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2017 International Conference on Innovations in information Embedded and Communication Systems (ICIIECS)

Alcohol Detection and Seat Belt Control System

using Arduino


Assistant professor UG Scholar UG Scholar
Dept. of Information Technology Dept. of Information Technology Dept. of Information Technology
Sri Krishna College of Technology Sri Krishna College of Technology Sri Krishna College of Technology
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ABSTRACT: On a survey that has been done recently, said that operable. Arduino micro controller is an open source micro
nearly 70% of road accidents occur due to drunken drive, with a controller from which there is no response present in the micro
range of 44% to 67% in small cities. They also conveyed that controller [6]. The proposed system aims at reducing the road
overall of 56 accidents and 14 to 15 deaths occur on our roads per accidents and fatal deaths due to drunken and rash driving.
day due to not wearing the seat belts. In the already available
The system looks for the presence of alcohol consumption of
system, the alcohol sensor is kept on the car steering and thereby
controls the vehicle according to the presence of alcohol. But the driver and locks the ignition if positive. The lock on the
road safety is indeed important in other aspect that is the reason car ignition is released. The driver has worn seatbelt. The
we are controlling the system based on the seatbelt wearing. updates of the car start and its progress are recorded and
notified to the particulars via GSM. Global System for Mobile
communications (GSM) is the most prominent wireless calibre
for mobile phones in the world. The broadcast of Short
Keywords: GSM, GPS, Alcohol sensor, IR sensor, Arduino message service (SMS) in TEXT mode and PDU mode is
micro controller, seatbelt control, ignition control. carried out by GSM [4]. The wireless technologies are also
I. INTRODUCTION concluded using cloud technologies with the help of soft
computing techniques [5]. Since the realm of our
In recent epoch, there happens to occur lot of road accidents application is based on embedded systems, which is
due to drunken driving and rash driving. Boulevard safety has devoted to peculiar tasks, delineation developers can optimize
become one of the major concerns in today's life. Drinking it reducing the expanse and fare of the product and increasing
and driving is already a serious public vigor problem, the consistency and performance [7]. The existing system
which is likely to emerge as one of the most noteworthy provides an environment where the driver cannot start the
problems in the near prospect [1]. Not only drunken drive, but ignition when the driver is drunk above the verge value.
also driving rudely without wearing seat belts in cars causes a In former systems, they have not yet implemented vehicle
lot of tragic lethal deaths. Seat belt is one among the key controlling along with seat belt control. There exists
safety measure used in vehicles like cars to avoid major vehicle controller using alcohol detection and seat belt
injuries to the driver driving the vehicle [2]. Advanced life control system separately but the idea of controlling the seat
saving measures, such as electronic constancy control, also belt of cars according to the alcohol content present in the
show momentous undertake for reducing injuries, e.g., blood of the driver is the proposed system. That is, if the
crash analysis reports proves that more or less 34% of driver is seemed to be drunk, then the seat belt slot is covered
tragic traffic accidents could have been prevented with the up, making it unable for the driver to wear the seatbelt. Unless
use of electronic constancy control [3]. Due to driver or otherwise, if the sensor at the slot makes sure that the
carelessness there occur to demand chief road accidents within seatbelt is locked, the micro controller shuts the engine off.
the city, but outside the city, accidents mostly occur due Thereby if the ignition is off, then we cannot start the car. But
to drunken driving [5]. Presently, there transpire diverse on either case, if the alcohol is not consumed also, the driver
technologies to reduce individual work and time must ensure that he/she wears the seatbelt properly in order to
intricacy. Micro controller is one such thing, which is make the micro controller release the ignition lock. We are
defined to be a small chip or incorporated circuit that can be using the GSM technology to revise the user or to their family.
programmable to function the peripherals connected to it. If there avails any case that fails to ignite the car engine, then
Arduino is one kind of micro controller which can be easily

2017 International Conference on Innovations in information Embedded and Communication Systems (ICIIECS)

it sends a SMS to the user or send the SMS of every be equipped as of pre-launch behavior through Range Safety
movement of car starting process to the user so that we can conscientiousness [8].
avoid car theft.
Using this module, we can also stop the thefts or else we
can recover the vehicle after being stolen using GPS. The III. COMPONENTS
Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based radio
A. Alcohol Sensor
steering system that provides reliable positioning, course-
plotting, and timing services to users on a continuous global It helps to perceive whether the driver has frenzied alcohol or
basis -- freely available to all [4]. The contact between a User not. It has unwavering and long life, high compassion and
and a GSM system is prepared by GSM. GSM section faster retort.
consists of a GSM modem assemble collectively with
power supply circuit and communication interfaces [9]. For
anyone with a GPS receiver, the structure will provide spot
and time [4]. Using the GSM, we can send the location and
occasion to the particulates.


