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CRITERIA Excellent Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Score

4 3 2 1
Mastery Speaker is prepared and confident; Speaker is appropriately Speaker is somewhat Speaker is not prepared and
mastery of the speech is evident. prepared and confident; prepared and shows some confident; mastery of the speech
mastery of the speech is signs of confidence; is not evident.
above average. mastery of the speech is
slightly evident.
Verbal Words are pronounced and Words are appropriately Words are somewhat Words are not pronounced and
(Pronunciation and enunciated well; pauses are pronounced and appropriately pronounced enunciated well; pauses are not
Pauses) effectively used. enunciated; pauses are and enunciated; pauses are effectively used.
suitably used. slightly used effectively.
Verbal (Rate/Speed Speech is not read in a monotone Speech is appropriately Speech is somewhat read in Speech is read in a monotone
and Volume) voice and is suited to topic and read and is suited to topic a monotone voice and is voice and is not suited to the
audience; Rate or speed of speaking and audience; Rate or not really suited to the topic and audience; Rate or speed
is varied. speed of speaking is varied topic and audience; Rate or of speaking is not varied.
most of the time. speed of speaking is a little
Nonverbal Combination of appropriate eye Good use of combination of Some use of eye contact; Inconsistent use of eye contact
contact and effective gestures serve appropriate eye contact gestures somewhat and awkward gestures interrupt
to enhance speaker’s words and gestures add to contrived the flow
speech’s effect
Overall effect Speaker displays professionalism, Speaker shows some Speaker seems Speaker lacks enthusiasm around
maintains enthusiasm and audience professionalism and professional, shows limited topic and no clear purpose
attention throughout; purpose is enthusiasm; audience enthusiasm; audience emerges; seems somewhat
clearly achieved interest is maintained most interest falters at times; unprofessional
of the time; purpose of purpose of speech only
speech is achieved partially achieved
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