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Interactive Learning Activities

Website’s Name Website’s URL Description of the Interactive Learning

Fun Brain Students can practice their times
tables by entering in the correct
answer to score goals in this
interactive Math baseball game
Kids Know it Students can practice their knowledge
of the cell in this interactive game that
instructs them to identify the cell
organelles in a specific sequence.
Choosing the incorrect sequence will
end the game.
Adapted Mind This activity allows students to read
through a common story and click on
hyperlinked words to hear how they
sound and the meaning of them.
PBS Kids This activity exposes students to
different fruit and vegetables while
using their creativity to create a song
based off the fruits and vegetables
they pick.
Star Fall Students are following along with
various poems to see rhyming words.
ABC YA! This activity will allow students to learn
words and there definitions by creating
a crossword puzzle and then swapping
it with their classmates to test their
Learning Games This activity gives students the
games/typing-practice-1.html opportunity to improve their typing
skills by timing them.
Highlights This activity presents students with a
pictures/story-time story. Once the story is finished,
students work on finding hidden
objects from the story in a picture.
Knowledge Adventure This activity tests students’ memory
and spatial awareness. Allow them see
a glimpse of balls and then match the
balls with their corresponding color.
Old Farmer’s Almanac This activity allows students to virtually
put together a jigsaw puzzle.