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Its all about community

OSS is all about community

Open Source Software is build around the
Developers and users working together
Developers write software
Users give comments

Business make money

Virtually give money in return back
The cycle complete ...
Where are we? As Malaysia
More or less 50 OSS communities

- Meetup
- Events
- Workshops
How to join
Google for planet OSS Malaysia

To promote Open Source

development and solutions and
produce world class developers.

5 Years Targets
10 MSC Status Company


10 Locally Lead OSS Projects (Main Target)


10 OSS Core Developers / 100 Developers


Each Parliment Constituency One OSS Community

Programs/Activities Key Results KPI OSDC.MY
Community Building 1. Increased adoption of open • Number of adoption – OSS Community for each
source technologies to the end parliament constituency.
users • Number of awareness programme (10 a year)
2. Increased awareness • Number of training, seminars and etc…
3. Build and nurture open source • Number of events (4 a year)
related skill sets for the
community and end users
4. Promote domestic and
international community linkages • (2 Lead Members)

Research and 1. Creation of locally led Open • 10 locally led Open Source projects
Source projects • Technical inclined engineer / developer
Development 2. Creation of capability & capacity • Local talent pools
in the Open Source domain • Creation of high value jobs
3. Job creation
• (2 Lead Members)

Industry 1. Collaboration with International • 10 MSC Status Companies Supporting 10

companies or Open Source Locally led OSS projects
Development vendors. • Industry engagement
2. Source of Business Project
3. Increased locally own business in
Open Source
4. Business consultancy and subject
matter expertise

• (2 Lead Members)

Universities 1. Establish Open Source Club in

• 10 Core Developers
• 100 Developers
2. Increase membership • Open Source Club
from graduates.
3. OSS related syllabus include in
the universities program • (2 Lead Member)

Programs/Activities Key Results KPI OSDC.MY
Government 1. Register as Professional body • Professional body in 1 year
2. Funding as NGO • Funding 10 OSS projects
• Funding for operation

• (2 Lead Members)

Community Activities

Research & Development Activities

1.Market and technology research

2.MDeC or MOSTI Funding
3.Center of Excellence – example Adempiere ERP
4.Sirim Certification to ensure OS quality

Community Building Activities
1. Open Source Conference
2. Participation in International Open Source Conference
3. LinuxVarsiti joint participation in Institutes of Higher
Learning events
4. Developer CD and Book publications
5. Tuition for W3Schools Certification
6. Malaysian developer community awards
7. OSS Workshop and Training
8. Collaboration with MDEC OSS Industry Certification
9. Penguin Masuk Kampung Program
10.Participation in Google Summer of Code
Industry Development Activities
● Business ● eGovernment
1.Business Initiatives 1.Participation in
2.Participation in MyGOSSCon
International Trade LinuxVarsiti
Exhibition joint participation in
3.Participation in Institutes of Higher
SMIDEC program Learning events study on Penguin
adoption of OSS Masuk Kampung
among SMI/SME program - Politician :)
5. Koperasi
University Activities

1. LinuxVarsiti joint participation in

Institutes of Higher Learning events
2. Working with University Students Council to
establish Open Source Club
3. Membership drive campaign for graduates.


1. Register as Professional body

2. Funding as NGO

Future Outlook
● OSS MSC status companies for each of
parliament seats
● Each of the companies support the OSS
projects, locally produce by OSS community of
the parliament seats
● Profit from installation, service and support
creating jobs for each parliament seats
● All connected and service by cloud computing
and Internet
Link :-
Mailing List
MOSC2011 Facebook
Facebook Harisfazillah Jamel
Bukan Sekadar Internet Sahaja

Thank You
V2 – 10 Sept 2010