Global AIESEC for Sustainability Award XXX Alumni Name and YYY Other Alumni Name Award

Overview The Award is a global award sponsored by AIESEC Alumni coordinated by AIESEC International. It rewards the relevance of exchange experiences or any activities realized by an AIESEC entity and pertaining to 2 specific areas of Sustainability: -Corporate Responsibility -Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change
[Note: the Norman Barnett & Bharat Bhasin Award covers issues in social entrepreneurship and social subjects so the opportunity here is to focus on CSR and the environment].

Evaluation Criteria Any AIESEC entity that realized an activity related to those specific areas of Sustainability is welcome to apply. Activities could range from realizing an issue-based program, organizing a conference, performing an audit to creating a facebook app...The list is endless. Entrants will be evaluated based on: -The size of the impact (i.e. number of people actively involved in a project, number of internships related to sustainability realized, increased awareness) -Number and quality of partners -Number and quality of media coverage -Long-term impact or sustainability of the project Nomination and Selection Process  AIESEC entities may nominate themselves.  Letter of support by MC, LC Board of Advisors or Partner required  Nomination package to be completed and submitted electronically (package to be developed) and submitted to AIESEC International  (optional) Each project has a wiki on page presenting to the network the project achievements  All nominees who meet basic entry requirements to be recognized through online campaign  AI and/or AASN set up a selection panel made of sustainability professionals (at least 2) to determine the winners Award Value 1st place Award winner Euros 1000 + a trophy 2nd place Award winner Euros 500 + a trophy Timeline The First award ceremony would happen during IPM 2011 (potentially during the Alumni ceremony). AI hands out the award or the sponsoring Alumni can do so in person.

Sponsoring Facts Alumni can sponsor and benefit from naming this Award with their own name. A maximum of 2 Alumni can endorse the Award. The total Award value would be 1600 Euros covering cash reward and the purchase of trophies. The duration length of the Award is for 3 years. Sponsoring Alumni can either make full payment or pay in 2 instalments: a year worth of the award financial endorsement in the first year and the 2 remaining years of the financial endorsement the following year. All payment should be made directly to AIESEC International bank account.

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