Taipei Gongguan Water Treatment Plant to be Powered by Solar Engergy Situated in the 17-ha Taipei Water Park at Siyuan Road

of Taipei City, the Gongguan Water Treatment Plant (the Plant) has been operated since 1977. With the daily treatment capacity of 520,000 tons, the Plant featuring the conventional treatment process was equipped with the units, such as diversion well, rapid mixing, flocculation and coagulation, sedimentation, rapid sand filters, disinfection, sludge dewatering, etc. Over the past years, the Plant has been expanded and remodeled for several times to maintain efficient operation. It has also been increasingly threatened by the potential pollution brought along by the visitors of the Park. Recently, Sinotech, the initial planner and designer of the Plant, was selected by the Taipei Water Department (TWD) to render the consulting services for the Plant’s renovation. The aim of the assignment is to provide safe, reliable, nontoxic and easy operation covers on the top of treatment units, including eight flocculation basins, eight sedimentation basins, fourteen rapid sand filters, and two water collection chambers, with the total area of 13,000 m2, for ensuring the efficiency of water treatment and preventing water against pollution from visitors. Another important objective of the assignment is to develop the green energy for operating treatment facilities and ultimately, contributing the reduction of carbon emissions in the city. As a consultant of TWD, Sinotech was entrusted to perform the planning and the design of the solar energy system with photovoltaic panels (2,570 m2 in area) to be mounted on the top of Nos. 3&4 sedimentation basins and the rooftop of the operation room. According to the preliminary plan, a number of 1,600 photovoltaic panels is planned to be installed for having the total capacity of 264 kWp. The annual solar power generated will thus be 484 MWH, which equals 6.82% of the overall electricity the treatment consumes yearly. The solar power generating system will be designed to the Plant in parallel with the existing electricity sourced from Taiwan Power Company, with the reservation of connection for possible future expansion. The estimated total cost of the project is about USD7.2 million. The primary services provided by Sinotech for this assignment are basic design, detailed design of structural engineering/electrical work/landscaping, tendering, technical consultation during construction, assistance with client in request for subsidies given by the city government to cover the cost of photovoltaic panel installation, etc. To successfully fulfill the requirements, Sinotech will thoroughly consider the key issues, such as the impacts on the structures from additional covers built on the existing basins, the style of the remodeled rooftop of the operation room, the layout and the inclination of photovoltaic panels to maximize the production of electricity and to harmonize the landscape of the surroundings, etc. The renovation of the Plant is anticipated for completion in July 2009. Once completed, the TWD will be able to secure the water supply quality and save operating cost of the Plant. Being the first corporate to pursue the clean energy at the water treatment plant, the TWD will certainly gain its credit for the efforts devoted to the promotion of the environmental protection and sustainability. The Plant will also become a real-life example to educate people about better respecting the environment.