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Use Classes Order
(1987, as amended 2005)
Classes Order
Use/Description of Development
Classes Order
Use/Description of Development
Change Planning Policy Guidance
The retail sale of goods to the public: Shops,
Post Offices, Travel Agencies & Ticket C1 Use as a Hotel, Boarding House or
Guesthouse, where no significant element of
No Permitted
& Statements for England
Agencies, Hairdressers, Funeral Directors No Hotels care is provided.
A1 & Undertakers, Domestic Hire Shops, Dry Permitted
Shops Hospital, Nursing Home or Residential
Cleaners, Internet Cafés, Sandwich Bars Change
C2 School, College or Training Centre where PPS1 Delivering Sustainable Development (2005)
(where sandwiches or other cold food are to No Permitted
they provide residential accommodation and
be consumed off the premises). Residential
care to people in need of care (other than
Change PPG2 Green Belts (1995)
Financial Services: Banks, Building Societies those within C3 Dwelling Houses). PPS3 Housing (2006)
& Bureau de Change. Professional Services
A1 (where Use for a provision of secure residential
A2 (other than Health or Medical Services):
there is accommodation, including use as a prison,
PPG4 Industrial/Commercial Development and Small Firms (1992)
Financial & Estate Agents & Employment Agencies.
Other services which it is appropriate to
a ground C2A young offenders institution, detention centre, PPG5 Simplified Planning Zones (1992)
Professional Secure No Permitted
floor display secure training centre, custody centre, short
Services provide in a shopping area: Betting Shops.
(Where the services are provided principally
window) Residential term holding centre, secure hospital, secure
PPS6 Planning for Town Centres (2005)
Institution local authority accommodation or use as a
to visiting members of the public).
military barracks. PPS7 Sustainable Development in Rural Areas (2004)
Restaurants, Snack bars & Cafés (i.e. places
PPG8 Telecommunications (2001)
A3 where the primary purpose is the sale and Dwellings for individuals, families, or not
more than six people living together as a
Restaurants & consumption of food and light refreshment
on the premises). This excludes Internet
A1 or A2 C3 single household (this applies to students or No Permitted PPS9 Biodiversity and Geological Conservation (2005)
Cafes Dwelling
Cafés which are now A1. Houses
young people sharing a dwelling and small Change PPS10 Planning for Sustainable Waste Management (2005)
group homes for disabled or handicapped
Public House, Wine Bar or other Drinking people living together in the community. PPS11 Regional Spatial Strategies (2004)
A4 Establishments (i.e. premises where
Drinking the primary purpose is the sale and A1, A2 or A3 PPS12 Local Spatial Planning (2008)
Establishments consumption of alcoholic drinks on the Medical and Health Services, Clinics &
premises - but not a nightclub). Health Centres, Crèches, Day Nurseries & PPG13 Transport (2001)
D1 Day Centres, Museums, Public Libraries, Art
A5 Takeaways (i.e. premises where the Non- Galleries & Exhibition Halls, Law Court, Non-
No Permitted PPG14 Development on Unstable Land (1990)
primary purpose is the sale of hot food for A1, A2 or A3 Residential Change
Hot Food
Take-away consumption off the premises). Institutions
Residential Education & Training Centres, PPG15 Planning and the Historic Environment (1994)
Places of Worship, Religious Instruction &
Church Halls. PPG16 Archaeology and Planning (1990)
a) Offices, other than a use within Class A2 Cinema, Music and Concert Hall, Bingo Hall, PPG17 Planning for Open Space, Sport and Recreation (2002)
(Financial and Professional services)
B8 (where no D2 Dance Hall (but not nightclubs), Swimming
No Permitted
PPG18 Enforcing Planning Control (1991)
B1 b) Research and development of products
more than Assembly & Bath, Skating Rink, Gymnasium, or areas for
Business or processes - Laboratory, Studios Leisure indoor or outdoor sports or recreations, not
c) Light industry (approx. in a residential
235 sq.m.)
involving motor vehicles or firearms. PPG19 Outdoor Advertisement Control (1992)
A use on its own, for which any change PPG20 Coastal Planning (1992)
General Industry: use for the carrying out Sui – Generis
B2 of an industrial process other than one B1 or B8 (B8
of use will require planning permission. PPG21 Tourism (cancelled) See ‘Good Practice Guide on Planning for
Includes, Theatres, Nightclubs, Retail
General falling in class B1. The former ‘Special limited to Tourism’ (CLG, 2006)
Warehouse Clubs, Amusement Arcades,
Industrial Industry’ Use Classes B3–B7 are now all 235 sq.m.)
encompassed in the B2 Use Class.
Launderettes, Petrol Filling Stations, Motor No Permitted PPS22 Renewable Energy (2004)
Car Showrooms, Casinos. Change
Use for storage or distribution centre. Sui Generis also – houses in multiple paying PPS23 Planning and Pollution Control (2004)
B8 (Includes open air storage) and Wholesale
B1 (where no
occupation, hostels providing no significant
Storage or Warehouses, Distribution Centres and
more than 235
element of care, scrapyards and taxi PPG24 Planning and Noise (1994)
Distribution sq.m.)
Repositories. businesses.
PPS25 Development and Flood Risk (2006)
Where uses do not fall within the four main use classes they are classified as sui-generis ie. uniquely defined in their own right.
The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 is the principal order subject to a number of subsequent amendments. The above is intended as a general guide only. Reference must
be made in the final instance to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended by the Use Classes (Amendment) Order 2005, and General Permitted Development (Amendment) Order
2005 and written confirmation obtained from the Local Planning Authority that no consent is required. No liability is accepted by Colin Buchanan for the information supplied without context for Colin Buchanan
specific developments. Interpretations of change of use classification can only be done on a custom-made basis for any errors or omissions in the above. 10 Eastbourne Terrace, London, W2 6LG T: 020 7053 1300 E: