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Best of Ajanta & ellora Recommended by Indian travellers

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52 travel stories about Ajanta & ellora by Indian travellers

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About Ajanta & Ellora
Located near the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra, the Ajanta-Ellora Caves are UNESCO
World Heritage Sites. Ajanta and Ellora Caves are two different tourist destinations, which are
often mentioned together. The reason behind this is that both are rock-cut cave monuments,
which feature beautiful paintings and sculptures.

The Ajanta Caves are located 107 km away from Aurangabad city, just outside the village of
Ajanta. This complex comprises 29 rock-cut cave monuments, which date back to around 2nd
century BC. Construction of the caves was done in two phases, the first group of caves was
built around 200 BC, while the second group was built in 600 AD.

Nestled in the semi-arid Sahayadri Hills above the Waghur River, the caves at Ajanta are
famous for beautiful paintings and sculptures that depict tales of Jatakas. Built using only
hammer and chisel, these caves served as secluded retreats for Buddhist monks, who
performed their rituals in the chaityas and viharas of these caves.

The artwork in the caves comprises well preserved wall paintings of Boddhisattva, Padmapani
and Avalokiteshvar. On 28th April 1819, these caves were rediscovered by a British officer,
John Smith. His name along with the date is still faintly visible on the wall of Cave 9.

Located 30 km from the city of Aurangabad, the Ellora cave complex is an archaeological site,
which was built by the Rashtrakuta rulers. The cave complex comprises of 34 caves that were
hewn out of solid rocks of the Charanandri Hills. Built between the 5th and 10th centuries, these
caves are monasteries for Buddhists as well as temples for Hindus and Jains.

A symbol of religious harmony of that time, the Ellora complex includes 12 Buddhist, 17 Hindu
and 5 Jain caves. Caves 1 to 12 are Buddhist monasteries, chaityas and viharas, while caves
13 to 29 are the Hindu temples. Dating back to the 9th and 10th century, caves 30 to 34 are the
Jain temples.

Every year in Aurangabad, the Ajanta-Ellora Festival is organised for paying tribute to the
legendary caves of Ellora, Ajanta and other historical possessions of India. This grand
ceremony is attended by the greatest artists of Indian art and culture. The cultural event
includes performances in classical and folk dancing, singing and instrumental music. Earlier the
venue for this festival was Kailash Temple of Ellora Caves; however, it has now been shifted to
Soneri Mahal, which is a historical palace in the city.

From the weather point of view, the best time to visit the Ajanta Caves is during monsoon
season, when the sound of the Waghur River can be heard in the caves. Tourists can also visit
these caves during the winter season. On the other hand, the ideal time to visit Ellora Caves is
after the end of the monsoon. June through February is also considered good for planning a trip
to the Ellora Caves.

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State: Maharashtra
Famous for/as: Heritage
District: Aurangabad

Featured review about Ajanta & Ellora

Life in Art-Ajanta & Ellora
"Journey of life reflects in meandering rivers and uniting forces of universe. Art captures both
beautifully. Remember those pencil sketch of childhood. That's what I could feel at caves of
Ajanta-Ellora. A king with bow and arrow following a deer as food -hunter or congregation of
common people. Goddess Mother rising after finishing off evil. Nandi sitting quietly on high rock.
Ganga and Ardh-narishwar Shiva or many other deities are making these caves alive Most
precious is Buddha's nirvana. Silence's power surrounding and quiet from within. This place is
to feel and relive rich heritage. Entire vicinity is magically mystified. Artists' work only speak.
Worth visiting for knowledge of past through artistic expression. There's hardly anything to eat.
Better to carry water and chocolates. Yup life's hidden meaning is still to be explored.
Move on!" - Kiran sood Sood, Dehradun, Feb 3, 2016
Ajanta Caves are an example of old architecture
"Overall Ajanta is one of best place to visit once in a life. I started my journey from Burhanpur,
Madhya pradesh. From Jalgaon station I travelled by cab (You can hire it on railway station. )
After that everyone have to travel by Government buses operating for Ajanta tourists.

