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Interactive Learning Activities

Website’s Name Website’s URL Description of the Interactive Learning Activity

100,000 stars This is an interactive map of the universe that
you can zoom in and out and drag to change
Minute Labs Chaotic Planets allows students to create
planets to see how gravity, mass, and velocity
affect how they orbit each other
Nine Planets A real time interactive map of the solar system.
You can change the date to see how the planets
Cool Math Games Gravitee is a minigolf game in space That lets
students experiment with gravity and velocity.
Nowy Kurier Gravity is a tool to demonstrate how planets
Ptable This is an interactive periodic table that allows
students to choose which information to display
and use the temperature slider.
Science NetLinks Demonstrates the affect of gravity on
spaceships. Change the thrust and angle of
launch to reach the space station.
Test Tube Games Students can create stars, planets, and space
dust to see how gravity affects the orbits of
each object.
Euclidea Prove Euclidean geometry using lines, points,
and circles.
e-learning for kids This activity can help students review mass,
weight, and gravity, and how they relate on the
Earth and in space.