MINUTES OF MEETING: Tuesday, 29 June 2010 Items discussed

y Robot 1 needs to be completely dismantled since there is no sufficient place to store it while Robot 2 is going to be made shorter for educational purpose. No changes are required for Robot 3. These tasks need to be completed by end of the week of 28 June 2010. y Those students who are involved in the Robocon project are required to provide their personal insights regarding the setbacks they faced, experiences and knowledge they gained, and constructive improvements required for next year participation. They are also required to confirm whether they were still willing to participate back in the next year competition or not. Those remarks are to be forwarded to Mr Chew Kean Ho so that he can include them in the Robocon report. y Miss Vickneswari Durairajah, one of the two Robocon supervisors and lecturer, once said that there might be a possibility to replace Final Year Project (FYP) with the participation in Robocon for those final year students who are still willing to join the competition next year. In other words, participation in Robocon might carry equivalent amount of credits as what FYP carries. However, this policy is not yet issued. y To overcome attendance issue, whereby not all members actively showed equal commitment to the project, there will be a proper scheduling system involved next year in which members have to come regularly according to the schedule. Otherwise, penalty such as being removed from the team will be imposed. y There will be a board formed, consisting 2 or 3 people, who is in charge of µRules & Regulation¶. This is essential to ensure that any mechanical designs and techniques proposed do not violate the rules and regulations stated by the Robocon committees. y In the future, several teams are going to be formed during the design stage. Best ideas are going to be utilized. After finalizing the ideas, new teams are established in which each team is responsible for only one particular robot. However, interaction among teams is still necessary for brainstorming or sharing solutions.

for the next project since the products we purchased last time did not really meet expectation. y One of the previous team member suggested us overcome the vague task distribution which unfortunately occurred during our previous project so that all members will be clear about their own tasks for the next project. believe that mechanical design should not be altered in accordance to programming. followed by figuring out the techniques (strategies/methods) to fulfill the desired task. Three to four Malaysian students who are familiar with local suppliers (other than Cytron) need to appointed. the mechanical designs take place and mechanical teams are established to start construction. After accomplishing those two phases. Mr Suresh Gobee and Miss Vickneswari Durairajah. y Weekly briefing is going to be scheduled and held so that all members can stay on the same track. as what had been experienced previously.y The initial phase of the next project will be the construction of the workspace. y Our supervisors also demanded equal contribution and full commitment from all members so that the objectives of the project can be met. discussions regarding the next year competition will be held every weekend. y To avoid unanticipated argument. y Our supervisors do not want to rely much on Cytron. y Team members need to inform the respective supervisors regarding the lack of tools and equipments so that the supervisors can make purchase immediately. most probably on Saturday. y New theme for the next Robocon competition will be issued in September 2010 and the competition is going to be held in Thailand. y Electronic team is further required to develop own circuits (such as analog sensors) rather than relying much on the available market products. our previous main supplier. Since the previous members are mostly Year 3 students and they will be having internship until December. they believe that programming has to take place after the mechanical design is successfully achieved. the Programming team is not going to be involved during the initial design stage since our supervisors. Instead. . knowing exactly the progress of the project.

our supervisors believe that sensors should be only used as additional devices for better accuracy. the Programming team is expected not to rely too much on the use of sensors. 1 July 2010 . Instead. Hence. current Programming team is asked to utilize the current robots and learn how to navigate the robots using more advanced and effective codes.y Meanwhile. Reported by Hadi Sobian Thursday.

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