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Broward College 4/13

Math Practice/ Remediation

1) You receive an order to adjust the infusion rate of a pump so that 1.6 mg of
lidocaine is being delivered per minute. Hanging is a 100 cc piggyback
containing 0.4 grams lidocaine, a 0.4% solution. At what rate would you set
the pump? ________________

2) The doctor orders gr 5 FeSO4 but the available bottle gives only the
milligrams of iron sulfate per scored tablet (325 mg/tab).
a) How many milligrams is the order for? _____________
b) How many tablets will you give per dose? ____________
c) Would the amount given change if the tablet was scored twice? ________
3) The post – op patient is to receive meperidine (Demerol) 35 mg, IM, STAT for
pain. The pharmacy sends a 2 mL vial containing 50 mg/mL meperidine. How
many mLs do you draw up in the syringe? __________________

4) On your first day of clinical at a long-term care facility, you are caring for a
resident receiving total enteral feeding through a PEG tube. He is receiving
60 mL Jevity per hour as ordered when the feeding pump fails and no other
pumps are available. You decide to adjust the drip rate accurately to give the
ordered amount.

a) What do you need to know to do this and where would you find it?

b) You finally find the tubing used and the package says 15 drops/mL. How
many gtts/ min of feeding will you deliver? _______________________
5) Order: Chloromycetin 300 mg 1V bolus via saline lock. Label:
Chloromycetin 1 g. Directions: Reconstitute with 10 mL sterile water for
injection to yield 100 mg/mL.


chloramphenicol sodium succinate injection
Product Information
Product Type HUMAN PRESCRIPTION Item Code (Source) NDC:61570-
Route of Administration INTRAVENOUS DEA Schedule
Active Ingredient/Active Moiety
Ingredient Name Basis of Strength Strength
Chloramphenicol Sodium Succinate (chloramphenicol) chloramphenicol 100 mg in 1 mL
Item Code Package Label
NDC:61570-405-71 chloramphenicol (Chloromycetin) 1 g per vial
Reconstitute with 10 mL sterile water

Labeler - Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

How many mLs of Chloromycetin should be administered? __________________

6) You have an order to infuse 1000 mL of D5W (5% Dextrose in water) IV
over a period of 5 hr. No pump is available, but the tubing set package notes that
the drop factor is 10 gtt/mL.
a) What would be the drip rate? __________________
b) One and a half (1 ½) hours later, you find an available pump. How much fluid
is left to be infused? ____________________
c) At what rate will you set the pump for the remaining fluid? _____________

7) The order is for meperidine 60 mg and atropine gr 1/150, IM. The

meperidine on hand is 100 mg/mL and the atropine is 0.4 mg/mL. The two
are compatible so you plan to draw up both in the same syringe.

A) How much of each will you draw up? ________________________

B) What will be the total amount in the syringe? _____________________

8) The order is for amoxicillin 60 mg, po, tid for a child weighing 13 lb. The
pediatric dosage range is 20-40 mg/kg/day in three equal doses. Is the dose
safe? _______________________

9) A child with severe poison ivy weighs 25 kg and Benadryl po 5 mg/kg/day is

ordered q6h. Benadryl is available as a 12.5 mg/5 mL solution. What dose
should be given? _____________________________
10) You are to infuse heparin 25000 U in 250 mL NS at 10.6 mL/hr.

a) What is the concentration of heparin solution? __________________

b) When you clear the pump you note that 67 mL have been infused. How
much heparin has been given? ___________________

11)Your patient weighs 143 lbs., and you are ordered to infuse 250 mg
dobutamine in 500 mL NS at 10 mcg/kg/min.
a) How many milligrams of dobutamine will infuse per hour? ___________
b) What will be the pump rate to infuse this amount of medication?

12) You are to give Lidocaine 30 mcg/kg/min to a child weighing 55 lb. The
piggyback contains 120 mg Lidocaine in 100 mL NS. At what rate will you set
the pump? _____________________

13) Order: cephalexin 250 mg p.o.

Available: cephalexin 0.5 gram per scored tablet

How many tablets will the nurse give? ________________ tab(s)

14) The physician orders Dilantin 25 mg po bid for a child that weighs 32 lbs.
You see in the drug guide that the safe range is 2.5 - 5 mg/ kg/ day.
a) Is the dose of Dilantin ordered for this child safe? _________

b) If the Dilantin comes in a pediatric suspension of 125 mg/ 5 mL, how many
mLs will you administer to this child per dose?

________ mLs

15) The label of a 5 mL vial of Medication X shows a concentration of 100 mg/

mL. The order is to administer 50 mg IV over 5 minutes. How many mLs of
Med. X will you draw up? ________________________________mLs
16) The patient is receiving heparin IV therapy. A 500 mL bag of 5% Dextrose
contains 15,000 units of heparin. If the order is for the IV to run at 20 mL/ hr.,
how many units of heparin per hr. is the patient receiving?

17) A sickle cell patient complains of severe pain. On the chart is an order for
oxycodone 5 mg with acetaminophen 325 mg po. The nurse calls the physician to
receive an order for a parental analgesic. The order is for hydromorphone 4 mg IM.
After the telephone order is received, the nurse should:
a) Have another doctor on the team sign the telephone order immediately
b) Administer the medication because the patient is in severe pain
c) Read back the order to the physician
d) Ask the supervisor if the dose is appropriate

Answer: _____________

18) Available: Cipro 1Gm in 100 mL NS

Order: Infuse Cipro 1Gm IVPB over 45 min

At what rate will you set the infusion pump? ____________________

19) A patient is ordered to receive 1000 mL 0.45% NS every 6 hours. At what

rate will you set the infusion pump? _____________________________

20) Order: Heparin 1450 units/ hr

Available: 25,000 units in 250 mL D5W

What is the rate for the infusion pump? __________________

21) Order: Novolin ® R insulin s.c. ac per sliding scale.

Sliding Scale
Blood Sugar (mL/dL) Units of Insulin
0-150 0
151-250 8
251-350 13
351-400 18
>400 Call provider
a) At 0730, the patient’s blood sugar is 275. How much insulin should you
administer? _______________
b) Choose the appropriate syringe below and mark the dosage to be given.



22) The label on a container of 475 mL Naprosyn Suspension reads:

Oral suspension: 125 mg/5 ml.

The patient is to receive Naprosyn ® (naproxen) 375 mg oral suspension every

8 h by mouth. How may tsp should you administer? ______________

23) Order: Leucovorin Calcium for Injection gr 1/5 IM q 6h.

Available: 50 mg vial of Leucovorin Calcium for Injection. Reconstitute with 5
mL of sterile diluent to yield 10 mg/ mL.

How many mLs would equal the prescribed dose? ______________

24) Duricef 500 mg tablets available. The order is for Duricef 0.5 g p.o. b.i.d.
Give: ________________ tablet(s)
25) During change of shift, you notice there is 200 mL left in the IV bag. It has
been infusing at 80 mL/ hr. How much longer does it have to run? (Answer in
hours and minutes) __________________________

26) The pharmacy sends a bag of 250 mL NS with 100 U of regular insulin. In
order for the patient to receive 20 units/ hr of regular insulin via continuous IV, at
what rate is the infusion pump set? ______________
27) Order: Amoxicillin 0.25 g po q 8h

Available: Amoxicillin 125 mg scored tabs

How many tabs are given per dose? ____________________


Lopressor (metoprolol) 0.05 gram = ___________ tab


Lotrel (amlodipine) 5/20mg = ____________ cap


Sandostatin (octreotide) 0.1mg = _____________ mL