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Dear Sir/Ma

My name is Yunusa Haruna a part time lecturer in Kano State Polytechnic (Nigeria), School of
Technology, Department of Computer Science. I am seeking for a Chinese Government
Scholarship to pursue a PhD program in Computer Science and Application at Beihang University
and my career goal is to become a professor.

Since I have a great curiosity in advancing my knowledge of Computer Science with also a strong
desire to refine my Computer Science skills and use it as a tool to serve my community and world
at large, my past educational background explains it, having a first degree in Computer Science
and a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems with a very good result (CGPA 3.62 out
of 4). My research interests include soft computing, computer programming, algorithm and
software engineering. My motivation for pursuing research related to soft computing stems from
individuals making premature decision making when selecting a software from cache of
alternatives (software’s). Although I found that the field of soft computing is trending and there is
need for lots of research in this field. I aspire to create a model and a tool to help individuals
making a good decision making when selecting software from numerous alternative in a quick
succession. I have already proposed a framework for evaluating both the quality and user
satisfaction of mobile learning applications for mathematics and selected the most suitable mobile
learning applications for mathematics by integrating FAHP and TOPSIS multi-criteria methods to
improve the result. My research has been directly applied to several projects in my department and
produced good results. In fact the work was orally presented in 9th INTERNATIONAL
PERCEPTIONS, ICSCCW 2017 (Indexed by Web of Science and Scopus) 22-23 August 2017,
Budapest, Hungary.

Consequently, I have also published an article: Başaran, S., Haruna, Y., 2017. Integrating FAHP
and TOPSIS to evaluate mobile learning applications for mathematics. In proceedings of the 9th
International Conference on Theory and Application of Soft Computing, Computing with Words
and Perception, ICSCCW 2017, 22-23 August 2017, Budapest, Hungary, Procedia Computer
Science 120(C): 91-98.

Without doubt, Beihang University is gaining more ground with a better ranking especially in the
field of Computer Science, recently this has attracted many international students to come and
study in Beihang University from various countries, in addition Beijing is also a great place and a
fast growing city in China. I am very optimistic these aforementioned attributes will significantly
contribute to my knowledge and also makes me a more educationally sounded student. Hence,
Beihang University provides a great learning environment in my field of study interest. This status
co will strengthen my goal of becoming a more successful Computer Scientist.

I will pursue my PhD Computer Science and Technology in Beihang University within the
stipulated study time which normally takes 36 months to achieve (3 years).

First Year (2018-2019)

I will select a Professor in the department of Beihang University, Computer Science Department
whom I share the same research interest to work with as my graduate research director, whilst
channeling my effort on studying the department core courses, teaching and also learning Chinese
Language which will help me to integrate more into the Chinese culture and environment.

Second Year (2019-2020)

I would prepare a research proposal based on some preliminary research under the instruction of
my research advisor. Then based on my proposal, a quality research paper will be published on an
international academic journal.

Third Year (2020-2021)

The last year will be dedicated to writing a scholarly dissertation which will reveal the knowledge
and skills I acquired in my field of study.

After graduation, I plan to get a job in either Nigeria or China as an instructor in the university in
order to achieve my career goal of becoming a professor. Lastly, I am confident that I have a
chance to attain knowledge and skills at Beihang University. It will be a great honor if my
application is accepted so that I can pursue my dreams with Beihang University.

Kind regards
Yunusa HARUNA (Bsc, Msc)