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CSF Survey Questionnaire

Demographical information of respondents

1. Gender:
a) Male
b) Female
c) Other

2. Age Group:
a) 15-20
b) 20-30
c) 30-40
d) 40-50
e) 50 and above

3. Education Level
a) High School
b) College
c) Undergraduate
d) Bachelor
e) Postgraduate
f) PhD

4. Division-
a) Dhaka
b) Chattagram
c) Sylhet
d) Rajshahi
e) Barishal
f) Rangpur
g) Khulna
h) Mymensingh
Screening question
5. Have you ever purchased from online?
a) Yes
b) No- Please go to Section “X” (will be taken to the end of the survey)

6. How often do you visit an eCommerce website?

a) Rarely
b) Fortnightly
c) Weekly
d) Daily
e) Others, please specify
For CSF survey:
7. Rank the following factor according to importance to you while purchasing online in.
Rank the most important factor as 1 and others accordingly

Factor Rank
Fast delivery of Products and services
Personalized Service
All time availability of product and service
Faster website
Fast and available customer care service
Wide range of products and services
Flexible payment system
Flexible delivery time
Price of products and services
Quality of products and services
Design of the website
Ease of purchase from the website
Review from friends and family
Security of the website
Privacy maintained while purchasing

8. What type of products do you purchase online mostly?

a) Grocery Items
b) Attire
c) Electronics
d) Footwear
e) Jewelry
f) Cosmetics
g) Home appliance
h) Bags
i) Stationery Items
j) Others, please specify

9. Which type of products you do not purchase from online?

a) Grocery Items
b) Perishable food items (Fish, Fruits, Meat Etc)
c) Fragile items (Glassware etc),
d) Attire
e) Electronics
f) Footwear
g) Jewelry
h) Cosmetics
i) Home appliance
j) Bags
k) Stationery Items
l) Others, please specify

10. From which of the following website you purchase most?

a. Pickaboo
b. Daraz
g. Kiksha
h. Chaldalx
i. PriyoShop
j. The Mall BD
l. Facebook pages

11. Are you aware that E-commerce sites could collect data about your personal preferences,
shopping patterns, patterns of information search and use?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Other, specify

12. Are you concerned about your personal information leaking due to security breaches in e-
commerce website/online page?
a. Yes
b. No, (will be taken to the end of the survey)
c. Other, specify

13. On a scale of 1 to 5 How concerned are you about privacy issues while purchasing
online, 1 being highly concerned and 5 being not concerned at all

14. On a scale of 1 to 5 How important is security of a website to you while purchasing

online, 1 being extremely important and 5 being not important at all