One thing I realized after Visiting is Ellora is more than 100 KM away from Ajanta. So I only
covered Ajanta and it was an amazing experience. All caves are good but few caves are very
important especially caves 19 to 26. There is no special food for food lovers as I did not find any
special food to recommend. I will recommend people to Visit these caves. Guides were also
excellent! They explained various things behind the scene, also used various light effects to
show different view of the structures in the caves. Few points to remember:

Cameras not allowed in the caves. Take warm clothes with you if visiting between November to
February. Always keep change money with you (Notes of 100) bargain with shopkeepers." -
Khalid Shaikh, Pune, Nov 16, 2015
Ancient Wonders of Krishnadevraya's regime
"Its wonders created by the Kingdom of Krishnadevraya which spreads from Hampi, Karnataka
to Ellora, Maharashtra. Must try if one has a spare day at Shirdi. Its 100 kms from Shirdi and a
great drive. History reminds our culture concepts of modern engineering which was present at
that era.

1) Area is vast hence require vehicle inside to move around as the roads are at hilly terrain.
Option 1 if your self driver, hire a Auto which is available inside the complex.. Which covers in

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3-4 hours. Rates flexible depending on no of persons which can accommodate in 1 auto
2) Option 2 if you have hired cab driver knowing the place can take around or can hire 1 guide
3) Yes one can cover by walking if your too enthusiastic and athletic.Of course one can plan a
separate visit to Aurangabad and visit Ajanta Ellora caves." - Abhijit Sarkar, Bellary, Nov 7,
Amazing Ajanta and Excellent Ellora
"It was a long cherished, well planned, minutely researched and wonderfully traveled holiday
experience at Ajanta and Ellora in January 2013. The murals and sculptures of these two
famous World Heritage Sites are just unbelievably beautiful and surprising! What a rich and
extraordinary culture and craftsman India had, when these rock cut cave temples were
constructed during second and seventh century, just by a tool like chisel and hammer. The
paintings at Ajanta even some 1500 years later are a pleasing treat to the eyes and extremely
wonderful. Built on Basalt, there are 26 rock cut temples (total 31, some are not in watchable
condition) that depict the epic story of Buddha and are magnificently sculptured which attract
millions of traveler from around the world. These caves are either of Mahayana tradition (literally
meaning superior) or of Hinayana tradition (inferior) and are Chaityas (Prayer Hall with a Stupa)
or Viharas (Monastery). The world largest free standing monolith (carved from top from a single
living rock), Kailashnath Temple at cave 16 Ellora, representing the celebration of thunderous
power reflecting the fearsome dance of Shiva, is an architectural wonder that took more than
100 years to complete by Rashtrakutta dynasty in 760 CE and still stands high as one of the
finest and most renowned monument of ancient India. The city of Aurangabad (the then named
Khirki), is itself a representation of history with so many historical connections. It was a dream
destination of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb who founded the city in 1610. He spent last two
decades of his life here and dies in 1707 and was buried in nearby Khuldabad. In 1679,
Aurangzeb’s son built a replica of the Taj Mahal, the ‘Bibi Ka Maqbara’, also called as the Mini
Taj and the Taj of the Deccan, in tribute to his mother Begam Rabia Durani, just at a cost of INR
7 lacs while the Taj Mahal at Agra was built at a cost of INR 320 lacs. We have also been to the
historic and gigantic Daulatabad Fort and visited Bharatmata temple inside the fort courtyard.
The Grishneshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is one of the famous Jyotirlingas nearby.
We were also pleasantly surprised at Siddrarth Garden, by its sprawling landscape, exotic
animals and a toy train for the kids. All in all, it was a wonderful destination with family, with so
much to explore and so much to enjoy!

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: The food at Aurangabad is a mix of Mughal and typical
Maharashtrian style of combo! We liked very much the food during our stay at Hotel Panchvati
and its Tangdi Kebab and Saoji Chicken are just awesome..! There are plenty of good
restaurants all over the not-so-big-city, Bhoj (veg only) near Bharad Ganesh Mandir, Thatt Baat
(at Adalat Road), Naivedya on Jalna Road and Swad at Osmanpura to name a few. We have
tasted samosas and kachories of Gayatri Chaat Bhandar at Gulmandi and are really delicious
and is a must have. You can also try out Pan at Tara Pan centre of Osmanpura for a traditional
There are plenty of tourist attractions all over the city. Take a ricksaw to explore some thirteen
gates (from a total of around 54) in the City of Gates and the important and architecturally most

