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Analysis Essay Rubric

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Score
Introduction First First A catchy No attempt was
paragraph is paragraph beginning made to catch
and Thesis catchy. has a weak was the reader's
Thesis is "grabber." attempted attention in the
evident and Thesis is but was first paragraph.
point to be mixed among confusing Thesis is not _____
argued well many rather than apparent nor is
stated. sentences catchy. the topic of the
and hard to Thesis is essay.
piece not entirely
together. apparent
topic is
Quotes and All Almost all Most There are
Support facts/quotes facts/quotes facts/quotes several
presented in presented in presented in factual/quotation
the essay are the essay are the story are errors in the
accurate and accurate and accurate. essay. There is
support/relate occasionally Evidence is no real effort to
back to the support/relate scattered make the piece
thesis/topic back to the and difficult cohesive. 3 or
sentence. 5 thesis/topic to follow less quotes _____
quotes sentence. 4-5 rather than present.
present. quotes used to
present. prove your
sentence. 3-
Organization The essay is The essay is The essay Ideas seem to
very well pretty well is a little be randomly
organized. organized. hard to arranged. No
Five Five follow. effort at
paragraphs paragraphs Paragraphs paragraph
(or more) evident. One are unclear. organization.
evident. One idea may The _____
idea or seem out of transitions
argument place. Clear are
follows transitions are sometimes
another in a used. not clear.
with clear
Analysis The essay The essay The essay The essay does
thoroughly analyzes the somewhat not analyze the
analyzes the author’s style/ analyzes author’s style/
author’s style/ techniques the author’s techniques
techniques mostly using style/ using literary
using literary literary terms. techniques terms, or the
terms. using essay contains
literary little analysis _____
terms, but and mostly just
contains summarizes the
some plot.
summary of
the plot.
Closing Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion Paper does not
Paragraph concisely restates thesis vaguely contain a
restates thesis statement, restates thesis conclusion or
statement, main points, statement, conclusion is not
main points, and includes a main points, apparent to reader.
and includes an final and includes _____
insightful final concluding a weak final
concluding thought on the unoriginal
thought on the topic. final thought.
Mechanics The essay is The essay The essay The essay has
free of has two or has four or more than five _____
mechanical three five mechanics
errors. mechanics mechanics errors.
errors. errors.
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Guide questions:

1. What is importance of the caste system in the social structure and political
organization of the Tagalogs? What is its relevance in today’s society?