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Student Name: Hallie B Hair

Section Number: ACA 122-35

Date: 9/20/18

Exercise 3.2 | Your Transfer and Academic Plan

Your College Transfer and Academic plan will outline the requirements for admission to your university as well as
identify the academic requirements and classes you will need for your community college and your university


Now that you have decided your top university, you will continue your research by completing this chart on what
the requirements are for admission and what courses you need to take here at the community college to help you
transfer smoothly.

Listed below are questions to research. Feel free to add additional questions based on your personal needs and

Name of your 1st transfer university choice: ________UNCC_______________________________________

Dual Enrolled High School Students: Are you applying as a freshman or a transfer student?

Requirements Notes Completed Y/N

Name your major and degree

Marketing N
(B.A or B.S.)

Application deadline and fee June 1st and $60 N

GPA requirement for university 2.0 Y

GPA and other academic

requirements specific to my
major (list GPA and other 2.5 Y
academic requirements if your
program is competitive)

Minimum credits required for

24 Y

Official transcripts (number of

1 N
copies, HS, college, etc.)

Number of references/
4 Y

Test scores Y/N (number of 0 Y


Admission essay (topic) Not Required Y

Personal interview Y/N

Not Required Y
(personal, phone)
Now it’s time to figure out what academic requirements you can satisfy while attending community college in order
to successfully transfer to the university.

1. Which degree should you be enrolled in at your community college in order to transfer to the university for your
Associates of Arts (A.A)
2. Find the checklist for your degree at your community college and print a copy. This will outline the courses you
need for the degree. Attach the degree checklist (or a link according to your instructor’s directions).
3. Go the university website that you plan to transfer to and save a copy of the baccalaureate degree plan/academic
plan of study for your major. This document will help you decide what pre-major requirements and electives
will be most beneficial to take while at the community college. Attach the link (or the document according to
your instructor’s directions) here to your four-year degree plan/academic plan of study at the university.
4. Now, use the table that follows to plan out your next four semesters while attending the community college.

S E M E S T E R 1 : _________________________________________________________________________

Course Requirement Credits

ACA 122 1

ENG 111 3

MAT 171 3

HIS 131 3

Total credit hours this semester: 10

S E M E S T E R 2 : _________________________________________________________________________

Course Requirement Credits

ENG 112 3

COM 231 3

MAT 263 4

ECO 252 3
Total credit hours this semester: 13

S E M E S T E R 3 : _________________________________________________________________________

Course Requirement Credits

ENG 231 3

ECO 251 3

MAT 152 4

SOC 210 3

Total credit hours this semester: 13

S E M E S T E R 4 : _________________________________________________________________________

Course Requirement Credits

BIO 110 4

BUS 110 3

CIS 110 3

ACC 120 4

Total credit hours this semester: 14

What is your projected date of completion? _____May 17th, 2020____________________


What questions do you still have about your transfer or academic plan? Create a task list of the things you still need
to research and the tasks you need to complete to ensure a smooth transfer.

Actions Target Date Notes

How many classes

should I take per Decide with counselor

How many credits

Decide with counselor
should I take per