CCLD 3 Unit 301 Develop and Promote Positive Relationships Element CCLD 301.

1 Develop relationships with children
Performance Criteria 301.1.3 - Negotiate with children about their needs and preferences and involve them in the decisionmaking as appropriate to their stage of development. eg what snack would they prefer an apple or an orange? would they like to play inside or outside? which story would they like at story time? do they want a red apron or a blue apron? Etc...

Element CCLD 301.2 Communicate with children
Performance Criteria 301.2.4 - Encourage children to ask questions, offer ideas and make suggestions. eg during circle time, children could ask each other or the adult questions about their favourite foods, time of year, colour, toy etc, during story time, children could make suggestions about what will happen next in the story or offer ideas about a different ending to the story Performance Criteria 301.2.5 - Recognise when there are communication difficulties and adapt the way you communicate accordingly. Some children have English as an Additional Language (EAL) and may need extra support in communication - using visuals or using signs, a child may have speech delay and so may need to use sign language or gestures to communicate and the adult needs to be patient and try not to finish the child's sentence for them!

Element CCLD 301.3 Support children in developing relationships
Performance Criteria 301.3.5 - Encourage and support other adults in the setting to have positive relationships with children. Introduce new members of staff or volunteers to the children. Make other adults aware if a child has a particular need eg ADHD, so that they can adapt their approach accordingly

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