The main essential ingredient of the proposed system is
Figure 2 shows alcohol sensor.
“alcohol sensor”. If the driver alcohol, then it is detected by the
alcohol sensor and the output of the sensor goes high to B. IR Sensor
indicate the presence of alcohol or low to indicate its The IR sensor is used to perceive the activity i.e. whether
absence. The output of the alcohol sensor is the input the seatbelt slot is suitably locked or not. The output from
to comparator circuit. The IR sensor is used to sense whether this sensor is undeniably important as it makes the
any object has passed through it or not. It is used in here to controller to decide whether to discharge the ignition lock or
detect whether the seat belt is worn. not.

Figure 3 shows Infrared (IR) sensor

C. GSM Modem
The outputs from both the sensor is passed to the The roughly popular wireless customary for mobile phones
comparator where it checks and examines the output. The in the human race is Global System for Mobile
output of the comparator is passed to the micro controller. The communications (GSM). It allows broadcast of Short
central tune- up contributor is Micro controller. The work of message service (SMS) in TEXT mode and PDU mode [4]. It
the comparator is that, it produces the output as high only if desires a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card just like
both returns are positive, for that to begin we have to set mobile phones to trigger communication with the
sensor values as true and if any change in stipulation arrangement. A GSM modem can devise the operations like.
then turned to false. Now when the comparator sends the Obtain, send or cancel SMS messages in a SIM Read, attach,
yield to the micro controller as true it sends an input to the search phonebook entries of the SIM. Compose, receive, or
relay making the car ignition to start. Or else, if the output reject a voice call. The modem needs AT (Attention)
of the comparator is false, then it sends an input to GSM commands for dealing with microcontroller. They
modem in order to send a SMS stating that either the communicate serially [4].
driver has not wearied the seatbelt or has frenzied D. GPS
alcohol. GPS is also strapped to the micro controller which
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based
provides the information like spot, instance etc. The output of
universal course-plotting system. Actually GPS do not enclose
the GPS is linked with GSM modem, so that whenever the
the positional statistics [10].
GSM sends an SMS to the user it also sends the location
details along with other details. The system of GSM MT will
2017 International Conference on Innovations in information Embedded and Communication Systems (ICIIECS)

IV. SYSTEM SOFTWARE DESIGN sends a message to the nearby police station, to the hospital
The development environment is done by merely a and also to the ambulance that is positioned near, whenever
set of C/C++ functions that can be called from the code. The accident occurs in order to save the wounded ones. We can
Flow Chart of the system is shown in the figure 4.At first, we also add a camera that might serve as a black box (like the one
have to initialize the system with the basic values that alcohol in aero plane) to capture the snap of events so that we may
is not detected and seat belt is not put up. So when the system know the reason beyond accidents.
is started, the sensor automatically starts sensing for the VI. CONCLUSION
presence of alcohol. If the alcohol is present, then the system
automatically locks the seat belt slot and in turn locks the The proposed system checks for the drunken drive and
seatbelt, by which ignition can never be started. The avoids it effectively. Nowadays, with emerging technologies,
controller decides whether to twitch the detonation as all the automobile industry uses various sensors and controllers to
the utilities are carried out by it .If alcohol is not detected, provide an equipped environment. Taking advantage of this
then even on keying, the controller looks for input from the phenomenon, we have developed a mechanism for providing
IR sensor. Only if the seat belt is lay on properly, the system secured driving near the seat belt buckle. The driver is not
makes the car ignition to start all through keying. In case of permitted to drunken driving and also without the
driver drinks during driving, the ignition system will seatbelt.
robotically stop. Therefore, the details of the car like spot and REFERENCES
time are updated from the GPS to the users or the owners via
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