given the warning, and now it will take shape before your very eyes.
There is a lot more to learn about how you will survive martial law besides what we can give you here. Like all the rest of the information surrounding the current state of affairs in this country, in the world or the solar system and December 21, 2012 … there is so much information to absorb, it’s incredible. Start with the following web page, at the end of this truthful report are more links that will lead you on from there to investigate what you really need to know about this looming catastrophe. Site address: scribd.com/doc/2417260/Survive-Martial-Law

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ended, early morning on September 11, 2001.


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Freedom, true freedom … is worth more than anything money can buy.

Unbroken spider webs are the foundation, woven in the background.
“When a spider is found on the clothing, it is a sign that money is on its way to us. The moral of it is that if we imitate the industry and cunning forethought of that little creature, we shall weave ourselves into weath and procure for ourselves a plentiful estate.” Cora Linn Daniels, “Folklore and Occult Sciences” - pg. 703 “To watch a Spider spin its web is a wonder to behold. They diligently work to create a masterpiece of nature that they seem too small to accomplish. The silk of a spider is said to be stronger than a strand of steel of the same diameter. Their webs provide a means of catching the prey for their sustenance. It really is a marvelous work of art and nature. The spider creates her web and then goes about her business, when she returns she has a host of tasty insect meals to choose from. She wraps them up in her silken thread and preserves them for when she needs to nourish herself. Spiders are solitary creatures and their web patterns will vary by species.” AncientKeris.com – historical spiritual magic Other graphic features present: The all seeing eye of Ra, the cap stone not placed on the Giza pyramids to date. A darkened sky east of the pyramid, but clear to the west. The sacred sunburst illuminates the all seeing eye making it the brightest object over all. 13 levels of brick in the pyramid, for 13 levels of the Scottish Rites.


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13 colony stars arranged in a pentagram star symbol, clustered inside of the pagan sunburst that is surrounded by 14 orbs. The tail of the eagle has 9 feathers. The number 9 holds the meaning of completion. “According to the book "Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues" by W. W. Wescott, nine holds great significance among many Masonic orders and secret societies. He said, "There is a Masonic order of Nine Elected Knights in which nine roses, nine lights, and nine knocks are used." In fact the number nine is the number of "the earth under evil influences." “In summary, the number 9 is an important numeric symbol to many occult groups and sole practitioners. Unlike the number 13 that almost all people know has some superstitious implications, the number 9 would be considered "just another number" by the average person.” Masonic Orders and the Number Nine, logosresources.org

On the day the dollar finally dies, the New World Order and military rule; will swiftly curtail the freedom, and liberty once enjoyed in the USA.

They aren’t playing. They are watching.
The New World Order is the Dark Ages, reincarnated … in Living Technicolor.
Serf’s honor, it’s the New Deal ….

Are you prepared to survive everything that will come your way? If you are going to get prepared, don’t waste a minute more in getting started. The window of opportunity is far smaller than you think it is.


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