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Tube Well and Electro-mechanical Component, Pragatinagar, Dang

Pragatinagar Project, Dang

Urban Water Supply and Sanitation (Sector) Project
Deep Tube Well
1. Source of Drinking Water
There are two surface sources nearby the project area. Dolai River flows through the project area
and Rapti River flows few kilometers away. Bothe these rivers are not reliable in quantity and quality
to be used as a source for drinking water supply system. There are few spring sources which has
been used in the existing system. But the yield of the spring sources is very low to be considered for
small town project. The groundwater has extensively used in the project area drawing water from
shallow and deep aquifer. Hence the tube well drawing water deep aquifer is a very viable option as
a source of water for Pragatinagar Small Town Water Supply Project.
2. Availability of Groundwater
Dang districts have two valleys. One is Dang while the other is Deukhuri. Both the valleys are Dun
Valleys. Systematic Ground Water study took place in Dang-Deukhuriin the Fiscal year 2041/2042.
The study was conducted by drilling test well along with geophysical survey. The study carried out
by Ground Water Development Board (GWDB). On the basis of the test tube well several ground
water irrigation project were under taken in Dang as well as in Deukhuri valley. Similarly, the deep
tube wells were installed for drinking water as the sources are found to have sufficient yield in the
Deukhuri Valley. The tube wells were installed at Lamahi, Satbariya and Lalmatia.
Although there is no deep tube well in Sisaniya and Pipari areas, the deep tube wells have been
installed in the west, northeast and east of the project area within the periphery of 4-5 Km. The tube
well were drilled for the irrigation purpose from Department of Irrigation/Ground Water Project.
The geological setting of the area shows that the area consists of boulder and pebbles with thin
layers of clay in between. The main aquifer is of gravel and sand formation. Hence, there is high
potentiality of availability of groundwater in the area. The site of the proposed tube wells is located
near the bank of the Sisaniya River. The proposed sites are shown in Appendix Xi: Photographs.
3. Existing Deep Tube Wells
Sundabari Deep Tube Well (DK/DTW-28)
The size of deep tube well is 250/150mm with Mild Steel Pipe and Screen. The depth of tube well is
73m with 18m slotted screen. The tube well is installed by GWDB; Lamahi. The tube well is run by
the Users Committee for irrigation. The submersible pump is installed in the tube well. The
discharge of the deep tube well is more than 20 lps according to the Geologist of Ground Water
Development Board Office in Lamahi. The deep well is located about 2-3 km west of the Sisaniya.
Barakhuti, Lalmatiya Deep Tube Well (LM-2 and LM-3)
The tube wells are located north of Mauri Ghat.The tube well is drilled north of Khola. The drilling
depth is around 71m to 81m with 18m slotted screen. The well size is 250mm/150mm. The tube well
is used for irrigation purpose. The discharge of well no2 is 40lps where the 30 HP pump is installed
at 41m depth. The discharge of well no.3 is 25 lps.
Majhanigadh Lalmatiya Deep Tube Well
The tube well is 200mm/150mm with slotted screen of 12m. The total depth is about 48m. The
discharge is reported about 24lps by the Geologist of Ground Water Development Board Office in
Lamahi office.
The existing areas to be developed are located in within the periphery of 3-4 Km of the existing tube
wells. The area of Kalipani has to be looked into for the proper tube well development or to find out
alternate site as the area is in the foot hills of the Siwalik during the construction stage.
Log data of existing tube well is presented below for reference purpose.

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Tube Well and Electro-mechanical Component, Pragatinagar, Dang

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Tube Well and Electro-mechanical Component, Pragatinagar, Dang

4. Tentative Design of Deep Tube Wells

A. Kalapani System
 Required discharge: 16.57 lps
 Depth of tube well: The well depth will be within 150m and the size of the well for drinking
water purpose usually used is 250/250mm. The bore hole diameter for construction of the deep
tube well must be 380mm (15 inches) so that at least 100mm thick gravel (3.5-4.5mm in size)
will be packed around stainless screen/slotted pipe.
 Screen: Stainless steel screen will be suitable for the stipulated discharge with more than 22%
effective open area of the slotted pipe.
The tentative design of the tube well is presented below.
I. Screen type: Stainless steel screen
II. Screen opening ratio: 30% total opening ratio and 22% effective percentage opening
III. Screen size: 250mm diameter
IV. Length of screen: 24m
V. Depth of tube well: 150m
VI. Entrance velocity of water: 0.85 cm/s
VII. Number of tube wells: 2 including one standby tube well
Entry of water through the screen shall be:
Q = A x V = 3.14 x 0.25 x 24 x 0.22 x 0.0053 = 0.022 m3/s = 22 lps
Hence, safe yield can be assumed to be 80% of the above i.e. 22 x 0.80 = 17.6 lps> required
discharge of 16.57 lps.
B. Pipari System
 Required discharge: 44.85 lps
 Number of tube wells: 4 including one standby tube well
The tentative design of the tube well for Pipari system is same as Kalapani system.
Safe yield of three tube wells can be assumed to be 3 x 22 x 0.80 = 52.8 lps> required
discharge of 44.85 lps.

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