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Strategic Planning

Reaction Paper

“In an industry where the scarcity of resources is always a key limiting factor, good

planning is essential.”

-Michael Kaiser, Chairman of DeVos Institute of Arts Management

Planning is an important activity in industries and institutions whereby steps and

possibilities towards a positive end are laid down for scrutiny. Strategic Planning is a

planning procedure which focuses mainly on the strategies devised by an organization, a

company, or an institution to accomplish set goals. A strategic plan helps leaders and

members alike in understanding and monitoring the subsets and the progress of the plan

they seek to accomplish.

Strategic Planning may come in different types but its main components, from

Mission Statement down to Financial Assessment, remain universally determined. In the

sample School Improvement Timeline for Michigan, planning was accompanied with

implementing and monitoring alongside the management tools corresponding each

activity. As could be observed in this sample, planning is not only done by the leaders but

is also partook by members that they may understand the specific roles they play in the

execution of the plan and for open-monitoring the progress done in each assigned task.

It is just necessary for members to contribute to the laying of a plan as it is important for

students to partake in setting classroom rules and regulations that everyone may own

something in the success and failure of the endeavour.


Moreover, there are two ways to which an organization or an institution could

execute an implementation plan, as specified by Michael Kaiser, Chairman of DeVos

Institute of Arts Management, in his article on Implementation Plan. One is through sorting

the implementation plan by assigning a particular person or group of person a certain task

or step in the plan, and another through sorting the implementation plan by completion

date which allows pretty much everyone to determine the tasks completed on a timely


Although the construction of a Strategic Plan does not guarantee the success of

an endeavour, still, the presence of a strategic plan does far more than testing the ability

of an organization body or institution to achieve its goals. It also gives them a concrete

map on the direction of their undertakings which grants them a greater possibility of