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appealing are Makai Gate (east), Delhi Gate (north), Paithan Gate (south) and Khas Gate
(west). There are two all inclusive daily tours operated by MTDC and ITDC and is best to opt for.
Day one is for Ajanta caves (106km from Aurangabad) and costs 450 rupees per person while
day two is for Daulatabad Fort (also known as Deogiri Fort), Ellora Caves (locally known as
Verul Leni), Bibi ka Maqbara and Panchakki for a cost of 300 rupees per person. Remember
Ajanta and Ellora are closed for tourists on Monday and Tuesday respectively. In Ajanta, visit
the caves in this order 17-16-10-6-4-1 and cover during first half of the day as the caves are
east facing. You should have powerful torch as its dark inside the caves and avoid shoes with
lace as you require putting on and off quite frequently. Though all caves at Ajanta depicts the
story of Buddha, Ellora caves represent three faiths – Cave 1-12 in the south (Buddhist – oldest
in the lot from 500-750 CE), Cave 13-29 in the middle (Hindu – from 500-870 CE) and Cave 30-
34 in north (Jain – 800-1000 CE). Kailashnath Temple, world’s largest free standing monolith, at
Cave 16 is the main attraction in Ellora. Go there in July/ August to find a natural waterfall right
above cave 12 at Ellora and the view is spectacular while it gushes the water in the gorge!
You can pick up some local, traditional and ethnic Himroo and Mishroo shawls, bedcover and
Paithani sarees at Paithani Weaving Centre, New Aurangabad (opposite MGM CIDCO) or from
Aurangabad Himroo Industry, Zaffer Gate Mondha Road. Plenty of small and traditional
memento of Bidri Pottery and many more curios at small shops near Ajanta cave parking bay.
Be aware of bargain!

Activities & things to do: Well, nothing much to do in the city of the Tourism Capital of
Maharashtra. Just Relax... explore the history at the caves, spend an evening at Bibi ka
Maqbara and possibly unwind at the sprawling lawns at Siddarth Garden and Zoo. You can visit
nearby Salim Ali Lake and Bird Sanctuary or have a cab to explore Paithan (56km), Lonar
Crater (60km) or Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary (70km) if you have specific interests.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Have powerful torch as the caves are quite dark
inside. Photography with flash/ tripod is not allowed. Avoid shoes with lace for frequent on and
off. Cover Ajanta during first half as the caves are east facing. Have sufficient water and food at
the parking bay of Ajanta as nothing is available at the cave upstairs. Be aware of honey bee
caves around as at times they get annoyed.
Aurangabad is well connected with the rest of the country in all three ways – Air, Rail and Road
and you could search on internet that suits your needs. We travelled from Mumbai and found
the following is the best option.
17057 Devagiri Express Daily Mumbai (CSTM) 21.05 Aurangabad (AWB) 04.05, 12 stops, 7
hours, 274km, 3AC – Rs.503. 17618 Tapovan Express Daily AWB 14.35 CSTM 22.05, 12
stops, 7 hour 30 minutes, CC – Rs.403" - Amitra Kar, Chennai, Feb 6, 2013
Ellora caves only.
"Made a trip to Aurangabad during Xmas time. Being alone had planned to go to Ajanta in the
morning and go to Ellora in the afternoon. It was a Monday. So caught the ST bus from A'bad
bus stand to Ajanta which is 100 km. By the time the conductor came to me (I was at the back)
we had travelled a good 30-35 km. Shocking news was 'Ajanta Caves are closed on Monday'.
Found it absurd that a cave can also be closed. Got down in some village and returned back to

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A'bad. Caught a bus to Ellora after confirming that the caves are open. Have not visited Ajanta
till date.

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: If I remember right, there are some 40+ caves in Ellora. It is
divided into segments of Hindu caves, Bhuddist caves and Jain caves. Caves are given
numbers so you can start from the first and go to the last. Cave 16 which is Kailash cave is the
best which also has a temple in it. The sun beats on you and you keep getting soft drinks to
quench your thirst. Nothing to do but walk walk and walk and keep peering into all the caves.
You have lot of shops which sell beads, etc. Food stalls are plenty.

