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Lecture Title: SGD: Normal Responses of Skin to Certain Situations

Transing Group: 13

What causes the decrease in sebaceous gland secretion?
What stage in wound healing produces platelet plugs?
What phase in wound healing focuses on destroying bacteria?
Which gland produces milky and viscous liquid usually decomposed by
bacteria that produces a pungent odor?
What is the major bacteria that causes body odor?
What are treatment options for body odor?

What are NOT symptoms and causes of chronic sun exposure?

A. Deep Wrinkles on forehead and nape

B. Numerous hyperpigmented macules and papules
C. Skin is more supple
D. Solar lentigo
E. Solar elastosis
True or False? Fair skinned people have bigger manosomes compared
to dark skinned people.

What are NOT risk factors of chronic sun exposure?

A. Old Age
B. Skin Phototypes IV and V
C. Male Sex
D. High occupational or recreational exposure
1. True or False. A person with type I skin is at high risk for developing
cancer with prolonged sun exposure compared to a person with type II
2. The stage of the hair cycle that arrest hair growth
a) Anagen
b) Telogen
c) Catagen
d) Metagen

3. The use of a broad spectrum sunscreen protects the skin from

which UV ray/s?
a) A
b) B
d) C
e) D

The Histamine-triggered pathway is important for acute itch. What cell

releases histamine in response to various stimuli?
a) Red blood cells
b) Mast cells
c) Keratinocytes
d) Gametes

The following are all types of pruritus, EXCEPT:

a) Neurogenic
b) Neuropathic
c) Dermatologic
d) Biogesic
e) Psychogenic
True or False? The use of clothing made from wool can help prevent
cases of pruritus.
True or False? Cognitive and behavior therapy are used as a form of
pruritus treatment.
mal Responses of Skin to Certain Situations
Transing Group: 13

Decrease in androgens
Phase 2: Defensive/Inflammatory Response

Apocrine Gland
Staphylococcus hominis
Hygiene practices, antipersperants, deodorants, botox, surgery

C. Skin is more supple


B. Skin Phototypes IV and V

This is real

False. Avoid wearing fabrics that make the skin prone to itching (e.g.
wool, synthetics, etc.)
True. It's a non-pharamlogical treatment that is especially for
psychogenic pruritus