Activities & things to do: Walk and look around at the Ellora caves and wonder how the people
built it. That is it. Pack up leave the place before dusk. Dont go to the corners of the caves as
there lot of bats. Daulatbad fort is on the way back from Ellora caves to A'bad. You can cover
Ellora caves and Daulatbad fort in one day. It would be very tiring, though. You got lot of shared
taxis and buses although the frequency of the buses dont seem to be good. They pack people
like cattle in the shared taxis.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: One thing to note is Ajanta caves face the east
so visit them in the first half of the day as there is no lights inside. Ellora caves face the west so
visit them in the second half of the day. Also make sure on which day the Cave is closed. One
day of the week the caves will be closed. Preferable to keep a torch with you when you visit the
caves. Some places are dark as there is no electricity in there. Note : Covering Ajanta and
Ellora caves in one day is very very difficult considering the distance and walking to do. Best is
schedule 3 days for A'bad. 1st day Ellora / Ajanta, 2nd day other spots in A'bad so you get
some rest, 3rd day Ajanta / Ellora. This would be ideal." - Feline, Bangalore, Nov 9, 2010
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Top attractions in Ajanta & Ellora recommended by travellers

1 Ajanta Caves
Type: Cave
Entry: Paid
Ranked: 1 Of 7
Ratings: 6.28/7 (52 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Saturday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Sunday - 09:00 To
18:00 , Public Holidays - 09:00 To 18:00
"it is a place where you forget about yourself and lost in ancient history. best time to go in winter
or in rainy season. don't buy artifacts from shops which is close to caves. They sell duplicate
items." - Kirti sharma , Pune, 1 week ago
2 Kailash Temple
Type: Cave
Entry: Paid
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Ranked: 2 Of 7
Ratings: 6.93/7 (4 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Saturday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Sunday - 09:00 To
18:00 , Public Holidays - 09:00 To 18:00
"The Kailash is one of the largest rock-cut ancient Hindu temples located in Ellora,
Maharashtra, India. A megalith carved out of one single rock, The Kailasa Temple is the only
structure in the world which is craved from the top to bottom, it is..." - Suresh , Marisa, 2 weeks
3 Ellora Cave
Type: Cave
Entry: Paid
Ranked: 3 Of 7
Ratings: 6.07/7 (15 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Saturday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Sunday - 09:00 To
18:00 , Public Holidays - 09:00 To 18:00
"Ellora also called as Verul in local language is situated around 30km from Aurangabad,
Maharashtra. You can reach there by msrtc bus or taxy. There are 34 caves which are open for
visitors include Hindu, Buddha and Jain religion cave. Carvings in..." - Kuldip jalamkar ,
Pune, Feb 16, 2017
4 The Jain Caves
Type: Cave
Entry: Paid
Ranked: 4 Of 7
Ratings: 5.83/7 (2 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Saturday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Sunday - 09:00 To
18:00 , Public Holidays - 09:00 To 18:00
"The sites Tell us about the efficiency of the ancient Engineering works there. Really
beautiful.All the tourists visiting Maharashtra are requested to visit these sites to evidence the
old architecture which will delight them for beautiful..." - Abhijit Mukherjee, Guwahati, Sep
17, 2015
5 Indra Sabha
Type: Cave
Entry: Paid
Ranked: 5 Of 7
Ratings: 6.17/7 (1 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Saturday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Sunday - 09:00 To
18:00 , Public Holidays - 09:00 To 18:00
"Its an awesome place to visit, the sound engineering is great. A small utterance from the
entrance door will reverberates your voice, and the way they have shaped the rocks into
sculptures with the reflection of light as their main source of..." - Raghuvaran Ch, Khammam,
Page 7/11
sculptures with the reflection of light as their main source of..." - Raghuvaran Ch, Khammam,
May 14, 2015
6The Buddhist Caves
Type: Cave
Entry: Paid
Ranked: 6 Of 7
Ratings: 6.00/7 (0 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Saturday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Sunday - 09:00 To
18:00 , Public Holidays - 09:00 To 18:00
7The Hindu Caves
Type: Cave
Entry: Paid
Ranked: 7 Of 7
Ratings: 6.50/7 (0 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Saturday - 09:00 To 18:00 , Sunday - 09:00 To
18:00 , Public Holidays - 09:00 To 18:00

Popular hotels in Ajanta & Ellora recommended by travellers

1 Kailas Hotel
Price: Rs. Upto 2,909
Ranked: 1 Of 8
Ratings: 5.34/7 (56 Reviews)
Address: Elora Caves
Auragabad District
Phone: 2437-244543
"The hotel is located conveniently to travel hence I did not find any difficulties in
finding the hotel. The appearance of the hotel was good both in interior and
exterior part. The staff members were good in service. The room was good
and..." - Na , Mumbai, Nov 3, 2016
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2 Padmapani Park
Price: Rs. Upto 662
Ranked: 2 Of 8
Ratings: 4.97/7 (20 Reviews)
Address: Jalgaon-Aurangabad Highway
Phone: 2438-244280

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"Good location on highway about 2 km from ajanta T point. Its a very convenient
location. However this place looks deserted after 8 pm. In the beginning some
problem we faced for room but the owner of the Hotel is a nice person and
helped in..." - Gopal maheshwari , , 4 weeks ago
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3 Hotel View Point
Price: Rs. 1,050 - 1,499
Ranked: 3 Of 8
Ratings: 6.63/7 (2 Reviews)
Address: Aurangabad-Jalgaon Highway Road
Balapur, Ajanta Caves
Phone: 9657044278
Website: Http://
"For families the place is very good with affordable cost and coming to food only
veg will be there and taste is good with Minimum cost and the facilities they
provide is also excellent like tv,hot water" - Vinod , , 2 weeks ago
Read 2 hotel reviews on
4 Ajanta T Junction -MTDC
Price: Rs. Upto 2,400
Ranked: 4 Of 8
Ratings: 5.13/7 (27 Reviews)
Address: Near Ajanta T Junction,
Near Caves,
Phone: 22-24143200
"I had booked Ajanta T Junction -MTDC when I had been to Ajanta & Ellora
during the month of December 2016. It was my holiday trip with family. The
place where I had been to was good. My hotel location was very good because
of transportation..." - Ujjwal Ghosh, Bangalore, Feb 16, 2017
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5 Hotel Buldana Urban Residency Club
Price: Rs. 1,600 - 2,500
Ranked: 5 Of 8
Ratings: 6.14/7 (3 Reviews)
Address: Ganesh Nagar, Buldana, Maharashtra 443001
Phone: 8888632999

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"I travelled to Ajanta & Ellora in the month of September 2016 and stayed in this
hotel. The appearance of the hotel was good. The location of the hotel was very
good. The check in and check out was done on time. Overall service in the hotel
was..." - Prashant ramesh Garge, , Nov 5, 2016
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6 Vrindavan Resorts
Price: Rs. 900 - 1,800
Ranked: 6 Of 8
Ratings: 5.79/7 (5 Reviews)
Address: Near Ellora Caves, Tal. Hultabad, Ellora, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Phone: 9860163162
"Location of the hotel is good , walking distance of 5 mins to ellora caves as well
as grishneshwar temple...overall for 1 day stay it's okay, room little small in size,
hence for family it will be quite congested , ajdust for a day , cost is also..." -
Piyush rathi , , Jan 2, 2017
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7 Ajanta Travellers Lodge
Price: Rs. Upto 2,000
Ranked: 7 Of 8
Ratings: 4.63/7 (11 Reviews)
Address: Maharashtra 431117
Phone: 2438244226
"Ajanta Travellers Lodge Where we stayed during our visit to Ajanta and Elora is
a memorable one because the Staff of the Hotel was very friendly,and we
remember for their good service in all needs.needs. Food at the hotel was
above the quality...." - Abhijit Mukherjee, Guwahati, Sep 17, 2015
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8 Hotel New Rajesh & Lodging
Price: Rs. 1,200 - 1,600
Ranked: 8 Of 8
Ratings: 5.46/7 (3 Reviews)
Address: 2 KM From Ajanta Caves, Aurangabad-Jalgaon Highway, Ajantha
Caves, Aurangabad-Maharashtra
Phone: 9096226005
"As this is one of best places to visit in a life time ,this is awesome visit for my to
maharastra ,this hostel was in budget and got to ur pocket to and give link

Page 10/11
buses which provide visit direct to places and back drop to hotel ,this was a
great..." - Devarsh Bhanu, , Oct 30, 2015
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